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Mana Strike Spellblade Mage build for Last Epoch

Mana Strike Spellblade Mage build for Last Epoch

Insane end-game DPS scaling build which utilizes ranged Mana Strike attack skill

Mana Strike
Spellblade Mage Build

Build notes:
May 28, 2019
-Build created
Things to look forward to:
-Enchant Weapon and Innervate don't have a Skill Tree yet. Enchant Weapon is still in the build as the base skill works with this build. On the other hand, Innervate's base effect has no use in this build, but with the implementation of its Passives, we expect it to allow you to increase maximum Mana and scale your damage even more


Build Overview

Spellblade is one of the most interesting Mage's Master Class. Instead of casting spells to deal damage, Spellblade utilizes magic to empower his melee and ranged attacks, and grant defensive bonuses. This build is based on Mana Strike attack, which thanks to Teleporting Strikes Passive becomes a ranged skill. At the same time, it has insane damage scaling potential by adding high additional Lightning damage, based on your maximum Mana. You can stack Mana on your equipment, and using Focus can double it for a short duration, which gives tremendous damage bonus against Bosses and tougher rare monsters. Eventually, we expect Innervate to also give additional bonuses related to maximum Mana but currently, it doesn't have a Passive Tree.

On the other hand, this is a hybrid build which relies on both Life and Ward to stay alive. Ward is generated very fast by Mana Strike, Teleport, and Ice Ward. 

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 Pros  Cons
 Very high burst damage  Mediocre AoE
 Good mobility  Mediocre crowd-control
 Allows taking down powerful foes from a distance  
 Very consistent Ward generation  


Passive Skill Trees

Mage Skill Tree (20 Points)

Notable Passives:

  1. ScholarScholar - increases your maximum Health and Mana. Mandatory Passive for this build since we scale our DPS primarily by increasing Mana
  1. Mage FlurryMage Flurry - grant increased Attack Speed which increases both your DPS and Ward generation
  1. Elemental CunningElemental Cunning or WardenWarden - you can pick either of those Passives. Elemental Cunning increases your DPS while Warden lets you reach higher maximum Ward

Spellblade Skill Tree (61 Points)

Notable Passives:

  1. Arcane WardenArcane Warden - grants high bonus Attack Speed and gives you a chance to generate Ward with each attack
  1. CapacitorCapacitor - grants very high bonus Melee Damage and Elemental Penetration
  1. Arcane ForgeArcane Forge - grants up to 120% (!!) bonus Melee Damage

Our Mana Strike Spellblade's Passive Tree is fully oriented on increasing your Melee Damage and Attack Speed. The only defensive Passives taken are meant to generate extra Ward with each attack or on kill



Mana Strike

Mana Strike - a melee attack which thanks to Teleporting Strikes Passive becomes a ranged skill. It has great damage scaling potential with increased maximum Mana and in combination with Focus which doubles it, grants insane burst DPS against Bosses and tougher rare monsters. It's also used to generate Ward with each hit, so increasing Attack Speed should be one of your primary objectives

Mana Strike


Teleport - used for mobility, Ward generation, and temporary buffs it grants for a few seconds after teleporting. 


Ice Ward

Ice Ward - a defensive spell which grants very high bonus Armor and Ward generation. Should be used at all times. Since your DPS is based on Mana, taking Unclouded Mind Passive is a must to reduce the amount of Mana drained by Ice Ward

Ice Ward


Focus - in this setup, Focus allows you to double your maximum Mana for a short duration and gives an insane burst DPS versus Bosses and rare monsters. It also generates very high extra Ward


Enchant Weapon

Enchant Weapon - increases the Elemental Damage you deal with attacks. It doesn't have a Passive Tree yet but still gives you a nice damage bonus. If you rather take a more completed skill, you can use Fire Shield for some extra defensive utility and Ward generation



Stat priority:

This build's primary DPS is based on your maximum Mana, so it should be one of your main priorities. Also, having high Attack Speed allows you to stack a lot of Ward for defensive purposes. 

  1. Mana
  2. Melee/Lightning Damage
  3. Attack Speed
  4. Life

Also, try to avoid Critical Strike Chance and Damage Multipliers. Spellblade has no Passives related to Crit. whatsoever, so making it a non-Crit. build with Wing Guards unique Gloves is the best option currently

Recommended Unique Items:

Wing Guards

Wing Guards - this pair grants insane DPS bonuses by increasing your Attack Speed, however, making you unable to Critically Hit


Stormbreaker - it's recommended to use one-handed weapons with higher base Attack Speed in this build, but Stormbreaker grants terrific bonuses to both damage and defenses, making it a very decent pick for mid-tier levels

Strong Mind

Strong Mind - grants a very high maximum Mana bonus and Stun Avoidance based on your Mana making it a perfect pick for the Amulet slot

Tome of Elements

Tome of Elements - adds extra maximum Mana, very high Life Leech, and increases your chance to Shock. One of the best Relics for this builds 



This is an early beta Mana Strike Spellblade Mage build for Last Epoch. We are looking forward to having all the Spellblade's skills finished and polished and continue our work on this project. It had the highest burst DPS out of all builds we have tested so far, so we have our hopes high. If you decide to try out this build for yourself, don't forget to leave a comment below with your feedback.

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Eleventh Hour Games