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Best PoE builds for Blight League and Patch 3.8

Best PoE builds for Blight League and Patch 3.8

List of 5 best Starter Builds and 5 most interesting Builds to play during the Blight League in Patch 3.8

The Best Builds for the Blight League and Patch 3.8
including Top 5 Starter builds

Patch 3.8 and Blight League are starting soon and major changes to three most feeble build archetypes: Miner/Traper, Summoner, and the Poison archetype are being introduced. Necromancer, Saboteur, and Assassin classes will receive significant reworks, a lot of new Active and Support Gems are getting added, and major changes to those mechanics are being introduced. This is just natural that most of the builds listed below fall into those archetypes, and since most of you haven't played them recently (or ever), Blight League is a perfect time to do that. At the same time, Blight League mechanic is often referred to as a "Tower Defense" game, which makes it a perfect League for Totem users and Ranged characters with wide area coverage. 

PLEASE NOTE: The following list is based on the limited amount of information we have received in the current Patch notes. We do not expect big changes to occur when new Unique Items and Passives get discovered, but if so, we will make sure to update the list accordingly. 


#1 Necromancer
Summon Skeleton/Raise Zombie Necromancer - one of the biggest changes that are being introduced with Patch 3.8 is to the Summoner archetype and the Necromancer Ascendancy class. This build has been known for insane DPS for quite some time, but with Minion's clunky targeting and movement, it never made it into the meta. With the upcoming changes, we expect this to be one of the best and the most popular builds in the Blight expansion
#2 Trickster
Essence Drain Trickster - Essence Drain was the second most popular Skill in Path of Exile's Legion League, and apparently it does not seem like it is going to be changed in the upcoming 3.8 Patch. Played in combination with Contagion, Essence Drain melts everything on your screen, and Trickster provides unparalleled defenses and mobility, making it perfect to fight against the Blight. It is also one of the best Starter builds in Path of Exile, with most of the damage coming from Passives and Skill Gems, requiring near to none specific equipment
#3 Assassin
Cobra Lash Poison Assassin - with big buffs to Assassin and new powerful Poison-related Skill Gems, we expect it to be one of the most interesting builds to try out in the Blight League. According to the recent Poison Skill Reveal video, this build will offer amazing AoE and clear speed, and Elusive should give us an extra layer of defense. Survivability was always the biggest issue when playing an Assassin, so we are eagerly looking to try this build out in 3.8
#4 Deadeye
Elemental Tornado Shot Deadeye - Tornado Shot has always been known for its' unparalleled clearing potential and speed. We expect that the massive Area Damage caused by you and your Mirage Archer, in combination with Herald of Ice's explosions will allow you to hold back against the swarms of Blighted enemies as no other Bow build in the game
#5 Raider
Frost Blades Raider - Raider is one of the classes which is going to receive major buffs in Patch 3.8. Raider is getting very high bonuses to DPS and mobility. At the same time, Frost Blades is a Melee skill with one of the widest area coverage in Path of Exile, which offers insane clear speed, and by freezing most of the enemies on your screen, you greatly limit the chance of getting hurt yourself

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Below you will find our recommended Starter builds for the Blight League. All of the builds listed below offer a very smooth transition to end-game content, and they will allow you to complete the Atlas and take down all the Bosses including Shaper and Uber Elder.


The Best Starter builds for the Blight League and Patch 3.8


#1 Necromancer
SRS Baron Necromancer - Summon Raging Spirit has been a very popular Skill for new Leagues for quite some time now. Raging Spirits act like homing missiles which chase down enemies all over the areas offering very good clear speed. It really makes us wonder how powerful they are going to be if you make them more aggressive using the Feeding Frenzy Support  Gem
#2 Guardian
Herald of Purity/Dominating Blow Guardian - this build has been quite popular when Herald of Purity and changes to Dominating Blow and Guardian class were first introduced, and we have recommended this as a great Starter build on several occasions. This is just natural that when we get direct buffs to Minions' DPS and their behavior, we simply have to include this build here. This build offers very solid DPS with 0 item requirements and solid defenses based on Guardian's Ascendancy class
#3 Saboteur
Glacial Cascade Miner/Saboteur - Miner is a very solid DPS-wise class which has most of its' downsides removed in the upcoming Patch 3.8. The clunkiness was the main issue when playing a Miner, which is no longer a thing. Players can now throw Mines instead of only being able to plant them beneath the character. On top of that, we have Skitterbots to aid us and help detonate the Mines which makes this playstyle much smoother. This is a perfect Starter build which offers very high DPS without any expensive gear, and easy transition to end-game with unlimited Boss farming capabilities
#4 Chieftain
Shockwave Totem Chieftan - Totem playstyle will be extremely good in the upcoming Blight League and having multiple Totems that cast powerful AoE Spell positioned around Fungal Growths will deal with it with ease. Shockwave Totem deal base Physical Damage which is converted to Fire Damage by Chieftain's Ascendancy making it one of the most potent Totem builds out there
#5 Slayer
Cyclone RT Slayer - Cyclone Slayer was the most popular and the deadliest combination in Path of Exile. Our setup allowed players to take down Shaper on as little as 1 Exalted Orb investment making it one of the most cost-effective builds in the game. Both Cyclone Skill Gem and Slayer Ascendancy are receiving small nerfs in 3.8, but this still remains extremely smooth and powerful Melee build with near to none item requirements

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We will appreciate suggestions and feedback that could help us improve our list and the builds listed. If you would like to share your thoughts about our work, let us know in the comments below. 

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Grinding Gear Games

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