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0.00 Credits are the medium of exchange on
Credits have a fixed 1:1 exchange rate with US dollars (1 Credit = 1 USD)
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  1. Credits are the medium of exchange on
  2. Credits have a fixed 1:1 exchange rate with US dollars (1 Credit = 1 USD)
  3. Users with 2nd authorization level may withdraw Credits to their Paypal or Skrill accounts
  4. The minimum withdrawal amount is 5 CR (5.00 USD)
  5. Fees are charged in Credits
  6. Fees are charged after successful sales and when requesting withdrawals
Here's a brief explanation of how our transaction system works:

Users deposit funds in USD by any of the available payment methods, including Paypal, Skrill and credit cards. Corresponding amount of credits is added to their balance on
After successful transaction credits are transferred to the seller. Transactions are finalized after buyer confirms the receipt of purchased items, or after 72 hours have passed since the seller's shipment confirmation.
Users can request withdrawals of their accumulated credits to Paypal or Skrill accounts. Withdrawals take approximately 24 hours for Paypal, and 3 business days for Skrill and Webmoney(WMZ).