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Poison Flurry Marksman/Rogue Build for Last Epoch

Poison Flurry Marksman/Rogue Build for Last Epoch

Powerful Poison DoT build based on the newly added Marksman subclass

Poison DoT Flurry
Marksman/Rogue Build

Updated for Patch 0.8

Build notes:
December 10, 2020
-Build created


Build Overview

Marksman is one of the core masteries for the newly added Rogue character class. It's heavily oriented on using Bows and Ranged abilities to deal very high damage from a distance. This build relies on several sources of Poison DoT damage with Flurry being your primary source of damage. Flurry in this setup is a channeled skill that triggers Multishot as well for additional AoE, damage, and slow. You will be also using Shift, Acid Flask, and Decoy. All those three skills offer defensive utility but also increase your damage output significantly, via some amazing synergies. 

For the defenses, this build utilizes:

  1. very high Dodge chance which is scaled by your Dexterity Attribute;
  2. Slow inflicted by Multishot and Acid Flasks;
  3. Decoy which causes nearby enemies to attack it instead of you, increase your Dodge, and cast Acid Flasks;
  4. High Health recovery from Leech and while Shifting, which again is scaled by Dexterity.

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 Pros  Cons
 Great mobility  Beta build which requires more optimization 
 Good survivability based on high Dodge Chance  Can run into Mana issues
 High sustained damage from Poison DoT effects  
 Tons of defensive utility skills  


Passive Skill Trees

Rogue Skill Tree
Rogue Skill Tree (23 Points)

Notable Passives:

  1. Steady Hand [8/8] - Increases your Dexterity and Health. It's the only viable option here as Dexterity increases your Dodge, damage, and healing whenever Shifting
  2. Dodge and Parry [5/5] - a great defensive Passive that gives you a 15% chance to receive Glancing Blows, which deal 35% less damage. You also have increases Dodge rating
  3. Poison Tipped [8/8] - no needs for explanation here. It's purely a Poison build so you want to maximize your Chance to Poison obviously 

Marksman Skill Tree
Marksman Skill Tree (71 Points)

Notable Passives:

  1. Focus Fire [8/8] - increases your Dexterity and Dodge Rating making it a must-have for this build
  2. Draining Arrows [8/8] - grants you bonus Attack Speed and high Health bonus whenever you hit enemies
  3. Prolonged Demise [8/8] - reduces your DoT damage taken and increases your DoT whenever you are using Bows making it a must-have Passive for this build
  4. Concentration [8/8] - a great defensive Passive which grants you a Concentration buff that increases your damage significantly if you weren't hit by a nearby enemy recently
  5. Meditation [8/8] - grants you extra Dodge when you have Concentration and reduces its' cooldown
  6. Reflection [8/8] - another Passive that increases the effectiveness of Concentration. Reflection increases your chance to Dodge and grants you increased Movement Speed 
  7. Poison Tipped Arrows [10/10] - one of the most important DPS-oriented Passives on this Tree. It gives you a very high bonus chance to Poison with Bows and additional Poison Penetration, meaning all Poison DoT you inflict will ignore some of the monsters' Poison Resistance
  8. Sharpshooter [5/5] - gives you up to 50% chance to gain Sharpshooter buff which increases your damage with Bows when you hit enemies based on your distance to them

Marksman Passive Tree increases your Damage with Bows and it unlocks core mechanics for this build which include Concentration and Sharpshooter. However, this build can be potentially built in many ways. You can skip Concentration if you feel like you get hit too often, and just increase your Bow Damage directly, or even go for extra Crit. though obviously, it has less efficiency in this build. Picking up Draining Arrows and Thieve's Quiver is primarily for defensive purposes, and if you would prefer to have more DPS just pick Bow Damage Passives instead



Note: Left-Clicking on any of the ability trees below will open the full-size version in a new window. 


Flurry - your primary Attack used in this build which in this setup is a channeled ability that triggers Multishot (affected by Passives in its corresponding Passive Tree) on every 4th Attack. You are also going to increase its' damage via Vile Tactics that increases the chance to apply Poison and gives Flurry a chance to shred Poison Resistance; Lethal Vector which increases all DoT applies by Flurry, and Compounding Toxic which increases Poison damage applied by Flurry by 30% 



Multishot - your secondary source of damage in this build which will be triggered automatically by your Flurry Attack, so using Multishot manually is not advised. You are also going to take all the Passives that have negative effects if you would want to use it manually like greatly increased Mana Cost and reduced Attack Speed. Strong Pull increases the damage by an astounding 55% and reduces Attack Speed which doesn't apply as you are not going to use it yourself, then we have Readied Arrows, which allows you to trigger Multishot additional times when you use different Bow abilities, and again the +100% Mana Cost doesn't apply to you. We decided to skip Toxic Gift which increases your Poison Damage but makes Multishot unable to Slow, and we found the Slow with increased effectiveness much better for this build 



Shift - an amazing mobility skill that helps you avoid incoming damage and kite enemies, but also recovers your Health and Mana. You are also going to gain the Jade Arrow buff whenever you use Shift. Jade Arrow increases the DoT damage of your next Bow Attack by 125%


Acid Flask

Acid Flask - a must-have utility Skill for this build that increases your damage significantly against enemies within its radius. Acid Flask in our recommended setup will shred enemy Poison Resistance and inflict Effacacious Toxins which increases the DoT damage taken by affected enemies, and Frailty, which reduces the damage dealt by those enemies. Acid Flask will also have a chance to slow enemies, and it will be triggered automatically by your Decoy upon exploding

Acid Flask


Decoy - attracts nearby enemies' attention, making you less like to be targeted. Decoy also increases your Dodge Rating while it's active, and Poison nearby enemies thanks to the use of Kelthan Oil and Acid Fumes Passives on the Skill Tree. Your Decoy will also cast three Acid Flasks (affected by Passives on the corresponding Passive Tree) on the final explosion




Stat priority:

For this build, you want to focus on increasing your Dexterity which affects your DPS, Dodge, and Healing from abilities. You also want to increase your Attack Speed so that Poison is applied at a higher frequency. Obviously, some additional Damage over Time and Poison Damage is advised. Last but not least, you can increase the base damage of your Bows by adding extra Physical Damage to it 

  1. Dexterity
  2. Damage over Time/Poison Damage
  3. Attack Speed
  4. Added Physical Damage to Bows
  5. Damage with Bows
  6. Dodge Rating 
  7. Resistances 

Recommended Unique Items: 


Acidflesh  - a powerful Unique Bow which directly increases your Poison Damage and its duration. It also increases your chance to shred enemy armor. It's primarily related to Hail of Arrows ability which you aren't going to use in this setup, so you may be better off with a Crafted Rare Bow eventually


Atrophy - one of the best pairs of Gloves for this build. It grants insane Damage over Time bonuses and increases your chance to Slow and Slow Duration which you inflict by Multishot and Acid Flasks in our recommended setup

Ward Trail

Ward Trail - this Belt grants a very high bonus Dodge which is the core defensive mechanic used in this build. It also increases your Movement Speed making it a great choice for speed farming characters, but if you are looking to deal with end-game Bosses or push Monument, you may be better off with a solid crafted Rare



This is the beta version of our Poison Flurry Marksman Build for Last Epoch. We didn't have much time for testing, but this build already shows a lot of promise and outperforms many other End Game setups. Obviously, as the game gets new content updates, we will be updating this guide regularly, though it may be impossible to be done after each Patch. 

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Eleventh Hour Games