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Last Epoch Best Builds and classes guides

Last Epoch Best Builds and classes guides

The Best Last Epoch builds and guides for all the classes

Last Epoch
Best Builds and Classes Guides


Last Epoch, scheduled for release in April 2020, is a competitive Action RPG with a Hack'n'Slash combat system. The competition in the ARPG genre is very tough, to say the least, and the expectations are exorbitant (Last Epoch is destined to compete against titles like Diablo 3, Path of Exile, and the new Torchlight Frontiers, after all). Developers seem to be up to the task and are preparing quite a refreshing, dynamic, and most of all, rewarding in-game experience. The game features 5 base Classes with three distinct and unique Master Classes available for each of them. The base class is selected during the character creation process, and masterclasses are specialized in via the Passives system (Passives tree somewhat resembles the old school World of Warcraft Talent trees -  his system is described in much more detail in our Last Epoch Beginners Guide).

In this Guide, we will take a closer look at each of the 5 Last Epoch Classes and their advanced specializations. Class features, flavors, and most interesting skills will be covered, and the backstories described to paint a general picture of the upcoming Game's Class system.

Note: All of the below-described spells and abilities have (or are soon to have) their skill trees that enable them to be modified in various ways, increasing their power, and range, adding bonus effects, and so on

Important Note:  Please remember that the Last Epoch is still in the early phase, and all information featured in this Guide is subject to change. We promise you to keep this Guide up to date with all new information that becomes available as time passes.




  1. [1.0 WARLOCK] Torment Warlock - unusual DoT build that utilizes the unique ailment - Torment. It can only be applied once, but the damage it offers is simply massive making it fully end-game viable setup
  2. [1.0 NECROMANCER] Flame Wraith Necromancer - presumably the most powerful Minion build in the game currently, with stationary Wraiths that deal simply absurd Fire Damage against enemies - and by having them locked in place, you basically remove any issues with the standard Minion AI
  3. [1.0 NECROMANCER] Assemble Abomination Starter Build - presumably the best Starter build out there, that allows you to farm level 100 Bosses with literally 0 equipment. You summon one very powerful Minions that will do all the job for you. It's however not among the most exciting builds out there, as your only active abilities are Dread Shade (recast every 40 seconds) and Infernal Shade which has infinite duration
  4. [1.0 NECROMANCER] Retaliation/Bone Nova Golem Build - an insanely powerful Minion build that utilizes very unique mechanics that allow you to hit your own Golem with Rip Blood to trigger Bone Novas with increased damage, frequency, and a 100% Chance to Crit. from Dread Shade bonuses
  5. [1.0 NECROMANCER] Skeleton Summoner Necromancer - one of the best Minion/Summoner builds for Last Epoch that utilizes the ranged Skeleton Archers and Mages to deal tons of cold damage with Projectiles
  6. [0.8.21 LICH] "Avatar of Blight" Aura of Decay Lich Build - an extremely powerful Poison DoT Lich build based on sustained Aura of Decay
  7. [0.7.10C LICH] Grim Reaper - Harvest Lich build - very fast and mobile Melee build based on 100% Damage conversion to Necrotic Damage



  1. [1.0 RUNEMASTER] Plasma Orb Runemaster - one of the best Runemaster setups, which is presumably the most universal and complex class in the game. In this build, you will summon multiple orbiting orbs that deal mixed Elemental Damage and zap nearby enemies with lightning, offering very interesting and unique playstyle
  2. [1.0 SPELLBLADE] Shatter Strike Spellblade - a swift melee build that uses Firebrand to boost the damage of Shatter Strike that will repeat itself with greatly increased damage
  3. [1.0 SORCERER] Static Orb Sorcerer - one of the deadliest Lightning Spell-caster builds in Last Epoch based on the Static Orb Spell
  4. [1.0 SORCERER] Glacier Lightning Blast Sorcerer Build - a very strong caster build that uses two powerful AoE Spells with good synergy. It's a powerful Sorcerer build based on Glacier and Lightning Blast Spells to deal tons of damage
  5. [0.8.5f SORCERER] Ignite Fireball Sorcerer build - powerful spellcaster build which fills the entire screen with Homing Fireballs and applies massive DoT
  6. [0.8.5f SPELLBLADE] Flame Reave Spellblade Build - amazing Melee build that deals tons of Elemental Damage in a wide AoE. It's also perfectly fit for leveling up as a Mage character, making it a really solid Starter build
  7. [0.7.10c SORCERER] "Armageddon Caller" Starter Sorcerer Build - an amazing beginner-friendly Sorcerer build for the Mage class in Last Epoch
  8. [0.7.10c SPELLBLADE] Teleporting Mana Strike build - build with one of the highest burst DPS in the game with "endless" damage scaling potential  via Mana



