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Morning Star "Juggernaut" Tank PvP build

Morning Star "Juggernaut" Tank PvP build

Very durable build for Open World PvP with very solid crowd-control and team utility

Open World Mass PvP
Morning Star "Juggernaut" build
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Build notes:
May 14, 2019
-Build created


Build Overview

Tank's job in PvP is much different from the PvE one. In PvE, you have to keep mobs attacking you and protect your group. In PvP, however, keeping enemy player's attention is difficult, as every player has a mind of his own, and will just try to eliminate the biggest threat... which means that, as a PvP Tank, you have to become a threat.

This build is focused around maximizing CC potential by giving you access to a range of AoE Crowd Control skills. The mobility was also taken care off so that you are able to engage, disengage, and reposition quickly if needed. This would not be a true Tank build without potent defensive options, so it also features some invulnerability Cooldowns and skills/potions that greatly improve defenses. Check the how to build a true Juggernaut in Albion Online.

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 Pros  Cons
 Strong AoE CC  Sacrifices offensive power in favor of Crowd Control
 Great Survivability  Not suited for solo play
 Good Mobility  


Items & Skills

Elder's Morning Star  Weapon: Morning Star provides you with strong Defensive ability, AoE CC options, and some extra mobility.
Defensive Slam
  1. Defensive Slam - Physical Attack that also increases your Magic Resistance and Armor. This effect also works on nearby allies. a very solid ability that makes you and nearby allies much harder to kill.
Snare Charge
  1. Snare Charge - You jump to a target location and slam the ground with your weapon, dealing Damage, interrupting, and rooting all enemies in range. Extra mobility, CC, and an interrupt in a single skill.
Root Prison
  1. Root Prison - A channeled skill that roots you and all enemies around you for up to 4s. Enemies are rooted for an extra 1.5 seconds after you end the channeling. This skill ignores Crowd Control resistances, making it a very solid, unavoidable, hard CC in any PvP encounter.
Stunning Strike
  1. Passive: Stunning Strike - You Stun an Enemy with each 5th auto Attack.
Elder's Soldier Helmet  Helmet: Soldier Helmet provides you with a nice defensive passive and a solid defensive Cooldown.
  1. Block - Provides you with a 2s of Damage and CC immunity. Time it well, and you will be able to dodge a lot of Damage. Keep in mind that you are unable to use other Skills or Auto Attacks while the Block is active, but you are still able to move.
  1. Passive: Toughness - Reduces incoming Damage.
Elder's Guardian Armor  Armor: Guardian Armor gives you access to AoE CC ability that also decreases damage done by affected enemies.
Enfeeble Aura
  1. Enfeeble Aura - Surrounds you with Aura that reduces movement speed and Damage done of all enemies in range for 5 seconds.
  1. Passive: Toughness - Reduces incoming Damage.
Elder's Royal Shoes Boots: Royal Shoes provide you with extra mobility Cooldown that also allows you to dodge incoming Damage by making you immune for a while.
Rejuvenating Sprint
  1. Evasive Jump - Allows you to Jump to a target location. You are invulnerable during the jump. A great defensive option that can also be used as an offensive mobility Cooldown if needed.
Quick Thinker
  1. Passive: Quick Thinker - Reduces all your Cooldowns.
Beef Sandwich Food: Beef Sandwich - increases your maximum Health. This comes handy in PvP, as that bit of extra HP can save you in close call situations.
Major Resistance Potion Potion: Major Resistance Potion - Increases your Defence by 47% and your CC resistance by 90% for 6 seconds. This, combined with your mobility skills makes you very hard to Control, and even harder to kill.

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This is the premiere version of our Morning Star/Tank build for Mass PvP in Albion Online. This build is designed to maximize your Crowd Control and Mobility without sacrificing your Defense so that you are able to stay inside enemy lines and disrupt them with maximum efficiency. If you have any suggestions for other Albion Online builds or feedback about this build, you are more than welcome to leave it in the comments below.

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