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Tornado The Wind Druid Build for Last Epoch

Tornado The Wind Druid Build for Last Epoch

Complete Build Guide for Tornado Druid, a Primalist build that deals a lot of Physical Damage with Spells such as Tornado and Ice Thorns

Druid/Primalist Build

Updated for Patch 0.8.3e

Build notes:
October 28, 2020
-Build created


Build Overview

Tornado is a Spell that moves at random, pulling in enemies and dealing Physical Damage, thus the specialization of this build is Spell Physical Damage. This playstyle requires a lot of Mana and your character needs to have some ways of restoring it, our choice is Tempest Strike with guaranteed 28 Mana on use, Entangling Roots for passive Mana gain, and Passives from Skill Tree. For supplementary DPS use Ice Thorns with damage converted to Physical, and Summon Thorn Totem - that's also a great utility tool. The random nature of Tornadoes might not suit everyone's playstyle, but with the sheer number of them, it will be really easy to cover a huge area without worrying about the RNG.

You can also view the full build on the Last Epoch planner here: Tornado Druid Build

For the defenses, this build utilizes:

  1. Rapid Health Regen with Totems and Entangling Roots;
  2. High Armor;
  3. Tornadoes pulling enemies away from you

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 Pros  Cons
 dealing with packs of enemies is trivial    it might lack total health
 there should be no problem with sustaining Mana  tornadoes move at random, which might be undesirable
 it's cheap to assemble  


Passive Skill Trees

Primalist Skill Tree (20 Points)

Notable Passives:

  1. Gift of the Wilderness [6/6] - a big bonus to your Health
  2. Wisdom of the Wild [5/6] - increases your Spell Damage

Beastmaster Skill Tree (6 Points)

Notable Passives:

  1. Ursine Strength [6/8] - while Strength is not really important, the reduced damage taken from nearby enemies is beneficial
Shaman Tree (19 Points)

Notable Passives:

  1. Silent Protector [8/8] - as you should have your totems up at all times, it will greatly increase your Mana Regen and Armor
  2. Tempest Form [8/8] - this one grants you a lot of Health and an additional 8 Mana when you use Tempest Strike
Druid Skill Tree (68 Points)

Notable Passives:

  1. Blood Claws [6/6] - Physical Penetration and Leech form Physical Damage is good since you're dealing mostly Physical Damage
  2. Soul's Attendant [8/8] - Attunement scales with most of your Skills and additional Mana is always
  3. Vale Warrior [8/10] - increased Physical Damage and Healing Effectiveness by 40% each
  4. Spirit Claws [8/8] - +8 to Melle Physical Damage and Spell Physical Damage
  5. Rootborn Wrath [5/5] - a lot of Spell Physical Damage
  6. Thicet Blades [5/5] - increased Spell Physical Damage, and grants a chance to cast Thicked Blades when Hit, that's s Spell dealing Physical Spell Damage to enemies

Aim for Attunement, Health, and Spell Physical Damage. Druid class is by far the best for such a purpose, there's a lot of damage-granting passives as well as some defensive-oriented ones. You can optionally go for passives such as Briarskin, Healing Nova, Healing Waves, or Eternal Nature, this build offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to creating Passive Skill Trees. There's also a lot of passives you shouldn't take - mostly it's Elemental Damage, bonuses for Companions, or when you change form.



Note: Left-Clicking on any of the ability trees below will open the full-size version in a new window. 


Tornado - Tornado is the main skill used for dealing damage, hence the name of this build. It creates a Tornado that slowly travels in a random direction, pulling enemies in and damaging them. You don't want to invest points in Elemental Damage, the default Physical Damage is the best suited for Druid. Go get Aspect of The Storm, then Gust of Renewal so you can spam this Spell with no consequences. While you're on this branch, pick Storm Dervish for more Cast Speed. Lasting Storm, Debris, and Hurricane is plain damage and duration increase - there's no choice but to allocate these. Now you can pick Churning Orbs - these are devastating.


