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Items in Diablo 3 are objects with various types and purposes. They play the main role when it comes to character and equipment customization. When it comes to equipable items we can distinguish Items like Weapons, Armors, Jewelry, Flasks, and Gems. There is a total of 13 equipment slots in Diablo 3 and Elixir Slot which is either a starting Health Potion that replenishes your Life only or Legendary Potions that can give you additional short-term bonuses.

Types of Items in Diablo 3
Helmets Equipped in the Helmet Slot. They are among a few Items that can increase your character's Critical Strike Chance, and Gems have different effects when equipped in your Helmet, making Gem Slot and the beforementioned Crit. Chance a must-have attribute for 90% of builds in Diablo 3
-Shoulders Shoulders are core parts of your character and hence they should be strongly protected by the use of Pauldron-slot equipment. Shoulders should be optimized to provide high base stats, Cooldown Reduction, and Armor or Elemental Resistances depending on your class.  Some builds also benefit greatly from increased Area Damage
Torso Body Armors provide the highest base stats bonuses and up to three Gem Sockets. They also have a unique attribute which grants you 10% Damage Reduction from Elites, which is among the best defensive stats in high Greater Rifts
Hands Piece of Armor that protects your Hands. There is a number of unique DPS-oriented stats on Gloves that should be looked out for on Gloves which are: Attack Speed, Critical Hit Damage, Critical Hit Chance, and Area Damage
Waist Belt Slot which mainly provides defensive Utility. The Witching Hour is one of the few Belts that can be used to optimize your DPS as it grants Critical Hit Damage which is very unique in this slot
Legs Part of the equipment that protects your Legs. Legs have up to 2 Gem Slots and mainly provide attribute bonuses
Feet Boots socket which is among the few items that can increase your Movement Speed, making it one of the most important stats on Boots. 
Jewelry You can equip two Rings and an Amulet for your character. Both Rings and the Amulet must-have a Gem Socket, so that you can input Legendary Gems which grant you terrific and game-changing bonuses. Jewelry also can provide extra Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage, which should be nearly always included on DPS-oriented characters
Off-Hand The slot where you can equip Shields, One-Handed Weapons, Mojos, Wizard Orbs, Quivers, and Phylacteries. If you are wielding a two-hander and you aren't a properly set-up Crusader, you Off-hand will have to remain empty
Main-Hand Basically your primary weapon slot. You can equip One-Handed Weapons here like Axes, Daggers, Maces, Spears, Ceremonial Knives (Witch Doctor only), Fist Weapons (Monk only), Flails (Crusader only), Mighty Weapons (Barbarian only), Scythes (Necromancer only), as well as Two-Handed Weapons which include Axes, Maces, Polearms, Staves, Swords, Daibos (Monk only), Flails, Mighty Weapons, Scythes (with similar restrictions like their one-handed counterparts). Also Ranged Weapons have to be equipped in this slot, which are either Bows, Crossbows, Hand Crossbows (one-handed versions which can be dual-wielded by Demon Hunters), and Wands.


You can also find Follower Tokens, which can be only equipped by your Follower and there are three types of them for each of the Follower available. For the most part, it's best to equip the one that grants your Follower immortality so that you don't have to bother with him at all while playing. When it comes to Flasks, the entire system was greatly simplified as you only have one base Life Flask right after you start your game which has no level restrictions, nor can be removed from your bar. The main healing has been redirected to Health Globes in Diablo 3 and Flasks/Elixirs play an insignificant role in Diablo 3. Health Potion is a single-use 30-seconds cooldown Potion that will restore approximately 60% of your maximum Life when used. Legendary Flasks can grant additional bonuses, but for the most part they are negligible. 

On top of the types of Items that are available in D3, items can have several rarities that determine their stats and accessibility. We have Normal, Magic, and Rare Items (which are very common and that are tradeable with other players) and on higher levels, they are only salvaged for Crafting Materials. We also have Legendary and Set Items, which are only tradeable within the two-hour timeframe, and only with Group members who were part of your team when the item was looted. Even though the Item System in D3 initially seemed very interesting, currently only Legendary and Set Items are the ones that matter, and builds are made from templated with nearly no Item customization options.  

Diablo 3's Item Rarity table
Normal Trash/White Items which are completely useless for players except for the first few levels before you can obtain anything else. They are, however, often picked up even by high-level players since the mats they can be salvaged into are also used in some end-game crafting recipes
Magic Items with a Blue name tag that have a few additional properties on them. Once again, they are mainly picked up for Mats they can turn into
Rare The best tradeable type of Items in Diablo 3, though no one really uses them after level 70. You will only see them equipped on low and mid-leveled players while playing Campaign mode and/or for a short time after players reach level 70 in freshly started Seasons. As soon as you get Legendary and Set Items, you will replace Rares
Legendary Legendary Items have brown name tags and they are the most popular type of Items in Diablo 3. They have higher base stats, and many of them will have extra unique affixes to enhance certain skills or your character's defenses. Legendaries are commonly offered via Legendary Farming and as additions to Boosting services
Set Set Items have similar drop-chance as Legendary Items, and you can also find them both in Ancient/Primal variants. Set Items provide very high bonuses when you obtain more parts of the same Set. Set Items usually have class-restrictions as the bonuses are only granted to specific character classes and their abilities
Ancient Items Simply more powerful versions of the same Legendary and Set Items. They have higher base attributes, but everything else is exactly the same. You can find them after you reach level 70 and you are playing a Torment-level difficulty game
Primal Ancient Items The third Tier of a Legendary/Set Gear, which always has maximum rolls on the stats it comes with. Basically a Perfectly rolled Ancient Item will be exactly the same as Primal one in terms of rolls. You can start looking Primal Ancients after you beat Greater Rift level 70 Solo. Also, remember that each of your characters has to complete this prerequisite separately

With the absence of Auction House and Real Money Auction House, trading moved to external websites and is currently done solely between players. Odealo is a secure market for Diablo 3 Items, which allows player-to-player trading with the use of real money. Players can trade D3 Items with one another by inviting one another to a group and obtaining the Items for trade while playing together. This is possible since grinding Items in Greater Rifts can grant players up to several hundred Legendary and Set Items per hour. However, there are no guarantees what's going to drop so sometimes getting specific Items may require a lot of tries. This system allows players to team up and share the Loot, giving the opportunity to higher level players to offer Item farming services for money. This process allows users to effortlessly obtain all the required equipment for their characters, even without a traditional way of trading between players. You can buy cheap Diablo 3 Items, Legendaries, Set Items on Odealo, offered for sale by regular Diablo 3 players, making it the most secure way of obtaining powerful Diablo 3 Items. Catch up with the pros by getting the best Diablo 3 Items with fast delivery from verified sellers. Go to Odealo to Buy cheap Diablo 3 Items and more.

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