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WoW Classic Beginners Guide - Tips & Tricks included

WoW Classic Beginners Guide - Tips & Tricks included

World of Warcraft Classic in-depth compendium for both new and returning players

Long Time Ago in the Year of 2004...
World of Warcraft Classic Beginners Guide


November 23rd of the year 2004 is remembered as the most important day in the history of the MMORPG genre. On that very day, the World of Warcraft was released, and soon after, millions of players were sucked deep into the dangerous and exciting world of Azeroth. The Game's scale just could not be compared to any other MMO of that time, and the feeling of becoming a part of the world known from the famous Warcraft series just could not be matched by the fledgling competition. World of Warcraft has succeeded in becoming the best known, the most impactful, and the most inspiring game of all time, and its success was not matched by any game released in the following (almost) 15 years.

For over a decade, many WoW players have dreamed of reliving their Vanilla World of Warcraft adventures. These dreams could be partially fulfilled by playing on private servers, but those were not the "real" thing and a lot of the content featured in them was based on pure guesswork. Abilities didn't work as intended, drop rates were changed, and a lot of "quality of life" changes were implemented, making Private Vanilla WoW servers feel different.

Finally, on the 3rd of November 2017, almost thirteen years after the Vanilla World of Warcraft release, the outcry of the WoW community was finally heard by the Titans (or by Blizzard, but Titans sound way cooler), and the World of Warcraft Classic was announced. Blizzard Entertainment has promised to bring back the REAL Classic WoW experience. This statement raises some questions - What was Classic World of Warcraft really like? Were Horde and Alliance different? Which Classes were the best, and what were the differences between them? Were the Races different from each other? Was questing and leveling more difficult back then? Was the end game content hidden behind the gear walls? Is the Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker, really that amazing (well, yes. Yes it is. Of course)? In this Guide, we will do our best to answer those questions, and prepare you for your upcoming Classic World of Warcraft adventure. We will also try to point you out to the Class, the Race, and the Faction that will be the best for you.

The Nostalgia is real.

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The Classic Features

Over the years of development and finetuning, a lot of things were changed or flat out deleted from the game, and many, many others were added. The Classic in-game experience will greatly differ from the experience available in the newest WoW patches because of that. However, at least a few quality of life changes will be implemented from the Classic's start, as some tuning down was deemed necessary by Blizzard to not scare players who weren't around during the glorious Vanilla days. To, at least partially, prepare you for the Classic World of Warcraft experience we will describe some of the biggest differences, and point out currently confirmed changes between the upcoming Classic, and the 2004's Vanilla.