  1. [1.0 BEASTMASTER] Storm Crows Beastmaster - one of the most powerful Minions/Summoner builds that utilize solely the Storm Crows for insane DPS and synergies
  2. [1.0 DRUID] Werebear Earthquake Druid - a very enjoyable Melee build that utilizes Bhuldar's Wrath for its' triggering mechanics to cast additional Earthquakes with high damage and AoE
  3. [0.8.5f DRUID] Werebear Max-Life Druid Melee Build - an extremely powerful Melee build that is played on below 35% Health for massive DPS bonuses
  4. [0.8.5f DRUID] Lightning Swarmblade Form Druid - extremely enjoyable Druid build that uses the Swarmblade's unique abilities to trigger Tornado and Maelstorm Spells dealing massive Lightning Damage to your enemies
  5. [0.8.3e DRUID] Tornado Druid Build - Physical Spell Caster build that uses powerful Tornado for massive AoE damage supplemented by Ice Thors and Thorn Totems for additional physical DPS
  6. [0.7.10C BEASTMASTER] Wolf Companions Primalist starter build - one of the best Starter builds in Last Epoch which is based on summoning multiple poisonous Companions



  1. [1.0 MARKSMAN] Detonating Arrow Trap Marksman - one of the most overpowered builds in the game, which allows you to trigger multiple instances of Detonating Arrow while dual wielding Daggers via the use of Traps
  2. [1.0 FALCONER] Dive Bomb Falconer Build - one of the deadliest Falconer setups which uses it's Falcon to deal tons of aerial damage via Dive Bomb. This build can benefit not only from generic Minion nodes but transfers a big portion of your characters' damage to your Falcon as well, with astounding results
  3. [0.8.5f MARKSMAN] "Bowmage" Icicle Marksman setup - a very powerful Bow build that utilizes the Reign of Winter Unique Bow to deal massive DPS with icy projectiles covering your entire screen
  4. [0.8.5f BLADEDANCER] "Shadow Crafter" Bladedancer end-game setup - a powerful Melee build based on the Rogue class which uses a deadly combination of Dancing Strikes, Shadow Cascade, and Synchronized Strikes
  5. [0.8.5f MARKSMAN] Hail of Arrows Marksman Build - one of the best Bow/Ranged builds in Last Epoch which deals tons of AoE damage that's fully converted to Cold for extra freeze/defensive utility
  6. [0.8 BLADEDANCER] Ballista Bladedancer Rogue - extremely interesting build which is somewhat similar to Totem-playstyle which you can be familiar with if you have played Path of Exile
  7. [0.8 MARKSMAN] Poison Flurry Marksman Build - a very deadly Poison DoT build based on the newly released Marksman class 



