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Avatar of Blight Aura of Decay Lich Build for Last Epoch

Avatar of Blight Aura of Decay Lich Build for Last Epoch

Nearly permanent Aura of Decay build which stacks tons of Poisons on enemies

Avatar of Blight
Aura of Decay Lich Build

Updated for Patch 0.7.10c

Build notes:
November 21, 2020
-Build created


Build Overview

Aura of Decay is a powerful skill with a rather hard-to-overcome downside. Its power comes from the ability to stack up Poison on enemies extremely quickly, however, it also stacks poison on the character that uses it. This makes it rather tricky to use without accidentally committing suicide. This "Avatar of Blight" Lich build tries to overcome AoD's downside and focuses on dealing AoE Damage over Time. 

To make our "Avatar of Blight" build as effective as possible, we have stacked Poison Damage, Damage over Time, and Intelligence. Because counteracting the downside of Aura of Decay and Reaper Form is essential to make the build work, we have also put a large emphasis on Poison Resistance, Health Leech effects, and overall survivability. 

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 Pros  Cons
 Powerful Damage over Time effects  Your main skills damage you constantly 
 Very high AoE Damage output  Your Resistances/Health Leech, while very good, are not enough to sustain AoD and Reaper Form all the time 
 High Health Leech and good Resistances   When AoD and Reaper are not active, you are extremely vulnerable 
 Good Mobility and Crowd Control  


Passive Skill Trees

Acolyte Skill Tree
Acolyte Skill Tree (35 Points)

Notable Passives:

  1. Forbidden Knowledge [8/8] - A Nice Intelligence boost (+8) and some extra Necrotic Resistance. 
  2. Blood Aura [5/8] - Taking 5/8 here will increase your Damage from all sources by 30%. 
  3. Mania of Mortality [1/10] - This is taken mainly to unlock the Unnatural Preservation. 
  4. Unnatural Preservation [5/5] - Resistances provided by this passive make Aura of Decay much more viable. 
  5. Stolen Vitality [1/8] - Another passive taken to unlock the next one in line, however, some extra vitality may come in handy. 
  6. Crimson Gluttony [5/5] - This synergizes with Reaper Form by allowing you to keep it active for longer. Also, some extra Health regen is always good. 
  7. Putrid Demise [5/5] - This build stacks Poison Damage, so the main effect of his passive is simply amazing. Moreover, additional poison resistance makes Aura of Decay less painful to use. 
  8. Dominion of Rot [5/6] - Put your remaining points here (after you've completed Lich Tree). +35% Poison Damage and Poison Chance. For a build focused around poisons, this provides very solid damage and reliability boost. 

Lich Skill Tree
Lich Skill Tree (63 Points)

Notable Passives:

  1. Survival of the Cruel [8/8] - Extra Health and some Life Leech help to counteract the poison you apply on yourself when activating Aura of Decay. 
  2. Crippling Insight [8/8] - 16 extra Intelligence at the cost of 40% less Life Regen. This is not that bad as we've taken the Crimson Gluttony to counteract the drawback by a bit. 
  3. Dance With Death [1/8] - 5% extra Damage is good, especially when you have to allocate 1 more point somewhere to unlock the next optimal passive (and you do). 
  4. Desolation [8/8] - This provides a high (+56%) boost to your Damage over Time effects which makes Aura of Decay much more powerful. 
  5. Three Plagues [10/10] - A simple passive that provides three kinds of damage penetration - Poison, Necrotic, and Physical. It ensures that your Poison effects are effective, even if enemies have resistances. 
  6. Contagion Engine [5/5] - This makes your Damage over Time effects deal 100% more damage for 4 seconds after an enemy is slain. This effect tends to snowball after the first kill, which results in a high uptime. 
  7. Symbol of Decay [5/5] - Another Damage boost to your Damage over Time effects, this time 50%. 
  8. Ageless Ascetic [5/5] - This passive makes you more versatile by providing a range of minor buffs (and one big boost to Life Leech). 
  9. Soul Maw [5/5] - With this, you can sustain Reaper Form and Aura of Decay for much longer. 
  10. Corrosive Consciousness [8/8] - 56% increased Spell Damage and Damage over Time. Solid. 

