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Odealo users after attaining the third authorization levels are able to withdraw their accumulated credits to their Paypal or Skrill accounts. Users have to provide their withdrawal email addresses in Payment details section of their user accounts. After administrator approval of their third authorization level request, they can no longer manually change the withdrawal addresses. There is a fee charged when requesting withdrawals in accordance with the Schedule of Service Fees in the amount of 6% + 2 credits.


Can i change my withdrawal email address?

Yes, In case you already have attained the third authorization level(or higher) you can always contact the Odealo administrator in order the change the address. Please be aware and additional verification of ownership of the account might be required to perform this change.

I have requested a withdrawal, how long does it take?

It takes up to 72 hours to prepare a withdrawal transfer. Withdrawals are also currently processed once a week on Fridays. On such schedule, if you have requested  the withdrawal on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, we might be unable to process it on such short notice and the transfer might have to wait till next Friday.

Do you provide withdrawals by different methods or only the two listed in the Payment details tab?

In case you are unable to receive payments to either Paypal or Skrill please contact the administrator. We will try to assist you, but different payment methods might require us to cover additional fees from the funds declared in your notice.