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Flame Wraith Necromancer Build for Last Epoch

Flame Wraith Necromancer Build for Last Epoch

Complete Build Guide for a Wraith Necromancer, a build that uses multiple quickly-decaying Minions with tons of Fire DPS

Necromancer/Acolyte Build

Updated for Patch 0.9

Build notes:
November 16, 2022
-Updated the Item section
-Added additional Blessing and Idols information
March 20, 2023
-Updated for Patch 0.9


Build Overview

Necromancer is your go-to class if you want to play using Minions in the Last Epoch. The following Guide revolves around using Wraiths with Locus of Death Passive and Idols that grant you a total of 100% Chance to Summon Flame Wraiths instead of the regular ones. While it would appear as a downside that your Minions lose mobility, it actually works in their favor, as they don't suffer from any AI deficiencies, and can just stay in place casting their fireballs with greatly increased damage, while your role is to stay alive and buff them with various utility skills.

You are also going to use Dread Shade, which on top of directly buffing your Wraiths, will cause up to two of them the decay Health faster, and grant a 100% Chance to summon Volatile Zombies on their death. And since they are triggered like that, they will cost no Mana. Additionally, Volatile Zombies will create Corpse Parasites, and Skeleton Vanguards, and provide you with Ward on death. You should also use Transplant for extra mobility, Minion damage boost, Mana Recovery, and Bone Armor for extra defenses.

You can also view the full build on the Last Epoch planner here: Wraith Necromancer Build

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 This build offers simply massive damage, making it a great character versus Bosses and stationary targets
 It's also very tanky thanks to the massive Ward granted by Volatile Zombies, Bone Armor, and extra healing from Rip Blood
 The required items are quite easy to obtain, while the two Uniques we have used are in no way mandatory to get started
 You can easily complete all the currently available content while staying in relative safety while your Wraiths do the job
   This build can fall into Mana Management issues without good equipment, which can limit the number of utility Spells you can recast efficiently
   The clear speed is moderate, with inconsistent damage from your Wraiths against spread-out packs of enemies


Passive Skill Trees

Acolyte Tree
Acolyte Skill Tree (21 Points)

There aren't many particularly interesting Passives in the Acolyte's Tree, so it's advised to take the 20-21 Points only. From the first Tier both Blood Aura and Forbidden Knowledge will work, preferably the latter if you are low on Necrotic Resistance and the Intelligence will scale better in most cases. The two most important Passives can be found in the second Tier, and those are: Stolen Vitality for the big bonus to Vitality and Minions' Health, and Dark Rituals for increased Minion Attack and Cast Speed. Both should be maxed out.

Lich Skill Tree (10 Points)

From the Lich's Tree, it's recommended to take 10 Points in Apocrypha. Both Intelligence and Mana Regeneration are very important stats used in this build which greatly increase your DPS and sustainability

Necromancer Skill Tree (75 Points)

This Passive Tree contains most of the DPS Nodes for this build. None of them are particularly important as they all have similar effects but still, we have selected the best ones. In the first Tiers, you should max Risen Army for increased Minion Damage. You can optionally take Reclamation of Souls if you feel too squishy, otherwise, just save those Points for DPS nodes available later. Mortal Tether is quite important as Ward generation from exploding Zombies is your core defensive layer and it's based on their maximum Health.

The best nodes can be found in the top-right corner, and you should allocate max points in Frantic SummonsRiver of Bones, Heresy, and Blades of the Forlorn. Moonlight Pyro and Rite of the Undead are also extremely strong, and you should be maxed out asap. If you are level 100 (or close) you can also take Tyrant and Cling to Life, as they are among the best defensive nodes here, boosting your Health, resistance, and Armor.



Note: Left-Clicking on any of the ability trees below will open the full-size version in a new window. 

Summon Wraith

Summon Wraith - This is your main damage source. You should be able to summon up to 15 of them which will deal tons of Fire Damage with their rapidly cast projectiles 

On the Passive Tree, you should take Locus of Death, which will immobilize your Wraiths to make them more efficient, make them easier to control and increase their DPS. Then obviously go for Flame Wraith with some damage passives on the way. Delay the End is also important as it can boost the rate at which your Volatile Zombies are triggered. It's also recommended to take all the Crit nodes in the bottom-left of the Tree. If you have a higher level of Summon Wraith through Item affixes, just max out all the nodes we allocated but aren't fully upgraded.

Summon Wraith

Summon Volatile Zombie

Summon Volatile Zombie - these Zombies are one of the main parts of the build, you will summon them each time one of your Minions which is affected by Dread Shade dies

Since your Zombies are triggered by Dread Shade mainly, and cost no Mana, taking Dreadful Horde, Vile Force and Shepherd of Thralls yields no downsides. Vital Ward is very important - it will generate a lot of Ward for defensive purposes. Pull of the Grave will help take down Bosses and tougher enemies quicker. Awakening Presence allows you to trigger more Zombies on Minions death, but in this case it will cost Mana, so reconsider skipping this node entirely

Summon Volatile Zombie

Dread Shade

Dread Shade - This Minion attaches itself to one of your other Minions, preferably Wraiths, to increase their damage and decay their Health faster - allowing your Zombies to be triggered more consistently

On the Tree, you must pick Beyond Death which is by far the most valuable passive, it will summon previously mentioned zombies with no Mana cost. Take the short path leading to Grim Fate, it will increase the Area of Effect, and DPS, which is granted by Dread Shade. Any excess points should go into Lingering Doom

Dread Shade

Rip Blood

Rip Blood - the primary Spell obtainable by the Acolyte class which is used to grant extra healing and recover Mana whenever needed. It will also help with your Wraiths' targeting 

On the Tree take Stench of Blood which greatly increases your single-target damage. Other than that you can just maximize your Mana Recovery by allocating Thirst and Mana Feast. On the other hand, Quenching and Hematology are maxed to boost your Health recovery via Health Globes and extra healing from your Intelligence attribute 

Rip Blood


Transplant - is primarily used for mobility, but with the right setup, it will also boost your DPS output and defenses via Bone Armor. It can also instantly recover Mana.