WoW Classic features
  • Azeroth before the Cataclysm - Classic Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor are back. The old and loved (or hated) zones wait for new adventurers. This means that some Zone-specific features are back in business. Just to name a few:
    • Barrens, the biggest zone of Vanilla WoW can be experienced again, along with its infamous quests, like Collecting Zevra Hooves or Search for Mankrik's Wife. The Barrens Chat* is back on-line to make your long trips through this barren wasteland more pleasurable, and the Crossroads is Under Attack** AGAIN.
      Barrens Chat is infamous for large quantities of trolls, noobs, and bored players, writing all manner of weird stuff.
      ** A word of explanation on the Crossroads attacks - Alliance players can easily make their way to the Crossroads by taking a Ship from Booty Bay to Ratchet. This makes the Crossroads the easiest-to-attack Horde Settlement in Classic WoW.
    • Stranglethorn Vale and the bloodbath that happens there. Vanilla STV is a very popular mid-level Zone in which Horde and Alliance Players meet in large quantities for the first time. This results in the constant Gankfest throughout all the Zone. High-level Players remember that they were Ganked in Stranglethorn, and want their revenge, so they head straight back, and slaughter all opposite faction members in sight. Leveling in Classic STV will surely be the one-of-a-kind experience...
    • Azshara, the zone without almost any content. There are just a few quests in Classic Azshara, which makes it almost completely abandoned. Thanks to this, however, Azshara is one of the best places to farm High-End Vanilla Crafting Materials.
  • The World feels much larger - There are no flying mounts at all, flight paths are few and far between, and the first ground WoW mount is available at level 40. This forces you to run almost everywhere on your feet with a base movement speed. Druids, Shamans, and Hunters have it a bit better because they are able to boost their movement speed via various abilities (Travel form, Ghost Wolf, and Aspect of the Cheetah).
  • Race matters - Every Race is different. This difference comes in the form of Racial Passives and Abilities. The impact of some of those Race-specific traits is very large and results in somewhat low Race Disparity in some Classes (All Racials will be covered in the Races section of this Guide).
    Note: Priests have two additional Priest-specific Spells based on their Race: Trolls get Shadowguard and Hex of Weakness, Forsaken get Touch of Weakness and Devouring Plague,  Night Elves get Elune's Grace and Starshards, Dwarves get Desperate Prayer and Fear Ward, and Humans get Desperate Prayer and Feedback. This results in Forsaken and Dwarves being regarded as the best Priests for their corresponding Factions.
  • Faction-specific Classes - Drenai and Blood Elves are not here yet. This means that there are no Alliance Shamans and Horde Paladins. Faction-Specific Classes add an additional flavor to Factions but also result in some less than pleasant moments in Raids (imagine that you manage to defeat a Boss, as a Horde Player, after a few dozen attempts, and the Boss drops Paladin Gear... yes, this gets infuriating after a while).
  • Gold is worth much more in Classic and making it is much more difficult - Hours of farming or weeks of Auction House flipping are the main options for Goldmaking. Moreover, everything is more expensive, and everybody is constantly broke. Becoming rich in Classic WoW is quite an achievement.
  • Mounts are VERY expensive - The level 40 Riding Skill costs 100 Gold to learn and acquiring that much money by just leveling to 40 is impossible (the sight of a level 40+ Player running around without a mount is a very common one in Classic). The level 60 Riding Skill costs whooping 1000 Gold. This is a fortune for Vanilla standards and can be compared to buying the most expensive mounts of other expansions. Owning an Epic mount is a reason to brag in Classic.
  • Leveling is an inherent part of the game - There are no level boosts, and leveling takes a long time. There are not enough quests to level up with, so Players are forced to grind mobs to supplement questing. Quests are rather long and repeatable, most of them being the kill & gather type with very low drop chances.
    Note: Battlegrounds, Gathering and Crafting do not award any experience.
  • You actually have to read Quest descriptions - Quest objectives are not shown on your minimap, and add-ons like Quest-Helper are not yet available. This means that you have to read quest texts carefully in order to learn about the place in which the said quest is located. Thanks to this, Players get immersed in the world and get to know the lore better.
  • Class Quests are a mandatory part of the leveling experience - In order to gain access to some of the Class-Defining features, you have to complete very lengthy and somewhat infamous Quest chains. Rogue has to complete a quest chain to gain access to Poisons. Shaman unlocks his Totems Through a series of quests. Druid does not have access to his Shapeshift Forms unless he completes corresponding Class Quests. Warlock learns how to summon his Demonic Minions via quests, and so on. These class quests are not only required to unlock your skills and abilities, however. Some of them award a Class-Specific, and very strong level-appropriate gear pieces that make leveling much easier for some time.
  • Leveling is difficult - Or rather, Players are weak compared to mobs they are meant to fight. Fighting against two mobs at once is very hard, and having three attacking you at once is almost certain death. Gear rewards are not that good, so any gear upgrade feels important, and visibly improves your power. Getting your hands on a Rare item (not even mentioning an Epic) feels truly amazing.
  • You get stronger every level - Starting from level 10, you get a new Talent Point* every level, all the way up to 60, and every even level, you gain access to new Skills and Skill ranks, that have to be learned at a Trainer**.
    *Old Talent Trees are back! - All Classes have three Talent Trees to choose from, and their "specialization" depends on the way in which they allocate their Talent Points. There are 51 Talent Points available for a Level-Capped Player, and they can be spent in various different ways (but there always will be that one "best" meta build that everybody will run, of course).
    **Trainers are important again - You have to visit your Class Trainer in order to learn (or rather buy) new skills, spells, and abilities every two levels. Moreover, lower skill ranks can still be used - this is very handy, as some skills are used purely for utility, and all you need is a Rank 1 (because it is cheaper, has a lower casting time, and does the same thing).
  • There is no Dual Talent Specialization - If you want to change your specialization, you have to reset your Talent Points, and that costs A LOT of gold. This is why most Players pick a spec and stick to it for the rest of the game. Only the Richest Players can afford to reset their Talents on a regular basis. This means that if you want to do some PvP, you better do it in your PvE build, or else nobody will want to take you to a Raid, unless you reach down your pocket, and reset your Talent Points. The tough Classic reality at its finest.
  • Classes can perform their unique PvE roles and ONLY those roles - Are you a Priest? Good - you are a Holy Priest Healer. A Warlock? Great - you will run to a Raid, summon everybody, use a Soulstone on a Healer, and then stand somewhere in a corner. Warrior? Excellent - we need a tank! (Even though Fury has very high Raid DPS, you may find it troublesome to find yourself a spot in a Raid party) Mage? That's handy - can you make us some food and portals? You get the idea. All Classes are unique and fill their niche.
  • There is no such thing as "Dungeon/Raid Finder Tool" - All Raid groups have to be assembled manually, and not only that. After your group is ready, you and your party members have to go to your chosen Raid on foot or send a Warlock ahead and make him summon everybody via his Ritual of Summoning. Meeting Stones* work differently in Classic (and were added quite late, in Patch 1.3). They can be used to find a Group for a Dungeon they are assigned to, and only for that one dungeon. This means that you have to run to a Meeting Stone location in order to join a Dungeon Queue. After your group is assembled, you have to run to Dungeon's location again, as you will not be teleported inside of it automatically.
    *In reality, it is much easier to assemble a Dungeon Group manually, using a Trade Chat in a major city, as Meeting Stones are located in the middle of nowhere, and nobody uses them.
