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Armageddon Caller Beginner Sorcerer Build for Last Epoch

Armageddon Caller Beginner Sorcerer Build for Last Epoch

Enjoyable Starter/Beginner build for a Mage/Sorcerer character in Last Epoch

Armageddon Caller
Beginner Sorcerer Build

Updated for Patch 0.7.10c

Build notes:
November 24, 2020
-Build created


Build Overview

There is nothing better than seeing massive damage numbers appear on the screen, and as far as high numbers go, nothing beats Meteor. With a proper setup, this deadly ability can obliterate every enemy, unfortunate enough to stumble upon you, in 1 hit. This guide will show you how to build your Sorcerer to maximize damage done with the Meteor, without causing sustain or survivability problems. Because of the great damage scaling on the build's main offensive ability, this setup does not require expensive gear, which makes it perfect for beginners. 

To make our "Armageddon Caller" build as effective as possible, we have focussed on making our Meteor ability as deadly as it can be. To achieve our goal of being able to 1-shot most enemies, we've maximized Critical Multiplier and Critical Strike Chance. To ensure that we don't run out of mana too quickly we've also taken passives that boost our mana pool. Because we went for a very offensive setup, only essential defenses were picked up. 

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 Pros  Cons
 Massive Damage with Meteor  Hitting things with Meteors reliably requires some practice 
 Above-average Movement Speed  To master this build, you will have to learn enemy movement patterns (again, to hit them with Meteors reliably) 
 Great Mobility with Teleport  


Passive Skill Trees

Mage Skill Tree
Mage Skill Tree (31 Points)

Notable Passives:

  1. Arcanist [8/8] - 8 more Intelligence and some nice bonus resistances, a good place to start. 
  2. Elementalist [8/8] - These are not that important and can be maxed out last. More elemental Damage will help you obliterate enemies with Meteor. 
  3. Knowledge of Destruction [10/10] - Crit Chance (+70%) and Crit Multiplier (+30%) from this passive ensures that your spells are devastating. 
  4. Sholar [5/8] - Pick 2/8 here and fill it up to 5 only after getting 5/5 Spell Slinger from the Sorcerer Tree. Health and Mana from this passive will help with your sustain and survivability by quite a bit. 

Sorcerer Skill Tree
Sorcerer Skill Tree (75 Points)

Notable Passives:

  1. Mana Shell [8/8] - Another passive that helps with sustain and survivability. This one gives you 80 Armor and 32 Mana when maxed out. 
  2. Calculated Destruction [8/8] - A huge bonus to Spell Critical Strike Chance, because who does not want to see BIG numbers appear on the screen? 
  3. Wisdom [10/10] - Bonus Intelligence and Mana, so more Damage and more sustain. 
  4. Pyromancer [8/8] - +48% Fire Damage boosts your Meteors and the chance to Ignite comes in handy if something survives the first hit (they will not, most likely...). 
  5. Lavamancer [5/5] - We don't like enemy resistances and this passive gets rid of some of them so we like it. Also, Leech is always good. 
  6. Crackling Precision [8/8] - 80% Increased Critical Strike Chance for all spells and double that for Lightning-based ones
  7. Arcane Obliteration [5/5] - +50% to Critical Strike Multiplayer. Yes, please (did we mention something about liking BIG numbers already?). 
  8. Arcane Insight [5/10] - Bonus Intelligence and a chance for a very strong proc that increases Elemental Damage by quite a bit. From our experience 5/10 is enough to get the procs often enough. 
  9. Elemental Ascendance [8/8] - Resistances, Damage, and Crowd Control in one passive. Can't really ask for more. 
  10. Spell Slinger [5/5] - Get 5/5 Here as soon as it becomes available. Adaptive Spell Damage and extra Casting Speed really help with your damage output. 
  11. Archmage [5/5] - Another bonus to Adaptive Spell Damage. This one is tripled if you have at least 200 Maximum Mana (and you do, because of passives like Mana Shell, Wisdom, and Sholar). 

As you can see, this build focuses on Critical Chance, Critical Multiplier, and Spell /Fire Damage to ensure that Meteor hits hard enough to 1-shot most non-boss enemies. It also provides some bare minimum survivability and enough sustain to keep you rolling over the opposition. 



