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Best Albion Online builds - Character roles explained

Best Albion Online builds - Character roles explained

Check out the best character builds and guides for Albion Online

The Best Albion Online Builds
Weapons and character Archetypes explained


Equipped Weapon defines your playstyle in Albion (to a large extent, Skills gained from other Equipment pieces are the other defining factor, of course), so one might say that each of the available Weapons represents a specific "Class" or Archetype. This Guide features all Albion's Weapons and the best Builds that are associated with them. Featured Builds are focused around the most powerful, popular, and universal Gear Setups for both PvP and PvE gameplay. Every Albion Player should find a Build that is crafted especially for his favorite playstyle, down below.

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Mage Archetype Weapons and Builds

Weapons of this Archetype are based on offensive and/or defensive magical skills and abilities. They offer some of the best Burst Damage Weapons as well as some Weapons that are well-suited for Healing or Defense.

Fire Staff Fire Staves: based on the Fire element, these Staves offer very high AoE and Single-Target Damage. However, this very high Offensive potential comes at a cost of decreased defense and long cast times.

Fire Staves offer some strong Q slot choices in a form of Fire Bolt (High Single-Target Damage with a DoT effect) and Fire Bomb (Decent AoE Spell). Some Flexible choices in the W Slot, for example, a Wall of Flames (Ground-Based AoE CC), or a Fire Weave (A strong frontal Cone Attack). Passives offered by Fire Staves improve their already High Damage potential by increasing Casting Speed (Aggressive Caster), or providing a Damage Boost (Furious).

Wildfire Staff and the Great Fire Staff are currently the most popular Staves of the Fire Type, thanks to their great AoE Damaging Abilities in the E slot (Great Fire Staff's Flame PillarFlame Pillar and Wildfire Staff's Magma SphereMagma Sphere).

Builds featuring Fire Staves:
  1. Infernal Staff DPS build - versatile damage dealer for PvE groups and content progression. Excels both in single-target and AoE DPS
Holy Staff Holy Staves: powered by the holy light, Holy Staves excel at Single-Target burst healing which is crucial for keeping allies alive during battles.

Holy Staves get two heals on their Q slot, Flash Heal, which is a light healing spell with a short cooldown that also increases Target's healing received, and the Generous Heal that heals for a large amount but also has a long cooldown. W slot has some interesting options, ranging from a damaging spell - Smite to some powerful HoTs (Holy Blessing), AoE heals (Sacred Pulse), and most importantly, the Ressurection, which is mandatory when playing in a large group. Holy Staff's passives revolve around cast speed and healing boosts, energy recovery, and defensive knockbacks.

Holy Staff's (1H) Desperate Prayer is a true lifesaver of a spell and makes the 1H Holy Staff very popular among Albion's Healers. Great Holy Staff's Holy Explosion makes the staff very solid in mass PvP encounters. Powerful unique abilities of these two Staves make them the best two choices in the Holy Staves family.

Builds featuring Holy Staves:
  1. Holy Staff Healer PvE Build - one of the best Group Healers for PvE content in Albion Online
  2. Holy Staff PvP Build - versatile build for all types of PvP fights including Guild Wars and Zerging
Arcane Staff Arcane Staves: these Staves utilize the power of the Arcane to shield and support the wielder and his allies in both PvP and PvE combat.

Arcane Staves have access to a potent defensive Shield in a form of the Arcane Protection, and instant energy restore spell - the Energy Bolt in their Q slot. W slot revolves around various buffs, debuffs, and support spells. Empowering Beam can boost ally's damage and is especially powerful when combined with a powerful nuke spell, Motivating Cleanse purges an ally from movement impairing effects and increases his movement speed, which is life-saving in PvP, Arcane Purge dispells an enemy out of all buffs, and the Energy Beam leaches enemy's energy. Arcane Staff's passives can provide resistances, additional energy recovery, knockback or a melee silence.

Arcane Staff provides an additional silence combined with an offensive dispell, which makes it useful in PvP. Enigmatic Staff can be used to channel an AoE protective shield in a form of the Protective Beam, which can save allies from incoming AoE damage. This additional utility results in these two Arcane Staves being chosen more often than the rest.