  • 40-man Raids - Classic Raids feel truly epic. Armies of Players fight against some of the most iconic Warcraft's Villians, like Ragnaros, Onyxia, C'Thun, and Kel'Thuzad. Of course, assembling a 40-man Raid group might be a bit problematic, and maintaining it even more so, but the sheer scale of 40-man Raid encounters is definitely worth it.
  • Raids require you to complete long attunement Quest Chains - You can't just enter a Raid. The right of entry must be earned first, by the completion of a special, and very long, quest chain. Each of the Classic Raids has its own attunement quest chain.
  • Raids require specific Gear and Class-setups - Want to Raid a Molten Core? You will need a fire resistance set for that. And better not be a Fire Mage, as almost all mobs inside the Molten Core are immune to Fire Damage. Onyxia? A Fire Resistance set as well, but better than the one needed for Molten Core. Naxxramas*? Where do we even start...
    *Classic Naxx has requirements so high, that only 23 Guilds have managed to clear it completely in Vanilla (on US servers). Think about that for a second - Twenty Three out of over 900 that managed to kill at least one boss there (this means that only around 1000 Players have managed to kill Kel'Thuzad. And there were about 900000 level 60 Characters on US servers back then). Going over the whole setup needed for Raiding Naxx 40 in Classic here is pointless, so we will share a little tidbit with you instead - 8 Fully Geared Warrior Tanks were needed to defeat the Four Horseman encounter, and it was not even one of the last bosses...
  • You can't skip the Raid progression - If you want to raid a higher tier Raid, you have to have a complete set from the lower tier Raid, as there is no other way of gearing up for it. This means that you have to start by Raiding Molten Core to get Tier 1 items, then move to the Blackwing Lair an AQ 40 to assemble Tier 2 and 2.5 sets, and then you will maybe be strong enough to attempt Naxxramas.
  • Mobs have limited Debuff Slots - At the launch of Vanilla, Bosses had only 8 slots for debuffs (this limit has risen to 16 at a later patch). This means that Classes like Warlocks and Hunters are not able to utilize DoTs to their full potential. Furthermore, some of those limited Debuff Slots are reserved for things like Sunder Armor. As you can imagine, the Debuff Slot limit reduces the PvE viability of some Specializations.
  • Epic Gear is truly epic - Getting your hands on Epic items is very difficult, as most of them are available from 40-man Raids only. The sight of a fully Epic-Geared player in Classic is quite rare and very inspiring. Even Rare (blue) items are rather scarce and every single one that you get throughout your Classic journey will increase your character's strength visibly.
  • Spell Batching - In Classic, all spell casts and abilities will be processed once every 400 milliseconds. This has some gigantic consequences in PvP. For example, if a Warrior charges at a Paladin and the Paladin is quick enough, he can Stun the Warrior and negate his charge if he is quick enough to react. Rogues can Gouge each other at the same time, and so on. Spell Batching opens a lot of possibilities and increases the PvP skill cap by a lot. Baasickly if you have a spell or an ability that can be used to counter another spell or ability, you can gain an advantage over your opponent by taking advantage of this system.
  • The 14-Rank PvP System - Rising in a PvP Ranking is a grind fest. You have to kill members of the opposite faction almost constantly to reach the Grand Marshal(Alliance) or High Warlord(Horde) rank, and only 0.1% of all Players can reach these ranks at a server, at a time (reaching and maintaining a Rank 14 requires about 12 hours of PvP grind every day). Each rank allows you to get better PvP equipment but is much more difficult to achieve than the previous one. Fun Fact - the Rank-14 grind was so long and painful, that many players who managed to get through it back in Vanilla have quit the game almost immediately after finally completing it.
  • The Holy Trinity of Battlegrounds - There are three battlegrounds in Classic, Warsong Gulch, Alterac Valley, and Arathi Basin. The Alterac Valley is the one that deserves the most attention. A single Alterac Valley battleground could last for over eight hours. Back in the day, it was a truly epic (and long) experience with lots of additional objectives and side quests*.
    *Unfortunately, Blizzard has confirmed that it is the nerfed and much shorter version of AV that is coming to the WoW Classic.
  • World PvP - Everybody is traveling on foot, there is no Zoning, and the Flying Mounts aren't there. Players will meet members of the opposite Faction while questing and grinding, and these meetings will result in a lot of PvP engagements. World PvP thrives in Classic.
  • Weak Diminishing Returns System (or lack of it in some cases) - Yes, you read that correctly, some CC spells present in the early patches of Vanilla WoW didn't have DRs, and many of them were not shared with each other (this means that Kidney Shot + Cheap Shot, and Seduce + Fear do not share DRs, and some Spell DRs are not present in the game at all - a Frost Shock does not have one for example). This means that Rogues can stun lock you for 10 seconds without any problems, or even render you unable to do anything for as long as 30 seconds (by properly using their Cooldowns, and with a proper Talent Build). Shamans can humiliate Melee Classes in Duels by slowing them with a Frost Shock constantly and running around laughing. The Classic PvP is brutal, be prepared for it.
    Note: DR issues were fixed in later vanilla patches, for example - new DRs were added in the patch 1.4 (for Frost Shock, Frost Nova, and Entangling Roots). 
    Note2: WoW Classic will start with a patch 1.12, which means that Crowd Control will not be as overpowered as during the early months of Vanilla (because there were a lot of DR changes between patches 1.1 and 1.12).
  • Mailboxes... - This might sound strange, or funny even, but it is not. There are not that many mailboxes in the Classic World of Warcraft. For example, there are only two in Orgrimar - one next to the bank (this is the one that everybody uses and the one that is blocked by Players constantly), and a second one at the entrance to the Valley of Honour (which is almost never used, as it is far away from the Auction House). So don't be surprised if you will not be able to locate a mailbox in a major city.
The New-Classic Features that differ from Vanilla
  • Loot Trading in Raids - Loot Trading is a feature, first introduced in Wrath of The Lich King, that allows Players to trade bind-on-pickup items to other group members, who have participated in an encounter in which said items have dropped, for two hours. This lets you give away an item that you have Needed by accident, without writing a ticket to a GM. However, Loot Trading opens a route for various exploits by, for example, allowing players to group up and mass-roll an item for someone (and rolling 1 against 4 in a Dungeon is not fun at all). Blizzard has recognized this, and the Loot Trading feature will be present in Raids only, in order to limit the number of exploits that inevitably will come with it. The Community is divided when it comes to the reception of this feature, to say the least.
    This feature may also be used to keep PUG groups together, by delaying loot rolls (everyone remembers the type of player who loses a roll and proceeds to leave the group immediately after).
  • Nerfed Alterac Valley - We will most likely not see the first and the grandest version of the Alterac Valley Battleground, as developers plan to implement the nerfed 1.12 version to the WoW Classic. Some Vanilla veterans are outraged by this, but the decision itself might be actually a good one because a 24-hour long battleground is an overkill, to say the least. Who knows, maybe we will see the unnerfed version as a part of an event, or maybe developers will listen to the Community and release the 1.1 version at the start and change it after a few months.
  • PvP and PvE Content will be released in 6 stages  - This system introduces a power-progression, which is very important for Classic WoW's longevity. Players will be able to gradually explore Classic's content and see their characters develop just like they would back in Vanilla. The order of content releases differs from the Vanilla patch releases slightly, but still is very similar to it, and will emulate the "original" WoW experience well. The 6 content stages look as follows:
    1. Stage one (Classic launch)

