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Assemble Abomination Necromancer Starter Build for Last Epoch

Assemble Abomination Necromancer Starter Build for Last Epoch

Complete Build Guide for an Abomination Necromancer, a starter build that uses just one Minion

Assemble Abomination
Necromancer/Acolyte Build

Updated for Patch 0.8.5f

Build notes:
July 29, 2022
-Build created


Build Overview

An Abomination, which can be assembled out of your other Minions, can be a very effective tool to deal with all kinds of threats. In this build, it's the only Minion able to deal any damage. The Abomination will stay permanently, as the Age of Undeath passive disables its Health Decay. To make it work, its diet must consist exclusively of Skeletons - the regular ones, and Mages - so that two of your Skills are dedicated solely to feeding the Abomination, increasing its Health and Damage. The only active Skill that must be used every now and then is a Dread Shade with Egoism and Lone Watcher passives - it is specialized in buffing a single Minion with greatly increased effect. The emergency Skill that can be deployed in a dire need of more DPS is Infernal Shade - it further buffs your Minion, but in turn, it will drain its Health permanently - which can cause it to die eventually if you are not geared properly. If you've used it at least once, your Abomination will have to be eventually re-summoned, but it should stay up long enough to take down basically any Boss in the game on its own.

The main idea behind this build is to Summon as many Skeletons as possible, of all kinds available, to maximize the Health and DPS of your Abomination. For that, you need to unlock Rogues, Pyromancers, and Cryomancers. You should avoid picking up Death Knights, as they make you unable to summon any other type of Skeletal Mages. 

You can also view the full build on the Last Epoch planner here: Assemble Abomination Necromancer Build

For the defenses, this build utilizes:

  1. High Health and Regeneration from Vitality which is the only stat that you need to on your equipment and Passives;
  2. Reasonable Block Chance
  3. Not having to use any single ability while fighting, allowing you to avoid incoming damage while the Abomination tanks enemies and Bosses

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 Pros  Cons
 doesn't require any expensive items  has only one minion with might be slacking behind your character or focusing wrong enemies
 has very high damage even with literally 0 equipment  has no defensive modules from Skills
 requires little to no involvement from the player  the playstyle is insanely boring
 the best Starter Build in the game currently if you are looking to quickly take on lvl. 100 Bosses and Dungeons  


Passive Skill Trees

Acolyte Skill Tree (22 Points)

Notable Passives:

  1. Stolen Vitality [8/8] - use it for more Vitality and increased Minions' Health
  2. Dark Rituals [5/5] - enhances your Minion with Attack and Cast Speed

When it comes to the first Tier Passives, you can freely alter between Blood Aura and Forbidden Knowledge, depending on whether you want extra Minion Damage or Necrotic Resistance. Intelligence has very limited effect in this build

Necromancer Skill Tree (87 Points)

Notable Passives:

  1. Risen Army [8/8] - it simply improves Minions' damage
  2. Blood Armour [8/8] - grants Health Regen for you and your Minion
  3. Mortal Tether [10/10] - increases Minions' Health by 150%
  4. Unbound Necromancy [1/1] - for an extra Maximum Skeleton to consume. Mandatory Passive as you want to maximize the stat of your Abomination
  5. Tyrant's Legion [1/5] - one more extra Maximum Skeleton you can summon. Just spend one Point here, as extra ones have no effect
  6. Disciples of Necromancy [1/1] - ...and yet another Skeleton
  7. River of Bones [5/5] - it ensures that Minion will Leech Health from every Hit
  8. Blades of the Farlorn [10/10] - increased Minions' Critical Strike Multiplier, it's good since it will always Crit thanks to the bonuses from Dread Shade

The Abomination's Health is obviously important, but no less than your own - seek Vitality, Health, Armor, and Resistances for you and your Minion. The Cast Speed is not important at all, you won't have to cast any Spells more than once every couple of minutes - that is when you need to create new Abominations only. Your Abomination will use Devouring Souls and Melee Attacks. The generic Minion's Damage and Attack Speed are the best options to pick. "Devouring Souls" deals with Necrotic Damage. Vitality will be crucial to get more Health as it's your core defensive Layer. And don't forget about the passives for an increased number of Maximum Skeletons.



