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Diablo 3 Season 12 Preview - Patch 2.6.1

Diablo 3 Season 12 Preview - Patch 2.6.1

Find out what are the most recent changes to Diablo 3. Decide for yourself which is the best class to get off with a good start in Season 12

Diablo 3 Season 12 Preview
Patch 2.6.1 went Live!

Patch 2.6.1 went live last Tuesday and Season 12 will be starting real soon. As usual, the newest Diablo 3 update introduced some major game-balancing changes. Sadly there are no significant redesigns, or new items added. Instead, all the less popular and weaker sets that players completely ignored in previous seasons will get a significant boost. In Season 12 you will be able to choose from at least few builds for each class that suits your playstyle, and they should be completely end-game viable in terms of both solo and team play. 

Season 12 will launch on Thursday, November 9 so that we all have a couple of days to adapt to the new changes before the real grinding stars on the weekend. You will be able to create your season character at:

  1. 5:00 p.m. PDT on North America
  2. 5:00 p.m. CEST on Europe
  3. 5:00 p.m. KST on Asia

We have decided to summarize the patch changes and give you a better view of how are they going to affect the gameplay. We will try to answers some crucial questions:

  1. What will be the best class/build in Season 12?
  2. Which class got the highest boost in 2.6.1?
  3. How is the 2.6.1 patch going to affect the leaderboards?

Without further ado, let's get down to it:

Table of contents

  1. Classes and Items balancing
  2. Season 12 Haedrig's Gifts
  3. Season 12 Journey Preview

Classes and Items balancing

Diablo 3 Classes Season 12

Patch 2.6.1 is mainly about balancing of items and character classes. In general, the damage and toughness of nearly every build that wasn't considered "overpowered" or the top build have been increased. The damage bonuses of pretty much every set have been multiplied, and certain damage reduction/amplification items have been redesigned/boosted aswell. This changes should not significantly increase the maximum levels of Greater Rift that player can finish, but instead, have the previously forgotten or less popular builds to catch up to the top. 

Diablo 3 Crusader


Skills and abilities
  • A slight increase in Blessed Hammers damage, and a fix to a small performance issue with this skill
  • Increased damage bonuses provided by Blade of Prophecy (Condemn), Bracer of Fury (Heaven's Fury), Denial (Sweep Attack), Faithful Memory (Falling Sword), Fate of the Fell (Heaven's Fury), Frydehr's Wrath (Condemn), Gyrfalcon's Foote (Blessed Shield), Golden Flense (Sweep Attack) and Jekangbord (Blessed Shield) 
  • All damage bonuses granted by class sets were multiplied by a factor of around 2.5. With thorns of the invoker getting the most significant boosts

The most significant changes for the Crusader class are to the previously less popular Akkhan, Roland and Invoker sets (with the Holy set being in a completely different league in Season 11). Patch 2.6.1 makes certain previously popular builds shine again. We are talking about the Shotgun Condemn build and Thorns Invoker build. Also, Blessed Shield is the skill that got buffed significantly, so Akkhan build based on Blessed Shield might show up as the top crusader build in Season 12.

There were no changes at all to LoN set, which makes the LoN Bombardment build fall behind. Also considering how hard it is to collect all the required Ancient items, this will be one of the least popular Crusader builds right now.

Recommended Crusader Builds:

  1. Condemn Akkhan build
  2. Blessed Shield Akkhan build
  3. Holy Hammerdin
  4. Thorns Invoker Crusader

Diablo 3 Barbarian


Skills and abilities
  • A minor redesign to Battle Rage: Bloodshed which only fixes small performance issues
  • Ground Stomp: Jarring Slam now has a limit of how many health globes can spawn
  • Increased damage reduction provided by Band of Might
  • Increased damage provided by Bracers of Destruction (Seismic Slam), Bracers of the First Men (Hammer of the Ancients), Girdle of Giants (Seismic Slam), Skull Grasp (Whirlwind),Standoff (Furious Charge), Fury of the Vanished Peak (Seismic Slam) and Gavel of Judgment (Hammer of the Ancients) 
  • All damage bonuses granted by class sets were multiplied by 3.75. With an exception of Earth set which 6pc damage bonus got multiplied by 4.66
  • Increases fury generation and attack speed granted by Bul'Kathos swords