PvE Content released:

  • Molten Core Raid
  • Onyxia's Lair Raid
  • Maraudon Five-Man Dungeon

PvP Content released:

  • No formal rewards available for PvP, no Honor system, no Dishonorable kills, world PvP only - this state reflects the Vanilla's PvP at its launch
  1. Stage two

PvE Content released:

  • Azuregos World Boss
  • Lord Kazzak World Boss
  • Dire Maul Five-Man Dungeon

PvP Content released:

  • Honor System
  • Dishonorable Kills (killing NPC's will be punished from now on)
  1. Stage three

PvE Content released:

  • Blackwing Lair Raid
  • Darkmoon Faire
  • Darkmoon Faire Decks are available from this Stage forward

PvP Content released:

  • Alterac Valley Battleground version 1.12 (the post-nerf version, as mentioned before)
  • Warsong Gulch Battleground
  1. Stage four

PvE Content released:

  • Zul'Gurub Raid
  • Lethon, Emeriss, Ysondre, and Taerar - Green Dragons corrupted by the Emerald Nightmare, available as World Bosses

PvP Content released:

  • Arathi Basin
  1. Stage five

PvE Content released:

  • The beginning of the Ahn'Qiraj War Effort
  • Ahn'Quiraj Raids will open when the war effort dictates
  • Reconfiguration of the Dungeon Loot - location and drop rate changes, Relics, and Tier 0.5 Dungeon Gear

PvP Content released:

  • There is no PvP-related content release planned for this stage
  1. Stage six

PvE Content released:

  • Naxxramas Raid
  • Scourge Invasion begins

PvP Content released:

  • World PvP Objectives in Eastern Plaguelands
  • World PvP Objectives in Silithus

Note: The exact timeline of stage releases is not yet determined by Blizzard. We will update it as soon as the timetable is released.

Classic WoW Factions and Races

The choice of Race is very important in the WoW Classic, as some of the Racial traits are very powerful. Many Racials were nerfed, changed or straight up removed in later patches, but in Classic, they can be utilized in their original, game-impacting state. Competitive Players might even want to choose their Faction based on Racial traits of one of its member Races.

Note: Classic World of Warcraft has more Race restrictions, compared to the post-Cataclysm expansions. For example, Troll Druid and Tauren Rogue are not viable Class-Race combinations.

Eight Classic WoW's Races and their Factions


The successor to the Alliance of Lordaeron, the Classic Alliance is a coalition of mutual economic and military aid between the Humans of Stormwind, the Night Elves of Darnassus, the Dwarves of Khaz Modan, and the Gnomes of Gnomeregan. The might of the Alliance is legendary, and its desire for Peace and Prosperity even more so.


Battle-hardened Humans of the City of Stormwind are a very resilient people. This resilience was forged by long years of war against the Orcish Horde during the First and the Second War.

Humans have the following Racial Abilities:

  • Mace Specialization - Adds +5 Weapon Skill with Maces and Two-Handed Maces
  • Sword Specialization - Adds +5 Weapon Skill with Swords and Two-Handed Swords
  • Diplomacy - All Reputation Gains are increased by 10%
  • The Human Spirit - Human's total Spirit is increased by 5%
  • Perception - Greatly increases Human's Stealth Detection for 20 seconds. It has 3-minute Cooldown

Humans can choose one of the following Classes:

  • WarriorWarrior
  • WarlockWarlock
  • RogueRogue
  • PriestPriest
  • PaladinPaladin
  • MageMage

Human's preferred mount is a Horse


Dwarves are an ancient race of stunt and robust humanoids. They prefer to build their settlements underground and are recognized as excellent miners and blacksmiths. Dwarves of Khaz Modan are old and ever-faithful allies of Humans.

Dwarves have the following Racial Abilities:

  • Find Treasure - Dwarf senses nearby Treasures. Their location is shown on the Minimap
  • Gun Specialization - Adds +5 Weapon Skill with Guns
  • Frost Resistance - Dwarf's Frost Resistance is increased by 10
  • Stoneform - Grants immunity to Disease, Poison, and Bleed effects, and increases Dwarf's Armor by 10% for 8 seconds. It has a 3-minute Cooldown

Dwarves can choose one of the following Classes:

  • WarriorWarrior
  • RogueRogue
  • PriestPriest
  • PaladinPaladin
  • HunterHunter

Dwarf's preferred mount is a Ram

Night Elves

Natives of the Continent of Kalimdor, the Kal'dorei commonly known as Night Elves, are an ancient Humanoid Race. After a long seclusion period, they have joined the Alliance at the end of the Third War.

Night Elves have the following Racial Abilities:

  • Nature Resistance - Night Elf's Nature Resistance is increased by 10
  • Wisp Spirit - Upon Death, Night Elf's Spirit assumes the form of a Wisp, and its speed is increased by 50%
  • Quickness - Night Elf's Dodge chance is increased by 1%
  • Shadowmeld - Allows a Night Elf to slip into the shadows, hiding from enemies, and reducing their chance to detect his presence. The effect lasts until canceled or upon moving. This ability also increases Night Elf Rogue's Stealth and Night Elf Druid's Prowl effectiveness

Night Elves can choose one of the following Classes:

  • WarriorWarrior
  • RogueRogue
  • PriestPriest
  • DruidDruid
  • HunterHunter

Night Elf's preferred mount is a Saber


Very short, very peculiar, and very ingenious, Gnomes are driven by their obsession for creating new and often radical inventions and technologies. Exiled from their home - Gnomeregan, they now live in the city of Ironforge, side by side with the Dwarves, and in league with the Alliance.