Tempest Strike

Tempest Strike - It's a Melee Attack that cost 0 Mana and has a chance to trigger some interesting Spells as you attack with your weapon. Use it to gain Mana. First - put five points in Unspent Power - you will gain Mana if you won't trigger any of the Spells, and after that find the passives that disable the inherent for this skill Spells - Earth Spikes, Lightning Bolt, and Northern Winds. It's Mute Earth, Deadwind, and Grounded. Now you won't even need to hit enemies, just use the Skill to few times to gain Mana. You can spend the remaining points on whatever - it's not important at this point.

Tempest Strike

Ice Thorns

Ice Thorns - Your character releases a set number of thorns that can hit enemies to deal Cold and Physical Spell Damage. Immediately go for Emblem of Might so you can use it for free. Then pick up Thaw, for purely Physical Damage, then Dagger Thorns, Bramble Armour, and Spell Thorns - it will increase your Crit Chance and Multiplier, Spell Physical Damage, and Ice Thorns will have a chance to be cast when you take a Hit. Get Thron Shield with Bark Shield and Eternal Protection for extra defense. With Second Nature you can cast it instantly, but the Skill has now 4 seconds cooldown - it's worth allocating nonetheless.

Ice Thorns

Summon Thorn Totem

Summon Thorn Totem - You Summon a Totem that shoots projectiles dealing Physical Spell Damage, it's the best skill to increase your damage even more since it's the same type of damage as yot main skill - Tornado. Take Torrent of Thorns for more thorns, Totemis Wisdom to make this skill cost less Mana, and Shred Armour to have a 100% chance to Shred Armour on Hit - it's very important to take this one. Forested Expanse, Eternal Forest, and Grove Mind increase the number of Totems drastically, and now you summon all of them in a ring formation, which is a huge damage boost.

Summon Thorn Totem

Entangling Roots

Entangling Roots - It's another Spell that deals Physical Damage, it also snares enemies by applying Root Debuff. First, go for Mana Bloom and Fleeting Grove, you will gain Mana per Second, and the cost of the Spell will be significantly Reduced; the passives you pick on your way there are also useful - they grant Health Regeneration. Pick Grove Master for more AoE, and Lasting Briar for a longer duration. You can choose between Mystic Roots for more damage or Rampant Growth for upgrading the Vines created by allocating two points in Reclamation.

Entangling Roots



Stat priority:

All your Skills scale with Attunement so it's one of the most desirable stats to look for alongside Physical and Spell Damage. Crit Chance and Multiplier are supplementary alternatives if you can't find any gear with the aforementioned affixes. Try to look for Defensive stats such as Health and Resistances. You will need to use a two-handed weapon for the benefits of Ice Thorns' Skill Tree. A Staff is probably the best choice. Orchirian's Petals is a Unique Relic pretty much mandatory for the build.

  1. Attunement
  2. Health
  3. increased Physical and Spell Damage
  4. Resistances
  5. Armor
  6. Crit Chance
  7. Cast Speed

Recommended Unique Items: 

Orchirian's Petals

Orchirian's Petals - more Attunement, increased Mana Regen, Cast Speed, Crit, and Stun Chance for Physical Spells, Health Regen, and Spell Physical Damage - all of these stats are really good making it an obligatory Unique Item

Wing Guards

Valeroot - increased Base Spell Damage, Health, Mana, Healing Effectiveness, and 10% chance to summon a Vale Spirit when you cast one of your Spells; Vale Spirit orbits you and attacks enemies

Eterra's Path

Eterra's Path - increased Movespeed and Healing Effectiveness for you and your Minions, and every second you're moving you have a 20% chance to cast summon Vine or Entangling Roots


  • Ornate Heorot Idol (4x1) - Get one with a Chance on Hit to Summon a Thorn Totem, and increased Spell Damage if you have an active Totem
  • Grand Heorot Idol (3x1) - increased Spell Damage if you have an active Totem is the most important affix, chance to gain haste when you Summon a Totem is an affix to look for alongside the one mentioned just before



This is the beta version of our Tornado Wind Druid Build for Last Epoch. We didn't have much time for testing, but this build already shows a lot of promise and outperforms many other End Game setups. Obviously, as the game gets new content updates, we will be updating this guide regularly, though it may be impossible to be done after each Patch. 

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Eleventh Hour Games