Barbarians have received very significant damage bonuses with the 2.6.1 patch. This was one of the least powerful (and the least popular) during previous Season, making their extremely high damage bonuses completely understandable. With the current buffs, we expect the WW barb to remain the top Barbarian build. However, several other builds will be very close to the top. One of the most interesting builds will be 6IK/4Raekor Furious Charge barb, and Hammer of the Ancients IK build.  

Recommended Barbarian builds:

  1. Wastes WW & BK/IK build
  2. Furious Charge IK/Raekor build
  3. HotA IK Barbarian


Diablo 3 Demon Hunter


Skills and abilities
  • No changes were made to DH abilities
  • Increased damage bonuses of Dead Man's Legacy (Multishot), Karlei's Point (Impale), Lord Greenstone's Fan (Fan of Knives), Manticore (Cluster Arrow) and Yang's Recurve (Multishot)
  • Increased damage reduction bonus of Wraps of Clarity
  • All damage bonuses granted by class sets were multiplied. Natalya's Set got the highest bonus damage multiplier of 7 

The three popular Demon Hunter sets (Unhallowed Essence, Marauder, and Shadow) got pretty much equal boosts in terms of damage. They will remain very powerful. On the other hand, the set that got the highest boost is Natalya's Vengeance. It's damage bonus when wearing all six parts got multiplied by 7, which might make this set interesting. This set relies on Strafe's skill damage, which has very high attack speed, so possibly with the new boost and how well it can proc Bane of Stricken legendary gem's power, this might be the set to go in Season 12. 

There are no fireworks here. But Demon Hunter still be very powerful and well-balanced class

Recommended Demon Hunter builds:

  1. Unhallowed Essence Multishot
  2. Unhallowed Essence Grenadier
  3. Natalya's Vengeance Strafe/FoK build

Diablo 3 Monk


Skills and abilities
  • The maximum number of stacks of Flurry was reduced from 500 to 100 (most likely as a prevention measure so that Flurry (with the most recent buffs) does not become exploitable, dealing insane amounts of damage allowing parties to clear way too high Greater Rifts)
  • Increased damage bonuses of Balance (Tempest Rush), Cesar's Memento (Tempest Rush), The Fist of Az'Turrasq (Exploding Palm), (Incense Torch of the Grand Temple (Wave of Light) and Scarbinger (Lashing Tail Kick)
  • Increased damage reduction bonus of Spirit Guards
  • All damage bonuses granted by class sets were multiplied by an average factor of 2. The exception was Uliana set which was significantly boosted and will deal incredible burst damage
  • There was a slight increase in damage bonuses to Spirit Generator attacks for players wearing the Shenlongs fists

2.6.1 changes a lot in Monk's hierarchy. Sunwuko will most likely still be the most popular set for Monk players. However, this time players will most likely prefer the Wave of Light build that will deal insane damage with the recent buffs. Another popular Monk set will be Uliana. It got the highest buffs in 2.6.1, and it also is the starter S12 set (rewarded in Haedrig's Gifts). Other previously popular Monk builds including Raiment generator and Sunwuko LTK will remain powerful, but will surely stay behind the previously mentioned two.