As you can see, this build focuses on maximizing Poison Damage and Damage over Time effects. It also takes advantage of Life Leech to counteract the downsides of Aura of Decay and Reaper Form. 



Note: Left-Clicking on any of the ability trees below will open the full-size version in a new window. 

Spirit Plague

Spirit Plague - A powerful Curse that makes your enemies rot alive. With the chosen upgrades, it also applies poison stacks. Moreover, it serves as a Crowd Control spell mixed with a damage debuff (both of which help with the build's survivability by quite a bit). 

  1. Pestilence [5/5] - This increases your Global Damage over Time for 4 seconds, after you use Spirit Plague. The synergy this upgrade has with our build is simply massive. 
  2. Efficacious Application [3/5] - Makes Spirit Plague much more efficient to use by increasing its duration and mana efficiency. 
  3. Discharge [1/1] - Normally, Spirit Plague spreads on kill, this makes it spread after 3 seconds instead. The Discharge does not affect the maximum number of spreads, however. 
  4. Perpetuity [3/3] - Another efficiency boost, this time combined with a nice casting speed increase. 
  5. Toxic Transmission [2/2] - With this, your Spirit Plague also applies 2 stacks of Poison to Enemies. In a build that focuses on Poison Damage, like this one, this upgrade is simply amazing. 
  6. Hindering Affliction [2/3] - This provides some soft Crowd Control to the Spirit Plague by slowing afflicted targets for 4 seconds which makes running around enemies without getting hit much easier. 
  7. Enfeeblement [3/3] - A nice additional debuff that causes enemies Afflicted with Spirit Plague to deal up to 18% less Damage for 4 seconds. 
  8. Rotten to the Core [1/5] - Flat 10% Damage increase, not bad for the last point. 
Spirit Plague

Wandering Spirits

Wandering Spirits - An interesting spell that makes Uncead Spirits manifest around you for 5 seconds (increased with certain upgrades). Spirits can't be controlled directly, but instead, wander randomly and deal damage to every enemy they come to contact with. With the upgrades featured below, they also poison enemies which is their main job in this build. 

  1. Thin Veil [5/5] - 35% extra Spirit reveal rate provides a nice damage boost. 
  2. Lingering Souls [4/4] - Makes Spirits last for longer after revealed in exchange for a higher mana cost of the spell. 
  3. Souls of Rage [2/4] - With this, Spirits will deal 20% more damage and will move 30% quicker which will make them much more reliable. 
  4. Spectral Putrescence [1/1] - This basically enables Spirits to poison your enemies (with a 40% chance repeated each second), which has strong synergy with the build. 
  5. Spectral Scorn [4/4] - The range from which Spirits can attempt to poison your Enemies is increased by 40%. 
  6. Soul of Filth [3/3] - Spirits try to poison your Enemies 30% more frequently (so,  every 0.7s instead of every 1s). 
  7. Poisoned Minds [1/3] - This upgrade makes Spirits deal 10% more Damage to poisoned enemies. In this build, it's a "free" 10% damage increase. 
Wandering Spirits 

Reaper Form

Reaper Form - You transform into an avatar of death and gain access to the Reap ability. The downside is, your Health decays over time in this form (this is counteracted by other spells and passives we've chosen for this build). Reap increases your mobility, Leeches Health from enemies you pass through while using it, and is a nice offensive skill overall.  

  1. Mistress of Decay [4/4] - This reduces the Reaper Form's drawback substantially, allowing you to use it for longer. Moreover, Mistress of Decay also boosts your Damage over Time by 40% which has very high synergy with the build. 
  2. Harbinger of Blood [4/4] - One of the key upgrades that make Aura of Decay  (and the Reaper Form itself) more sustainable. It provides +40% Increased Health Leech and Healing Effectiveness while RF is active. 
  3. Soul Shroud [4/4] - With this, each point of Intelligence, you have, also increases your Armor by 4. You want to stack Intelligence anyway, so this is a natural choice. 
  4. Vile Shroud [1/1] - This increases your Poison and Necrotic Resistances by an amount equal to your total Intelligence while you are in Reaper Form. A key upgrade in this build. 
  5.  Blood Tethers [3/3] - This basically gives you an additional Health Leech effect, which is nice. 
  6. Ghastly Flow [4/4] - Simple speed boost that allows you to escape danger more easily. 
Reaper Form

Death Seal

Death Seal - A Ward spell that locks your Health, preventing it from going up, and deals damage based on the percentage of your missing health. When it's active, you also receive less damage (reduction is equal to half your percent missing health). With the featured upgrades, it deals AoE damage every second and has some nice synergies with the build. 

