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"Shadow Crafter" Bladedancer End Game Build Last Epoch

"Shadow Crafter" Bladedancer End Game Build Last Epoch

An end-game Bladedancer setup for the most recent Last Epoch's Rogue Class

Shadow Cascade
Rogue/Bladedancer Build

Updated for Patch 0.8.21

Build notes:
December 07, 2020
-Build created
July 6, 2020
-Updated for Patch 0.8.21


Build Overview

Bladedancer's Shadow Cascade is an AoE Physical Melee Skill that requires you to wield two weapons. It deals damage in a circle around you and all of your Shadow Clones. Creating Shadow Clones is a mechanic unique to Bladedancer and this build is based around it. The clones don't count as Minions, but you can increase their damage by investing points in Passives on Bladedancer Skill Tree, you can also find many Passives in various Skills that increase the effectiveness of your Shadow Clones. Almost all of the Skills used here have some synergy that creates, increases damage, or duration of these clones. This version of Shadow Cascade uses Crushing Darkness Passive, thus Attacks Speed is no longer beneficial for this skill. Overall it's a build with great potential and great scaling with Physical Damage.

Check this build on Last Epoch's Build planner: Shadow Cascade Bladedancer

For the defenses, this build utilizes:

  1. Very high Dodge Chance;
  2. Shift's Healing with Molting and Shadowslip;
  3. A decoy that Taunts enemies and provides additional Dodge;
  4. Smoke Bomb's Blind and additional defenses;
  5. Glancing Blows

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 Pros  Cons
 Based on a core to the class mechanics  Low Health pool
 Good survivability based on high Dodge Chance and Glancing Blows  
 Great damage versus bosses  
 Fun to play, it's fast and flashy  


Passive Skill Trees

Rogue skill tree
Rogue Skill Tree (28 Points)

Notable Passives:

  1. Guile [8/8] - More Dodge Rating and more Poison Resistance
  2. Duelist [8/8] - It increases your Dodge Rating and Damage while Dual Wielding
  3. Evasion [5/5] - Once more, increased Dodge Rating, you also now take less damage while moving
  4. Twin Blade [1/1] - The most important Passive, it allows you to wield two blades, not just one

Bladedancer skill tree
Lich Skill Tree (86 Points)

Notable Passives:

  1. Skiasynthesis [6/6] - You gain Health on Shadow creation, and it increases your Shadow Damage
  2. Shadow Master [5/5] - More Shadow Damage and more maximum number of Shadows
  3. Weapons of Choice [8/8] - With two Swords you'll have increased Glancing Blow Chance by 40%

On the Rogue Skill Tree, you won't need to look for additional Attack Speed, instead seek Dodge Rating. By allocating Dodge and Parry you gain a 15% chance for Glancing Blow when hit. You could invest some more points into Critical Precision by deducing some points from Guile and Evasion - increased damage at a cost of less survivability.
Cloak of Shadows gives you another 16% Glancing Blow Chance, Weapons of Choice - 40%. That's a 69% chance to gain Glancing Blow when hit from your Skill Tree, it reduces the damage you take from the next hit. Shroud of Dusk and Veil of Night gives you more Dodge Rating and an additional Glancing Blow Chance. Perfection and Confidence increase your offense and defense if you don't get hit - that's why a high Dodge Rating is important. You can Alter this Skill tree by investing some points in Hooked Blades or Exuberance.



Note: Left-Clicking on any of the ability trees below will open the full-size version in a new window. 

Shadow Cascade

Shadow Cascade - It's the main damaging Skill in this build - it's used by your character and the created Shadow Clones created. Onslaught and Fight the Shadows are very important for Manua sustain, pretty much obligatory in every scenario. Carnage, Precision, and Rapid Expanse are Passives that increase the overall damage, so we'd recommend taking them as well. Gloomstaler will keep your number of Shadows at maximum at all times. Crushing Darkness is a Passive that not everyone takes since it lowers your attack speed and increases your damage, however, it has a great impact on the rest of your build, so for this version presented here, it's a mandatory option. Flow State is a huge damage boost, take it. The remaining points could be spent on Shadow Trance, Battle Trance, or Incapacitate - according to your preferences.

