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In order to place orders users choose the desired goods or services, and input their character or account name when adding them to their shopping cart. It is possible to accept offers from multiple buyers at the same time. For every separate item in the shopping cart, a separate transaction is created.

After adding all the desired items, users have 15 minutes to complete the payment, if they don't, the items will return to the sellers offer, returning the previous available item's count. 

Odealo system checks user's authorization level and credit's balance, and according to it ,it displays available payment methods. All transactions are concluded with acceptance of credits as medium of exchange, and if you don't have enough at the time of purchase you will be prompted to deposit funds through Paypal or Skrill and receive the required amount of credits for your purchases. 

Users are also able to add to their shopping carts diamond packs or additional credits for future transactions.


How do I change the number of items in my shopping cart?

If you made a mistake when adding items to your cart by inputting wrong number of units, just remove the item from your cart and reorder it. This process doesn't cost anything and items should be back in the appropriate offers instantly.

Why is the direct payment option from my credits balance not visible?

If you don't have enough credits in your balance to fully cover the price indicated in your shopping cart you will be unable to pay with your credits(this option will not be visible). In such case you will have to either deposit appropriate number of funds and obtain sufficient number of credits or use other payment methdos available.

Can I combine payment methods and pay 5 credits and deposit 5 usd for a 10 credit order?

No, it is not possible to directly combine payment methods. All transactions are concluded solely with credits as the mean of exchange. You can either deposit 5 usd first to get the 5 missing credits for your order, or deposit 10 usd during your order to get 10 credits to automatically cover the payment in full.

Can I change character name I provided during my order?

It is not possible after the transaction has been created. You can always contact buyer in order to change the delivery details.