Recommended Monks builds:

  1. Sunwuko WoL build
  2. Uliana EP build

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Diablo 3 Necromancer


Skills and abilities
  • Command Skeletons were reworked. Skeletons will count as any other minion/pet in the game (not to be confused with cosmetic pets).
  • Minor tweaks to Devour and Bone Armor skills
  • Army of the Dead was redesigned and will deal the damage indicated to more enemies
  • Simulacrum's icon will now display if the skill is active or not
  • Players using Skeletal Mages will be able to see how many Mages are active at the given time, and what is the remaining duration of the "oldest" one
  • Movement speed bonus of Fueled By Death passive can now exceed the 25% cap
  • Added a cap on how many health globes can spawn from the Life from Death passive skill
  • Bloodsong Mail was redesigned, will no longer grant all of the Command Skeleton runes, but rather a selected few. Most likely the skill was causing performance issues with certain runes
  • Golemskin Breeches now no longer increased Golem's damage, but greatly reduces the ability cooldown
  • Increased damage bonuses of Bloodtide Blade (Death Nova), Defiler Cuisses (Bone Spirit), Fates Vow (Army of the Dead), Leger’s Disdain (Grim Scythe), Maltorius’ Petrified Spike (Bone Spear), Nayr’s Black Death (Poison skills) and Scythe of the Cycle (Secondary skills) 
  • The Johnstone amulet was redesigned, it will now grant a fixed amount of Macabre Knowledge stacks(50)
  • Increased movement speed bonuses of Lost Time and Steuart's Greaves
  • Revive - Purgatory while wearing Mask of Scarlet Death will now make the summoned monster to create the same amount of corpses it was created with. Also, the Revive skill will choose the "strongest" corpse out of those available in range 
  • Trag'Oul's Avatar set did not get any buff in terms of damage. Only the doubled Life cost of skills was removed
  • All other Necromancer sets were boosted, and their damage bonuses were more or less doubled

List of changes to Necromancer class in 2.6.1 patch is the longest. This is completely understandable considering it is the Diablo 3's newest class, and 2.6.1 is the first big update since the release of Necromancer. Builds based on the Trag'Oul's Avatar set still are the strongest. However, the Pestilence set got very significant boosts in 2.6.1 and might even end up as the most powerful Diablo 3 build in Season 12. 

Both Rathma's Skeletal Mages and Inarius Corpse Lancer builds remain strong. However, they will be capable of clearing at least 5 Greater Rift's levels lower than Pestilence and Trag'Oul builds.

Recommended Necromancer builds:

  1. Trag'Oul's Avatar Blood Lancer
  2. Pestilence Corpse Lancer build
  3. Rathma's Skeletal Mages build
  4. Inarius Corpse Explosion

Diablo 3 Witch Doctor


Skills and abilities
  • Refreshing or adding a stack of Soul Harvest will now refresh all of the other stacks
  • Creeping Death passive will now increase the duration of Haunt, Locust Swarm and the damage amplification of Piranhas
  • Increased damage bonuses of Bakuli Jungle Wraps (Firebats), Mask of Jeram (Pets), Staff of Chiroptera (Firebats) and The Short Man’s Finger (Gargantuan)
  • The special power on Staff of Chiroptera is now a legendary power instead of being an inherent affix 
  • Damage of all four Witch Doctor sets was multiplied by an average factor of 2.5

Patch 2.6.1 introduced nearly equal changes to all Witch Doctor's sets. Firebats skill has received the most significant boost, so we expect this to be the most popular in S12. The skill can be used both with Arachyr (which is the best and most powerful option) and Helltooth sets. Pet builds will still be very powerful, both for Helltooth and Zunimassa Witch Doctors. However, we don't expect players to use any of them for pushing high GRs

Recommended Witch Doctor builds:

  1. Arachyr Firebats
  2. Helltooth Firebats
  3. Helltooth Gargantuan 

Diablo 3 Wizard


Skills and abilities
  • The damage and range of Arcane Orb - Frozen Orb was increased
  • Increased damage bonuses of Deathwish (Channeled spells), Etched Sigil (Channeled spells), Nilfur's Boast (Meteor), Orb of Infinite Depth (Explosive Blast), Ranslor’s Folly (Energy Twister), The Grand Vizier (Meteor), Triumvirate (Arcane Orb), Unstable Scepter (Arcane Orb) and Wand of Woh (Explosive Blast)
  • Increased damage reduction bonus of Halo of Karini ring. Also, the radius was reduced which will make it easier to proc the ring's effect
  • The special powers on The Grand Vizier, Unstable Scepter and Wand of Woh are now legendary powers instead of being inherent affixes
  • All Wizard's sets except for Tal'Rasha's have been buffed
  • The damage bonuses of Chantodo's Resolve set have been increased