  1. [1.0 FORGE GUARD] Crit Hammer Throw Paladin - one of the best Starter builds in the game which uses Hammer Throw without having to pay its' mana cost with greatly increased damage and radius
  2. [1.0 VOID KNIGHT] Warpath Void Knight - a powerful melee build that utilizes one of the most iconic ARPG genre's skills - Warpath which deals massive Void Damage amplified by various Utility Spells from this character class
  3. [1.0 FORGE GUARD] Javelin Forge Guard - a pure physical ranged DPS dealer that has increased AoE and clear speed by utilizing the increased number of Javelin projectiles
  4. [1.0 PALADIN] Fire Shield Throw Paladin Build - a tanky Paladin build based on Shield Throw skill with conversion to Fire Damage. This build offers very solid defenses, great AoE damage, and clear speed
  5. [0.9 FORGE GUARD] Forge Minions Summoner Build - one of the most enjoyable Minion builds in the game which uses Manifest Armor and Forged Weapons to fight for you, will you buff them with various Attacks offering very active and interesting playstyle
  6. [0.8.5f FORGE GUARD] Smelter's Wrath Build - a slow-paced Melee build that allows you to unleash massive explosions by channeling Smelter's Wrath for a duration, killing most of the enemies in 1 hit
  7. [0.8.5f VOID KNIGHT] Auto-Bomber Void Knight - one of the most enjoyable builds out there, which allows you to have most of the enemies killed without using any ability (except for the ones that are triggered using the Auto-cast trick). This build utilizes Devouring Orbs and Abyssal Echoes as damage-dealing abilities
  8. [0.8.5f PALADIN] Smiter Paladin Build - a powerful Melee build that utilizes several ways to trigger additional instances of Smite with greatly increased DPS
  9. [0.8.5f PALADIN] Bleed Shield Rush Build - exceptionally powerful Bleed/DoT build that helps you quickly recover Mana and Life spent on abilities by using various item and skill synergies, offering greatly increased self-sustain
  10. [0.8.5.f FORGE GUARD] "Whirlwind" Warpath Sentinel build - powerful melee build based on the Forge Guard class that is optimized to quickly inflict plenty of Ignite stacks with greatly increased damage, making it a really solid Starter build with very low item requirements
  11. [0.7.10C VOID KNIGHT] Devouring Orb/Smite End-game Void Knight - presumably the best and most balanced setup for the Sentinel's Void Knight class
  12. [0.7.10C FORGE GUARD] Hammer Throw "Hammerdin" - balanced Sentinel build based on Diablo 2's Hammerdin, which throws multiple hammers that orbit around you dealing insane damage


You can also find the detailed description of each character class and all corresponding subclasses below


The Acolyte

Acolyte devoted her life to the pursuit of knowledge. She quickly realized that her desires could not be satisfied by the lectures of her master, as she wanted to be better than her peers. She wanted to be Powerful. In the old archives, she discovered the tomes written in the long-gone Undead Empire. These Tomes contained the secrets of the darkest necromantic arts, and very powerful, forbidden rituals. Acolyte seized her opportunity, she studied those Tomes, she conducted dark rituals described in them, and at last, she became powerful.

Acolyte's Features
 Can equip a Hooded Helm
Starts with 2 Intelligence
 Mistress of the Dark Arts
 Summons Undead Minions to aid Her
 Can use Her Health and Body as fuel for necromantic spells
Selected Acolyte's Abilities
Marrow Shards Marrow Shards - Sharpened bones fire from Acolyte's body, dealing Physical Damage to enemies. Marrow Shards consume 8% of the Acolyte's current Health instead of Mana.
Summon Skeleton Summon Skeleton - Raises a Skeletal Mage or a Skeletal Warrior to serve the Acolyte. Up to three Skeletal Minions can be active at a time.
Transplant Transplant - Acolyte creates a new Body for herself at the target location and converts the old one into a bomb. Old Body's detonation deals Physical Damage to all nearby enemies.
Acolyte's Master Classes


The power of a Warlock comes from the understanding of Ancient Powers. This understanding lets Her twist souls of her enemies, condemn them with powerful curses, and extinguish the life itself from their bodies. Warlock is able to tear the living essence from her foes and bend it to her unwavering will.  Some might think that death will free sufferers from the Warlock's torment, but in reality, the eternal corruption and damnation is what awaits her victims in death.

Important Note: Warlock Class was not released yet. Please stay tuned, as we will update this section as soon as new information becomes available.

Warlock's Features
 Can bestow powerful curses on Her enemies
 Can wield Occult Foci - the special Off-Hand items
 Warlocks usually take their time when it comes to dealing with their enemies. They take pleasure from inflicting pain and suffering, and their spells target not only Bodies but also Souls.
Selected Warlock's Abilities
There is no information about Warlock's Abilities as of right now, please stay tuned for future updates


Necromancer is a master of the undeath. She utilizes Blood, Flesh, Bones, and the remains of the living essence that are left in dead bodies as Her weapons. She commands armies of Undead Minions, that swarm her enemies, trying to fulfill their eternal hunger. Necromancer is willing to sacrifice any number of her Undead Minions as long as it brings her closer to her ultimate goal - becoming the living incarnation of Death.