On the Tree, you should take Pale Blood which instantly restores 30 Mana, and Bone Armor with all its' corresponding nodes which is a very strong defensive buff that increases your Armor and all damage taken. You should also max out Fleeting Form to reduce its' cooldown and either Anemia to reduce the Life cost, or Acolyte's Fervor if you want to boost your  for a short duration




Stat priority:

All your Skills scale with Intelligence so it's one of the most desirable stats to look for. Obviously, Minion Damage, Minions' Health, and your own, will be of use. Other defensive stats will be obviously resistances. Cast Speed, Crit Chance, and Multiplier are supplementary damage boosts for your Minions. You will also probably need a lot of Mana Regeneration to sustain the constant Skill casts. 

On your Rare Items, you should also look for increases to the Level of Summon Wraith as the Chest slot prefix, and possibly Minion Critical Strike Chance on both Armor and the Helmet slot. On your Gloves and Belt you can craft Minion Damage or Health, and other than that, simply focus on generic defensive stats for your character. 

As for the Uniques, the build uses Aberrant Call Staff, Logi's Hunger Amulet, and Julra's Obsession Gloves.

  1. Intelligence
  2. Minion Damage
  3. Health
  4. Resistances
  5. Minion Critical Strike Chance and Multiplier
  6. Mana & Mana Regeneration
  7. Minion Health
  8. Ward Retention

Recommended Unique Items: 

Aberrant Call
  • +53 Melee Physical Damage
  • +(39-47) Adaptive Spell Damage
  • (39-93)% increased Damage Over Time
  • +(6-12) Maximum Wraiths
  • Affects the Acolyte's
  • +(1-3) to Summon Wraith
  • Minions lose 6% of their current health per second
  • (36-62)% increased Mana Regen
  • (63-126)% increased Minion Damage

Aberrant Call - it's a very important part of the build. It increases the number of Maximum Wraiths and the level of this Skill. It grants Mana Regen and Minion Damage. The only downside is making your Minions lose Health over time, but that's partly desirable in this case

Logis Hunger
  • +(13-40)% Physical Resistance
  • +(13-40)% Necrotic Resistance
  • +(2-3)% Fire Critical Strike Chance
  • (5-8)% of Fire Damage Leeched as Health on Crit
  • (50-80)% Increased Leech Rate
  • +(2-3)% Minion Critical Strike Chance
  • +2 to Fire Minion Skills

Logi's Hunger - It increases the Fire Minions' Skills Level, which applies both to Wraiths and Volatile Zombies here. It's also used for Resistance and increased Critical Strike Chance for Minions. This Amulets' base also has some valuable Implicit mods that boot two important Resistances 

Julra's Obsession
  • +80 Armor
  • +(30-45)% Void Resistance
  • +(5-40)% Cold Resistance
  • +(5-40)% Lightning Resistance
  • +(3-10) Adaptive Spell Damage
  • Stats on this item also apply to your minions

Julra's Obsession - this pair of gloves has a huge potential to make you and your Minions more durable. These can even be upgraded later, to include an offensive modifier such as Minion Damage via Legendary Crafts


Getting two Adorned Immortal Idol (2x2) with increased to summon Flame Wraiths instead of regular ones' is a must-have for this build. You should also get at least one Large Immortal Idol (1x3) with a Chance for Marked on Death on Minion Hit, that will be a great boost to your overall DPS output. Other than that, look for increased Minion Critical Strike Chance, Health, and missing Resistances. 

Mandatory mods:

  • Chance For Summon Wraith To Summon A Flame Wraith Instead
  • Minion Chance To Apply Mark For Death On Hit

Other recommended mods:

  • Increased Minion Critical Strike Chance
  • Increased Fire Minion Damage
  • Increased Health/ % Health
  • Resistances

Recommended Blessings:

  • The Black Sun Timeline offers mainly defensive-oriented bonuses for this particular build. You can choose either bonus Health or Void Resistance, other Blessings have negligible usage
  • From The Age of Winter: you can get many great defensive Blessings here, most notably the % increased Armour one, Physical Resistance, and Endurance Threshold 
  • Spirits of Fire Timeline offers the best Blessing for this entire build, so you may want to focus on it first. The Spirit of Command boosts the Minion Damage is all-around the best choice
  • From the Reign of Dragons: pick up any of the Resistances - both Necrotic and All Resistances should work fine for most setups
  • In Ending the Storm picking up Mana is the best option, as it helps you greatly with Mana management during Boss fights. Other than that, only Lightning Resistances or Health Regeneration can be of use to you



This is the beta version of our Flame Wraith Necromancer Build for Last Epoch - presumable the most powerful Minion Build in the game (and possibly overall best as well). We didn't have much time for testing, but this build already shows a lot of promise and outperforms many other End Game setups. Obviously, as the game gets new content updates, we will be updating this guide regularly, though it may be impossible to be done after each Patch. 

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Eleventh Hour Games