Patch 2.6.1 brings a lot of freshness to the Wizard class. We will be able to see at least two builds that will surpass the previously top Vyr'Rashas paralysis archon build. We expect the DMO Arcane Orb build to be the most powerful Wizard build in S12 with big buffs to all Arcane Orb supporting items. The other extremely powerful and interesting builds will be based on the buffed Meteor spell. The Firebird build with Deathwish, and Etched Sigil will most likely be extremely popular Meteor build, with the Tal'Rasha's version to be right after it, capable of clearing just a few levels lower Greater Rifts 

Recommended Wizard builds:

  1. Frozen Orb DMO
  2. Firebird's Finery Meteor build
  3. Tal'Rasha's Meteor build
  4. Vyr'Rasha's Paralysis Archon

Season 12 Haedrig's Gift

When creating your first seasonal character and completing certain quests on your seasonal journey, you will be awarded Haedrig's Gifts. You can get a total of 3 Haedrig's Gifts, and each Gift will contain two pieces of one of the sets for your character class. The set is predefined and changes every season. Also, you can get it only once every season - for the first character that completes the selected journey chapter.

Haedrig's Gifts are awarded for completing:

  1. Chapter II - hands + head
  2. Chapter III - feet + shoulder / ring (DH) / belt(BARB)
  3. Chapter IV - all remaining set parts for your class

More information on each chapter can be found in the next subsection of this article.

The sets obtainable through Haedrig's Gift in Season 12 are:

BARBARIAN - Immortal King's Call

Immortal King's Call set preview

Set Bonus:

  • (2 pieces) Call of the Ancients lasts until they die, or until the Barbarian dies
  • (4 pieces) Reduces the cooldown of Wrath of the Berserker and Call of the Ancients by 3 seconds for every 10 Fury spent with an attack
  • (6  pieces)While both Wrath of the Berserker and Call of the Ancients is active, the Barbarian deals 1500% increased damage

good-start-o-meter: 5/6 Very powerful


Immortal King's set is the best Barbarian set in 2.6.1. It is the base two at least two most powerful Barbarian builds (HotA and Furious Charge build). It also provides global damage increase(to any Barbarian skill), so it is extremely easy to farm with until you get ahold of all the items for your desired build. We can't give it the full (6/6) score because the first two pieces give barely a moderate damage increase. It might be necessary to support yourself with some other legendary items to be able to clear Chapter III and IV.

CRUSADER - Seeker of the Light

Seeker of the Light set preview

Set Bonus:

  • (2 pieces) Every cast of Blessed Hammer that hits an enemy reduces the remaining cooldown of Falling Sword and Provoke by 1 second
  • (4 pieces)The Crusader takes 50% less damage for 8 seconds after landing with Falling Sword
  • (6 pieces)Increases the damage of Blessed Hammer by 2000% and Falling Sword by 1000%

good-start-o-meter: 2/6 Weak


Seeker of the Light was the top Crusader set in Season 11. It is still viable, but inferior to at least two powerful Akkhan set builds. This is not the best set to start with either. Its' entire performance is heavily dependant on many legendary items. Without them, this set is lacking damage and clear speed. Also, wrath management might be very annoying without Gabriel's Vambraces. Neither the two and four parts set bonus grant any significant damage boost - this makes it a rather slow starter set overall. 