Necromancer Master Class provides the following bonuses:

  • 15% increased Health
  • 15% chance to be restored to full Health when taking lethal Damage, at the cost of losing all your Minions
Necromancer's Features
 Can wield Scythes
 Summons armies of Undead Minions
 Can sacrifice Undead Minions to achieve Her goals
Selected Necromancer's Abilities
Summon Wraith Summon Wraith - Necromancer summons ethereal Wraith to his aid. Wraith will attack Necromancer's enemies for as long as it can remain in the material world.
Sacrifice Sacrifice - Detonates Necromancer's Minion, dealing Physical Damage to all enemies around it. This effect benefits from double Added Damage bonus.
Summon Bone Golem Summon Bone Golem - Necromancer creates a Bone Golem that becomes his Minion. Golem attacks slowly and unleashes Bone Nova after taking 70 points of Damage.


Lich is the master of death and blood. Her powers are unmatched, but she must feed on living essences constantly to sustain Herself in this world. She will annihilate any who stands between her and her desire for even more Power. Lich's own Health is of no concern to Her, and she will gladly inflict pain and suffering upon Herself as long as it lets her tear enemies apart and feed on their living essences.

Lich Master Class provides the following bonuses:

  • Lich loses 4% of Her current Health every second
  • Lich and Her Minions deal 40% increased Damage.
Lich's Features
 The true master of Corpses
 Great power at the cost of constantly decaying life
 Can Ward Herself to prevent life decay
Selected Lich's Abilities
Aura of Decay Aura of Decay - Lich Surrounds Herself with the Aura of Decay which poisons Her every Second, and leaves a poisoned trail behind Her. Every Enemy close to Lich or in Her trail is poisoned three times per second. While the Aura of Decay is active, Lich's Poison Damage Taken is reduced by 60%
Defile Defile - Lich consumes the life force that remains in nearby Corpses to gain Ward that protects Her Health. This shielding effect decays over time.
Cremate Cremate - Lich burns nearby Corpse, dealing Fire Damage to all Enemies around it and rising a Flame Wraith from the ashes. Flame Wraith becomes Lich's Minion and aids her in Combat.


Arcane training in the Last Refuge, the sole remaining bastion of mankind, is harsh and rigorous. The Mage decided that he will not be as strict and cold as his masters, and treated his own apprentice kindly and indulgently. His apprentice became rebellious because of the special treatment, however, and was eventually exiled from the Last Refuge. This tragic turn of events opened Mage's eyes, he realized that indulgence and kindness are the signs of weakness, not strength. He turned cold and pragmatic, and never took another apprentice, working on his own power instead. He thought that he will spend the rest of his life in peace, but fate had other plans for him.

Mage's Features
 Can equip Runic Emblems instead of Helmets (special glyphs/runes that hover over Mage's head)
 Mage starts with 1 Attunement and 1 Intelligence
 Master of the Arcane Arts
 Employes powers of the Elements and controls Fire, Lightning and Frost
 Can be very elusive thanks to the Teleportation ability
Selected Mage's Abilities
Focus Focus - Mage focuses on his Mana, increasing its regeneration by 300%. This is a channeled spell.
Elemental Nova Elemental Nova - Mage blasts all enemies around him with the power of Lightning, Frost, and Fire. This spell's damage is separated evenly between its components (1/3 Fire Damage, 1/3 Lightning Damage, 1/3 Frost Damage). Elemental Nova is converted into an Element-specific spell (Lighting, Fire or Frost) when the corresponding passives are chosen.
Snap Freeze Snap Freeze - Mage freezes all enemies in his frontal cone for 1.2 Seconds.
Static Orb Static Orb - Mage creates a Static Orb that travels in a target direction, dealing Lightning Damage to all enemies on its path, and pulling them towards itself. Static Orb explodes at the end of its path, inflicting Lightning Damage to all enemies around it.
Teleport Teleport - Mage teleports to a target location
Mage's Master Classes


Sorcerer achieved what most Mages dream of. He became the living incarnation of Arcane Magic, the vessel of almost unlimited power. He doesn't need mystic tomes, runes or glyphs to guide him through the magic currents, instead, he can attune himself to them and channel their power without any external aid. His power became so great, that his very presence reshapes the reality around Him.