Note: Left-Clicking on any of the ability trees below will open the full-size version in a new window. 

Summon Skeleton

Summon Skeleton - your Abomination grows in damage for each Minion and for each type of Minion it has consumed. Hollow Walkers and Marrow Walkers passives are great since they increase the Maximum Number of Skeletons. Skeleton Rogue is also useful as it adds a new type of Skeleton to the pool. The remaining points can be spent on Mana Efficiency.

Summon Skeleton

Summon Skeletal Mage

Summon Skeletal Mage - here you can increase the Minion's type pool by allocating Pyromancers and Cryomancers. Order of Death increases the Maximum Number of Mage Skeletons by one. You can also allocate Leech Life which increases the Health of your Skeletal Mages, and effectively also the Abomination's

Summon Skeletal Mage

Dread Shade

Dread Shade - Dread Shade increases Necrotic Damage of your Minions. Egoism is very important - it ensures your Abomination always Crits making it one of the most OP Abilities in the entire game (nerf incoming?). Since you're only using one Minion you should also get the All for One and Lone Watcher so that your Shade affects only one Minion, and it won't Drain its Health. The rest of the points can be spent to increase the effectiveness of the buff the Dread Shade provides.

Dread Shade

Assemble Abomination

Assemble Abomination - This is the core Skill of the build, you can use it to consume all of your 14 Skeletons of 6 different types. It will conjure an exceptionally powerful Abomination. Engorgement and Epicurean will scale up the damage with the number and type of consumed Minions. Pick Age of Undeath to make the Abomination permanent, it won't lose Life over time but will require Skeletons to be summoned, which is not an issue as these are diverse and plentiful. Corrupt Palate and Frightful Feast will add a powerful Necrotic Spell to the Abomination's arsenal. Our recommended setup revolves around having your Abomination cast Devouring Souls for extra AOE/Damage, but possibly boosting the Attack Speed and Melee Damage via Death in the Family, may result in much higher single-target DPS if you wanted to farm Bosses only 

Assemble Abomination

Infernal Shade

Infernal Shade - Infernal Shade is to be used when you need more Damage, for example during Boss fights. Allocate Devouring in Flames and all the passives branching out of it. You can attach one Infernal Shade into your own Abomination and it will stay attached until your Minion dies. The Damage it deals will ramp up after some time, ensuring the demise of its host, but the damage it grants will also slowly increase. The remaining points can be spent to increase its duration, Slow Chance, and for other utility purposes.

Infernal Shade



Stat priority:

Look after yourself by gathering Vitality and Health, but don't forget about your Minion's Health and Damage. It can be easily acquired on almost all types of gear pieces. To get more Damage for the Abomination, try to score some Intelligence on your Items. Remember to keep your Resistances high as it's the most accessible defense for its price. Overall, it's a very cheap build that requires no Unique Items, although some can be recommended.

  1. Health
  2. Vitality
  3. Resistances
  4. Minion Damage (Necrotic, Physical, Attack Speed, Critical Multiplier)
  5. Adaptive Spell Damage for Minions
  6. Minion Health
  7. Armor

Recommended Unique Items: 

Ribbons of Blood

Ribbons of Blood - Grants Fire Resistance, increases Health, Leech Rate, and makes your Minions take no extra damage from Critical Strikes making them more durable.


Death Rattle

Death Rattle - This Amulet makes your Minion more fragile, but increases its damage significantly - even more so, as your Abomination will always Crit. It also provides you with some Intelligence.


  • For the Abomination to cast its "Devouring Souls" more often, seek the modifier for an "Increased Minion Cooldown Recovery Speed". Other than that just get extra defensive stats like Health, and possibly Minion Damage 



This is the beta version of our Assemble Abomination Necromancer - presumably, the best Starter Build for Last Epoch. We didn't have much time for testing, but this build already shows a lot of promise and outperforms many other End Game setups. Obviously, as the game gets new content updates, we will be updating this guide regularly, though it may be impossible to be done after each Patch. 

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Eleventh Hour Games