DEMON HUNTER - Natalya's Vengeance

Natalya's Vengeance set preview

Set Bonus:

  • (2 pieces) Reduces cooldown of Rain of Vengeance by 4 seconds on any successful attack with a Hatred generator or spender
  • (4 pieces) Rain of Vengeance deals 100% increased damage
  • (6 pieces) After casting Rain of Vengeance, deal 3500% increased damage and take 60% reduced damage for 10 seconds 

good-start-o-meter: 6/6 Extremely powerful


Natalya's Vengeance is the Demon Hunter set that got the highest damage boost in 2.6.1. It might emerge as the top DH set as well. It will not surpass several Necro/Wiz/Monk builds but is still extremely powerful, and even easier to start off Season 12 with. Both 2 and four piece set bonuses grant good DPS boost, which makes it a smooth ride toward completing all the first 4 Chapters of season journey. Full Natalya's set you will give 3500% increased damage, which will make the DH a monster without any additional gear. This is one of the best class options for S12.

MONK - Uliana's Strategem

Uliana's Strategem set preview

Set Bonus:

  • (2 pieces) Every third hit of Spirit Generators applies Exploding Palm
  • (4 pieces) Seven-Sided Strike deals 777% of its total damage with each hit
  • (6 pieces) Increases damage of Exploding Palm by 2100% and Seven-Sided Strike detonates Exploding Palm on hit

good-start-o-meter: 4/6 Powerful


Uliana's Strategem's builds weren't too popular in previous Seasons. This set's gameplay mechanics are not exactly suitable for casual Diablo 3 Players, and Uliana monks even in the more experienced player's hands were unable to compete with other Monk builds (not to mention other classes as well). Right now this set might be worth considering because of the extremely high damage boost. You have to keep in mind that the gameplay didn't change much - so it's for sure not the most exciting and "smoothest" build in Diablo 3.

Uliana Strategem is possibly the second best Monk build and provides an excellent DPS boost with the four pc bonus, which makes Monk potentially one of the fastest classes to complete the 4th Chapter (and collect the entire set). 

NECROMANCER - Trag'Oul's Avatar

Trag'Oul's Avatar set preview

Set Bonus:

  • (2 pieces) Blood Rush gains the effect of every rune
  • (4 pieces) While at full Life, overhealing from skills is added to maximum Life for 45 seconds, up to 100% more
  • (6 pieces) All Life-spending abilities deal 3300% increased damage. Healing from skills is increased by 100%

good-start-o-meter: 1/6 Very bad


Trag'Oul's Avatar remains pretty much the most reliable Necromancer set (on pair with Pestilence set), and the base set for one of the best and most powerful Diablo 3 builds at all. This, however, is one of the worst class sets in Diablo to start off with. The set provides 0 DPS bonuses even with four parts equipped. Completing the journey will require you to find additional legendary items that will support certain skills, or the remaining two set parts (1 if you get ahold of Ring of Royal Grandeur during leveling phase). The set itself is also not suitable for low/mid tier farming; it's mighty because of how well it scales in late game and high Greater Rifts. The skill and item synergies it offers made it to the top. The set provides rather low mobility and very little AoE damage. If you plan to play a Necromancer, it's advised to get another set, grind your way up, and swap back to Trag'Oul's set for Greater Rifts level 80 and higher.

WITCH DOCTOR - Spirit of Arachyr

Spirit of Arachyr set preview

Set Bonus:

  • (2 pieces) Summons a permanent Spider Queen who leaves behind webs that deal 4000% damage over 5 seconds and Slow enemies by 60%. The Spider Queen is commanded to move where Corpse Spiders are cast
  • (4 pieces) Hex gains the effect of Toad of Hugeness rune. After Toad of Hugeness is summoned, the Witch Doctor is healed for 10% of maximum Life per second and takes 50% less damage for 15 seconds
  • (6 pieces) The damage of creature skills is increased by 4500%. Creature skills are Corpse Spiders, Plague of Toads, Firebats, Locust Swarm, Hex, and Piranhas

good-start-o-meter: 5/6 Very powerful


Arachyr is the strongest Witch Doctor set in 2.6.1. It is powerful to be played both solo and in teams. The Arachyr set provides a rather good DPS bonus while wearing as little as 2 of its' parts. This will be another easy class to complete the Chapter IV of the journey and collect six parts the set. To maximize the builds potential some legendary items will be required. However, it should be rather easy to farm them right after you gain the 6pc set bonus.  Apparently, Witch Doctor will be the "weakest" class in Season 12, so we cannot precisely give it the perfect 6/6 score.