Sorcerer Master Class provides the following bonuses:

  • Sorcerer's Spell Damage is increased by 30%
  • Sorcerer's Armor is reduced by 30%
Sorcerer's Features
 Archmaster of devastating Arcane Magic
 Can equip Spell Tomes ad Offhands
 Can call upon the powers of natural phenomena like Black Holes and Meteors
Selected Sorcerer's Abilities
Volcanic Orb Volcanic Orb - Sorcerer creates a fiery Orb that spews firey projectiles in all directions, dealing Fire Damage. Added damage applies at 50% of its value.
Meteor Meteor - Sorcerer calls down a Meteor which strikes the target location, Dealing high amounts of Damage to all enemies in range.
Black Hole Black Hole - Sorcerer creates a powerful black hole at the desired location. The Black Hole pulls all nearby enemies towards itself and deals high amounts of Damage.


Spellblade has learned how to utilize his magic powers in direct combat and became a martial artist. He is able to imbue his equipment with magical effects and create powerful defensive wards and enchants. Attacking him in close combat is not a good idea, as it opens his enemies to very deadly magic retaliation, and brings them in range of his fiery blade.

Spellblade Master Class provides the following bonuses:

  • Spellblade's elemental protection is increased by 20
  • Spellblade's elemental Damage done with melee attacks is increased by 20%
Spellblade's Features
 Can equip Crystal Swords that can be imbued with elements
 Can coat himself with protective magic
 Uses his melee weapon to channel devastating elemental spells
Selected Spellblade's Abilities
Innervate Innervate - Increases Spellblade's mana efficiency by 100% for 5 seconds and immediately grants 50 Ward. Innervate is an instant-cast Spell.
Ice Ward Ice Ward - Covers Spellblade with a protective shield that grants 4 Ward per second and chills all nearby enemies. Ice Ward is an instant-cast Spell
Flame Reave Flame Reave - Imbue your weapon with flames and Cleave your enemies with it, dealing Damage to all Targets in your frontal cone. This Melee Attack deals additional 10 Fire Damage and loses some of its power over distance - distant enemies receive up to 50% less Damage.


The Runemaster can store magic and elemental powers in Runes and release them to unleash various devastating effects. He is the master tactician among Mages, and his Runes allow him to control the battlefield with ease by creating magical traps that damage, immobilize and disorient his enemies. Runecarving is an intricate art and the Runemaster is the real virtuoso of it.

Important Note: Warlock Class was not released yet. Please stay tuned, as we will update this section as soon as new information becomes available.

Runemaster's Features
 Employes powerful Runes in combat
 Can summon Runic Golems out of thin air
 Can infuse magic into protective and offensive Wards that devastate enemies who trespass them
 Features very tactical gameplay based on Runic traps and proper positioning
Selected Runemaster's Abilities
There is no information about Runemaster's Spells and Abilities as of right now, please stay tuned for future updates


People of the Last Refuge, the sole remaining bastion of humanity in the world consumed by the Void, were certain that living on the Eterra's surface is impossible, and that all Human settlements other than the Last Refuge are long gone. They were wrong, however, and some humans were still there, on the Void consumed surface, clinging to fading light of Hope, believing that not everything is lost. Those people have managed to stay alive by guarding the last vestiges of the dormant Eterra's power and staying close to its protecting light. These enclaves didn't last long, however, and the last remnants of Eterra's light were soon extinguished. There were only two survivors, a Woman and her Son who had found an underground passage in the mountains and managed to block it behind them. They were determined to die on their own choosing, in the total darkness, rather than being devoured by the Void. The fate was kind to them, however, and they stumbled upon the signs of habitation left by the people of the Last Refuge. Last Refuge's elders didn't kill them on sight only because of woman's druidic powers and her strong connection to Eterra. The woman has spent the rest of her life as a pariah, healing the people of the Last Refuge and passing her knowledge to her son. Now, she's old and frail, and her son became a Man armed with her druidic knowledge and the desire to see the Sun once more.

