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Frost Mage Solo PvE farming build - Albion Online

Frost Mage Solo PvE farming build - Albion Online

Well-rounded build for both Solo PvE and PvP which utilizes the Great Frost Staff

PvE Frost Mage
Farming/Gathering Solo build
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Build notes:
May 9, 2019
-Build created


Build Overview

Great Frost Staff is one of the most well-rounded weapons in Albion Online. It offers very high DPS, potent crowd-control, and a teleport spell. It's one of the few weapons that can do exceptionally well in all types of situations including PvE farming, open-world PvP/ganking, Zerging, and more! This build is optimized for maximum AoE DPS for most efficient farming and decent performance in PvP fights. 

All the Passives picked up in this build are meant to maximize your damage output, and in order to help you out with Energy Management, Druid Cowl is used for the Circle of Inspiration spell. While it has limited usage in PvP, it works great when both playing solo and in small teams by replenishing Energy for you and all your allies in range. 

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 Pros  Cons
 One of the highest AoE DPS in the game  Mediocre mobility 
 Good crowd-control   Vulnerable to crowd-control effects
 Manageable Energy management  
 12-second cooldown Teleport ability  


Items & Skills

Grandmaster's Great Frost Staff Weapon: Great Frost Staff is the best pick for this build. It offers high damage, crowd-control, and the Teleport spell which will save you from dying countless times in both PvP encounters and dungeons
  1. Hoarfrost - your primary spell which deals high AoE damage in a cone in front of you. It's more Energy consuming than Frostbolt but tends to be much more useful in most cases since it damages several targets instead of one. You should spam it to trigger the Aggressive Caster Passive 
Frost Nova
  1. Frost Nova - teleports you instantly to target location and casts a Frost Nova which freezes all enemies in the radius. It's a life-saving skill with very decent crowd-control effect making it perfect for both PvE and PvP encounters
  1. Hail - deals a crazy amount of damage in two waves. Enemies hit by both waves will be hurt badly. At the same time, it's an instant-cast spell making it even better
Aggressive Caster
  1. Passive: Aggressive Caster - with every four spell casts, you gain greatly increased Cast Speed for a short duration. This combined with Circle of Inspiration and Hoarfrost spam gives you an insane burst DPS
Druid Cowl Helmet: Druid Cowl used mainly for the Energy replenishment spell since we do not gain any benefits to Energy regeneration from the other equipment
Circle of Inspiration
  1. Circle of Inspiration - creates a circle beneath you which replenishes a great deal of your and your allies' Energy every second
  1. Passive: Aggression - increases the damage of your spells and abilities
Grandmaster's Cleric Robe Armor: Cleric Robe - one of the best Cloth armor in terms of offensive utility. The preferred skill choice, on top of high damage increase, grants a brief invincibility
Everlasting Spirit
  1. Everlasting Spirit - if you take damage shortly after activating this spell, you will gain the Everlasting Spirit buff. It grants brief invincibility and greatly increases your damage 
  1. Passive: Aggression - we go for extra DPS once again
Assassin's Shoes Boots: Assassin's Shoes - grants one of the best defensive/mobility skills for farming and solo play
  1. Dodge - roll to target position evading incoming attacks and spells. After the roll, your Movement Speed is increased for a short duration. You can also get healed while dodging, making it way better than Evasive Jump
Quick Thinker
  1. Passive: Quick Thinker - reduces the cooldowns of your abilities
Deadwater Eel Food: Deadwater Eel which reduces the cooldowns of your abilities
Major Healing Potion Potion: Major Healing Potion which makes you regenerate 27% of your total health over 15 seconds

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This is the premiere version of our Frost Mage build for Albion Online. This build is very well-rounded, so I doubt that we will be doing different versions for different purposes, as the differences are negligible. If you would like this guide expanded to provide more detailed information on which skills should be adjusted for what purposes, please let us know in the comments below. We will also appreciate you leaving feedback even if it's critical towards our build. If it the end it can lead us to improve our content, it's more than welcome.

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