0.00 Credits are the medium of exchange on Odealo.com
Credits have a fixed 1:1 exchange rate with US dollars (1 Credit = 1 USD)
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Transaction settlement

All transactions on Odealo are settled upon buyer's delivery confirmation(or not refusing seller's shipping confirmation within 72 hours). After successful settlement, the corresponding amount of credits is instantly transferred to the seller.  

Odealo cannot be held responsible for the transfer of credits as a result of the receipt of the confirmation, which in particular would a result of a mistake of any of the parties of the transaction. In such rare cases please contact the other party of the transaction and ask for a refund or another kind of compensation -- Odealo has no legal or technical means of transferring credits between users.


I have confirmed the delivery by mistake, is there any way to recover my credits from the seller?

The only way is to contact the seller about the situation -- we expect our users to be fair and it's advised to deal with those types of cases with complaince with the rules for social coexistence.