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Ignite Fireball Mage/Sorcerer build for Last Epoch

Ignite Fireball Mage/Sorcerer build for Last Epoch

Fill your screen with Homing Fireballs with over 100% chance to Ignite

Homing Fireballs
Ignite Sorcerer Build

Updated for Patch 0.7.10c

Build notes:
May 25, 2019
-Build created
October 20, 2020
-Updated for Patch 0.7.10c


Build Overview

This is a typical spell-caster build which is based on self-casting Fireball spell. The main goal is to maximize the number of Fireball's projectiles and have them track down enemies, which is why we call them the "Homing Fireballs". With very high Ignite chance, it allows you to apply numerous DoTs with each cast, and also, if the same enemy is hit by three Fireballs, an additional AoE explosion will be triggered for extra AoE and an additional source of Ignites via Flame Burst Passive. Additionally, Black Hole is used for additional (and massive) area DPS, Fire Shield which grants high defensive bonuses, and Teleport for mobility and Ward generation. 

This build also utilizes very high Ward generation via Teleport, Black Hole, Fire Shield, and Exsanguinous Unique armor. The higher your Intelligence and level, the more Ward you can stack with an average level of few thousand Ward. Repeatedly casting these Spells is a must since Ward is your primary defensive layer, with low Armor bonuses, Leech, and Dodge.

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 Pros  Cons
 Very high single-target damage  Fireball projectiles logic (possibly will get fixed upon release)
 Fantastic clear speed  No crowd-control
 Insane Fireball's range  Single-layer defense
 Very high Ward generation  


Passive Skill Trees

Mage Skill Tree (20 Points)

Notable Passives:

  1. ArcanistArcanist - increases your Intelligence which increases your Spell Damage, and grants additional Ward Retention and generation via Teleport spell
  1. Arcane FlamesArcane Flames - makes your Ignites also spread to additional nearby enemies greatly increasing your clear speed
  1. WardenWarden - grants increased Ward retention, reducing the rate at which your Ward declines over time. It's a very important stat which greatly increases your effective maximum Ward

Sorcerer Skill Tree (67 Points)

Notable Passives:

  1. PyromancerPyromancer - grants extra Fire Damage and increases your chance to Ignite with Fire Spells
  1. InfernoInferno - grants high DoT bonuses which affect both your Ignite and Black Hole's damage
  1. Arcane InsightArcane Insight - grants you extra Intelligence and a chance on Hit to gain Insight buff which increases your Elemental Damage and higher Ward Retention
  1. WarderWarder - generates Ward whenever you Hit an enemy with a Fire Spell, so with so many Fireballs fires, you will generate loads of Ward thanks to it

The choice of Passives on the Sorcerer's Skill Tree is rather straight-forward. You mainly focus on Intelligence (all Int Passives are allocated), Spell Damage, Elemental Damage, Fire Damage, and Chance to Ignite. 




Fireball - primary spammable spell used in this build. With the recommended Passives, you gain a very high chance to Ignite and maximize the number of projectiles fired with each cast. Each projectile has a chance to apply Ignite, which can stack indefinitely for insane Damage over Time. Also, by maximizing the number of projectiles you increase the proc-coefficiency of Flame Burst, which adds extra AoE damage.

Fireball Passives


Teleport - your main mobility skill which allows you to instantly teleport anywhere on the map. Used for faster progression and to kite incoming Attacks and Spells. Also, Teleport generates very high bonus Ward with each cast, so it should be used whenever off-cooldown.


Fire Shield

Fire Shield - a must-have defensive Spell used in this build. Fire Shield increases your Elemental Resistances, generates Ward every second, and also has a chance to Ignite nearby enemies. It should be active at all times

Fire Shield

Black Hole

Black Hole - in this setup, Black Hole creates two orbiting "holes" instead of one, which deal very high Fire Damage over Time. It also has its duration increased to generate high additional Ward. You should cast it whenever off cooldown, both against Bosses and bigger packs of monsters.

Black Hole


Focus - another must-have utility spell used in this build. It grants insane Mana Regen. while channeling as well as additional Ward and defensive bonuses. Fireball spam drains your Mana quickly and this build is very clunky without Focus - not to mention, your DoT still ticks while you are Focusing to replenish your Mana




Stat priority:

This build is heavily oriented on Fire Spell Damage and Damage over Time, which should be your main priority on items alongside Intelligence attribute. Intelligence, on top of increasing your damage, increases the amount of Ward generated by Teleport Spell.

  1. Intelligence
  2. Damage over Time
  3. Fire Spell Damage
  4. Cast Speed

I have personally picked up some Leech on the amulet, which increased the rate at which Exsanguinous generates your Ward but it's optional. Also, Stun Avoidance comes in handy, but in most cases, you should be able to teleport out from dangerous and crowded spots. 

Recommended Unique Items:


Exsanguinous - passively generates a lot of Ward, and grants high Spell Damage and Cast Speed bonuses. This is one of the core items used in this build


Calamity - grants insane damage bonuses by increasing your chance to Ignite with Fire Spells and Fire Spell Damage

Strands of Souls

Strands of Souls - grants simply MASSIVE amounts of Ward based on the Mana Spent. You also gain an insane Ward Retention bonus from it

Maehlin's Hubris

Maehlin's Hubris - amazing pair of Gloves for Fire DoT builds. They grant high Fire Damage over Time bonus and extra Intelligence as well, making them exceptionally powerful for this build

Cinder Song

Cinder Song - one of the best Wands for this build. It increases Fire Damage by a lot (up to 170%) and gives you two extra Fireball projectiles

Recommended Set Items:

The Invoker's Scorching Grasp 

The Invoker's Scorching Grasp grants a very high bonus to Fire Damage over Time. There is no need to obtain the other pieces of the set for this bonus, and currently, it's possible to wear two of those Rings. However, we expect it to be eventually impossible. We are not sure how it performs in the end-game, but it works exceptionally well while completing the Storyline and on lower level Monoliths and Arena



This is an early beta Ignite Fireball Sorcerer build for Last Epoch. We hope to have the Fireball projectiles logic improved, as this build carries a lot of end-game potential. If you have any suggestions on how we could improve it, let us know in the comments below.

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Eleventh Hour Games