Primalist's Features
 Can equip Animal Helmets
 Primalist starts with 1 Vitality and 1 Strenght
 Primalist's connection with Eterra lets him control her primal powers
 Can summon wild animals and primal spirits to His aid
 Can summon various Totems that help Him in combat
Selected Primalist's Abilities
Entangling Roots Entangling Roots - Primalist calls forth roots from the ground that snare nearby enemies. Entangled enemies take Physical Damage over Time from entanglement. Damage over time is increased with 30% effectiveness by the Added Damage.
Fury Leap Fury Leap - Primalist leaps to the target location, dealing damage to nearby enemies when he impacts the ground. Added Damage is doubled for the Fury Leap. It has 7-second Cooldown that is reset on enemy kill.
Healing Wind Healing Wind - Primalist summons a Healing Wind that blows around nearby allies, healing them over a short period of time. Healing Wind is an instant cast spell.
Summon Thorn Totem Summon Thorn Totem - Primalist summons an offensive Totem that shoots thorns at nearby enemies.
Summon Wolf Summon Wolf - Primalist summons a Primal Wolf that aids him in combat. Wolf is resistant to powerful AoE attacks.
Primalist's Master Classes


Shaman's connection with Nature provides him with great power. He is able to manipulate the weather by summoning devastating tornadoes and calling down deadly bolts of lightning. His attacks bear the power of the elements, and his spells resemble the world's most deadly natural disasters. Shaman is the incarnation of Nature's fury and will not stop until the world is saved from the consuming Void.

Shaman Master Class provides the following bonuses:

  • Shaman's minions have 20% increased Elemental and Physical Damage.
  • The Shaman has 20% increased Elemental and Physical Damage.
Shaman's Features
 Master of the elements
 A living incarnation of Nature's wrath
 Can summon sacred Totems to His aid
 Can manipulate the weather
Selected Shaman's Abilities
Tornado Tornado - Shaman conjures a devastating Tornado that moves randomly and pulls in all nearby enemies, dealing Physical Damage to them. Added Damage applies at 40% of its value.
Summon Storm Totem Summon Storm Totem - Shaman Summons a Lightning-infused Totem that casts lightning spells around it for 8 seconds. Only 1 Storm Totem can be active at a time.


Druid is the avatar of the earth's power. His natural connection with Nature lets Him manipulate living energies without any effort. He utilizes the power of the wild, trees bow to his command, Nature's spirits come to his aid, and vines spring from the ground at his command. Druid does not lose his connection with Nature even as he takes the form of a ferocious wild creature.

Important Note: Druid Class was not released yet. Please stay tuned, as we will update this section as soon as new information becomes available.

Druid's Features
 Can equip Totemic Pillars, special types of Staves
 His shapeshifting abilities let him turn into Ferocious Creatures
 He is the embodiment of the Wild Druidic magic
Selected Druid's Abilities
There is no information about Druid's Spells and Abilities as of right now, please stay tuned for future updates


Beastmaster has attuned himself with Eterra's wild animals and now leads them to fight against the Void. His ferocity and strength inspire his companions, and the power of beasts infuses his body, reshaping it into a bestial form that allows him to ravage his enemies with ease. Beastmaster's power comes from the wild that empowers him with its primal fury, letting him lead Errata's most powerful beasts by example.

Beastmaster Master Class provides the following bonuses:

  • Beastmaster and his Minions have 10% increased Health
  • Beastmaster and his Minions have 5% increased movement speed
Beastmaster's Features
 Can equip Claws
 Beastmaster is able to summon powerful wild beasts
 He is infused with Nature's primal fury
 Bestial Minions follow Him to combat
Selected Beastmaster's Abilities
Summon Bear Summon Bear - Beastmaster Summons a Primal BEar that aids him in combat. The Bear can roar to stun surrounding enemies and increase the duration of subsequent stuns on them once every 10 seconds. Primal Bear is resistant to powerful AoE attacks.
Flanking Strike Flanking Strike - Beastmaster dashes through the Target, dealing damage to enemies in His path. His nearest Beast Minion Dashes through his Target as well.
Primal Challenge Primal Challenge - Beastmaster pulls nearby enemies towards himself, stunning them in the process and increasing the duration of stuns on them for 5 seconds.