  1. Moratorium [3/3] - 3 seconds of extra duration, a nice and simple efficiency boost. 
  2. Soul Stability [1/1] - This prevents passive health drains from affecting you. Amazing when paired with the Reaper Form, as the health drain from it is stopped by this upgrade. 
  3. Corrupted Consciousness [5/5] - With this, the less Health you have the more damage you deal. 5/5 gives a 5% Damage boost per 3% missing Health. 
  4. Mortal Pulse [1/1] - This makes Death Seal unleash the Death Wave every second (instead of unleashing only when reactivated) but lowers its damage by 50%. 
  5. Carrion Breath [1/4] - 35% increased AoE. 
  6. Lethal Release [3/5] - 30% extra Death Wave Damage. This has some nice synergy with Soul Stability. 
  7. Cyclone of Decay [2/3] - Extremely good upgrade in this build. It increases Death Wave's damage to poisoned enemies by 40%. 
  8. Pustulent Presence [1/4] - Some extra Global Poison Chance. 
  9. Sanguine Wave [3/4] - Some additional Life Leech added to Wave of Death. 
Death Seal 

Aura of Decay

Aura of Decay - A powerful Aura that poisons all nearby enemies 4 times per second. The downside is, it also poisons you every second. Luckily, while it's active, you take 50% less poison damage. This is an extremely powerful ability and the whole build is made around it (all poison resistances, health regens, and leeches were taken to counteract the downside of AoD). 

  1. Inoculation [5/5] - Reduces your Poison Damage taken, which is essential for increasing the Aura's uptime. 
  2. Vulnerability [3/3] - Lowers enemy poison resistance by a total of 15%. A large portion of your overall damage comes from poison, so this is worth taking. 
  3. Absence of Life [4/4] - With this, Aura of Decay heals your allies by 8% of their missing Health every second. This also affects you. 
  4. Plague Rat [4/4] - This increases Aura's AoE by 60%, which is great. 
  5. Undertow [3/4] - Attaches a soft Crowd Control to your Aura of Decay, making it slow enemies with a 36% chance. 
  6. Putrid Bombs [1/1] - While AoD is active, you create Putrid Bombs every 2 seconds. These bombs are left behind you and explode after a 2-second delay, poisoning all enemies in range. A strong and fun-to-use effect. 
Aura of Decay



Stat priority:

Offensively, you want to focus on Increasing your Poison Damage and Damage over Time, as the whole build revolves around these two. Moreover, you want to stack as much Intelligence as possible, because it gives you a very high DPS boost and synergizes with your main abilities and some of the selected passives. To help with Health Sustain, you also want to stack a bit of extra Health Leech. Items that reduce Damage over Time taken are also very solid. 

  1. Damage over Time
  2. Poison Damage
  3. Intelligence
  4. Health Leech
  5. Damage over Time taken Reduction
  6. Health Gain on Kill

Recommended Unique Items:

Woven Flesh

Woven Flesh  - This Unique Armor is a must for this build. It allows you to sustain your AoD and Reaper Form for much longer by providing various Health Leech-related bonuses (Overkill Damage Leeched as Health, Health Leech increase, Health Leech Rate Increase). 


Atrophy - An offensively-focused set of gauntlets that provides a very high Damage over Time increase, Time Rot Duration Increase, and gives you an additional chance to Slow Enemies which helps you escape them. Moreover, Atrophy also increases the Global Slow Duration which has some nice synergy with the build. 



This is the beta version of our "Avatar of Blight" Lich build for Last Epoch. It's a very powerful Damage-over-Time-focused build that utilizes the power of Aura of Decay. Thanks to a plethora of poison resistance passives/skills and Health Leech effects, it is able to use AoD without suiciding. Obviously, as the game gets new content updates, we will be updating this guide regularly, though it may be impossible to be done after each Patch. 

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Eleventh Hour Games