Builds featuring Arcane Staves:
  1. Arcane Staff PvE Support - one of the best Support builds for Albion Online. It's primarily oriented for PvE content when playing in a group
Frost Staff Frost Staves: these staves offer a range of powerful snares and roots that can be used to gain control over the battlefield. They also offer some strong Damage options.

Frost Staves offer a solid Single-Target damaging spell that also slows the Target in a form of the Frostbolt and the Hoarfrost which a potent AoE damaging spell. W slot offers various damaging spells that also root or snare their Targets. Frost Nova freezes and damages all enemies in a 5m radius, Frost Bomb detonates for AoE damage and a strong slow, and the Frost Beam is a channeled spell that can be used to CC multiple enemies that are close to each other. Passives offered by Frost Staves offer additional energy, roots, cast speed buffs, and damage procs.

Frost Staff's (1H) Freezing Wind is a powerful Cone spell that deals solid damage and offers a short root which makes the Frost Staff a very solid choice for PvP. Great Frost Staff's Hail deals high AoE damage that can not be overlooked. Avalanche offered by the Hoarfrost Staff is very strong in PvP but can be avoided, and requires good timing.

Builds featuring Frost Staves:
  1. Frost Mage Solo PvE Farming build - versatile build which can do exceptionally well in all types of situations including PvE/PvP and GvG. It's based on the Great Frost Staff which excels in dealing AoE damage
Cursed Staff Cursed Staves: these staves bestow devastating Damage over Time effects and debuffs on enemies. They provide high sustained damage that amounts to very high numbers over time.

In Q slot, Cursed Staves offer two DoT spells, the single-target Vile Curse, and the Cursed Sickle that is a DoT-applying line attack. W slot offers a defense debuff in a form of the Armor Piercer, a channeled DPS spell - Cursed Beam, and an AoE root that also applies the Vile Curse on all affected Targets - Desecrate. Cursed Staff's passives provide damage/energy/movement speed boosts or an additional AoE damage.

Area of Decay offered by the Great Cursed Staff provides a very solid AoE HoT debuff combined with an AoE DoT which is great for mass PvP. Demonic Staff's Field of Death and the healing reduction that it provides enables very fast kills, even on Targets that are healed constantly (must-have in group PvP).

Builds featuring Cursed Staves:
  1. Cursed Staff PvE/PvP Build - versatile spell-caster build based on very high Damage over Time and powerful debuffs granted by Cursed Staves


Hunter Archetype Weapons and Builds

Bow Bows: these ranged weapons enable a very mobile playstyle with a lot of kiting, and provide a variety of Single-Target and AoE damaging abilities.

Bows offer a Multishot, an AoE Cone attack, a Deadly Shot, a high Damage Single-Target attack, and the Poisoned Arrow that damages the enemy over time, in their Q slot. W slot provides some movement speed boosts/snares and an additional AoE damage potential in a form of Frost Shot (disengage and slow nearby enemies), Speed Shot (deal light Damage and increase your movement speed), or Explosive Arrows (your next 5 auto attacks deal AoE Damage). Passives offered by Bows can provide you with a light Slow added to each of your attacks (great for kiting), or Energy, Damage or Attack Speed boost.

Warbow's Magic Arrow deals very high Damage to far away enemies and a bit lower damage to enemies that are close by. This ability provides great Burst Damage potential without slowing you down and the War Bow is often picked because of that. The Bow of Badon is an interesting choice for mass PvP, thanks to its Raging Storm that provides AoE Damage combined with an AoE interrupt.

Builds featuring Bows:
  1. Archer/Ranger PvP solo build - great and mobile solo PvP build based on Warbows. If you want to play a kite&nuke type of build this is something definitely for you
  2. Skinning/Gathering Bow build - one of the best skinning/gathering builds which offers good mobility and high sustained single-target DPS
Spear Spears: these melee weapons have a very high range  (for a melee weapon) and allow you to deal massive amounts of damage with your auto attacks.

Spear abilities available in the Q slot increase your auto attack damage and increase your reach (Spirit Spear), or Slow Targets in addition to dealing moderate Damage (Lunging Strike). W slot provides a good mix of abilities to choose from, AoE damage - Forest of Spears, strong self-buff - Inner Focus, and a solid damaging ability that also slows the target and removes its speed buffs - Cripple. Passives offered by Spears provide you with Life Leech, a Slow added to your Auto Attacks, a DPS boost, or an Attack Speed boost.

