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"Shadow Crafter" Bladedancer End Game Build Last Epoch

"Shadow Crafter" Bladedancer End Game Build Last Epoch

An end-game Bladedancer setup for the most recent Last Epoch's Rogue Class

"Shadow Crafter"
End Game Bladedancer Build

Updated for Patch 0.8

Build notes:
December 07, 2020
-Build created


Build Overview

Rogue and her two Mastery Classes are finally here. One of them, Bladedancer, has a very powerful Shadow mechanic that allows him to create Shadows that will repeat some Skills he uses. This, when built around properly, results in extremely high Damage output and very fast clear speeds. The below-featured "Shadow Crafter" Bladedancer Build is focused around the Shadow Mechanic and maximizing the damage of one of the Bladedancer's most powerful skills - Shadow Cascade. The main Damage source of the build is a 3-skill combination of Synchronized Strike ⇒ Shift ⇒ Shadow Cascade which builds up Shadows (Synchronized Strike) and buffs the damage of your Shadow Cascade (Shift) which results in a devastating Damage combo. 

To make our "Shadow Crafter" build as effective as possible, we have focussed on making our Shadow Cascade as deadly as possible. To achieve this, we have chosen skills that help us build up more Shadows (and even exceed their maximum number) and maximize our damage output. To ensure that some conditional Passives remain active (damage boosts that activate only while your health is full), the build also has quite a lot of survivability and Health restoration sources. 

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 Pros  Cons
 Very good mobility  New Build for a new Class, so it requires some optimization 
 Good survivability  The main offensive skills cost a lot of mana, so you can easily run out if you make a mistake 
 Devastating damage with Shadow Cascade  
 Good sustain and strong synergies  


Passive Skill Trees

Rogue Skill Tree
Rogue Skill Tree (20 Points)

Notable Passives:

  1. Swift Assassin [8/8] - Maxing this out gives you +24% buff to Attack Speed with Melee and Thrown Weapons, as well as Bows, and +8 Physical Damage. A good place to start off with the build. 
  2. Steady Hand [1/8] - This is mainly needed to unlock the 3rd row of Rogue Passives, but 1 extra Dexterity and 5 Health didn't ever hurt anyone. 
  3. Twin Blade [1/1] - This passive enables you to dual wield by equipping swords or daggers in your off-hand slot. The drawback is, you take 12% more Damage while dual-wielding
  4. Lethal Cadence [2/10] - With this, every third of your attacks will deal 40% increased damage. This applies to attacks performed with Melee, Thrown, and Bow attacks. 
  5. Dodge and Parry [5/5] - +30 Dodge Rating and a 15% chance for a Glanding Blow (Glancing Blows deal 35% less damage, which helps with your survivability a lot). 
  6. Duelist [3/8] - 15% More Damage and Dodge Rating while Dual-Wielding. 

Bladedancer Skill Tree
Bladedancer Skill Tree (77 Points)

Notable Passives:

  1. Cloak of Shadows [8/8] - Maxing this out gives you +8 Dexterity and another 16% chance for a Glancing Blow which synergizes very nicely with the Dodge and Parry passive from the Rogue Tree. 
  2. Pursuit [8/8] - Solid Melee Damage buff (+48%) combined with some extra Movement Speed increase. 
  3. Once [8/8] - +16 Physical Damage works wonders in this build and +160 Dodge Rating for 4 seconds after being hit helps with survivability by quite a bit. 
  4. Skiasynthesis [6/6] - With this, you will restore 90 Health on Shadow Creation and your Shadows will deal 90% increased Damage. In a build focused around Shadows, this is a must-have. 
  5. Asuvon's Pact [6/6] - A very powerful, but partly conditional Passive. It gives you a +90 Dodge Rating buff (always) and 90% Increased Damage (but only while your Health is maxed out). To ensure that this passive kicks in as often as possible, we have invested in some Health regen nodes in our chosen skills. 
  6. Blood Dance [5/5] - 5% melee Damage Leeched as Health and +50% Increased Health Leech Rate. This is great, especially when we consider the previous passive (with Blood Dance, you will be able to Heal to full more reliably for that +90% Damage buff). 
  7. Flash of Steel [1/8] - This is taken mainly to unlock the Weapons of Choice Passive, but 5% Damage buff while Dual Wielding is quite nice. 
  8. Perfection [4/5] - This allows you to stack a buff called Perfection that increases your damage by 10% per stack. You gain 1 stack each time you hit an enemy, but lose all stacks if you receive a hit (this is why Dodge Rating is very good in this build). 
  9. Weapons of Choice [10/10] - This gives you a Buff that depends on your Dual-Wield weapons combination. Sword+Dagger gives +150% Critical Strike Multiplier, Axe + Dagger gives 20% Damage Leeched as Health, Two Swords give +50% chance for a Glancing Blow, etc. Using Sword and a Dagger will maximize your Damage output (which is already massive, even without this passive). 
  10. Confidence [1/5] - This is taken to unlock the Exuberance passive, but also helps with survivability a bit. 
  11. Critical Eye [5/5] - +25% Critical Chance and +25% Critical Vulnerability Chance. A very solid passive, especially if you have 10/10 in Weapons of Choice and use Sword+Dagger combo. 
  12. Exuberance [5/5] - Another Passive that greatly increases your Damage but only if you are at full Health. It also makes your PErfection stack twice as fast while you're at full HP. 
  13. Shadow Master [5/5] - 100% increased Shadow Damage and +1 to maximum Shadows. This is a massive buff to your overall Damage output. 
  14. All In [5/5] - +75% to Critical Multiplier at the cost of -25% Damage dealt with non-critical hits. A good reason to stack Critical Multiplier even more. 

As you can see, this build focuses on maximizing damage from our main skills by stacking Critical Multiplier, Physical Damage, and Damage Increases. To ensure that nodes with conditional Damage Increases (the ones which are active while you're at full Health) are not wasted (and to maximize survivability), Health restoration, Leech, Dodge, and Glancing Blow were selected as well. 



Note: Left-Clicking on any of the ability trees below will open the full-size version in a new window. 

Dancing Strikes

Dancing Strikes - A filler ability you will be using while waiting for your mana (which will happen sometimes as Synchronized Strike and Shadow Cascade are quite costly, even when built like our versions) and to get the Haste buff provided by the Quick Step upgrade. This, combined with Shift gives you a lot of mobility and allows you to speedrun through the content easily. Also, this Heals you so it's great to top off your Health before using the main Damage combo (Synchronized Strike into Shift into Shadow Cascade). 

  1. Eluding Steps [1/2] - Some additional Dodge Rating for 1 second after using the Skill. Might come in handy, but is taken mainly to unlock the next upgrade in line. 
  2. Quick Step [4/4] - With 4/4 here you will always get a Haste buff after using Dancing Strikes. Haste gives you +30% Movement Speed for 2 seconds. If you want to maximize your mobility, you will have to use Dancing Strikes quite often. 
  3. Tenacious Vitae [2/3] - Less Damage over Time for 4 seconds after using Dancing Strikes. Not really that good, but necessary to unlock the next upgrade. 
  4. Invigorating Moves [4/4] - Dancing Strikes will now restore 100 Health if the 3rd attack of the skill hits at least 1 enemy. This is an essential upgrade for the build, as it helps with keeping the Exuberance and Asuvon's Pact passives active. 
  5. Broad Dancing [2/3] - 40% increased Area of Effect for the skill is quite handy to have.  
  6. Cutting Corners [1/3] - 15% Armor Shred Chance. A nice bonus if it procs, but not worth more points. 
  7. Rhythm [3/5] - A solid Global Damage buff that is multiplicative with other buffs which makes it even better than it seems. Just remember that Rythm stacks last for 2 seconds only. 
  8. Elegance [1/3] - 10% extra Dodge Rating per stack of Rythm. This helps you maintain your health while you wait for your Mana to restore between combos. 
  9. Art of Blades [2/2] - +20% to Global Critical Multiplier. per stack of Rythm. This is massive if you are quick enough and manage to perform your Combo within 2 seconds of casting Dancing Strikes. 
Dancing Strikes

Smoke Bomb

Smoke Bomb - A support skill that grats you buffs while you remain within its area of effect. Rather clunky while you're speedrunning, but very nice to have during boss fights. 