The ability to make problems disappear is a very marketable trait in the slums of the Last Refuge, where the problems very often assume the form of people. Rogue was a master of problem-solving, and her favorite method of solving other people's problems involved a Bow and a very well hidden Blade. She never questioned her clients and didn't pay much thought to "problems" that she solved. This changed when a strange woman in dark robes placed a bounty on someone that the Rogue knew to be innocent. That event made Rogue question her ways and her purpose in life. She decided to root out the corruption of the slums, and cleanse them from depravity. Her plans were, however, foiled by the Void that swept whole Last Refuge clean of life.

Important Note: Rogue Class was not released yet. Please stay tuned, as we will update this section as soon as new information becomes available.

Rogue's Features
 Rogue prefers to strike from the shadows
 Can equip Cowls, the special kind of Helmets that cover the lower half of Rogue's face
 Master of Bow and Blade
Selected Rogue's Abilities
There is no information about Rogue's Spells and Abilities as of right now, please stay tuned for future updates
Rogue's Master Classes


Marksman is a master of the bow. She engages her enemies from a distance and rains deadly hail of arrows upon them. Enemies that try to close their distance are met with frost-infused projectiles that bind them in place, and make them even easier prey for the Marksman. She became so skilled with her Bow and arrows that she is able to fire homing projectiles that actively hunt their targets.

Important Note: Marksman Class was not released yet. Please stay tuned, as we will update this section as soon as new information becomes available.

Marksman's Features
 Can equip Recurve Bows
 Able to infuse arrows with various powerful effects
 Master of ranged combat
Able to keep Her distance from enemies
Selected Marksman's Abilities
There is no information about Marksman's Spells and Abilities as of right now, please stay tuned for future updates


Falconer prefers to fight in a team, and the Falcon is Her teammate. They make a very deadly duo, as Falcon is the master of Crowd Control and the Falconer is unmatched when it comes to finishing off enemies and laying deadly traps. Thanks to their ability to cooperate on the battlefield they are able to employ various deceptive strategies that let them easily overcome even the most powerful of enemies.

Important Note: Falconer Class was not released yet. Please stay tuned, as we will update this section as soon as new information becomes available.

Falconer's Features
 Falconer has a powerful ally in the form of a Falcon
 She is able to lay various Traps that confuse her enemies
 Her ability to cooperate with her Flying Minion allows her to employ various advanced battlefield tactics
Selected Falconer's Abilities
There is no information about Falconer's Spells and Abilities as of right now, please stay tuned for future updates


Bladedancer strikes from the shadows. She is sudden, deadly, and graceful, Her movements are all calculated and every single one of them leads to the death of another enemy. Her victims are not aware of her presence until its too late which leaves them defenseless against Her rapid onslaught. Bladedancer's quickness is legendary, and her ability to quickly disengage from melee unmatched.

Important Note: Bladedancer Class was not released yet. Please stay tuned, as we will update this section as soon as new information becomes available.

Bladedancer's Features
 Master of the Shadows
 Can equip Assassins Blades, special types of One-Handed Swords
 Very deadly in close combat
 Bladedancer's agility allows Her to traverse through the battlefield with ease
Selected Bladedancer's Abilities
There is no information about Bladedancer's Spells and Abilities as of right now, please stay tuned for future updates


The weak and the poor need protectors. Sadly, most of the Last Refuge's guards prefer to stand by the rich and influential rather than by those in real need. The Sentinel was Different, however. He listened to his father's tales of the sentinels of old who have protected the world from corruption. He took his Father's tales to heart and became the living memory of those long gone sentinels. His skill, might, and righteousness were unmatched by anyone, but truth be told no one really wanted to match them. Instead, those who possessed the power chose to twist and bend it to suit their needs at the expense of the weak. Sentinel's father was soon exiled for the crimes he didn't commit thanks to a favor owned by one of the Elders. But even then, Sentinel stood true to his beliefs and protected the oppressed until the Void came crashing through the Last Refuge.

