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Claymore Ganker PvP Build for Albion Online

Claymore Ganker PvP Build for Albion Online

Versatile Melee build well suited for solo ganking and Open World exploration

Claymore build
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Build notes:
May 15, 2019
-Build created


Build Overview

Open World PvP Combat is an inherent part of the Albion Online. People fight against each other for various reasons, and sometimes even without any. Gankers prey on Gatherers, Gatherers improve their evasive skills or set themselves up for Combat, so Gankers form groups that are difficult to run from. These groups cause a threat not only to Gatherers but also to solo Gankers.

This Claymore Build features the Ambush skill that is essential for stealthy solo Ganking, as it enables surprise attacks and allows you to dodge enemy zergs, gank teams and packs of mobs. Build also supports solid mobility and defensive toolkits that greatly increase ganking effectiveness. Fights should be opened with the Shield Charge, Iron Will should be used when the enemy is escaping, and the Charge serves as a catch-up mechanism and a strong finisher.

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 Pros  Cons
 Allows you to surprise Targets  Designed for Solo play, lacks group utility
 Great mobility  Lacks AoE Damage
 Good Cooldown reduction  Can get out DPSed by some weapons
 Solid survivability options  


Items & Skills

Elder's Claymore  Weapon: Claymore gives you a mobility advantage over most enemies while also providing some much-needed defense.
Heroic Strike
  1. Heroic Strike - Physical Attack that Damages your Target and applies a Heroic Charge on you. Each Heroic Charge increases your Attack and Movement speed for 6s (this effect stacks up to 3 times). Keep the Stacks up at all times, as they improve your mobility and offensive power, and also give extra damage to your Charge.
Iron Will
  1. Iron Will - Increases your movement speed and reduces all incoming Damage. Mobility Cooldown that also makes you harder to kill. This makes escaping from you/killing you very difficult.
  1. Charge - You Charge towards an Enemy, and Stun him if he is not mounted. Charge Deals More Damage with more Heroic Stacks and makes you immune to Crowd Control effects for its duration. This provides you with additional CC, Burst Damage, and Mobility. It can be used from Melee Range at 3 Heroic Charge Stacks for maximum Burst Damage or saved for chasing after fleeing Target.
Deep Cuts
  1. Passive: Deep Cuts - Every 4th Auto Attack applies a Bleed effect to your Target.
Elder's Stalker Hood Helmet: Stalker Hood provides you with additional Cooldown reduction and increases your damage against wounded Targets, allowing you to execute Targets more easily
Mortal Agony
  1. Mortal Agony - Increases your Damage and lowers Resistances of all nearby enemies that are below 50% Health. It also reveals invisible enemies. Use this at the start of an Engagement for some Damage boost. It will be recharged for another use just in time to give you a DPS boost that will allow you to finish off your Target. Mortal Agony has an added benefit of revealing invisible enemies which may take some of your Targets by surprise.
Quick Thinker
  1. Passive: Quick Thinker - Reduces your Cooldowns.
Elder's Assassin Jacket  Armor: Assassin Jacket provides a cooldown reduction passive and gives you access to the Ambush ability that is essential for surprise ganks.
  1. Ambush - Turns you invisible and makes your first attack out of invisibility deal increased Damage (this additional Damage scales with the time you have spent invisible for a maximum of +40 %). Casting, Attacking and moving too far from the activation spot will break the effect. This ability is just great. It enables you to surprise unexpecting Targets, allows you to disengage from combat if needed, and boosts your Damage (you can use Ambush when the enemy runs away, or when you wait for your Cooldowns, to boost your Charge's Damage by a lot).
  1. Passive: Quick Thinker - Reduces your Cooldowns.
Elder's Knight Boots  Boots: Knight Boots allow you to quickly engage your Targets. They also increase your defense at the start of an engagement, giving you an early advantage.
Shield Charge
  1. Shield Charge - You Charge towards a Friendly or a Hostile Target, and apply a defensive Shield on yourself and closeby allies. This has mainly offensive uses in this build, as it lets you engage your Target quickly, and protects you from its retaliation.
  1. Passive: Toughness - Reduces incoming Damage.
Pork Omelette Food: Pork Omelette - Reduces your Cooldowns and Casting Times. This increases your overall efficiency.
Major Healing Potion Potion: Major Healing Potion - Regenerates 27% of your total Health over 15s. This allows you to outlive Targets that offer a lot of resistance.

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This is the premiere version of our Claymore/PvP build for Ganking and small scale Open World PvP in Albion Online. This build is designed to give you an early advantage by surprising your Targets and increasing your initial toughness. It also excels at chasing down fleeing enemies and disengaging from unfavorable encounters. If you have any suggestions for other Albion Online builds or feedback about this build, you are more than welcome to leave it in the comments below.

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