Note: Left-Clicking on any of the ability trees below will open the full-size version in a new window. 


Meteor - This is your main damaging spell. It deals extremely high damage per hit and any Added Damage is applied to it with 600% effectiveness which makes it scale really good with such bonuses. 1-Shotting enemies, with this spell, is nothing unusual especially when it's upgraded with the following passives. 

  1. Crushing Force [5/5] - 50% more Hit Damage and another 50% more against Full Health enemies. With this, 1-shotting fodder enemies is not a problem. 
  2. Infernal Descent [2/5] - Even more Hit Damage at the cost of slower Cast Speed. Worth it, especially with the Spell Slinger passive that counters the drawback. 
  3. Force of Impact [1/5] - More reliable Crowd Control effect on a nuke spell? Yes. 
  4. Rapid Descent [3/5] - Meteors fall 60% faster; This makes aiming with them much easier. 
  5. Twin Meteors [1/1] - Two Meteors instead of one but for 70 more mana. Worth it, as the second Meteor hits just as hard as the first one. 
  6. Extinction [4/4] - A bit more Crit and a chance to summon a Large Meteor with a much larger Area of Effect. 
  7. Astral Cataclysm [3/3] - +90% to Critical Multiplier. This works extremely well with Crushing Force. 
  8. Meteor Shower [1/3] - Another bonus Meteor per cast, but 15% less AoE. The drawback is negligible, really. 

Flame Ward

Flame Ward - A powerful defensive skill that surrounds you with a flaming barrier that absorbs incoming damage. With the upgrades featured below, it will hold for longer, have 2 charges instead of one, and increase your Fire Damage by quite a bit (and Meteor deals fire Damage). 

  1. Stalwart Defense [2/5] - This increases Ward granted by Flame Ward by 80. It helps with your defenses, but we take it mainly to unlock further nodes. 
  2. Desperate Defense [1/3] - This makes Flame Ward a bit more effective when you cast it on low Health. Again, this is mainly taken to progress further through nodes. 
  3. Fuel the Flames [2/3] - More Ward granted at the cost of a bit higher Cooldown. And with 2/3 here, we finally unlock the Dual Aegis. 
  4. Dual Aegis [1/1] - With this, your Flame Ward will have two charges instead of one and go on Cooldown only after you use up both of them. 
  5. Dilation [3/3] - This makes Flame Ward much more efficient by making it last 1/3 longer and cost 1/3 less to cast. 
  6. Infusion [5/5] - 250% extra Fire Damage while Flame Ward is active. This upgrade is extremely good for our build, as it makes Meteor strike much harder. 
  7. Barrier [5/5] - Solid Damage Reduction while Flame Ward is up. This helps with survivability by quite a bit. 
  8. Shrewd Shielding [1/5] - Some more Mana Efficiency to help with sustain. 
Flame Ward


Focus - A solid sustain-type ability that also increases your defenses by quite a bit. With it, you don't have to worry about running out of mana when spamming your offensive skills. 

  1. Revelation [4/4] - This improves the Burst effect of Focus by quite a bit (additional 60 Ward and 20 Mana). 
  2. Energy Infusion [1/1] - This will give you a Haste buff for a maximum of 10 seconds. A solid choice if you're looking for extra mobility. 
  3. Mana Flooded [2/4] - 50% extra Mana regen with 2/4. If you feel like you need more, you can max this out at the cost of other upgrades, but 50% tends to be enough. 
  4. Desperate Meditation [1/1] - With this, the more mana you're missing the more mana you'll gain when using Focus. 
  5.  Null Profusion [1/1] - This upgrade grants you 20% of your Max Mana instantly if you use Focus while on negative mana. The downside is, it also increases the Cooldown by 5s. 
  6. Null Infusion [4/4] - Makes Null Profusion better, but increases the cooldown by another 4 seconds. Still, instant Mana gain is worth the drawback. 
  7. Iron Stance [4/4] - 400 additional Armor while channeling will ensure that you don't die in a stupid way while trying to replenish your resources. 
  8. Resolute Stance [2/3] - 60% more Health regen while channeling. 
  9. Inner Growth [1/5] - 6 Health gained per second while channeling is a nice little bonus for your last point. 