Glaive's Fling ability deals solid damage and Flings an enemy behind you, which is great when chasing a kill with a team and makes the Glaive a very solid choice for open world roams and small scale fights. Heron Spear is another solid choice, as its Spear Throw ability provides a very strong ranged attack combined with a long, 3s AoE stun. Trinity Spear's Spectral Trident, on the other hand, can swing the tides of any battle when used at the right time.

Builds featuring Spears:
  1. Glaive Flinger PvP Build - deadly Group PvP build which excels at reducing your enemy ranks
Nature Staff Nature Staves: these staves channel the power of Nature to heal your allies. Nature Staves feature more mobile playstyle than Holy Staves, thanks to their instant cast spells, but have difficulties healing heavily damaged Targets.

Nature Staff's Q slot allows you to choose between the Rejuvenation, a Heal over Time instant cast spell that promotes mobile playstyle, and the Rejuvenating Mushroom that heals all allies around it but remains static. W slot gives you a choice between a DoT in a form of Poison Thorns, a light Heal combined with HoT effect in a form of Revitalize, an AoE cleanse combined with HoT effect - Cleanse Heal or the Resistance and Healing received buff (Protection of Nature). Nature Staff's passives include healing boost, additional energy regen or additional resistances, or a movement speed proc.

Ground-based AoE heals in a form of the Well of Life provided by the Wild Staff finds a lot of use in both PvP and PvE. On the other hand, the Druidic Staff's Spiritual Seed can be used proactively and is a great choice for those who have a good battlefield vision. Abilities offered by the rest of Nature Staves are rather situational and more difficult to use to their full potential.

Builds featuring Nature Staves:
  1. Mass PvP Druidic Staff Healer build - one of the best Combat Healers in Albion Online suited for Mass PvP and GvG fights
Dagger Daggers: weapons of an assassin. Daggers offer very high burst damage and are often used for, well... killing people in the open world, or for duels.

Dagger's Q slot offers an attack that also reduces Target's armor and magickal resistance in a form of the Sunder Armor or a stacking self-buff that increases your damage at the cost of defense (Assassin Spirit). W slot gives you access to some strong dash abilities (DashInfiltration that also works as an AoE Sleep), a strong Attack that reduces Target's Healing in a form of the Forbidden Stab, an AoE attack that provides a Damage buff for each damaged enemy and a speed buff (Throwing Blades), a powerful CC/gap closing ability in a form of the Shadow Edge, and a Chain Slash that allows you to quickly damage multiple enemies. Dagger's passives increase Attack damage or Attack speed, provide life leech or apply additional DoTs.

Bloodletter's Lunging Stabs provides you with a strong finishing move that can swiftly end an enemy and also works as an additional Dash. Deathgivers give you access to the Ghost Strike ability that deals good damage, allows you to Dash to an enemy, and makes you invisible on top of that; very strong in PvP, as it makes you even deadlier and difficult to counter.

Builds featuring Daggers:
  1. Bloodletter Executor PvP build - The Executor is a very sneaky PvP build which allows you to gain an advantage on your enemies by taking them by surprise
Quarterstaff Quarterstaves: unlike other staves, the Quarterstaff is a melee weapon that relies upon the physical strength of its wielder. It allows you to combine defensive and offensive styles of play to harass your enemies with a combination of Dashes, Stuns, Slows, and Knockbacks.

Quarterstaff's Q slot offers a Concussive Blow, which deals moderate damage, slows the Target for a few seconds and, after the third hit, stuns it, or the Cartwheel, which is a Dash AoE attack that also knocks enemies back interrupting any casts; it also increases your movement speed by 30% for 5s if you get hit when performing it. W Slot gives you a choice between the Empowered Slam (3m radius AoE attack), Stun Run (speed boost, and a Stun on your next auto attack), Heavy Cleave (Strong cone attack), and the Forceful Swing (low AoE Damage, knockback, enemy damage reduction, and an 8s interrupt for enemy's normal attacks). Quarterstaff's passives provide a micro stun every 5 auto attacks, threat increase, life leech or a CC duration increase.

Double Bladed Staff's Overpower ability allows you to charge to a location, deal AoE damage, and slow all enemies hit by 50% for 5s. This ability is a great fight opener, gap closer, and chasing ability, which makes it a top choice among Quarterstaves. Iron-Clad Staff's Hurricane is a solid ability for PvE off-Tank thanks to its inherent AoE Taunt.