Gnomes have the following Racial Abilities:

  • Engineering Specialist - Gnome's Engineering Profession Skill is increased by 15
  • Expansive Mind - Gnome's total Intelligence is increased by 5%
  • Arcane Resistance - Gnome's Arcane Resistance is increased by 10
  • Escape Artist - Removes any immobilization of movement impairing effects. It has a 1-second cast time and 1-minute Cooldown

Gnomes can choose one of the following Classes:

  • WarriorWarrior
  • RogueRogue
  • WarlockWarlock
  • MageMage

Gnome's preferred mount is a Mechanostrider


The original Horde was created by the Orcs of Draenor. After its defeat in the Second War, orc Shaman Thrall has managed to free Orcs from the Burning Legion's control and became the first Warchief of the new Horde, which now consists of the Orcs of Durotar (descendants of the Draenor's Orcs), Trolls of the Darkspear Tribe, The Tauren of Mulgore, and the Forsaken of Tirisfal Glades.


Green-Skinned Orcs of Azeroth are a race native to the world of Draenor. They had once fallen under the influence of the Burning Legion and crossed the Dark Portal to wage war on the Humans. Now freed from the Legion's demonic influence, they have settled on the continent of Kalimdor, lead by their mighty Warchief - Thrall.

Orcs have the following Racial Abilities:

  • Axe Specialization - Adds +5 Weapon Skill with Axes and Two-Handed Axes
  • Command - Increases the Damage done by Orc Warlock's, and  Orc Hunter's pets by 5%
  • Hardiness - Increases the chance to resist Stuns by an additional 25%
  • Blood Fury - Increases Orc's base Melee Attack Power by 25% for 15 seconds, but reduces the effectiveness of all Healing effects and Healing Spells cast on him by 50% for 25 seconds. It has a 2-minute Cooldown

Orcs can choose one of the following Classes:

  • WarriorWarrior
  • RogueRogue
  • WarlockWarlock
  • ShamanShaman
  • HunterHunter

Orc's preferred mount is a Wolf


Forsaken are the Undead who have freed themselves from the influence of the Lich King. Lead by Lady Sylvanas, they have settled beneath the ruins of Lordaeron and built their capital, known as the Undercity, beneath the once-great Human Kingdom. Still searching for their place in Azeroth, Forsaken have recently joined the Horde, as it was their best chance of survival against the constant threat posed by the Alliance.

Forsaken have the following Racial Abilities:

  • Shadow Resistance - Forsaken's Shadow Resistance is increased by 10
  • Cannibalize - Regenerates 7% of Forsaken's Total Health every 2 seconds for 10 seconds, when activated. This ability works only on Undead and Humanoid corpses within 5 yards. Any Damage, Movement, or Action taken while Cannibalize is active will cancel the effect.
  • Underwater Breathing - Forsaken can hold his breath for 300% longer than normal, allowing him to stay underwater for longer
  • Will of the Forsaken - Forsaken becomes immune to Sleep, Fear, and Charm effects for 5 seconds. This ability also removes all active Sleep, Fear, and Charm effects from the caster. It has a 2-minute Cooldown

Forsaken can choose one of the following Classes:

  • WarriorWarrior
  • RogueRogue
  • WarlockWarlock
  • PriestPriest
  • MageMage

Forsaken's preferred mount is a Skeletal Horse


One of the oldest races native to the world of Azeroth. Tauren have a very strong connection with nature, which is shown by their shamanistic and druidic couture. They love peace and harmony, but will not shy away from combat when their Horde allies or their homes are in danger.

Tauren have the following Racial Abilities:

  • Nature Resistance - Tauren's Nature Resistance is increased by 10
  • Endurance - Tauren's Total Health is increased by 5%
  • Cultivation - Tauren's Herbalism Profession Skill is increased by 15
  • War Stomp - Stomps the Ground, Stunning up to 5 Targets within 8 yards for 2 seconds. It has 2 a 2-minute Cooldown

Tauren can choose one of the following Classes:

  • WarriorWarrior
  • ShamanShaman
  • HunterHunter
  • DruidDruid

Tauren's preferred mount is a Kodo


Trolls are an ancient race that has once ruled over almost all of Azeroth. These days are far gone, however, and many Troll tribes were forced to leave their homes in Stranglethorn Vale because of tribal rivalries that have erupted in the former Gurubashi Empire. Trolls of the Darkspear Tribe have found their new home in Durotar, and are now rebuilding their former strength with the help of the Horde.

Trolls have the following Racial Abilities:

  • Regeneration - Increases Troll's Health regeneration rate by 10% and allows 10% of Troll's Total Health regeneration to continue during combat
  • Beast Slaying - Troll's Damage Done against Beasts is increased by 5%
  • Bow Specialization - Adds +5 Weapon Skill with Bows
  • Throwing Specialization - Adds +5 Weapon Skill with Thrown Weapons
  • Berserking - Increases Troll's Attack and Casting speed by 10% to 25%, based on Troll's current Health - Lower Health results in the Higher effect. It lasts for 10 seconds and has a 3-minute Cooldown

Trolls can choose one of the following Classes:

  • WarriorWarrior
  • ShamanShaman
  • HunterHunter
  • MageMage
  • PriestPriest
  • RogueRogue

Troll's preferred mount is a Raptor

Classic World of Warcraft Classes

As you most likely know, there are 9 Classes in WoW Classic, which means no Death Knights, no Monks, and no Demon Hunters. Two of these classes are Faction-locked - Paladins are Alliance only, and only Horde Players can create a Shaman. Each of the Classes has its own flavor and a designated Group PvE role. Some of the Classes can fit in multiple different roles, but there is always that single one in which they are the most competitive. For example, Paladins and Druids can technically Tank, but their AoE aggro generation capabilities are lackluster which, as you can imagine, gets very problematic when clearing an end-game content. In this section, we will take a closer look at all 9 Classes, and point out their strengths and weaknesses, so that you can choose the one best suited to your playstyle.

Important Note: Race suggestions for each of the following Classes are based on Racial Traits that those Races get. Things like consumables are not taken into account, because if you stack yourself up with all the consumables, the Race stops to matter (Free Action Potion can replace Will of the Forsaken to some extent, making the racial redundant and so on).

Druid is, no doubt, one of the most versatile Classes in Classic World of Warcraft. Thanks to his Shapeshifting abilities he can fulfill all three of the holy trinity roles, tanking, healing, and damage dealing. This great versatility comes at a price, however, and a Druid, although he is a jack of all trades, he is also a master of none. Leveling with a Druid is fast and painless for the most part, however, some Class Quests can get annoying (just skip the Aquatic Form Quest for some time and you'll be fine).
 Pros  Cons
 Fast to level thanks to excellent mobility (Traveling Form, improved Cat Form), the ability to self heal, and good self-Sustain (Catform utilizes Energy and Bearform utilizes Rage, which means that you don't have to drink after every single pull).  No access to Shapeshift forms below Level 10 makes starting levels quite painful to grind through
 Can use Cat Form's Prowl to sneak past mobs  Prowl is weaker than Rogue's Stealth, which means that you can be detected more easily
 Does not depend on Gear upgrades too much when leveling, thanks to Spaheshift Forms  Mediocre damage output at medium to high levels
 Can Tank, Heal or Deal Damage in Dungeons throughout the leveling process, which makes him the most versatile Class in Classic  Lackluster as a Tank in the Eng-Game
 Battle Resurrection (Rebirth)  No other Resurrection spells (only Rebirth and the Rebirth has a long Cooldown)
Best Races for the Class
  • Night Elf is the only Alliance Race that can become a Druid in World of Warcraft Classic.
  • Turen is the only Horde Race that can become a Druid in World of Warcraft Classic.

