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Infernal Staff Group PvE DPS Albion Online build

Infernal Staff Group PvE DPS Albion Online build

Versatile spell-caster build based on the Infernal Staff which excels both at AoE and single-target DPS

Group PvE DPS
Infernal Staff build
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Build notes:
May 22, 2019
-Build created


Build Overview

Builds that focus on high AoE Damage often suffer from lackluster Single-Target DPS. Characters that are able to efficiently deal with packs of mobs while also being capable of dealing high sustained Damage to bosses are always welcome in dungeon groups. We propose you the build that will enable you to do just that. To achieve this offensive versatility, some defenses had to be sacrificed, so the build features just the necessary life-savers and focuses on relentless damage dealing.

This build is designed for efficiently clearing the Albion's group content. It excels at dealing high amounts of Sustained Single-Target and AoE Damage. Its weaknesses are barebones defenses and somewhat limited mobility that force you to always be on your toes and position yourself properly to avoid incoming damage.

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 Pros  Cons
 High Sustained Damage  Not suited for Solo Play
 High AoE and Cleave Damage  Defenses reduced to a necessary minimum
 Good Burst Damage  Requires resource management in prolonged fights
 Very high Damage over Time  


Items & Skills

Elder's  Infernal Staff Weapon: Infernal Staff enables you to deal solid AoE and priority Target Damage.
Burning Field
  1. Burning Field - You set the ground on fire. This spell deals initial Fire Damage and additional Damage to all enemies that remain in the burning area. Strong AoE spell that makes you very efficient at clearing packs of mobs.
  1. Ignite - You instantly Ignite your Target, causing them to take Fire Damage over Time. High Damage DoT with an instant Cast. This boosts your sustained Damage by a large margin.
Contagious Fire
  1. Contagious Fire - You set a Target on Contagious Fire, the afflicted Target spreads the Fire to other nearby enemies, inflicting high Damage over Time. The Spell that spreads like wildfire, effective at clearing packs of mobs while also keeping priority Damage up.
  1. Passive: Energetic - Every normal Attack restores you some Energy.
Elder's Mage Cowl Helmet: Mage Cowl is a strong offensive option that increases your sustained damage by a lot and boosts your overall effectiveness with its passive.
  1. Poison - Causes your next Auto Attack to poison your Target. The poisoned enemy will take Damage over Time. This DoT boosts your Single-Target sustained Damage considerably.
  1. Passive: Aggression - Increases your Damage and Heal Power.
Elder's Cleric Robe Armor: Cleric Robe provides you with a strong defensive Cooldown that also increases your Heal Power for its duration.
Everlasting Spirit 
  1. Everlasting Spirit - When Activated, provides you with a shield that activates when you take Damage. The shield makes you invincible and increases your Damage and Heal Power. Life-saving defensive Cooldown that also lets you keep your DPS up. This can be triggered by taking Damage on purpose to increase your Burst Damage.
  1. Passive: Aggression - Increases your Damage and Heal Power.
Elder's Royal Sandals Boots: Royal Sandals provide a mobility Cooldown that also serves as a DPS booster that increases your Burst Damage noticeably.
Defenseless Rush
  1. Defenseless Rush - Increases your Movement Speed and Damage Done, but also makes you more vulnerable to enemy attacks. This can be activated to rapidly relocate and/or burst your Target down quickly. Caution is advised when using this, as it will increase your Damage taken, which may lead to your demise.
  1. Passive: Aggression - Increases your Damage and Heal Power.
Pork Omelette Food: Pork Omelette - reduces the cooldown of your abilities and increases your Cast Speed, boosting your overall DPS.
Major Poison Potion Potion: Major Poison Potion - Poisons your Target, reducing its Resistances and dealing True Damage over Time.

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This is the premiere version of our Infernal Staff PvE build for Group-Farming Dungeons. This build is designed to maximize your Single Target and AoE Sustained Damage while also giving you some Burst Damage potential. If you have any suggestions for other Albion Online builds or feedback about this build, you are more than welcome to leave it in the comments below.

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