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Shatter Strike Spellblade Build for Last Epoch

Shatter Strike Spellblade Build for Last Epoch

A very powerful Spellblade Build that uses the combination of Firebrand and Shatter Strike to deliver insane bursts of Damage

Shatter Strike
Spellblade Build

Updated for Patch 1.0

Build notes:
April 05, 2023
-Build created
February 27, 2024
-Updated for Patch 1.0


Build Overview

The Spellblade is one of the specializations that a Mage can choose from that combines elemental force and deadly melee techniques for excellent results. By picking this Mastery you will be granted access to the formidable Shattering Strike which is the main focus of this Build Guide. It is a powerful wide-area ability that deals a high amount of Cold Damage and has the unique property of repeating itself 2 times after first use. Those repeats benefit from conditional and temporary Buffs applied to the first strike, which has great synergy with other Spellblade Skills and Passives. For example, the Firebrand ability is a quick and Mana-free Attack that grants you a stacking Buff that vastly improves your Critical Strike Chance and Multiplier of the first non-Firebrand Skill used shortly after. It will also accumulate stacks of Blade Weaving, which grants you More Damage with your next Mana-consuming ability. This alternating playstyle also helps with the Mana Costs, as using only the Shattering Strike would quickly drain your resources. 

The Spellblade specializes in two things: the aforementioned Elemental Attacks, and Ward. Ward is a temporary magical shield that protects your Health from incoming Damage but tends to decay over time. With enough investments in the Passive Tree and your Gear, you will easily get around 2000 Ward constantly protecting your Health. It is not enough to rely only on it to stay safe, however, the combination of high Ward and Health works very well, as you can recover both of them at once after taking a significant amount of damage. 

You can also view the full build on the Last Epoch planner here: Shatter Strike Spellblade Build

For the defenses, this build utilizes:

  1. High Ward and Ward Retention;
  2. Decent amount of Health;
  3. Easy access to Leech;
  4. Flame Ward Skill on short Cooldown. 

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 Insanely high Single-target Damage allows you to quickly farm all types of Bosses and Dungeons. 
 The combination of high Health and Ward makes you very durable, as you can easily recover both of them at once. 
 Clear Speed is very good, as you will have enough Damage to kill most Rares even without any empowering Stacks. 
 Quite easy and straightforward to Gear up, and doesn't need any specific Unique or Set Item to function. 
  It requires the constant use of 2 different skills to perform well. 
 Slow to level up, you will need many Points to synergize your Skills. 


Passive Skill Trees

Mage Skill Tree (29 Points)

Notable Passives:

The Mage Passive Tree offers some quite useful bonuses. You will need to spend some points before you can proceed, we recommend putting them in the Arcanist Notable which will improve your Intelect and Resistances. The Warden provides you with a lot of Ward Retention, while Mage Flurry grants you lots of Attack Speed. Knowledge of Destruction is decent if you need some Critical Strike Chance and Multiplier, but the Spellblade Passives should be taken first. 

Spellblade Skill Tree (84 Points)

Notable Passives:

You will spend the majority of your Points in the Spellblade Skill Tree. The Arcane Guardian and Essence Duel will grant you a bit of Ward every time you Hit an Enemy, while Arcane Shelding will also reduce the Damage you take for 4 seconds after doing so. The Prodigy is the most important Notable here in terms of defense, as it will generate an absurd amount of Ward per second. The Gemini allows you to Dual-wield Swords but also increases the Damage you take in return. The Volka's Razor grants a respectable amount of Damage for your Shatter Strike, but the most Damage comes from the Blade Weaver Notable. The amount of Points spent on that Notable depends on your Critical Strike Chance, more about that later.  

Your Passives are pretty straightforward: they boost your Elemental Damage, Critical Strike Chance, and Attack Speed. Defensively, you will gain tons of Ward generation and Ward Retention, but not much Health or Armour, so you will need more of those modifiers on your Gear. 



