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Best Builds for WoW Classic

Best Builds for WoW Classic

Check out the best Character Builds for WoW Classic/Vanilla World of Warcraft by Odealo

The Best World of Warcraft Builds by Odealo
Updated for Patch 1.12


Below you will find the best WoW Classic builds for all the classes. Our guides include recommended Talents, Skill Rotations, Weapon progression, Best in Slot(BiS) Equipment, and more. All our builds are optimized for use on all devices, making them the most convenient to read under all circumstances. We are also going to update our guides as soon as new content is released, to give you the insight on the best new items for your characters, and how to progress further when you are already well into Raids and Dungeons.

Below the actual list of the best builds for WoW Classic, you will find a list of our Leveling Guides/Starter Builds for each Class, which presents the optimal (meaning; fastest) way to level up your character in Classic World of Warcraft.  You will find a lot of valuable information and tips on how to get your characters to level 60 fast, where you can truly enjoy the magic of Classic WoW. Our builds include Character Class overviews, Pros & Cons, optimal Race choices, recommended Talent Allocation, Weapon Progression, Basic Rotation, and more.

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The best WoW Classic Builds
  1. Warrior Fury Warrior PvE DPS Build - the best Warrior Talent's Spec when it comes to raw DPS. While leveling as a Warrior is kind of slow, and most friends will expect you to Tank, Fury Warriors still tirelessly top the DPS meters in WoW Classic
  2. Warrior Protection Warrior Tanking Guide for PvE/Raids - top tier Tank Build for Classic World of Warcraft. Protection Warrior is the best class for the job
  3.  RogueCombat Rogue PvE DPS Builds - Combat Rogues offer one of the highest DPS in WoW Classic with amazing self-sustain and good versatility. Combat Rogues also offer easy transition between PvP and PvE
  4. Mage Mage PvE DPS in-depth Guide - a complete Guide on the Mage class with two alternative Talent/Specialization choices included
  5. Warlock Warlock PvE DPS Build Guide - a complete Guide with two alternative Builds for the Warlock class in WoW Classic with in-depth analysis of Warlocks capabilities in Raids
  6. Priest Priest Healer for PvE/Raids Guide - a complete Guide on becoming the best Healer in WoW Classic with in-depth analysis and comparison of both Holy and Discipline Talent specializations
  7. Priest Shadow Priest PvE DPS Guide - the best DPS spec for Priest class based on the Shadow Tree
  8. Shaman Restoration Shaman PvE Healer Guide - Resto Shamans are the Top Tier Healers for WoW Classic Raiding with amazing AoE/Chain healing capabilities
  9. Shaman Elemental Shaman PvE DPS Guide - complete build/guide for Ele Shamans and how to deal satisfactory DPS in Raids with this Specialization
  10. Hunter Hunter PvE DPS Build/Guide - a complete guide on topping the DPS meters in Raids as a Hunter. Two alternative Talent options: Marksmanship/Survival and Marksmanship/Beast Mastery are thoroughly analyzed here
  11. Druid Feral Druid PvE/Raiding Guide - this in-depth article covers up all the essential information for Feral Druids that can be specced both for full DPS and off-tanks in Raids
  12. Paladin Retribution Paladin PvE DPS Guide - a complete guide on becoming a reliable DPS for Raids and Dungeons as Paladin, based on the Retribution specialization which relies on heavy Holy/Melee Damage

More builds coming soon! 


Leveling Guides and Starter Builds for WoW Classic
RogueRogue Leveling Guide HunterHunter Leveling Guide
PaladinPaladin Leveling Guide PriestPriest Leveling Guide
MageMage Leveling Guide ShamanShaman Leveling Guide
WarriorWarrior Leveling Guide WarlockWarlock Leveling Guide
DruidDruid Leveling Guide  

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