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Beastmaster Starter Primalist build for Last Epoch

Beastmaster Starter Primalist build for Last Epoch

Solid starter build primarily based on poisonous Wolf Companions

Starter Primalist Build

Updated for Patch 0.7.10c

Build notes:
May 29, 2019
-Build created
October 28, 2020
-Updated for Patch 0.7.10c

Build Overview

Beastmaster is one of the Master Classes for the Primalist which is heavily oriented on summoning multiple Companions to aid you in battle. This build uses a total of five companions - three Wolves, Sabretooth, and a Raptor. Sabretooth has very high damage and increased Crit. Chance, Wolves deal greatly increased damage after they Howl, and Raptor goes a Rampage against rare monsters and Bosses, shreds enemy armor, and reduces the cooldowns of your other Companion's abilities (which is mainly useful for the Wolves, to have their DPS boosted even further). Overall, this is a very simple and beginner-friendly build that utilizes Pets to do most of the work. 

Since your Minions are the primary source of DPS, your main goal is to buff them with whatever means possible (and stay alive). Your only mean of boosting your Minions is the Frenzy Totem, which you are obviously going to use. We also recommend using Fury Leap, which increases the damage of your Minions significantly after you use it. Alternatively, you can use Swipe, which will instantly kill enemies below 14% Health and have a high chance of summoning Claw Totem, which scales off Minion damage as well. Using a Polearm and Serpent Strike is also an option. It allows you to shred enemy Armor and gain extra Dodge, but the weapon requirement may be troublesome. 

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 Pros  Cons
 Smooth leveling with no specific item requirements  Minions do most of job while you kite/avoid enemy attacks
 Great as a starter build  
 High single-target/Boss damage  
 Beginner-friendly will simple and straightforward mechanics  


Passive Skill Trees

Primalist Skill Tree (20 Points)

Notable Passives:

  1. Primal StrengthPrimal Strength - grants additional Strenght attribute and Health Regeneration
  2. Survival of the PackSurvival of the Pack - you and your Minions deal increased Melee Damage and Leech up to 6% of Melee Damage dealt as Health

Beastmaster Passive Tree
Beastmaster Skill Tree (68 Points)

Notable Passives:

  1. Ursine StrengthUrsine Strength - increases your Strength Attribute and reduces damage taken from nearby enemies
  2. Primal StrengthPrimal Strength - again, extra Strength and chance to gain Aspect of the Boar on melee attack
  3. Cry of the LynxCry of the Lynx - grants Aspect of the Lynx which affects your Minions damage, Critical Chance, and Crit. Damage multiplier
  4. Force of NatureForce of Nature - allows you to summon an extra Companion. The best single point on this Passive Tree
  5. Ancient MightAncient Might - grants extra Strength and Minion Damage

The majority of the Passives that you want to pick are in the Beastmaster Tree. They grant insane Minion Damage bonuses and extra defensive utility via Aspect of the Boar. You should pick all the Strength Passives, as it's the core attribute in this build which scales your Minion Damage. You are also going to utilize the Aspect of the Lynx which will be activated automatically whenever you use a Companion ability, and thanks to the use of Raptor Companion which reduces the cooldowns, you should have it active at all times alongside Aspect of the Boar which has 20% to trigger when you use a melee attack



Summon Wolf

Summon Wolf - a very balanced Companion type that offers a good balance between offense and defense. You can use up to three Wolves which also will increases your Minion damage for each active Wolf by 20%. Wolves have an active ability - Howl, which increases the damage of all your Minions by 10%. This effect can stack so having multiple Wolves Companions grant even higher bonuses. We have decided to use the Howlf of Might Passive which has a triple effect after Howling, which combined with Raptors cooldown reduction on Companion abilities, and Battlecry, makes it proc quite often

Summon Wolf Passives

Summon Sabretooth

Summon Sabretooth - mighty Companion which deals very high Melee/Physical DPS with a high bonus to Critical Strike Chance and Damage Multiplier. It has a Flurry Swipes ability which makes Sabretooth rapidly attack three times in succession - again we maximize the DPS of this ability by reducing its cooldown via Raptor's Brilliant Display Passive. And you can also take Heavy Paws, which greatly increases your Sabretooth's DPS but makes it unable to Leap. You can use one Sabretooth


Summon Raptor

Summon Raptor - Raptor's deal some insane damage when its' Rampage triggers. It will also shred enemy armor and reduce the cooldowns of your other Companions' abilities, greatly increasing your overall DPS. You can summon one Raptor

Summon Raptor

Fury Leap

Fury Leap - used for extra Mobility and to increase the damage of your Minions after you land. Your Minions will also Leap with you increasing your clear speed, and by using Regain Stamina you will occasionally reset its cooldown

Fury Leap

Frenzy Totem

Summon Frenzy Totem - a must-have ability in this build. It grants insane DPS bonuses to your Minions, and by using the Symbol of Selflessness the effects are greatly increased but do not affect you directly. It also refreshes the cooldowns of your Companion abilities and increases its effectiveness

Frenzy Totem



Stat priority:

You should primarily focus on Strength and Minion Damage. Then you focus on your own defensive stats like Health, Armor, Health Regeneration, and Resistances. Strength is Beastmaster's primary attribute and it increases your Companions Health and damage. 

  1. Strength
  2. Minion Damage
  3. Minion Attack Speed
  4. Health
  5. Resistances/Dodge Rating
  6. Health Regeneration

I have personally aimed at increasing my Health pool, but stacking Dodge Rating on your gear can also be a decent option. There are numerous Passives on the Skill Trees that increase your chance to Dodge (and your Minions as well) so this could be potentially an interesting path to try out

Recommended Unique Items:

Artor's Legacy

Artor's Legacy - the best in the slot, if you manage to get Artor's Legacy you will be able to summon the fourth Wolf without sacrificing your other Companions. It also grants a very high bonus Attack Speed and makes your melee attacks chill (though this doesn't affect you in this particular build)

The Fang

The Fang - BiS amulet which grants terrific DPS bonus to your Minions for each active Wolf. In this build, this sums up to a total of 80%. It also grants extra defensive utility and saves you one extra Passive on your Summon Wolves Tree as it has the effect of Safety in Numbers Passive

Beast King

Beast King - one of the best weapons you can choose for this build. It grants very high defensive bonuses to you and your Minions. It has a low base DPS but it shouldn't be a problem even on higher levels since you are not a damage dealer yourself

Eterra's Path

Eterra's Path - grants very high bonus Movement Speed and Health Regen to your and your Minions. And it will have you cast Vine or Entangling Roots whenever you are moving, and since you aren't most likely going to use any attack yourself except for the Fury Leap, this will be triggered quite often



This Beastmaster Pet/Minion Starter build still in a very early beta version. Most likely the Primalist Class will be reworked/polished when the game goes live, so we expect many aspects of this build to change over time, however, this guide should give you a general idea of how a Beastmaster/Summoner build works. If you have any comments or suggestions on this build, please leave them in the comments below. We will appreciate criticism as well, as long as it motivates us to improve this guide :)

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Eleventh Hour Games