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What is Odealo?

Odealo is an innovative online trading platform for gamers. It provides a safe environment for buyers and sellers to meet and trade their in-game goods and services with the use of real money. With user-friendly offer management and transaction processing tools, and seamless implementation of advanced security measures, Odealo takes player-to-player trading to a whole new level. Registration on Odealo gives you access to one of the fastest-growing MMO trading communities!


Most important things you should know about Odealo

Trading on Odealo is done with the use of Credits. Credits have a 1:1 fixed exchange rate to US Dollars.
Registration is free of charge and we have no country restrictions. There is just one registration process whether you want to become a Seller or a Buyer too. However, in order to request withdrawal of funds, or increase your deposit limits, Users need to verify their personal information. Check User Account Help page or our Terms of Service for more information
Posting offers is free of charge. You can post basic offers right after registering your account. To create offers in certain categories like for example, Power Leveling and Accounts you may  be required to obtain higher Authorization level first
Transaction System Odealo is similar to Escrow. As a Seller, you will get paid after you deliver Items to the Buyer and he confirms receiving what he paid for. In order to maintain the highest level of security, Sellers must keep evidence of each delivery made in the form of screenshots and/or videos. 4% commission is charged after each successful transaction.
Odealo offers withdrawals via Skrill, Webmoney, and Payoneer. Withdrawals are made against a fee and may differ depending on your User level and status. More details can be found on the Fees Help page.