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Buying powerleveling and accounts

Odealo requires users to have the third authorization level before being able to post offers in Powerleveling and Accounts categories. Even then it is advised to always verify who you are dealing with. Usually with Powerleveling offers you will be asked to provide access to your personal game account for the duration of the service and you might be unable to play the game during it(this type of information is always included in offers in this category). Also in some of the games, accounts are assigned to specific person and there is always a way for the original owner to recover an already sold account. For this particular reasons we require users interested in posting offers in this two categories to provide and verify this additonal personal data for the third authorization level.

Odealo takes no additional fees or charges for this types of transactions as there are no guarantees possible for this types of offers. We do our best to allow only verified and fair traders to have their offers posted in this category.


Another website let me pay insurance when buying an account, why don't you offer it?

We do not want to charge people for something we can't possibly fully control. No website will give you a refund for an account when it's recovered by the original -- they are unable to verify this kind of claims when they happen and no business will fully refund anyone under such circumstances. We try to be fair with users and simply inform them of the risks instead of charging them more money for something we wouldn't actually provide. 

How do I provide account details to the seller when purchasing powerleveling services?

You can do it through private message system. It's not advised to do it outside of our website (skype, email or other external mean of communication).

I have sold an account, how to provide the info to the buyer?

You should use the private message system. Also you might request a mediator for this types of trades on Odealo, just contact the administrator.

Someone recovered the account I have bought, what should I do?

Please contact Odealo administrator about this issue. We will do our best to resolve it with the seller.