If we were to compare Night Elves and Taurens it would turn out that they are pretty much equal as Druids. When it comes to Tanking, Night Elf gets 1% extra Dodge, but Tauren has 5% more Health. Neither of them has a Racial that would affect DPS, but Night Elf's Shadowmeld improves Catform's Prowl effect by a bit, which makes Night Elf marginally easier to level with. Tauren's War Stomp makes him generally better than Night Elf in PvP, on the other hand, and lets him escape danger in PvE more easily.

Class-specific tips & tricks
  • Feral is the best for leveling, and your leveling Stat Priority looks like this: Agility ⇒ Strenght ⇒ Stamina ⇔ Intellect ⇒ Spirit.
  • Remember that your Mana regenerates while you are Shapeshifted, and your Shapeshift-specific skills do not affect its regen. This means that you should front-load your spells before or at the start of the engagement (by using HoTs, Roots, and DoTs, for example), and then Shapeshift. This will ensure, that you'll regenerate your mana throughout the whole Combat, and allow you to use more spells after the Engagement without Drinking.
  • Entangling Roots do not have a DR when used on mobs, so you can keep a mob Rooted at all times.
  • Ferocious Bite drains all of your Energy, so use it only when your Energy is low, and you have accumulated enough Combo Points to warrant it.
  • If you plan to run Dungeons to supplement your leveling, it is a good idea to keep an Intelligence set around. This will make you much more versatile and welcome in Dungeon Groups, as being a Tank, a DPS or a Healer makes an ultimate Party member out of you.
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Hunter deals Damage from a distance and relies on his Pet when it comes to keeping the enemy's attention. Hunter's Pet combined with his high Damage output lets him progress through leveling at a pace unmatched by any other Class (with a notable exception of a Druid, maybe). Hunter as a Class is very easy to play, but also very hard to master, as there are a lot of things that can be finetuned (micromanaging Pets, Stutter stepping, playing around Hunter's main weakness in PvP - a Dead Zone, etc.). Hunters are also known for being able to solo Elite Mobs without too much of a problem.
 Pros  Cons
 Good Mobility thanks to Aspect of the Cheetah and movement speed increasing Talents  The dreaded Dead zone - Hunters have a Maximum and a Minimum Ranged Weapon Range, and their Melee range is standard 5yd. This creates a Dead zone (between 5yd and 8yd from the Hunter) around the Hunter in which Spellcasters can hide to avoid being attacked by him
 Pet serves as a personal Tank, making a Hunter very self-sufficient  Taming a pet will not scale its level (if you tame a level 5 Boar as a level 60, the Boar will stay at level 5)
 Quick to level thanks to mobility and a Pet  Ranged Weapons require ammo, and a Quiver/Ammo Pouch uses up an inventory slot
 Good self-Sustain, and high Damage potential  Pets require food to stay happy and might abandon you if you neglect them
Best Races for the Class
  • The best Alliance Race for PvE and PvP Hunters is Dwarf.  Reasoning - Stoneform comes in really handy both in PvP and PvE, as it helps you keep your Distance from Targets, and the bonus to Skill with Guns is a nice bonus, but it is nowhere near as important as bonuses to Melee Weapons are for Melee Classes. Night Elf's Shadowmeld has some interesting uses in PvP but is rather useless in PvE.
  • The best Horde Race for PvE Hunters is Troll, and the Orc is second best. Reasoning - Troll's Bow specialization, while not as impactful as Melee Weapon specializations are for other Classes, provides a nice DPS bonus, and the Berserking is the only Offensive Racial Cooldown available for the Horde, as Orc's Blood Fury increases Melee Attack Power only. Orc and his 5% extra damage done by Pets is the second best choice (if only Blood Fury worked on Ranged Attack Power...). It is also worth to remember, when picking an Orc over a Troll, that in Classic pets take full Damage from AoE spells and abilities, which means that they die on a regular basis in Raids and Dungeons.
  • The best Horde Race for PvP Hunters is Orc, and the Tauren is second best. Reasoning - Again, Orc's ability to resist all Stun effect 25% of the time secures him the first place, and his 5% pet Damage bonus is a nice addition. Tauren's War Stomp adds a powerful Crowd Control option to Hunter's toolkit, provides him with an extra pseudo-interrupt and lets him escape from melee range more reliably. 5% increased Health boosts survivability a bit, and the Nature Resistance lowers Damage taken from Rogue's Poisons. Troll is a more offensive option and his power-level is very comparable to Tauren's, so the choice between these two is up to Player's preference.
Class-specific tips & tricks
  • Beast Mastery supplemented by Marksmanship at later levels is the best for leveling, and your leveling Stat Priority looks like this: Agility ⇒ Intellect ⇒ Stamina ⇔ Spirit ⇒ Strenght
  • Learn how to Stutter Step, this will help you at low levels or when your Pet is dead and is also very useful in PvP.
  • Tame Beasts that are at your level to maximize their value, as there is no Pet level scaling and every Pet stays at its original level after Taming.
  • Different Pet types have different Stat modifiers - these range from -10% to + 10% (for Damage, Health, and Armor). They also have type-specific abilities (Boar has charge, Bats can Stun and so on).  Also, different Pet types require different types of food. Keep these things in mind when choosing a Pet to tame.
  • This is trivial, but remember to feed your Pet, dismiss it when you go AFK or it might abandon you while you are away, and always keep some of its favorite food in your bags.
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Mage is a spell caster, who specializes in Crowd Control, AoE Damage, and Burst Damage. His potent Slow abilities let him Grind multiple Mobs at a time better than any other Class. Mage is also able to conjure Food and Drink, which saves him some valuable Gold in the long run but also turns him into a Vending Machine in Raids (Just imagine 39 People asking you for Food and Drinks...). Skilled Frost Mage is a nightmare for any Melee Class in a PvP scenario, and can make even an experienced PvPer look like very silly.
 Pros  Cons
 High Damage output, and strong CC toolkit  Glass Cannon
 Ultimate Mob-Grinding machine thanks to strong AoE Damage and CC spells  Runs out of mana quickly, which increases downtime
 Great group utility  Low self-Sustain, and lack of self-healing spells
 Can Conjure Foor and Drinks  Somewhat weak at low levels
 Good in PvP thanks to Freezes and other CC effects, like Polymorph  Can die in seconds when jumped on by a Rogue
 Capital City Teleports  Living Vending/Fast Travel machine in Dungeons and Raids
Best Races for the Class
  • The best Alliance Race for PvE Mages is Gnome. Reasoning - The Intelligence Racial is very strong, and the Escape artist might come in handy in some situations. Human's Racials do not boost Mage's PvE capabilities.
  • The best Alliance Race for PvP Mages is Gnome. Reasoning - Gnome's Escape Artist and Intelligence Bonus overweigh Human's Perception and Spirit Bonus, however, you might prefer Human if Rogues ruin your day constantly.
  • The best Horde Race for PvE  Mages is Troll. Reasoning - The other choice is Undead, and Undead's Racials do not have any direct impact on DPS. Troll's Berserking is the way to go, but if truth be told, it is not that great, and Undead's Racial abilities and the utility that they provide might turn out to be more useful overall.
  • The best Horde Race for PvP Mages is Undead. Reasoning - In PvP the situation is different. The Undead's utility makes him a better choice, as the ability to break Fears is highly valuable, but Troll's casting speed boost that comes from Berserking might find its uses as well.
Class-specific tips & tricks
  • Frost Talent Tree is perfect for fast leveling, as it provides you with great CC and survivability options. After getting the Ice Barrier, you should go straight for the Arcane Concentration from Arcane Tree, because Clear Casting procs are very strong (if you are experienced in AoE grinding, you should get Arcane Concentration first). Your leveling Stat Priority looks like this: Intellect ⇒ Spirit ⇔ Stamina ⇒ Agility ⇒ Strenght.
  • Always have a Rank 1 Frostbolt, as a handy Slow effect on your Cast bar (Rank 1 Frostbolt has the lowest Casting time, and its slow effect is on par with higher levels).
  • Rank 1 Fireball can be useful as a fast DoT applier. It can be used against Rogues in PvP to counter their Vanish.
  • Learn how to kite and kill multiple mobs at a time. This will greatly increase your leveling speed.
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Paladin is an Alliance-only Class. He wears heavy armor and can fulfill roles of a Tank (in the earlier content, at least) and a Healer, (Retribution Paladin is not viable for Raiding, sadly). Paladin's Blessings are among the best Utility spells in Classic, but they last for 5 minutes only, which forces Paladin to rebuff the whole Raid constantly (annoying, to say the least). Leveling as a Paladin is a lengthy process, especially at lower levels, as he does not have access to any strong Damaging abilities and relies mostly on Weapon Swings in Combat.
 Pros  Cons
 Very strong against Undead mobs  Very slow to level at low to mid levels
 Almost as versatile during leveling as a Druid. Can Tank, Heal, and Deal Damage in group content  Relies on gear upgrades when leveling
 Gets a free mount at level 40 (this is especially great at the start of Classic)  Lackluster CC toolkit combined with low mobility makes you vulnerable to ganks/dying from the accidental mob pulls (however, the bubble can save you)
 Great group Utility  No mobility Cooldowns. Kiting a Paladin is rather easy
 Can AoE grind very efficiently after getting the Reckoning Talent from the Protection Talent Tree  
 Bubble + Hearthstone for the win  
Best Races for the Class
  • The best Alliance Race for PvE DPS/Tanking Paladins is Human. Reasoning - Human's Weapon Skill bonus is very important for Paladins, as they are Auto-Attack-Dependant.
  • The best Alliance Race for PvP DPS Paladins is Human. Reasoning - The same as for PvE, Weapon Skill pushes Human over the Dwarf because Paladins have Cleanse and the Blessing of Freedom in their Toolkit already, which makes Stoneform less impactful.
