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Beastmaster Starter Primalist build for Last Epoch

Beastmaster Starter Primalist build for Last Epoch

Solid starter build primarily based on poisonous Wolf Companions

Poisonous Companions
Starter Primalist Build

Build notes:
May 29, 2019
-Build created
Things to look forward to:
-This build is solid and consistent, with no unfinished skills, however, Beastmaster/Primalist appears to be unpolished in general. The number of skills that grant bonuses to your Minions which could potentially be Auras/Warcries/Melee skills with Passives that apply global debuffs, is greatly limited

Build Overview

Beastmaster is one of the Master Classes for the Primalist which is heavily oriented on summoning multiple Companions to aid you in battle. This build uses a total of five companions - three Wolves, Sabretooth, and a Bear. Sabretooth deals the highest DPS, but also is the most vulnerable to attacks, Bear is your primary meatshield, and Wolves are built to maximize their number, and at the same time retain a good balance between offense and defense. They have increased Health, Health Regeneration, and have increased Attack Speed to stack more Poisons on enemies.

Since your Minions are the primary source of DPS, your main goal is to buff them with whatever means possible and stay alive. The amount of skills that benefit your Companions is greatly limited, that's why we have decided to make this build Poison-oriented. By using Swipe with Acid Fangs, you can apply a stacking debuff which reduces affected enemies' Poison Protection and greatly increase the damage output of your Minions. Using melee attacks is mandatory also because of the Savage Bond Passive from the Beastmaster's Tree. It allows you to have an additional Companion, but all your Companions will have greatly reduced damage if you haven't used an attack in the past four seconds.

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 Pros  Cons
 Smooth leveling with no specific item requirements  Requires getting into melee range and attacking with melee skills to not have your damage reduced
 Great as a starter build  The majority of Swipe and Fury Leap Passives are redundant in this build
 Very high single-target damage  
 Multiple companions that tank most of the incoming damage  


Passive Skill Trees

Primalist Skill Tree (20 Points)

Notable Passives:

  1. Primal StrengthPrimal Strength - grants additional Strenght attribute and Health Regeneration
  1. Survival of the PackSurvival of the Pack - you and your Minions deal increased Melee Damage and Leech up to 6% of Melee Damage dealt as Health

Beastmaster Passive Tree
Beastmaster Skill Tree (55 Points)

Notable Passives:

  1. The ChaseThe Chase - greatly increases your Minions Attack and Movement Speed which allows them to deal much higher damage and apply more Poisons
  1. EnvenomEnvenom - gives your Minions a chance to Poison enemies with their attacks
  1. Caustic PoisonsCaustic Poisons - greatly increases the damage your Companions deal with Poison
  1. Axe and ClawAxe and Claw - grants very high damage bonuses to your Companions
Druid Passive Tree
Druid Skill Tree (5 Points)

Notable Passives:

  1. Blood ClawsBlood Claws - grants very high Health Leech bonus and a chance to inflict Bleeding on hit

We have decided not to pick all of the available Passives in the Beastmaster's Tree as we consider this still a work in progress. Treat it as a solid base for your build and try to experiment from that point onward



Summon Wolf

Summon Wolf - a very balanced Companion type which offers a good balance between offense and defense. You can use up to three Wolves or four if you have the Fang Amulet, which also will increases your Minion damage for each active Wolf by 20%. Wolves have an active ability - Howl, which increases the damage of all your Minions by 10%. This effect can stack so having multiple Wolves Companions grant even higher bonuses

Summon Wolf Passives

Summon Sabretooth

Summon Sabretooth - mighty Companion which deals the highest DPS out of all your Minions. It has a Flurry Swipes ability which makes Sabretooth rapidly attack three times in a succession

Summon Wolf Sabretooth

Summon Bear

Summon Bear - the tankiest Companion which soaks up damage like a sponge. In this setup, your Bear has greatly increased Health and Armor and fires poisonous briar thorns every time they take 30 damage. Bear also has an active ability that fears nearby enemies

Summon Bear


Swipe - your primary melee attack which is used to reduce monster's Poison Protection. It deals a moderate amount of damage and can poison as well, so you will benefit from Health Leech effects as well


Fury Leap

Fury Leap - your main mobility skill. The damage it deals is negligible but it counts as melee attack towards Save Bond Passive requirements and has a high chance to stun enemies where you land

Fury Leap



Stat priority:

You should primarily focus on Minion Damage and defensive stats. Strength is Beastmaster's primary attribute and it increases your Companions Health and damage. Furthermore, Attack Speed can be useful assuming Acid Claws' effect can stack. 

  1. Minion Damage
  2. Strength
  3. Health
  4. Dodge Rating
  5. Attack Speed

I have personally aimed at increasing my Health pool, but stacking Dodge Rating on your gear can also be a decent option. There are numerous Passives on the Skill Trees that increase your chance to Dodge (and your Minions as well) so this could be potentially an interesting path to try out

Recommended Unique Items:

Artor's Legacy

Artor's Legacy - the best in the slot, if you manage to get Artor's Legacy with the Fang, you will be able to Summon the fourth Wolf without sacrificing your other Companions. It also grants very high bonus Attack Speed and makes your melee attacks chill

The Fang

The Fang - BiS amulet which grants terrific DPS bonus to your Minions for each active Wolf. In this build, this sums up to a total of 80%. The extra Health and +1 to the maximum number of Wolf Companions are also extremely valuable bonuses

Beast King

Beast King - one of the best weapons you can choose for this build. It grants very high defensive bonuses to your and your Minions. It has a low base DPS but it shouldn't be a problem even on higher levels since you are not a damage dealer yourself



This Beastmaster Poison Companions Starter build still in a very early beta version. Most likely the Primalist Class will be reworked/polished when the game goes live, so we expect many aspects of this build to change over time, however, this guide should give you a general idea how a Beastmaster/Summoner build works. If you have any comments or suggestions on this build, please leave them in the comments below. We will appreciate criticism as well, as long as it motivates us improve this guide :)

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