Builds featuring Quarterstaves:
  1. Double Bladed Staff Ganker build - very popular PvP build which offers unparalleled crowd-control abilities making it nearly impossible to run away from you with valuable loot


Warrior Archetype Weapons and Builds

Sword Swords: the favored weapon of a Warrior, Sword is a very flexible option, as it allows both Tanking (when the 1H sword is combined with a shield) and dealing Damage.

For the Q slot, you have the choice between Single Target DPS ability (Heroic Strike) and the AoE DPS ability (Heroic Cleave). W slot provides some solid offensive and defensive options in the form of Interrupt (Attack that interrupts Target's spell casting and increases your normal Attack Damage by 20% for each Heroic Charge, for up to 60% maximum increase), Iron Will (20% speed boost + a 20% Damage reduction for 5s, this awards 1 Heroic Charge), Hamstring (38% Slow for 9s in addition to moderate damage), or the Splitting Slash (a Frontal-Line attack that also roots all Targets hit in place for 2 seconds). Sword's passives provide threat generation bonus, life leech, bonus defense, or a small DoT attached to every third auto attack.

Clarent Blade's Mighty Swing is a strong AoE DPS ability that scales with your Heroic Charges (HC's are consumed for additional Damage) this is very strong for both PvE and mass PvP. Claymore's Charge is useful in PvP, thanks to its scaling Damage and a Stun, but sadly, it does not Stun mounted Targets which limits its Ganking usefulness. Broadsword's Mighty Blow is a solid Single-Target DPS ability that also interrupts spellcasting which is desirable when fighting against enemy casters/Holy Staff Healers in PvP.

Builds featuring Swords:
  1. Claymore Ganker Solo Build - versatile PvP melee build which offers a great balance between offense and defense
Axe Axes: these weapons are ideal for Warriors that prefer raw power over the finesse offered by Swords. Axes are capable of dealing devastating Damage and crippling the enemy's healing which makes them well-suited for eliminating Healers.

In the Q slot, Axes offer Rending Strike (Physical Attack that also causes Damage over Time, and reduces Target's Healing received; the effect stacks up to 3 times) and the Rending Swing (AoE Attack that deals moderate Damage to all enemies in 6 m radius, causes Damage over Time, and reduces Healing received by all affected Targets; the effect stacks up to 3 times). W slot offers various offensive options in a form of the Deadly Chop (Powerfull Attack that requires some preparation and reduces Target's resistances), Adrenaline Boost (Increases Damage dealt by 25% and movement speed by 50% for 5 seconds), Internal Bleeding (AoE Attack that also applies a DoT which damages moving Enemies), and the Battle Rush (allows you to charge towards an Enemy or an Ally, and reduce Healing received by all Enemies in a 5m radius by 20% while also increasing ally Healing received by 20%). Axe's passives include life leech, defense boost, damage procs, and a small DoT attached to every 4th auto attack.

Carrioncaller's Morgana Raven deals Damage to all enemies in a straight line, applies a DoT and reduces their Healing received by 35%. This effect is very powerful in PvP, which makes the Carrioncaller a top choice for both large and small scale skirmishes. Bear Paws's Razor Cut combines a gap closer with powerful AoE damaging ability that also applies a true damage DoT effect. This increases mobility and provides additional DPS in large scale encounters.

Builds featuring Axes:
  1. Bloody Reaper Solo PvE Build - powerful solo build which allows uncompromised playstyle and damage high enough to scare off wandering Gankers 
Mace Maces: these Weapons are suited for Warriors who value defense over offense. They offer some strong Crowd Control abilities and skills that greatly increase wielder's survivability in combat.

Mace's Q slot gives you access to Defensive Slam (Melee Attack that also increases Armor and Magickal resistance of you and nearby allies for a short time), Threatening Smash (delayed, yet powerful swing that hits all enemies in front of you, and generates Threat), or the Stalling Slam (Deals Damage, leeches energy out of an enemy and restores Energy for up to 5 allies in range). W Slot offers some Crowd Control and offensive options in a form of the Interrupt (deals moderate Damage and interrupts enemy spellcasting), Snare Charge (roots all Targets in a target location, deals physical Damage and interrupts their spellcasting), Heavy Slam (a powerful attack that damages all enemies in front of you), or the Air Compressor (Pulls all Targets from up to 7m away towards your location, and generates Threat on them). Mace's passives provide a stun every 5th auto attack, additional threat generation, life leech or increase in CC duration.

