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The economy is an inseparable part of any successful MMORPG. Massively multiplayer online games develop their own economic systems and sometimes even developers are surprised about the intricacies and possibilities of becoming rich that their own game provides. A great example of this is the WoW Classic, where Gold has a very real value and wealthy players are easily recognizable and praised in capital cities. Odealo can make you one of those players. Our site offers The Best Wow Gold prices and ensures the safety of all your transactions. All Sellers are thoroughly verified to ensure the safest Wow Classic Gold purchases possible. The multitude of our Gold Offers and Sellers creates healthy free-market competition, so our prices are always the lowest. If you are a Seller, feel free to join our community and Sell your hard-earned Gold quickly and safely.

Money runs the World of Warcraft. Without it, Buying Spells, Riding Skills, Consumables, Recipes, or even flight paths is not possible. Having enough Gold is vital for the quick development of your character, as it lets you speed up a lot of things and spares you the unnecessary and tedious grind. Being able to afford riding skill and mount at level 40 is paramount if you want to level up efficiently. Using Gold to Buy consumables considerably boosts the power level of your tune, and having higher ranks of some spells is just essential. Unfortunately, obtaining enough Gold to make your progress smooth is almost impossible without hurting your efficiency. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this problem. You can buy WoW Classic Gold on our site, from The Best Traders, and at The Best Price. This way, you will be able to make the most out of your in-game time, without having to mindlessly grind mobs and resources only to be able to afford things that you need to make your game experience enjoyable. Odealo is simply The Best place to safely and cheaply buy Wow Classic Gold.

Types of Gold-making methods in WoW Classic

Money can be made in various ways in WoW Classic. From simple gathering, through grinding to more intricate methods, like flipping and speculation. Most farming methods can be described by three parameters: easiness, time consumption, and gold-making potential. Usually, a method will not have a high score in all three of the parameters. If it is easy and it does not require too much time, you will not make a lot of Gold with it (its potential will be below average - using your Profession's Cooldowns is a good example here). If your chosen method has a high moneymaking potential and it does not require time, we bet that it is not easy (flipping comes to mind as one of the methods that fall into this category), and if your method makes a lot of money and is easy to perform, it also requires a massive time investment (gathering rare resources, for example). Of course, not all methods score well in two of the three parameters... some of them have a good score in just one of them. These are the methods that should be avoided if possible as they are suited for new players that don't have max-level characters and professions yet (grinding low-level mobs that do not drop any valuables is a good example; don't do it). The only way of becoming rich in WoW Classic quickly and easily involves getting Gold from an outside source. However, performing transactions outside of the game is associated with risks and it should be performed with maximum caution because of that. Luckily, there are some verified and safe sources of wow currency out there. As it happens, you have stumbled upon one of the said sources, the best of them, in fact. Take advantage of one of our auctions and join Classic's elite.

WoW Classic Gold tips, tidbits, and more

  • Gathering professions are the best for new players because they are great sources of additional income during leveling. Out of the three that are available, Leatherworking is by far the most convenient and the easiest to utilize without lowering your leveling speed. With LW, every beast that you defeat gives you additional WoW Classic Gold - all you have to do to grab it is sell the leather.
  • Save Currency by not learning high Ranks of spells that you don't need. If a spell is very situational, PvP-oriented, or simply useless, don't buy it. You might think that it's cheap and it will not make a difference - you are wrong. These "cheap" spells quickly add up and after a few levels, it may turn out that you can't afford anything because you have spent ~30 Gold on abilities that you didn't need.
  • Each time you defeat an enemy NPC you "create" WoW Classic Gold. Trash item that dropped from your Target didn't exist seconds before and now you have it in your bag, and it is worth at least some money. If you multiply the previously mentioned "some money" by the number of monsters that you defeat each day and by the number of players that play the game regularly, you will come up with a massive amount of Gold that "appeared" in the system out of nowhere - this is the Gold that creates in-game inflation.
  • To counteract the inflation mentioned in the previous paragraph, special "money-sinks" were introduced to almost every MMORPG. The fact that almost every in-game activity requires you to spend at least some Gold helps the in-game economy. You have to drink to quickly restore mana (and drinks are sold by NPC Vendors), Flight Paths require a fee, and so on. One of the biggest WoW Classic Gold sinks is... Riding Skill. Every player wants that level 60 100% speed ride and the fact that it costs a total of 1000 Gold is not stopping anyone. Thanks to all these "sinks", WoW Classic has a very stable and strong economy.
  • There is a "Gold cap" in WoW. In Vanilla, the maximum number of WoW Classic Currency a character could have was 214748 Gold, 36 Silver, and 47 Copper. This strange number was a result of Blizzard storing information about the player's wealth as a signed 32-bit integer. Despite the fact that the cap has risen in later versions of the game and WoW Classic runs on a modern engine, Gold Cap was preserved concordantly with Blizzard's "no changes" policy.

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