  • Humans and Dwarves are rather equal as PvE/PvP Holy Paladins. You might prefer Human because of his Spirit Bonus, but the boost that it provides is marginal.
  • Paladin Class is not available for any Horde Race.
Class-specific tips & tricks
  • You should start as a Retribution and then switch to Protection at level 32 to get Reckoning. This will allow you to kill mobs in packs. Your Statistic Priority for Reckoning Build is Strenght ⇒ Stamina ⇒ Intellect ⇒ Agility ⇒ Spirit.
  • You can /Sit in Combat to get Reckoning stacks more quickly, as Siting results in you being Critically Hit all the time, and negates all your defensive stats like Block, Parry, and Dodge.
  • Weapon Damage is more important than Weapon DPS. This means that Slow Two-Handed Weapons are the best for you.
  • If you get our hand on a Cloth/Leather/Mail (at level 40+) item with appropriate stats, use it. 
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The (Holy) Priest is regarded as the best Healing Class in the Classic World of Warcraft, which makes him desirable in any Raid/Dungeon/Battleground group. When specced into Shadow, He can also be very effective as a DPS. Unlike other Classes, Priest gets additional Race-Related abilities, which means that the Race choice is even more important for a Priest than for other Classes. Thanks to very good self-sustain and strong utility, Priest is a very fast-leveling Class.
 Pros  Cons
 Strong Self-Healing  Low Mobility
 Good group Utility  Lackluster Crowd Control options
 Unique Race-Dependant Priest Racials  Low Mobility and limited Crowd Control, combined with lack of the Escape Tools makes you prone to Ganks
 Versatile; Can Deal Damage or Heal in groups  The visible portion of Priest's DPS comes from Wands which makes him sort of Gear-Dependant (better Wand = Higher DPS)
 Great Self-sustain, and close to non-existent Downtime  
Best Races for the Class
  • The best Alliance Race for PvE/PvP Healing Spec Priests is Dwarf, and the Human is second best. Reasoning - Dwarves get a Fear Ward as their Priest Racial, and the Fear Ward is insanely good in both PvP and PvE (it lets you bypass some Boss mechanics, and makes you much stronger against Warlocks in PvP). Stoneform comes as a bonus here (and it was a deciding factor in other Classes, which shows you how good the Fear Ward is). Human's Spirit Racial is quite good for Priests, as they benefit from it more than other Classes do. Both Humans and Dwarves get the Desperate Prayer so it is not a real factor here, although it is still quite strong.
  • The best Alliance Race for PvE/PvP DPS Priests is Dwarf, and the Human is second best. Reasoning - The reasoning here is exactly the same as it is for Healer Specced Priests. Fear Ward's utility carries Dwarf to the front. Moreover, Spirit is less useful to a Shadow Priest than it if to Holy.
  • The best Horde Race for PvE Healer Priests is Undead, and the Troll is a close second. Reasoning - The utility provided by the Will of The Forsaken and, to the lesser extent, by the Cannibalize is a bit better than Troll's Berserking. Priest Racials for Undead and Trolls do not have much impact when it comes to Healing in Raids. Undead's Devouring Plague would be quite good, as it Heals you, but it gets hindered by the limited Debuff space on Bosses and its immensely high mana cost. On the other hand, Troll's Hex of Weakness and the Healing reduction that it provides can prove to be useful in some encounters if there is no Warrior with a Mortal Strike Talented.
  • The best Horde Race for PvP Healer Priests is Troll, but the Undead is almost as good. Reasoning - PvP is where the Hex of Weakness really shines, as it enables you to reduce the effectiveness of enemy Healers. Berserking, on the other hand, lets you survive by greatly increasing your Heal per Second while you are on low HP. Shadowguard, while rather lackluster, can be hilarious when combined with the Blackout Talent, giving you a shield that can sometimes Stun attackers for 3 seconds. Undead's Devouring Plague is very strong DoT, but it costs a lot and might make you lose all your mana that is much-needed for Healing. The Will of the Forsaken is very strong, and if you prefer that extra CC breaker over HPS increasing Cooldown, you should pick Undead over a Troll without much hesitation.
  • The best Horde Race for PvP DPS Spec Priests is Undead. Reasoning - Undead's Devouring Plague is a very potent DoT, and it Heals the caster to boot, while the Will of the Forsaken and Cannibalize provide some extra utility. Troll's Berserking provides some extra Burst Damage potential and the Hex of Weakness might be useful in some circumstances, as mentioned before, but Undead's toolkit wins this comparison rather easily.
  • The best Horde Race for PvE DPS Spec Priests is Troll, but Undead follows closely. Reasoning - Berserking wins out in Raids, as it provides some extra DPS. Devouring Plague is quite strong, but it costs too much mana and takes a valuable debuff slot, so you will likely not be allowed to use it in 40-man Raids. If you like Will of the Forsaken, you can pick Undead over the Troll, and you will not lose out much if anything at all.
Class-specific tips & tricks
  • The Discipline+Shadow or Holy+Shadow+Disci's Wand Specialization is the way to go below level 40. After that, you should Respec to get the Shadowform from the Shadow Talent tree and supplement it with Discipline Talents at higher levels (the other option is the Holy Smite build).  Your leveling Stat Priority looks like this: Spirit ⇒ Intellect ⇒ Stamina ⇒ Agility ⇒ Strenght.
  • Use Power Word: Shield over Healing if possible, as this is more mana efficient, and when combined with the Spirit Tap should be enough to sustain you.
  • Quiver might be a good option at low levels, as it increases your Wand's Attack Speed, and you don't have bags anyway.
  • Multi-DoT mobs if you pull more than one at a time.
  • Wand Hits and Melee Weapon Hits have separate Swing Timers. This means that you can swing with your Melee Weapon in-between your Wand Shots.
  • You can use lower ranks of the Psychic Scream to preserve mana when fighting 2, 3 or 4 Targets (use the appropriate Spell level).
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Rogue is a very potent Melee Damage Dealer and a Core DPS of any Raid Group. His ability to Stealth allows him to sneak around enemies and boosts his, already respectable, PvP capabilities even higher. Leveling Rogue has problems with self-Sustain because he wears light Leather Armor, and does not have access to any Self-Heals, except for a Bandage from time to time. In Raids, however, Rogue can DPS, unlike any other Class, thanks to his constantly regenerating Energy Pool, and some potent Threat-Reduction abilities. Rogue also brings some utility to his Groups, in the form of a Sap and the ability to Pick Locks.
 Pros  Cons
 Stealth allows you to skip mob packs, and do some Quests more easily  No Self-Healing, and somewhat limited defensive options (you only have Evasion, really)
 Very High Single-Target Damage  Low mobility during leveling (Sprint is your only option, and it has a 5-minute Cooldown)
 Good in PvP, even as a Combat spec  Low self-Sustain
 Can disengage easily thanks to Vanish  Lacks AoE abilities (there is only Blade Flurry, and it is a Talent)
 Good soft Crowd Control options and strong Stuns  Damage output and leveling speed depends on Gear
Best Races for the Class
  • The best Alliance Race for PvE Rogues is Human, and the Dwarf is second best. Reasoning - We assume, that you want to use Swords for PvE, and Humans have appropriate Racial, Dwarves, on the other hand, are more durable because of the Stoneform.
  • The best Alliance Race for PvP Rogues is Dwarf, and the Human is second best.  Reasoning - we value Stoneform over Perception in PvP, because the Stoneform is as close to the Cloak of Shadows as you can get in Classic, and the Cloak is very powerful. On the other hand, Humans are much better in Rogue versus Rogue situations.
  • The best Horde Race for PvE Rogues is Orc, and the Undead is tied with the Troll for the second best. Reasoning - Although Orcs can't use Axes in Classic, they still remain the top pick for Rogues, as their Blood Fury Racial gives them an edge over the rest of Horde Races when it comes to the pure DPS output. Undead comes in second for his Cannibalize which is great for Leveling and some in-combat healing, and the Will of The Forsaken which lets him increase his DPS in some specific encounters over Races that don't have similar CC-breaking ability. Trolls get their Attack Speed increase from Berserking, but it has a 3-minute Cooldown, and in Raids, it will most likely give only a 10% Attack Speed boost, which is not that great and, one might argue, worse than Undead's utility.
  • The best Horde Race for PvP Rogues is Orc, and the Undead is second best. Reasoning - Orc's Hardiness and the 25% chance to resist all Stuns that comes with it just can't be underestimated as a PvP Racial, and the Blood Fury is also very strong when used properly. Undead's Will of the Forsaken makes him the best Warlock-killer in Classic (this also makes them good at fighting Shadow Priests and Warriors), and everybody knows how infuriating Warlock's CCs can be. In Classic, WotF can be used proactively, because of the 5-second Fear, Charm, and Sleep immunity that it provides, which makes it even better.
Class-specific tips & tricks
  • Combat is the best spec for fast leveling, as it is not reliant on skills with positioning requirements, and gives to access to strong DPS Cooldowns Blade Flurry and Adrenaline Rush. After getting Adrenaline Rush at level 40, you should go up the Assassination Tree and make your way to 5/5 Improved Poisons. Your leveling Stat Priority looks like this: Agility ⇒ Stamina ⇒ Strenght ⇒ Spirit ⇒ Intellect.
  • Always try to Pickpocket Humanoid mobs, this will be very beneficial to your finances in the long run.
  • When fighting a single Mob, you can use a Gouge and then Bandage yourself if you are running out of Health.
  • Thanks to the Spell Batching, you can avoid spells by using Vanish quickly enough.
  • Avoid using Deadly Poison when solo leveling, as mobs tend to die too quickly to warrant it, and it might also hurt you during random World PvP engagements by canceling your Blind and Gouge effects.
  • Remember that Sap breaks you out of Stealth unless Talented (remembering this might spare you a Death of two).
  • Don't forget your Class Quests. Level 20 one will give you access to Poisons.
  • Stealthing between mobs and using an opener is generally not worth it at low levels. Just run in and open with a Sinister Strike unless you want to Pickpocket first.