Shadow Cascade


Shift - Shift is a mobility Skill that can be used to increase your damage, or as in this case, provide you with better survivability. By forming a path to Molting Passive it is required to invest three points in Shadow Recuperation - using Shift now Heals you, Breathing Technique - shifting Heals you, but it scales with Dexterity, and Vault- increases the range, but increases the cooldown as well. Molting removes all negative ailments as you use Shift so it is really good. Consumed by Shadows allows you to instantly kill enemies that are at 15% of their maximum health or less, good for boss fights. Swift Recovery makes Shift cost less Mana, Shadowslip - invulnerability while Shifting. Momentum grants you more Movement Speed, Lasting Presence creates a Shadow at your starting location, and with Dancing Shadows - you use Shadow Cascade at the end of the Shift. If you need more damage you can alter this Skill Tree by taking Velocity and Head Trauma instead of the Passives on the Left.

reaper form

Synchronized Strike

Synchronized Strike - The role of this Skill is to cripple the enemy's defenses. Take Coordinated Cuts and Harmony of Death - it makes enemies more vulnerable to your attacks. Take also Dynamics- for less Mana cost, Shadow Rush - to restore Health as you create Shadow Clones, and Foreshadowing - Shadow Clones deal more damage. Use it every four seconds, the buffs mentioned before are temporary. If you can sustain Mana, take Dark Allies.

Synchronized Strike

Smoke Bomb

Smoke Bomb - It grants you Haste - for more Movement Speed, and it Blinds Enemies. Use it defensively, mostly for boss fights as it requires you to remain in the affected area for maximum efficiency. Take Lingering Fumes for the increased duration, Smoke Blades - for more damage, and Umbral Assault that will create Shadow Clones every second. Enfeeblement is a defensive option, as is Concealed in Carnage and Generosity. Shrouded in Darkness and Rapid Concealment are used for better defenses - Glancing Blow Chance and Dodge Rating. Other passives worth considering are: Thick Smoke, Eroding Fumes, Swirling Fog, or Impeding Gloom.

Smoke Bomb


Decoy - Decoy is another Skill intended to increase your survivability by Taunting enemies and granting you more Dodge Rating. Backup Buddy allows you to place another Decoy, which is useful. Into the Shadows grants you more Dodge Rating while Decoy is alive, and Ambush Grants you Critical Strike Multiplier based on your Dodge Chance when Decoy expires, which is another reason to heavily invest in Dodge Rating. Efficient Construction makes the Skill cost less Mana, Sonic Detonation makes opponents more receptive to damage, and Warning Sounds provides you with Haste. You already have a Hate source - Smoke Bomb so if that's your preference you can take Ear Shatter and Harrowing Noise.




Stat priority:

As mentioned earlier, you won't need Attack Speed. Focus on Physical, Melee Damage, as this is the type of damage this build is dealing. Additionally, look for Critical Strike Chance and Multiplier. For Defenses, try to get enough Dodge Rating to cap your Dodge Chance at 80% (note that you will gain much more Dodge Rating during a fight than when staying idle). Dexterity and Vitality are Attributes to seek in your gear.

  1. Physical/Melee Damage
  2. Dodge Rating
  3. Critical Strike Chance/Multiplier
  4. Dexterity
  5. Health
  6. Critical Strike Avoidance
  7. Armor
  8. Resistances

Recommended Unique Items: 

Ward Trail - You can use Ward Trail as it provides you with some Dodge Rating, Movement Speed, and 40 Ward on Dodge. Due to the fact that this build does not specialize in Ward Retention, you could find a better Belt with a moderate effort.



This is the beta version of our Shadow Cascade Bladedancer Build for Last Epoch. We didn't have much time for testing, but this build already shows a lot of promise and outperforms many other End Game setups. Obviously, as the game gets new content updates, we will be updating this guide regularly, though it may be impossible to be done after each Patch. 

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Eleventh Hour Games