Note: Left-Clicking on any of the ability trees below will open the full-size version in a new window. 

shatter strike

Shatter Strike  - it is a Skill granted by choosing the Spellblade Mastery. It deals Cold Damage in a circular Area in front of you and can Hit with both Swings at once. It has great bonuses to Critical Strike Multiplier but lacks Critical Strike Chance, which we need to provide via other means. 
Whiteout is the most important Notable here, it grants you additional repeats of this Skill, which is much more powerful than simply using this Skill additional times. The Cold Steel grants you an insane 240% Critical Strike Multiplier when dual-wielding Swords. You can balance additional Skill Points granted by your Items between Shiver which really improves its Area of Effect, and Icy Flow which reduces Mana Costs, and grants you some Ward on Hit. 

shatter strike


Firebrand - a quick but weak Attack that deals additional Fire Damage in a narrow Area. It costs no Mana and generates valuable Stacks required to buff your Shatter Strike. 
The Illuminating Fire is the most important Notable here that grants up to 36% Base Critical Strike Chance for the first Skill that consumes Firebrand's Stacks. The Fulmination grants a bit of Attack Speed so you can accumulate your stacks quicker, while Warding Flames and Fading Flame grant useful defensive boosts in the form of Ward generation. 



Surge - a swift dash that deals Damage to Enemies on its way. It is unlocked rather late, so you can use the Teleport Skill as your main Movement Skill in the meantime. Surge has a slightly lower Cooldown than Teleport. 
Longstrider improves the travel distance of your Dash, which is the main reason to use a Movement Skill. Storm Aegis and Insulation grant you a bit of Ward if you Hit at least one enemy with this Skill. The Damage of this Skill is rather irrelevant, but thanks to the Storm Battery you will be able to kill weak monsters when clearing Echos. 


enchant weapon

Enchant Weapon - this Buff grants you a remarkable amount of Damage for your Attacks. It grants everything you need: flat Damage, increased Damage, and Attack Speed, so you can accumulate charges faster. 
The Kindling Blade is a very useful Notable that automatically triggers this Skill, so you don't have to press extra buttons.  The Cleansed by Elements is an optional and not reliable way to Cleanse Ailments, so pick it up only if you have additional Levels for this Skill in your Gear. All other Notables are pretty straightforward at boosting your Damage and Attack Speed. 

enchant weapon

flame ward

Flame Ward - it is a very powerful Buff that drastically improves your Damage and Defense. While active, it grants you up to 250% increased Cold Damage and 70% less Hit Damage Taken. It also grants you a burst of Ward when activated. 
The Frost Ward and Infusion are responsible for the massive Damage Buff you receive. On the other hand, Barrier more than doubles the defensive property of the Flame Ward. Dilation adds an extra second to the duration of this Skill. 

flame ward



Stat priority:

By improving your Critical Strike Chance you reduce the number of stacks required to guarantee Critical Strikes with Shatter Strike, thus improving your DPS output. Other than that, you should look for Critical Strike  Multiplier, Flat Cold Damage for your Attacks, and Dexterity. Increased Elemental Damage is also good, but not as important as other stats. For your Weapons, aim for the Crystal Sword or Katana base.  Additional Levels for your Skills are useful, but not required. Attack Speed is not a bad choice either, but other affixes provide much more benefits. Defensively speaking, you should get as much Health as possible, and cap your Resistances. Intelligence is also very valuable as it grants you Ward Retention and Ward generation via Prodigy Notable. Getting any source of Leech is also recommended. Cooldown Recovery Speed will improve the uptime on your Flame Ward and Enchant Weapon, thus greatly improving your Damage and Defenses at once. You might need to obtain some modifiers for  Mana Regeneration if you run out of Mana too quickly. 

  1. Health 
  2. Critical Strike Chance and Multiplier 
  3. Melee Cold Damage
  4. Critical Strike Avoidance 
  5. Intelligence and Dexterity
  6. Resistances 
  7. Increased Elemental Damage
  8. Cooldown Recovery Speed
  9. Armor 
  10. Ailment Cleanse on Potion use  

Recommended Unique Items: 


Diothaen's Bloody Nib
  • +(8 to 21) Ward per Second
  • You are inflicted with bleed when you hit an enemy with Shatter Strike
  • Hitting one enemy with both swings of Shatter Strike will result in two bleed stacks
  • +2% Cold Penetration with Shatter Strike per stack of bleed on you
  • +1 to Level of Shatter Strike
  • +(4 to 8) Dexterity
  • (30% to 50%) increased Mana Regen
  • +(15% to 25%) Critical Strike Multiplier

Diothaen's Bloody Nib - it is a very good Relic that grants all stats we would want for this Build. The self Bleeding inflicted with this Item is very negligible, even at a high stack count. It's a rather rare drop, but you can farm The Last Ruin Timeline for the Relic Echo rewards. 

