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The Best PvP Archer build - Albion Online

The Best PvP Archer build - Albion Online

One of the best PvP builds for solo ganking

PvP Archer/Ranger build
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Build notes:
May 6, 2019
-Build created


Build Overview

If you are looking for a fast build with good mobility, high sustained damage, and relatively cheap equipment, this should be a build for you. I have found this build extremely enjoyable for roaming and ganking solo, but it will work just fine when you are in a small group as well. With small adjustments, this build will also work for PvE, farming, and gathering. In such case, you will just need to add an AoE attack; for example Multishot. 

This build utilizes Warbow, which even after the past nerfs, still remains a very solid weapon for PvP. It offers a very strong long-range nuke ability - Magic Arrow which combined with Ambush deals insane damage. Keep in mind that Speed Shot which grants very high Movement Speed bonus, becomes available on Tier V and above, and Speed Shot is a must-have for solo ganking and PvP in general.

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 Pros  Cons
 Great mobility  Mediocre Energy Management in longer fights
 High sustained single-target damage  Underperforms against smaller groups and multiple-targets
 Decent crowd-control with multiple slows at your disposal  
 Cost-effective with no Artifact gear required  


Items & Skills

Warbow Weapon: We are going for a Warbow which has the Magic Arrow Ability. This is one of the best single-target long-range nukes in the game which has increased damage the further your enemy and you can also increase it by initiating a fight from the Ambush. This makes it a perfect pick for a kite and nuke type of build which it exactly is.
Poisoned Arrow
  1. Poisoned Arrow - this build heavily relies on Damage over Time, which lets you focus on positioning and increase your distance to the enemy while steadily lowering his HP
Speed Shot
  1. Speed Shot - a mandatory skill for PvP and ganking. It greatly increases your Attack and Movement Speed which has great uses both to run away from fights you don't want and chasing down your prey
Magic Arrow
  1. Magic Arrow - deals a great amount of damage to enemies which are further away. This is exactly what makes Warbow an exceptional weapon for this build
Slow Poison
  1. Passive: Slow Poison - slows down your target with every hit. Crowd-control is a must-have in PvP and this helps greatly both when you want to increase the distance or chase down your target
Mage Cowl Helmet: Mage Cowl is the preferred choice for the Helmet slot. It grants the Poison ability which is a very powerful source of DoT
  1. Poison - very potent Damage over Time skill which has a 30 seconds cooldown. It should be one of your initiating skills, so in case the fight lasts longer you can squeeze the most of it
  1. Passive: Efficiency - reduces the Energy Cost of your skills helping out greatly in longer fights
Assassin's Jacket Armor: Assassin's Jacket - recommended option for the Armor slot. It grants the Ambush skill
  1. Ambush - you turn yourself invisible. You can't move far from the location where you cast the skill, but it greatly increases your damage on the first skill used. The damage bonus is higher the longer you have been invisible. Using a skill breaks the effect. Using Magic Arrow from Ambush offers insane burst damage making it the best skill to initiate your fight with
Quick Thinker
  1. Passive: Quick Thinker - reduces the cooldown of your abilities
Assassin's Shoes Boots: Assassin's Shoes - basically you can choose any shoes that grant the "Run" ability which is essential for solo ganking
  1. Run - amazing mobility skill which greatly increases your Movement Speed allowing you to easily chase down your target and run away from the threat
Quick Thinker
  1. Passive: Quick Thinker
Dusthole Crab Omelette Food: Dusthole Crab Omelette. Eating it grants reduces Energy Cost of skills and their cooldowns
Sticky Potion Potion: Sticky Potion - creates a sticky area when thrown on the ground slowing down enemies. It also reveals stealthed enemies in the radius

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This is the premiere version of our PvP Archer/Ranger build for Albion Online. If you would like us to include more detailed information, or if we find a high demand for gameplay videos, we may add it in our future updates. We will appreciate any comments and feedback as it will help us decide in which way we should develop our content for Albion Online

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