  1. Lingering Fumes [5/5] - 50% increased Duration is great as Smoke Bomb has a quite long Cooldown (10seconds) and is rather costly (21 base cost). 
  2. Smoke Blades [5/5] - +50% melee Damage for 4 seconds granted EACH SECOND (Yes, this stacks) while you remain inside of the Smoke Cloud. Extremely powerful upgrade that makes boss fights much easier. 
  3. Umbral Assault [4/4] - With 4/4 here, your SMoke Cloud will create a Shadow within it every second. This is solid as it allows you to keep Shadows at maximum and exceed the maximum number by 2 with Dark Allies (upgrade for the Synchronized Strike) for devastating Damage. 
  4. Blood Bandit [3/3] - +6% Melee Leech. Wery strong, especially when combined with damage buffs from other Smoke Bomb upgrades. 
  5. Shrouded in Darkness [1/1] - A nice little defensive buff (called Dark Shroud) for a single point. This effect stacks, which makes it very Solid. 
  6. Rapid Concealment [2/4] - Dark Shroud Stacks are now applied 50% more frequently. 
Smoke Bomb


Shift - A nice mobility skill that also serves as a strong Damage buff for your next Skill. With proper upgrades, it also grants invulnerability for its duration, grants Mana on use, and creates a Shadow. 

  1. Velocity [4/4] - 40% extra Damage with your next Damaging non-channeled Skill after using Shift. Very strong buff that will most likely go towards boosting your Shadow Cascade. 
  2. Head Trauma [5/5] - Even more extra Damage for your next Damaging Skill after using Shift (30% this time). 
  3. Braskula's Hesitation [3/3] - Another 45% extra Damage for your next Damaging Skill after using Shift. This upgrade also reduces Shift's travel distance which is not necessarily a bad thing (if you use it offensively, that is). 
  4. Momentum [2/3] - This gives you a 50% movement speed buff for 1 second after Shifting. It allows you to adjust for a devastating Shadow Cascade quicker. 
  5. Lasting Presence [1/1] - Using Shift now also creates a Shadow at the place you Shifted from. More Shadows = more Damage. 
  6. Swift Recovery [4/4] -  This makes Shift refund most of its Mana cost or even restore Mana if used while below 50% Health. 
  7. Shadowslip [1/1] - Invulnerability while Shifting. This allows you to escape safely when things get a bit too hot. 

Shadow Cascade

Shadow Cascade - The main source of Damage of this Build. The power of this skill comes from the fact that your Shadows also use it. This means that the more Shadows you have, the more devastating this becomes (and you'll have a lot of Shadows - thanks to the Synchronized Strike, you will even exceed the maximum allowed number of them...). With our Setup, this will not only deal devastating damage in a large area but also restore a lot of your mana so that you will be able to use your costly abilities without much downtime. 

  1. Rapid Expanse [4/4] - +80% Area of Effect. This ensures that most of your screen will be in Shadow Cascade's range. 
  2. Precison [2/2] - +4% to Base Critical Strike Chance. Simple and solid. 
  3. Carnage [4/4] - +60% to Critical Multiplier. We are stacking this, so another 60% is always welcome. 
  4. Gloomstalker [1/2] - 20% chance to create Shadow on kill. A nice little efficiency bonus that synergizes with passives that grant bonuses after you spawn a Shadow. 
  5. Fight in the Shadows [3/3] - +12 Mana Gain per each Shadow. This makes this build possible as it restores A LOT of your mana every time you use Shadow Cascade. 
  6. Shadow Torrent [4/4] - +12% Damage per shadow. This is a massive Damage buff, especially if you use Shadow Cascade after the Synchronized Strike and Shift. 
  7. Battle Trance [1/3] - Additional Dodge Rating helps you stay at full Health for a bit longer and thus increases your Damage (thanks to 2 passive talents that have "while on full health" requirement). 
  8. Crushing Darkness [1/1] - 3-% Damage Increase at the cost of Shadow Cascade no longer scaling with your Attack Speed. Worth It. 
Shadow Cascade