Sentinel's Features
 Fearsome Warrior of Righteousness
 Combines deadly Void spells with powerful Melee attacks
 Can us his shield not only for defense but for the offense as well
 Sentinel can assume various combat stances
Selected Sentinel's Abilities
Ephemeral Stance Ephemeral Stance - Sentinel assumes Ephemeral Stance, increasing His Physical and Void Damage done by 70%, but making him 37% more vulnerable to Mana Drain effects. Any skill used in Ephemeral Stance causes Sentinel to lose 7% of His current Health. Only one stance can be active at a time.
Erasing Strike Erasing Strike - Sentinel hits all enemies in a large area in front of Him. Any enemy killed by Erasing Strike is erased from the existence and replaced by a void rift that damages nearby enemies. the initial Erasing Strike hit is affected by the Added melee damage with 170% effectivenes, but void rifts are not affected at all.
Hammer Throw Hammer Throw - Sentinel throws a hammer at his enemy that returns to him after a short delay. Hammer Throw scales with Throwing Attack Damage and Throwing Attack Speed.
Shield Rush Shield Rush - Requires a shield and allows Sentinel to charge through enemies to the Target location. Sentinel hits all enemies in His path and in a wider area at the end of the movement.
Vengeance Vengeance - Sentinel performs a melee Attack that also prepares him to riposte incoming hits. If he successfully hits an enemy with Vengeance, he will riposte any hits he takes in the next 2 seconds, striking at a nearby enemy.
Sentinel's Master Classes

Void Knight
Void Knight

A piece of darkness has taken a root inside of the Void Knight and His, once righteous heart, was warped by the Void. He became the vessel for Void's darkness that now imbues his attacks and consumes essences of his fallen enemies. His mind begins to slip away into the all-consuming Void, and the Void's influence over Him becomes more and more powerful. Eventually, the Void Knight will turn into one of the very creatures that he had once fought against...

Void Knight's Features
 Can equip Void Blades, special types of Two-Handed Swords
 Void Knight can unleash the devastating powers of the Void on His enemies
 Void Knight is able to escape Death thanks to his Time manipulation abilities
Selected Void Knight's Abilities
Volatile Reversal Volatile Reversal - Returns the Void Knight to the position he was at 2 seconds ago, reverting changes to his current Health and Mana since then.
Devouring Orb Devouring Orb - Void Knight creates a Devouring Orb at the Target location that creates a Void Rift each time something dies nearby. Each successive Rift has its Damage and area of effect increased by 12%.
Anomaly Anomaly - Void Knight sends an enemy 4 seconds forward in time.


The Paladin is a Warrior of Light. The Light aids him in battle and protects him from his foes. His great power comes from His faith and his faith is unwavering. Paladin became a beacon of Hope on the Void-consumed Eterra, and will not stop until the last of his enemies is burned with holy fire. He is not only a capable Warrior but a potent Healer who can aid and empower his allies as well.

Important Note: Paladin Class was not released yet. Please stay tuned, as we will update this section as soon as new information becomes available.

Paladin's Features
 Can equip Tower Shields
 Holy Warrior who wields Light as a weapon
 Can Heal and empower his allies in combat
Selected Paladin's Abilities
There is no information about Paladin's Spells and Abilities as of right now, please stay tuned for future updates

Forge Guard
Forge Guard

Forge Guard has possessed true mastery over his Gear and Body. His armor seems unpenetrable, his sword unstoppable, his will unbreakable, and his skill unmatched. Forge Guard's willpower is strong enough to bend metal and affect his weapons and armor. His enemies cower before the rage of pure steel that he unleashes upon them with every strike.

Important Note: Forge Guard Class was not released yet. Please stay tuned, as we will update this section as soon as new information becomes available.

Forge Guard's Features
 Can manipulate molten metal with his Willpower
 Forge Guard is able to dominate any battlefield with his mastery of Weapons and Armor
Selected Forge Guard's Abilities
There is not much information about the Forge Guard's abilities. However, it is known that they are meant to augment a melee playstyle. This means that many of the Forge Guard's skills and abilities will be instant casts that will not interrupt actions like moving, or using traditional melee Attacks.



The Last Epoch shapes to be a strong contender in the Action RPG genre but is still in a rather early stage of development, which means that all information featured above are subject to change. We will do our best to keep this guide up to date with all future game updates so that it stays true to the currently available in-game content.

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