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WoW Classic Leveling Guides and Starter builds for all Classes

WoW Classic Leveling Guides and Starter builds for all Classes

Check out the best Starter/Leveling builds for all the classes in WoW Classic with detailed guides included

WoW Classic
The Best Starter builds and Leveling Guides

WoW Classic is launching on August 27th for everyone with an active subscription. It brings us back to 2006 and World of Warcraft's patch 1.12. With how the game was back then, the leveling was much less casual and effortless, and earning gold wasn't an easy task as it is right now. We have decided to make detailed guides for each of the 9 base classes which will help you reach level 60 in no time and make enough money for the level 40 mount and other initial group/raid expenses. Each of the following builds includes:

  1. Class overview with its PROS & CONS;
  2. Recommended Talents and order of their allocation;
  3. Weapon progression;
  4. Basic leveling/farming rotation;
  5. A brief introduction to recommended professions; 
  6. Tips & Tricks.

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PLEASE NOTE: The following builds are based on the game as it was back in 2006 and is mainly based on our vast in-game experience. The actual gameplay of WoW Classic may slightly differ, and if so, we will try to update the guides accordingly. 

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The best Starter/Leveling builds for all the classes:

RogueRogue Leveling Guide HunterHunter Leveling Guide
PaladinPaladin Leveling Guide PriestPriest Leveling Guide
MageMage Leveling Guide ShamanShaman Leveling Guide
WarriorWarrior Leveling Guide WarlockWarlock Leveling Guide
DruidDruid Leveling Guide  
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Leveling in World of Warcraft Classic is completely different from leveling in the current game versions. That is exactly why we have decided to make separate and detailed guides for each class. If you would like to have more information added, feel free to leave your request in the comments below.

We may also do Leveling Guides/Starter Builds which utilize alternative Talent Trees, skills and specializations, however, for now, we have decided only to list the builds that will offer the most efficient leveling/farming on the lower levels.

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