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Unique Items in Path of Exile

Unique Items in Path of Exile

General Information about Unique Items in PoE with links to all specific Unique item types

Unique Items in PoE
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Updated for Patch 3.22


Complete Lists of Unique Items in PoE


Unique Weapons in PoE
  1. Unique Swords
  2. Unique Axes
  3. Unique Daggers
  4. Unique Maces
  5. Unique Staves - coming soon
  6. Unique Claws
  7. Unique Sceptres - coming soon
  8. Unique Wands - coming soon
  9. Unique Fishing Rods - coming soon
Unique Armour parts in PoE
  1. Unique Body Armours
  2. Unique Helmets
  3. Unique Boots
  4. Unique Gloves
  5. Unique Shields
  6. Unique Quivers
Unique Jewelry in PoE
  1. Unique Amulets
  2. Unique Rings
  3. Unique Belts
Unique Misc Items in PoE
  1. Unique Jewels
  2. Unique Flasks
  3. Unique Maps  - coming soon


General Information about Unique Items in Path of Exile

In Path of Exile, Unique items are of the highest available quality. It is a special category of equipment that have distinct and often powerful properties, modifiers, or effects that set them apart from regular (non-unique) items. Unique items can greatly influence a character's build, playstyle, and overall effectiveness. They are designed to encourage diverse and creative character builds by offering unique mechanics, skill interactions, or playstyle opportunities.

Here are some key characteristics of Unique Items in Path of Exile:

  1. Unique Modifiers: Unique items have specific modifiers that are not found on regular items. These modifiers can provide a wide range of effects, such as increased damage, unique skill mechanics, enhanced defenses, altered gameplay mechanics, or even thematic references to the game's lore.

  2. Name and Flavor: Each Unique item has its own name, lore, and often a flavor text that adds depth to the item's background story or its significance within the game world.

  3. Limitations and Benefits: While Unique Items offer powerful benefits, they may also come with drawbacks or limitations to balance their unique effects. These limitations can include increased attribute requirements, reduced resistances, or other trade-offs.

  4. Build Enablers: Some Unique Items are specifically designed to enable or enhance certain character builds or playstyles. These items can serve as key components of a build's strategy and synergies.

  5. Varied Rarity: Uniques come in different rarity tiers, indicated by their brown/orange color. Some may be relatively common and easily obtained, while others are extremely rare and highly sought after. Others may be restricted to drop only from certain Bosses, in specific areas or circumstances.

  6. Trading and Value: Due to their uniqueness and potential power, some Unique items can have high trading value within the in-game economy. Players may seek to acquire specific Uniques to complete their builds or to profit from their rarity.

  7. League-Specific and Time-Limited: Some Unique items are only available during specific game leagues or events, adding an extra layer of exclusivity and excitement to their acquisition.


How to obtain Unique Items in Path of Exile?

Looting Unique Items from slain enemies is the most common way to get Unique Items in PoE. Most of the Items are global/world drops with level restrictions, whereas some of them can only drop from specific Bosses or events. This mean a Unique Item with base level x can only drop from monsters in level x or higher zones. It is worth noting that Magic/Blue monsters can drop Unique Items with +1 base level, and Rare/Unique ones with +2 base levels. Some Unique Items 

Other available methods to obtain Unique Items in Path of Exile include:

  1. Divination Cards: there are plenty of Divination Card sets that can grant you Unique Items. Those can be exactly specified, or you may be awarded a random item (of specified type or just a completely random one). Since a lot of Divination Card drop areas are known by players, it is one of the most popular ways to obtain the most desired Uniques like the Head Hunter or Mageblood Belts

  2. Orb of Chance: when using an Orb of Chance on a random White non-corrupted Item, you will have a small chance (less than 1%) to turn it into a Unique Item of the same kind. Not all Unique Items can be Chanced, which usually applies to Uniques with drop restrictions and Boss exclusive items

  3. Vaal Orb: when attempting to corrupt Items there is a chance to turn it into a Unique Item. Some Uniques can be converted that way to other predefined Uniques, and it's also a common way to obtain Corrupted Unique Jewels.

  4. Ancient Orb: allows you to transform one Unique Item into another of the same kind. The Orbs is very expensive, as it can be used to gamble for items like Mageblood and Headhunter (even though the chances are very slim)

  5. Vendor Recipes: certain Unique Items can be obtained from vendor recipes. Most of which have been discovered by players and should be easy to find on forums or other related groups

  6. Optional/League content: there is plenty of additional content in Path of Exile that can reward players with random Unique Items. This can come from various sources with a corresponding Icon including Reward Chests, Blight Cysts, Delirium Rewards, Incubators, but also objects like Curio Displays, Ritual Altars, from Expedition NPCs, Beastcrafting, and more. 

  7. Event rewards: some Unique items were (and possibly will be) awarded for special events. This usually consisted of highly valuable alt art Uniques and Items unobtainable via other means.


Legacy Unique Items

just like with almost every game's development and updates, new Items can be introduced into the game, and existing ones can be modified or removed from the Loot tables. Therefore, the list of Unique items may change over time, but also, by modifying existing items while keeping the existing ones unchanged, creates so-called Legacy Items. These items are only available in the Standard game mode, safely stored in the Stashes of players that owned them before the change was made. Depending on the actual item value and rarity, Legacy Items may be extremely expensive, but most of them have very limited usage in actual game. 

It is possible to update some Legacy Items in the new version by using a Divine Orb, however, due to the Orbs' very high value, it is not advised in the majority of cases. It will also not add new Unique Properties on Items, but only modify the numeric values of existing ones in their new Tiers (this applies to most of the items, but it's always good to read the Patch notes to find out what the effect will be exactly). 

While the drop of Legacy items is restricted, it is sometimes possible to obtain them even on the new temporary Leagues. There is a special area called the Ancient Reliquary, which required a very rare Key to open, and had a chance of rewarding the players with Legacy variants of certain Items. 


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