Black Hole

Black Hole - A fun-to-use and powerful Crowd Control ability that allows you to create Black Holes that pull your enemies into them. With the upgraded featured below, it works differently, however; It no longer pulls enemies in and deals high Fire Damage (which we stack in this build). Moreover, it now actively seeks targets and chills them which makes it a nice and reliable source of additional damage and soft Crowd Control. 

  1. Catalyst [3/4] - 45% More Damage at the cost of 45% reduced pull strength; a fair deal especially if we consider the next upgrade on our list. 
  2. Red Giant [1/1] - With this, Black Hole no longer pulls enemies in and deals Fire Damage instead of Cold. Moreover, its duration is increased by 80%. 
  3. Absolute Zero [5/5] - Allows Black Hole to chill enemies within its AoE radius each second. 4/4 gives 25% Chill chance. 
  4. Drifting Singularity [1/1] - With this upgrade, your Black Holes will actively seek enemies. 
  5. Scorching [4/6] - With this, Black Hole's damage over time will be Bypass 60% of the enemy's Fire Resistance. 
  6. Stability [3/3] - 30% extra duration works great with Red Giant, Absolute Zero, and Drifting Singularity upgrades. 
  7. Endless Maw [1/3] - Another 30% extra duration, this time with a minor drawback. 
  8. Spatial Dilation [1/5] - Thanks to this, your Black Holes will move 10% faster. 
  9. Gravity's Guile [1/4] - Your Black Holes now also Deal Physical Damage to enemies that remain in their center. 
Black Hole


Teleport - A great mobility spell that, as the name suggests, allows you to teleport around. With proper upgrades, it also increases your sustain by making your spells free-to-cast after teleporting, boosts your defenses, and improves your stats. 

  1. Crystalline Passage [5/5] - With this, you will have 250 bonus Armor and 25% Cold Resistance for 4 seconds after each Teleport. 
  2. Flicker [4/4] - 40% extra Mana efficiency will ensure that you can use the Teleport often without worrying about mana. 
  3. Wormhole [1/1] - Makes your other skills recover from their cooldown faster after you use Teleport. A nice little bonus that makes the build just a bit more reliable. 
  4. Time Dilation [5/5] - Stat boost from Telkeport now lasts twice as long. 
  5. Mana Tunnel [1/1] - With this, your first spell after using the Teleport will cost 0 mana. The downside is, it also increases Teleport's cooldown by 6 seconds. 
  6. Tunnel Finder [4/5] - 40% extra Cooldown Recovery Speed to counter the drawback of Mana Tunnel. 



Stat priority:

For this build, you want to focus on the Critical Multiplier (by far the most important stat, as it makes Meteors hit extremely hard against full health enemies), Spell Crit Chance, Spell/Fire/Elemental Damage, and Bonus Intelligence. All of these stats will make your Meteors hit harder which is the ultimate goal of the build. 

  1. Critical Multiplier
  2. Spell Crit Chance
  3. Spell Damage
  4. Intelligence
  5. Resistances

Recommended Unique Items:

Fractured Crown

Fractured Crown  - This powerful Unique Helmet increases your Spell Critical Strike Multiplayer by a lot, making it a very solid choice for this build. It also improves your mana efficiency and reduces your damage taken. The downside is, you'll have no ward... 


Valeroot - this offensively-focused piece of Armor increases your Base Spell Damage by 40-60%, provides 40-60 additional Health and Mana, reflects 40-60 Damage to attackers, and has a 10% chance of summoning a Vale Spirit when you cast a physical or buff spell. 



This is the beta version of our "Armageddon Caller" Sorcerer build for Last Epoch. It is built around maximizing damage of the Meteor Ability, to a point where it should 1 shot most enemies you will encounter. If you like big crits, you will definitely find this setup fun to play. Obviously, as the game gets new content updates, we will be updating this guide regularly, though it may be impossible to be done after each Patch. 

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Eleventh Hour Games