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The Grim Reaper Harvest Lich build for Last Epoch

The Grim Reaper Harvest Lich build for Last Epoch

Action-packed Melee build based on the Harvest Ability

"Grim Reaper"
Harvest Lich Build

Build notes:
May 16, 2019
-Build created
Things to look forward to:
-Reaper doesn't have a Skill Tree yet which is most likely the most critical issue the build currently has. It only grants some extra mobility with the Reap skill, but it's expected to be the core ability of this build which will be used for extra burst against Bosses and Rare enemies
-Aura of Decay is another example of a possible interesting addition to this build. If it were to passively provide defensive bonuses, it would perfectly fit this build. Currently, it does not have a Skill Tree either
-No Skill Tree for Transplant which is a core mobility skill used in this build


Build Overview

Acolyte is an adept of dark magic who sacrifices his own Life for a greatly increased damage. This is an extremely fast build which surpasses the Life degeneration with good mobility and very high Life Leech. You can instantly teleport to enemies with the Transplant skill and obliterate them with Harvest. The more enemies you jump into, the more Ward you will be able to generate, making this build most effective against larger packs of enemies. Obviously, we have to use Mark for Death which doubles the Harvest damage. Keep in this build is still in early beta-stage as a bunch of Acolyte and Lich skills are yet to receive their Skill Trees. While it's intended for this build to utilize the Reaper Form for extra burst DPS/defenses, currently it seems more reliable to use Blood Golem for extra healing/tanking and Hungering Souls which is an auto-triggered Spell used to finish off enemies on low Life and deal some extra damage if you get stunned. Hungering Souls will also grant some extra Life Leech when you are unable to attack yourself and replenish your Life.

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 Pros  Cons
 Smooth leveling with an easy transition to end-game Mediocre single-target DPS
 Amazing AoE Damage Lich's abilities are unfinished and do not have their corresponding Skill Trees
 Good clear speed and mobility Vulnerable to Stuns
 Good self-sustain via Life Leech and Ward generation  


Passive Skill Trees

Acolyte Skill Tree (20 Points)

Notable Passives:

  1. Forbidden KnowledgeForbidden Knowledge - increases your Intelligence which adds Necrotic Damage to your Harvest Skills. Intelligence is expected to have the highest end-game scaling potential in terms of raw DPS in this build
  1. Crimson GluttonyCrimson Gluttony - reduces the amount of Life you degenerate from your Passive Skill Tree. And the higher you level, it will degenerate at a greater pace making this Passive a must-have

Lich Skill Tree (64 Points)

Notable Passives:

  1. Crippling InsightCrippling Insight - grants very high bonus Intelligence at the cost of reduced Life Regeneration. It appears to be the only viable choice in the long run
  1. Mind over BodyMind over Body - this is expected to be the core Passive in this build, however, we are yet to verify how troublesome the Life degeneration is going to be at higher levels and in the final version of Last Epoch
  1. Soul MawSoul Maw - grants very high Life Leech which is critical for this build and its' high Life degeneration
  1. Necrotic EnergyNecrotic Energy - grants very high bonus Necrotic Damage to your Spells and Attacks

Other than that, this Skill Tree focused Critical Strike Chance and Multiplier Passives, and Ward generation for extra defenses in single-target fights




Harvest - primary ability used in this build which deals AoE damage to all enemies in front of you. With the suggested Passives it has all its' damage dealt converted to Necrotic Damage, reduces enemies' Necrotic Protection and grants increased Movement Speed for better mobility.

Mind Harvest Passive also generates Ward with each hit against enemies Marked for Death. With high Attack Speed and extra Ward generated by Lich's Passives, this gets your Ward to very respectable levels


Transplant - used for mobility. Currently has no Skill Tree which causes it to have no extra effects, but it does let you teleport instantly into packs of monsters. You can Mark enemies from a distance, and jump fully prepared into battle.

Mark for Death

Mark for Death - Mandatory skill used in this build. It doubles your Harvest damage against Marked enemies, increases the damage dealt to marked enemies, and generates extra Ward. With the suggested Passives, marked enemies will also have reduces Necrotic Protection and will become feared and chilled for a short duration, which makes it much easier to jump into rare monsters and bigger packs

Mark for Death

Summon Bone Golem

Summon Bone Golem - this build still is in a very early beta stage and a bunch of skills still remain unfinished. This causes the Bone Golem to provide the most defensive utility right now. In this setup, you will be able to summon two Blood Golems, with increased Life and threat generation; which basically determines how likely monsters are going to attack them instead of you). Bone Golems will also have greatly increased Attack Speed and heal you with each melee attack they throw

Bone Golem

Hungering Souls

Hungering Souls - again, this skill may not find a place in the final version of this build, but it does grant extra defensive utility, a moderate amount of damage, and it is very convenient to use. With the selected Passives, it will be automatically triggered when you are hit, and summon greatly increased amount of Souls with each cast. It will also instantly kill enemies on low Life helping you greatly with clearing monster packs. 

Hungering Souls



Stat priority:

This build is focused on swift Melee attacks that have 100% of damage converted to Necrotic Damage. It also utilizes high Critical Strike Chance and Multiplier for the Passives for greatly increased DPS. You should primarily focus the following stats on your rare equipment:

  1. Intelligence
  2. Melee and Necrotic Damage
  3. Critical Strike Chance and Multiplier
  4. Melee Attack Speed

Optionally you can try to increase your Stun Avoidance or Dodge Rating, however, the latter will reduce the chance to trigger Hungering Souls. This build can also be played with both One-handed weapon + Shield and Two-handers. The first setup will provide increased defenses and higher Ward generation via faster Attack Speed, however, Two-handed weapons will grant higher DPS. Furthermore, the final build which will utilize the Reaper Form is expected to use Two-handed weapons.

Recommended Unique Items:

Bone Harvester

Bone Harvester - two-handed Scythe which deals high Physical Damage and bonus Necrotic damage with each hit. Perfectly fits this build's theme, however, it gets useless on higher levels with its limited DPS

The Falcon

The Falcon - grants high Dodge Rating and increases movement Speed after you hit an enemy. I found it exceptionally good for leveling and Monolith grinding. Higher waves in the Arena may be troublesome with The Falcon equipped, and you don't need that much Movement Speed there either

Ward Trail

Ward Trail - grants high Dodge Rating and generates extra Ward. I have used it with the Falcon for most of the time except Arenas, and these two items grant greatly increased clear speed when combined

Recommended Set Items:

Isadora's Revenge Isadora's Gravechill

Isadora's Set (preferably Isadora's Revenge and Isadora's Gravechill) grant 60% increased Necrotic Damage with just two pieces of the Set. There is no need for the three piece bonus which grants Mana efficiency since Harvest doesn't cost any Mana. Also, Isadora's Revenge Helmet grant very important defensive stats for this build; Health and Stun Avoidance, while Isadora's gloves provide some extra damage and chill. 



This is an early beta Grim Reaper build for Last Epoch. This is a project that we hope to continue and update as soon as more skills become available and the game gets closer to release. It was an extremely fun build to play, and even if it's not the best end-game/meta stuff out there (at least for the moment), solely the build idea got us excited enough to make this our premiere Last Epoch build. Stay tuned for more updates and other Last Epoch builds

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