Heavy Mace's Battle Howl provides you with an AoE silence that also debuffs all affected enemies and generates Threat. This ability makes Heavy Mace a top choice for both PvE and large scale PvP. Morning Star's Root Prison is a channeled AoE root that ignores CC resistances and generates Threat. This ability is great for hindering the enemy's mobility in the group PvP and makes Morning Star a great choice for Tanking and group skirmishes.

Builds featuring Maces:
  1. Morning Star PvP Tank build - mobile build with a lot of durability and crowd-control skills. It's perfect for Open World PvP and ganking
Hammer Hammers: these weapons allow you to control your enemies at the cost of reduced damage potential. They are well-suited for Tanks and players that excel at controlling the enemy.

Hammer's Q slot gives you access to some CC, Threat Generation, and a resistance Debuff in a form of the Bash Knee (Slows Target by 32% for 4.5s and deals some physical Damage), Threatening Strike (deals Damage and increases Threat generation), and the Iron Breaker (damages all enemies in a 3m radius in front of you and reduces their resistances by 34 for 5s). W slot provides some AoE abilities and even more CC options in a form of the Heavy Cleave (a powerful attack that damages all enemies in front of you), Slowing Charge (a dash that makes you slow all enemies on your way by 50% for 4s), Power Geyser (a ground-based, delayed ability that knocks enemies into the air, damages them, and also knocks group members 8m away), and the Knockout (strikes the target in the head, and knocks him out for some time, putting him to sleep; any damage received by the target will cancel the effect). Hammer's passives provide a short stun every 5th auto attack, a threat generation increase, life leech or an additional CC duration.

Great Hammer's Tackle enables you to rush towards your Target and ram all enemies that are in your way, dealing Damage and stunning them for 3.5s. This is a very powerful CC ability and the Great Hammer is a solid choice for PvP because of it. Grovekeeper's Ground Pound can be really devastating if it hits (5s, 6m radius AoE stun + moderate Damage) and is deadly when combined with teammate's AoE CC, which makes Groovekeeper great for coordinated group PvP fights.

Builds featuring Hammers:
  1. Hammer Group PvE Tank build - one of the most durable builds for tanking Group PvE content
Crossbow Crossbows: these weapons are designed to provide heavy fire support, and offer high ranged Damage at the cost of low mobility.

Crossbow's Q slot gives you access to the Auto Fire (channeled ability that deals Damage to a single Target and then sends an explosive projectile towards the Target and deals additional AoE damage to all enemies in range), or the Explosive Bolt (ranged AoE damaging ability). W slot provides some CC, debuff and silence options in a form of the Knockback Shot (deals low Damage, but knocks the Target 8m back), Sunder Shot (deals moderate Damage and reduces Target's Armor and Magickal resistance for 4s. This effect gets more powerful against Healthy targets), Caltrops (shots a trap onto the ground. When an enemy walks over it, the trap is triggered, slowing him by 50% and dealing Damage over Time), and the Noise Eraser (after a short cast time, shots a bolt at a Target, dealing solid Damage and silencing the Target for 6 seconds). Crossbow's Passives provide knockback every 3rd shot, increase energy regeneration, provide a DPS proc, or increase casting speed.

Crossbow's Snipe Shot deals massive amounts of Damage and makes the Crossbow a very deadly choice for group PvP. Siegebow's Vicious Barrage also finds uses in group PvP, thanks to its massive AoE damage potential, which makes it highly dangerous in the right circumstances.

Builds featuring Crossbows:
  1. Light Crossbow Group PvE/PvP build - versatile build with very high burst DPS allowing you to control both PvE and PvP fights

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If you have any Build requests, please post them in the Comments section below. We will be happy to update our List with the newest and the most popular/requested Builds, so feel free to leave your feedback, we will much appreciate it.

Also, please be aware that we wanted to keep things short and clear, and we didn't describe every single unique Weapon ability, but rather focused on the most used and interesting ones, because of that. Every Weapon and their capabilities will be described in a future Albion's Arsenal Guide.

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Sandbox Interactive GmbH.