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Transaction system

On Odealo we have applied a very secure and simple transaction system, which maintains safety of both parties of each transaction. In order for sellers to receive payment for the transaction a confirmation is required from the buyer about its postivie resolution. On the other hand we deal with user authorization, and sellers don't have to worry about possible chargebacks or other fraud attempts. With this type of solutions both parties of each transaction can feel completely secure when dealing with other users.


Who am I buying from?

Odealo takes no part in any transaction, we only act as an intermediary. Every transaction on Odealo is concluded between its users -- you have to check the other user's profile and feedback in order to find out who your are dealing with.

I have sold an item, what should I do during delivery?

As a seller you are advised to keep all the evidence of delivery of the goods. In rare cases when buyer does not want to confirm the receipt of the items, the only way for you to receive the payment is to provide the evidence of the delivery to the mediator designated to deal with your dispute.

The buyer does not want to confirm delivery, what can I do?

As the seller you are also able to confirm shipment of the items. After your confirmation, the buyer will have 3 days to report that the delivery is missing and open a transaction dispute. If he takes no action during this time, system will assume transaction's successful resolution and you will receive the payment.

I want to cancel the order, what can I do?

As a buyer if you want to cancel an order you have to request cancellation from the seller from within the transaction details window. The seller has to accept that request in order to cancel the transaction. If he is yet to deliver the items there should be no problem. Otherwise, either party of the transaction will have to contact us to open a dispute and find a resolution to the situation.

If you are a seller you can simply cancel the order at any time but keep in mind you might receive negative feedback and rating for such transactions.

My order is taking too long, what can I do?

If the shipment of your order is overdue you can request cancellation of the order(it will still require acceptation from the seller). There is also a limit to how long a transaction can last, and after 30 days any transaction will be canceled and all payments refunded.