WIZARD - Vyr's Amazing Arcana

Vyrs Amazing Arcana set preview

Set Bonus:

  • (2 pieces) Archon gains effects of all Runes
  • (4 pieces) Archon kill stacks also increase Attack Speed, Armor, and Resistances by 1% per stack
  • (6 pieces) Gain one Archon kill stack per hit or tick of damage of any Archon ability. Archon stacks also reduce damage taken by 0.15% each and their damage bonus increases to 50% per stack

good-start-o-meter: 3/6 Mediocre


Vyr's set provides good bonuses while wearing 2 and four parts. This allows Wizards to smoothly complete the Chapter IV of the journey and enjoy the full set bonus. This is, however, the point where the fun ends - Vyr is one of the weakest sets in the entire Diablo 3. It is not a base for any of the top builds and is not even getting close to any of the other 3 Wizard sets. You are advised to get Ring of Royal Grandeur as soon as possible and start collecting other set parts immediately. Swap to any of the other sets as soon as you collect 5 parts of it. Keep in mind that Vyr's set can be extremely viable in a combination with the Tal'Rasha's set. Vyr'Rashas paralysis archon is still extremely powerful, and it utilizes the 6pc Tal'Rasha's set bonus, and 4pc Vyr's set bonus.

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Season 12 Journey Preview

The seasonal journey consists of 9 Chapters. After completing each Chapter (with the exception of the first one) players receive seasonal rewards. Only one character per account is eligible to receive the rewards, and while it might be troublesome to players that decide to change their class in the midst of their journey, cosmetic items and additional stash tab that are rewards for last five chapters are always bound the account and available to all the player's characters.

  1. Complete a Nephalem Rift
  2. Reach level 50
  3. Kill Malthael and Azmodan
  4. Complete five bounties
  5. Socket 5 gems
  6. Upgrade Blacksmith, Jeweler, and Mystic to level 10

This chapter is extremely easy. All of the missions can be completed at any level and game difficulty. Upgrading artisans to level 10 might require a significant amount of gold to be collected so this is the part which might require a slightly higher player level

Rewards: none

  1. Complete a Nephalem Rift on the Expert difficulty level
  2. Reach level 70
  3. Kill Diablo and Siegebreaker on Hard difficulty and on level 60 or above
  4. Unlock Kanai's Cube
  5. Fully equip follow (the items have no rarity or level requirement, simply fill up all the follower's gear slots)
  6. Upgrade all artisans to level 12 (will require gold and several Death Breaths, will be usually done on level 70 and above)
  7. Craft a level 70 item at Blacksmith and Jeweler
  8. Enchant and Transmogrify an item at Mystic (you can enchant a socket on a weapon and complete the Chapter's IV mission at the same time)

Rewards: Haedrig's Gift (head+hands), transmog (Conqueror chest and gloves)

S12 Transmog   

  1. Complete a Nephalem Rift on Master difficulty level
  2. Buy an item from Kadala
  3. Kill Rakanoth and Izual on Master difficulty and level 70
  4. Extract a legendary power in Kanai's Cube
  5. Craft an imperial gem
  6. Collect a bounty cache from each of the five Acts (you do not need to complete all the bounties, but you have to be there when rewards are collected from Tyrael)

Rewards: Haedrig's Gift (feet+shoulder/belt/ring)

  1. Complete a Nephalem Rift on the Torment I difficulty
  2. Complete a level 20 Greater Rift solo
  3. Kill Butcher on Torment II and at level 70
  4. Kill Urzael on Torment IV and at level 70
  5. Upgrade a rare item to legendary (using Kanai's Cube)
  6. Reforge socket on a weapon (enchantment at Mystic)
  7. Kill all Keywardens in Act 1,2,3,4 on Torment IV difficulty level
  8. Learn five jewel-crafter designs and five blacksmith recipes (completing a game of bounties on level 70 should grant enough recipes to complete this tasks)

