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Druidic Staff mass PvP Healer Albion Online build

Druidic Staff mass PvP Healer Albion Online build

One of the best Combat Healers for mass PvP in Albion Online

Mass PvP
Druid Healer build
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Build notes:
May 22, 2019
-Build created


Build Overview

Dead Healer is of no use to his Team, so survivability is the key to the successful Combat Healing. This Build captures this idea and employes very solid defensive/survivability options that will allow you to stay out of harm's way and keep Healing/Supporting your teammates while being very annoying to deal with by enemies. The build also brings a very strong group utility to the table, which is very valuable during large scale encounters.

Spells and Passives were picked with the maximum survivability and Healing/Group Support in mind. The spell/ability toolkit is a good mix of Healing, Supportive, and Defensive spells that should allow you to keep yourself alive and your teammates healthy.

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 Pros  Cons
 Great Survivability  HoTs can be dispelled, making this build somewhat less reliable than Holy Staff builds
 Strong against enemy CC effects  Not suited for solo PvP
 Good group Utility  Requires good resource management to stay effective in prolonged engagements
Can Cleanse negative effects  


Items & Skills

Elder's Druidic Staff Weapon: Druidic Staff is a solid One-Handed option for this build, as it gives you access to a very strong Healing ability - Spiritual Seed.
  1. Rejuvenation - Applies a Heal over Time effect that lasts for 8 seconds on your Target. This spell can be stacked up to 3 times. If it is reapplied on maximum stacks, all stacks are consumed and you restore some Energy. Consume stacks only when Energy is desperately needed or when you somehow know that enemy is about to dispell.
Cleanse Heal
  1. Cleanse Heal - Applies a Heal over Time effect to your Target and removes all Debuffs and CC effects from the Target and all closeby allies. This effect does not work on Damage over Time spells. This spell is the main Nature Staff's advantage over the Holy Staff. It provides a good HoT and much-needed defensive dispell.
Spiritual Seed
  1. Spiritual Seed - Plants a Seed inside of an ally. After 3 seconds, the Seed sprouts, Healing the ally for a large amount of Health. Very strong, but delayed Heal. This requires you to think ahead and read the battlefield but is very powerful when used to its full potential. Be aware that this effect is considered a HoT, and thus can be purged.
Hit & Run
  1. Passive: Hit & Run - Every 6th Spell cast increases your movement speed for a time.
Elder's Mistcaller Off Hand: Mistcaller
Elder's Knight Helmet Helmet: Knight Helmet provides you with a solid group utility Cooldown and greatly improves your CC resistance.
Displacement Immunity
  1. Displacement Immunity - Increases Crowd Control Resistance and makes Targets immune to all displacement effects (knockbacks, fears, pulls, etc.). It affects you and closeby allies. This has a very strong utility and can be used both defensively, to prevent someone being caught out of position, and offensively, to catch fleeing opponents that try to slow you down and escape.
  1. Passive: Toughness - Reduces Damage taken.
Elder's Cleric Robe Armor: Cleric Robe provides you with a strong defensive Cooldown that also increases your Heal Power for its duration.
Everlasting Spirit 
  1. Everlasting Spirit - When Activated, provides you with a shield that activates when you take Damage. The shield makes you invincible and increases your Damage and Heal Power. Life-saving defensive Cooldown that also lets you keep your Healing up. 
  1. Passive: Aggression - Increases Damage and Heal Power.
Elder's Knight Boots  Boots: Knight Boots allow you to quickly disengage from combat or save an ally by quickly rushing to his location and protecting him with a Shield.
Shield Charge
  1. Shield Charge - You Charge towards a Friendly or a Hostile Target, and apply a defensive Shield on yourself and closeby allies. A very solid defensive ability that can be used to save yourself or an ally from almost certain death.
  1. Passive: Toughness - Reduces Damage taken.
Pork Omelette Food: Pork Omelette - reduces the cooldown of your abilities and increases your Cast Speed, boosting your overall efficiency.
Major Energy Potion Potion: Major Energy Potion - regenerates 70% of your total energy. This will allow you to stay in the heat of things for longer. If you have no problems with Energy management, you can swap this for Major Gigantify Potion.

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This is the premiere version of our Druidic Staff/Healer build for Group PvP in Albion Online. This build is designed to maximize your Survivability so that you are able to stay safe and Heal/Support your teammates. If you have any suggestions for other Albion Online builds or feedback about this build, you are more than welcome to leave it in the comments below.

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