Synchronized Strike

Synchronized Strike - A powerful offensive skill and a part of your main Damaging combo. With the below-featured upgrades, this will spawn two extra shadows, ignore the maximum number of them (so new shadows will spawn even if you have a max number already), and make the shadows concentrate around you (which will ensure a devastating Shadow Cascade). 

  1. Dynamics [3/3] - +30% Mana Efficiency is a must as this Skill is extremely expensive (it costs 77 Mana base). This, combined with Mana regen from Shadow Cascade will allow you to use your combo almost constantly. 
  2. Art of the Blade [2/5] - 10% more Attack speed, but mainly a way of unlocking the next upgrade in line. 
  3. Perfect Coordination [1/1] - Your Shadows will now jump inward when you use Synchronized Strike, at the cost of 10 more Mana. This allows you to concentrate your Shadow Cascade's Damage in a smaller area (so, less AoE, but much more single target damage). 
  4. Glowing Darkness [4/4] - 80% increased Area of Effect for the skill. 
  5.  Foreshadowing [4/4] - With this, Shadows created within 4 seconds of using Synchronized Strike will deal 20% increased damage. 
  6. Dark Allies [1/1] - Doubles the Mana Cost of your Synchronized Strike but makes it create 2 additional Shadows and allows Synchronized Strike to exceed your maximum number of Shadows. With this upgrade, your Shadow Cascade becomes truly devastating when used after Synchronized Strike. 
  7. Shadow Fang [3/4] - 24% More Damage for 3 points.
  8. Shadow Rush [1/5] - This restores some of your Health per Shadow created within 4 seconds of using Shadow Cascade. 
Synchronized Strike



Stat priority:

For this build, you want to focus on increasing Damage per active Shadow and increasing Damage of Attacks used by Shadows (Idols help with these a lot). You also want to stack Critical Strike Chance, Critical Strike Multiplier, Melee Physical Damage, and Dexterity. 

  1. Damage per Active Shadow 
  2. Damage of Attacks used by Shadows 
  3. Melee Physical Damage 
  4. Critical Strike Chance 
  5. Critical Strike Multiplier 
  6. Dexterity 
  7. Dodge Rating 
  8. Resistances 

Recommended Unique Items: 

Gladiator's Oath

Gladiator's Oath  - This is an interesting choice as it gives you a lot of conditional  (using Dancing Strikes with this sword creates a Fighting Arena; While inside the arena, you have +100% Melee Critical Strike Chance) Critical Strike Chance and unconditional Critical Strike Multiplier while Dual Wielding. If you manage to position yourself properly, the Critical Strike Chance Bonus this Sword provides will almost ensure that your Shadow Cascade crits. 

Fighting Chance

Fighting Chance - Unique Gloves with powerful bonuses that come at a cost of a drawback. They increase your Melee Damage by a lot and make you regain Health on Each Kill, but they also make you take a bit more Damage from each Hit. In an AoE-heavy build, like this one, the boost they provide should easily outshine the drawback, allow you to stay at Full Health for longer, and make you deal much more damage. 



This is the beta version of our "Shadow Crafter" Blade Dancer build for Last Epoch. We didn't have much time for testing, but this build already shows a lot of promise and outperforms many other End Game setups. Obviously, as the game gets new content updates, we will be updating this guide regularly, though it may be impossible to be done after each Patch. 

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Eleventh Hour Games