Rewards: Haedrig's Gift (remaining parts), portrait frame, Fiacla-Géar unique wings 

Fiacla-Gear Wings  

SLAYER (5th Chapter)
  1. Complete a Nephalem Rift on Torment V difficulty
  2. Complete a level 30 Greater Rift solo
  3. Kill Ghom and Zoltan Kull on Torment VII
  4. Equip all three Cube slots
  5. Get legendary from Kadala
  6. Upgrade a legendary gem to rank 25
  7. Complete a set dungeon
  8. Kill Uber bosses in Realm of Regret and Realm of Putridness on Torment I difficulty

All of the missions above are rather easy as you should have a full class set already equipped. Unexperienced players might find it troublesome to complete a set dungeon. This usually requires a bit of practice and additional specific item. The difficulty level also heavily varies on the specific class set your currently own.

Rewards: another variation of the portrait frame

CHAMPION (6th Chapter)
  1. Complete a Nephalem Rift on Torment X difficulty in under 6 minutes
  2. Complete a level 40 Greater Rift solo
  3. Kill Cydaea and Adria on Torment X difficulty level
  4. Convert a set item (using Kanai Cube)
  5. Craft a flawless royal gem
  6. Upgrade 3 legendary gems to rank 35
  7. Master a set dungeon (completing a dungeon on mastery level is usually more difficult than simply completing it. The mechanics are pretty much the same for both levels though, will usually require several more attempts to have that completed)
  8. Kill Uber bosses in the Realm of Terror and the Realm of Fright on Torment X difficulty level

Rewards: another variation of the portrait frame

DESTROYER (7th Chapter)
  1. Complete a Nephalem Rift on Torment XII difficulty in under 6 minutes
  2. Complete a level 50 Greater Rift solo
  3. Kill Maghda and Belial on Torment XIII
  4. Extract 20 Legendary powers in Kanai's Cube
  5. Upgrade 3 legendary gems to rank 45
  6. Complete one conquest
  7. Craft a Hellfire Amulet

Completing Destroyer chapter is somewhat challenging. This will usually require players to feel rather comfortable on Torment XIII difficulty level

Rewards: another variation of the portrait frame

CONQUEROR (8th Chapter)
  1. Complete a Nephalem Rift on Torment XIII difficulty level in under 5 minutes
  2. Complete a level 50 Greater Rift solo
  3. Kill Queen Araneae on Torment XII in under 30 seconds
  4. Kill Greed on Torment XIII
  5. Reforge a legendary item in Kanai's Cube
  6. Augment a legendary item with a rank 50 or higher legendary gem
  7. Upgrade 3 legendary gems to rank 55
  8. Complete two conquests

Conqueror level is the most rewarding out of the entire Seasonal journey. It usually requires a lot of time spent on your character but should be easily achievable for any casual player within the three months time frame.

Rewards: another variation of the portrait frame, additional Stash Tab

Extra Stash tab

GUARDIAN (Last Chapter)
  1. Complete a Nephalem Rift on Torment XIII in under 4 minutes
  2. Complete a level 70 Greater Rift solo
  3. Kill Skeleton King on Torment XIII in under 15 seconds (it's good to have a Necromancer/Monk/Wizard to dash/teleport into the room right after the encounter starts to save the couple extra seconds)
  4. Extra 40 Legendary powers in Kanai's Cube
  5. Upgrade 3 legendary gems to rank 70
  6. Complete three conquests

Rewards: the final (most prestigious) version of the portrait frame

S12 Portrait Frame

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If you have any tips on how to get a good start in Season 12, feel free to share them in the comments below. You might also want to join the discussion on our Facebook fan page

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Blizzard Entertainment.