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Skinning/Gathering Archer Bow build - Albion Online

Skinning/Gathering Archer Bow build - Albion Online

Efficient build optimized for increasing gathering yield which utilizes Bows with empowered auto-attacks

Archer Bow build
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Build notes:
May 9, 2019
-Build created


Build Overview

This Archer/Bow build is meant to increase your gathering yield from skinning while exploring the Open World in Albion Online. The main idea behind the skill and item choices were to increase your auto-attack damage and Attack Speed and provide enough mobility to allow you to escape from unwanted PvP encounters. By increasing your Attack Speed, you can easily stack high damage bonuses to your attacks via Enchanted Quiver and Piercing Arrow skills. This makes this build less reliant on Energy and sources of cooldown reductions. The gameplay feels very smooth and enjoyable, while you are focusing on gathering resources and skinning slain animals. Picking up Multishot is optional, but having an AoE attack will help you a lot when facing multiple enemies. 

Similar build can be also made for Lumberjacks, Miners, Quarriers, Harvesters, and Fishermen. You just need to swap the Helmet and Boots to the corresponding types. Boots have the exact same skills available, and you can pick the Helmet's skills in accordance with your personal preferences. 

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 Pros  Cons
 Good sustained single-target damage  Low AoE DPS
 Good mobility and kiting mechanics  Unsuited for PvP fights
 Great gathering/skinning capabilities  
 Easy Energy management with near to none Energy cost in your core rotation  


Items & Skills

Grandmaster's Bow Weapon: Bow is the best pick for this build. It offers high sustained single-target damage and Enchanted Quiver which is exceptional for high Attack Speed characters and farming/gathering in the open-world
  1. Multishot - basic AoE attack which deals moderate damage to all targets in front of you. Use when you are facing several enemies in a close-range, but for general usage, stick to empowered auto-attacks
Frost Shot
  1. Frost Shot - you flip backward and shoot several arrows in front of you slowing down enemies. This ability helps you keep a distance from your targets and dodge incoming attacks and abilities. It's a good idea to throw Bear Trap shortly before flipping backward to lure your enemy right into it
Enchanted Quiver
  1. Enchanted Quiver - empowers your auto-attacks by increasing their damage and Attack Speed. This effect stacks up to six times
Piercing Arrows
  1. Passive: Piercing Arrows - each auto-attack increases the damage dealt to your target, stacking up to four times. High Attack Speed makes it easy to gain its maximum benefit
Grandmaster's Skinner Cap Helmet: Skinner Cap you can use any gathering Helmet instead, however, Skinner Cap grants the most useful abilities for Archers making it the preferred choice
Bear Trap
  1. Bear Trap - places a Trap under your feet which slows the affected enemy down and deals high Damage over Time. If it was triggered by an animal, its resistances are also reduced 
Skinning Skills
  1. Passive: Skinning Skills - increasing your yield from skinning hide animals
Grandmaster's Hunter Jacket Armor: Hunter Jacket - grants very high bonus Attack Speed which is one of the core attributes for this build
  1. Haste - greatly increases the Attack Speed and damage of your auto-attacks
  1. Passive: Swiftness - even more Attack Speed
Grandmaster's Skinner Workboots Boots: Skinner Workboots - which increase your yield from skinning. You can use any other gathering pair of Boots, and each of them will have the exact same abilities available
  1. Run - increases your Movement Speed which makes you much more mobile, and allow to escape from unwanted fights
Skinning Skills
  1. Passive: Skinning Skills
Pork Omelette Food: Pork Omelette which reduces the cooldown of your abilities and increases your Cast Speed
Major Healing Potion Potion: Major Healing Potion - regenerates 27% of your total health over 15 seconds

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This is the premiere version of our Bow/Archer build for gathering and skinning in Albion Online. This build is oriented on maximizing your gathering yield(mainly Skinning) while providing enough DPS to get around the map without bigger issues and giving you enough mobility to run away from unwanted PvP fights. If you have any suggestions for other Albion Online builds or feedback about this build, you are more than welcome to leave it in the comments below

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