Shard of the Shattered Lance
  • 100% Chance to gain Deicide for 15 seconds when you kill a rare or boss enemy
  • +(70 to 85) Melee Cold Damage
  • (70% to 100%) increased Melee Cold Damage
  • +(100% to 150%) Freeze Rate Multiplier
  • +(5 to 10) Health Regen
  • 2 Set: 15% Increased Melee Cold Damage per 10 Health Regen

Shard of the Shattered Lance - you can easily obtain this Sword and use it until you find a proper Exalted Weapon. It grants a lot of Melee Cold Damage and incentives you to get Health Regen, which is a useful defensive option. 

strand of souls
  • (180 to 320) Ward Gained on Potion Use
  • 100% of Mana Spent Gained as Ward
  • +(30% to 70%) Ward Retention
  • (5 to 10) Ward Gain on Kill
  • +(7 to 12) Ward per Second

Strands of Souls - it is hard to acquire, as it drops only from the Empowered Fall of the Outcasts Timeline' Boss encounter, but it grants tons of useful defensive modifiers. If you can't get it yet, use a Rare Belt with modifiers for your Health, Cold Damage, and Ailment Cleanse on Potion use. 

aurora time glass
  • +(11% to 15%) Endurance
  • (6 to 18)% increased Attack and Cast Speed
  • +(20% to 60%) Ward Retention
  • If damage leaves you below 30% health and doesn't kill you, you are restored to full health, you gain Ward equal to the health restored, all nearby enemies are slowed, and you gain haste for (3 to 6) seconds (20 second cooldown).

Aurora's Time Glass - a very powerful Amulet that allows you to cheat death on a quite low Cooldown. It also boosts your Endurance and Ward Retention, which are both very valuable defensive modifiers. You can farm it through The Age of Winter's Echos that reward Amulets. 

Throne of Ambition
  • You gain a stack of Ambition when you hit a boss or rare enemy (1 second cooldown)
  • 2% more Fire Damage per stack of Ambition
  • 2% more Cold Damage per stack of Ambition
  • 2% more Armour per stack of Ambition
  • 20 Maximum Stacks of Ambition
  • You lose all stacks of Ambition if you go 4 seconds without gaining a stack

Throne of Ambition - one of the strongest Idols for this Build, it grants tons of Armour and Cold Damage for prolonged Boss fights. To obtain it, you will need to kill the Boss of The Stolen Lance Timeline a few times. 


There are many useful defensive stats that can be found on your Relics. You should look for all sorts of increased Health, Resistances, or Ward modifiers. Offensively, there is only the Increased Melee Elemental Damage found on Ornate Glass Idols that is worth picking up.  

Recommended Blessings:

  • The Black Sun: you can get very potent bonuses to your Critical Strike Chance and Damage here. Optionally you can use the Void Resistances if you don't have any of them on your Gear.
  • The Age of Winter: you don't have many ways to improve your Armour other than the Blessing available here. You can also pick up Cold Resistance Shred if you prefer a more offensive approach. 
  • Spirits of Fire:  Endurance and flat Armour seem to be the most universal choice here. Fire Resistances are also useful if you can't get them otherwise. 
  • Reign of Dragons: here you can find many useful defensive Blessings. If you don't have it anywhere else, pick up Leech as it grants you tons of survivability. Otherwise, take the Resistances you lack the most. 
  • Ending the Storm: there are a few options here, increasing the Cold Damage is preferable but Ward per Second or Lightning Resistances are also good. 



This is the beta version of our Shatter Strike Spellblade Build for Last Epoch, which uses a combination of 2 skills to deliver a powerful burst of Damage. It doesn't require any specific Unique Items or Idols, but we would advise getting some resources before starting this Build. Future Patches can change the performance of this Build, we will keep our eyes on it and update this guide accordingly to the game's growth. 

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Eleventh Hour Games