  • Level up the First Aid, as it is your main source of the in-Combat Healing.
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Shaman is a very versatile, Horde-only Class. He can Heal, Deal Damage from a Distance or with a Melee Weapon, or even Tank (yes, Shamans were designed with Tanking in mind, that is why their Earth Shock generates High Amounts of Threat in Classic. This didn't work out as intended, however, and Shamans are capable of tanking Low-Level content only). Restoration Shaman possesses a very rare, in Classic at least, AoE Heal ability in a form of the Chain Heal, which makes him a very desired Raid Healer. Enhancement Shaman, although not viable for Raiding, is a very strong PvP Spec, that has an ability to One-Shot his enemies with lucky Windfury procs.
 Pros  Cons
 Great Mobility  Lack of Hard CC options
 Great Utility thanks to various Totems and Shocks  Lacks in AoE department
 One shotting stuff with Windfury procs is hilarious  Reincarnation might give you a Resurrection Sickness (this depends on how different Game Patches will be implemented in Classic - if Developers emulate everything accurately, Reincarnation will result in Resurrection Sickness for a few months or so)
 Versatile; can Heal and Deal Damage. Also somewhat capable as an off-Tank  Can run out of mana very quickly and mana optimization requires a lot of management
 Can Kite mobs easily thanks to Earthbind Totem  
Best Races for the Class
  • The best Horde Race for PvE Restoration Shamans is Troll. Reasoning - Bonus Casting Speed provided by the Berserking can be the difference between a wipe and a close call successful attempt. Orcs and Taurens do not have any Racial Abilities that would impact Restoration Shamans directly, but Tauren might be a better choice because of the utility provided by the War Stomp.
  • The best Horde Race for PvE Enhancement Shamans is Orc. Reasoning - Orc's Blood Fury combined with his Axe Specialization provides the highest DPS boost out of the three Races.
    Note: Enhancement Shamans are not considered as a viable Raiding spec in Classic World of Warcraft.
  • The best Horde Race for PvE Elemental Shamans is Troll, and the Tauren is second best. Reasoning - Casting Speed Boost provided by Berserking increases Troll's Burst Damage potential by a bit, while other Racials do not have a real impact on Elemental's DPS. Tauren is a second-best choice thanks to his increased survivability provided by that 5% bonus Health and the War Stomp.
  • The best Horde Race for PvP DPS/Restoration Shamans is Orc, and the Tauren is second best. Reasoning - Just like for most other Horde Classes, Orc's 25% chance to resist Stuns proves to be the go-to Racial for PvP. Tauren's War Stomp is a great PvP ability, useful both for Healers and Damage Dealers, and the 5% Health bonus is always nice to have.
  • Shaman Class is not available for any Alliance Race.
Class-specific tips & tricks
  • To level quickly you should start with the Elemental Tree, and then respec to the Enhancement Tree at level 20. Your leveling Stat Priority looks like this: Agility ⇒ Strenght ⇒ Stamina ⇒ Intellect ⇒ Spirit.
  • Use Earthbind Totem to kite mobs. This will minimize your Damage Taken which will increase your uptime
  • Effects of some of your spells are the same across all spell levels - use Rank 1 Frost Shock to Slow Enemies, and a Rank 1 Earth Shock as an interrupt.
  • To maximize mana efficiency, you can use Rank 1 Lightning Bolt for Clearcasting Procs generation.
  • Keep Intellect/Spirit set at hand even if you are specced as a DPS, this will increase your in-group versatility.
  • Pulling multiple mobs (all at a time or one after the other) to a single location will help you increase your mana efficiency by allowing you to utilize a single Totem Drop for a longer time. Just drop your Totems in a spot between mob packs, and proceed to lure said mobs into the range of your Totems.
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Warlock is a master of the Dark Arts. He controls Demons, employs Shadow Magic as a weapon and takes pleasure from inflicting suffering to his enemies. He is very versatile as a DPS Class, especially when leveling, even though his Demon Pets are not as strong as Hunter's Beasts when it comes to Tanking. The ability to Fear makes Warlock a strong contender in PvP (Undead Warlocks are especially powerful in PvP, thanks to the Will of the Forsaken Racial; this is also why Warlock is less popular as a Class in the Alliance Faction - Fear-breaking Forsaken make Alliance Warlocks less viable in PvP). Utility brought to the Group by a Warlock is very substantial, the Soulstone allows an in-Combat resurrection of a pre-designated party member and the Ritual of Summoning makes assembling a Group much, much easier.
 Pros  Cons
 Utilizes a variety of Demon Pets  Soul Shards eat up some inventory space
 Good self-Sustain, even against multiple Targets  Low Mobility
 High Single Target and AoE Damage (Multi DoTing helps when dealing with multiple Mobs at a time)  Pets are unlocked through Quest Chains and require Grimoires for Training
 Very strong in PvP thanks to various strong CC options (Fears, Succubus's Seductions)  
 Great Group Utility (Soulstones, Ritual of Summoning, etc.)  
 Gets a free Mount at level 40  
 Can convert Life into Mana thanks to Life Tap which increases leveling efficiency  
Best Races for the Class
  • The best Alliance Race for PvE DPS Warlocks is Gnome. Reasoning - The situation here is identical to the Mage's one. Intelligence Racial is very strong, and the Escape artist might come in handy in some situations. Human's Racials do not boost Warlock's PvE capabilities (Warlocks can generate mana through Life Tap, so the Spirit bonus offered by Humans is even more useless to them than to Mages).
  • The best Alliance Race for PvP Warlocks is Gnome. Reasoning - Gnome's Escape Artist is especially good for Warlocks, as it can be used after Fearing a target which almost ensures gaining a lot of distance on an enemy and the Intelligence Bonus is quite nice too. Human's Perception has a rather low value for Warlocks because they have access to the Felhound's Paranoia ability which already dramatically increases their Stealth detection.
  • The best Horde Race for PvE DPS Warlocks is Undead, but Orc follows closely. Reasoning - Undead's utility kit carries him to the first place, but Orc deals a bit more damage thanks to his pet Damage Racial. This means that the choice somewhat depends on your preference and the strength of your desire to extract every last one DPS point from a Class at the cost of utility.
  • The best Horde Race for PvP Warlocks is Orc, and the Undead is second best. Reasoning - Constant 25% chance to resist Stuns is a bit more reliable than a Fear breaker every 2 minutes, and it has an added bonus of taking your enemies by surprise. Other than that, both these races are pretty much equal, and the choice should depend on your preference.
Class-specific tips & tricks
  • Affliction is great as a leveling Spec (supplemented by Demonology at higher levels), but Warlocks are very versatile when it comes to Talents, and can be built in a variety of viable ways. Your leveling Stat Priority looks like this: Spell Damage ⇒ Stamina ⇒ Intellect ⇒ Spirit ⇒ Agility ⇒ Strenght.
  • Create Macros for your Pet's abilities and put them on Hotkeys.
  • First Aid comes in handy for Warlocks, as they don't have an efficient Self-Healing spell that could be used out of combat. Bandages can also be used to Heal your Demon Pets.
  • Take advantage of your Wand. Us spells in Batches, and then Swing with a Wand multiple times to allow Mana Regeneration in Combat.
  • Immolate is very mana inefficient and can be skipped in your rotation if you have mana problems without a great loss in Damage output.
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Warrior is the best Tank in the Classic World of Warcraft, especially for the later Content, like AQ40 and Naxx. Despite his ability to wear Heavy Armor, he is very slow and difficult to level up with. This leveling weakness, highest-of-all-Classes Gear Dependance, and lackluster PvP capabilities at lower levels make Warrior unsuited for inexperienced Players. However, Warrior Class has a very high Skill Ceiling and can be very satisfying, and rewarding when piloted with a certain finesse and a lot of expertise.
 Pros  Cons
 Very good as a Tank  Very slow to Level
 Can equip almost every Weapon in the Game  You may be requested to tank even if you wanted to play Fury DPS
 Reaching level 60 will be very satisfying, and leveling any other Class to 60 will feel like a walk in a park after leveling the Warrior  Low Mobility
  High Skill-Cap (sophisticated kiting methods, etc.)  Gear-Dependant
   Gets Farmed in PvP, especially at lower levels
   Low self-Sustain
   Gold will be, most likely, a problem when leveling (high repair bills and mob-farming difficulties)
Best Races for the Class
  • The best Alliance Race for PvE DPS Warriors is Human, and the Dwarf is second best. Reasoning - Human's Weapon Skill Racial is great for Warriors in PvE, Dwarf is a close second because the value of Stoneform cannot be underestimated.
  • For Tanking we recommend Night Elf. Reasoning - He gets that 1% increased Dodge Chance, which is the single really impactful Alliance Defensive Racial. The Human can be a good tank in low-level content and starting Raids, but he gets overshadowed by Night Elf's 1% extra Dodge Chance in AQ and Naxx (you might be surprised how much that 1 extra Dodge % is worth).
  • The best Alliance Race for PvP Warriors is Dwarf, and the Gnome is second best. Reasoning - Dwarves are recommended because of, you guessed it, Stoneform. Gnome's Escape Artist helps a lot when chasing after Caster Classes.
  • The best Horde Race for PvE DPS Warriors is Orc, and the Troll is second best. Reasoning - Orc's Axe Specialization and Blood Fury have the highest impact on DPS. Troll's Berserking doesn't give too much of a DPS boost but it still gives enough to make the Troll a number two option for DPS Warrior specs.
  • For Tanking we recommend Troll, followed by the Undead. Reasoning - Trolls are able to generate Rage more effectively when the situation demands it, thanks to their Attack Spead increasing Racial Cooldown, while Undead's Will of The Forsaken comes in handy when an encounter has a Fear mechanic, like Onyxia, for example (remember, that Horde does not have access to the Fear Ward Priest Racial, as it is available to Dwarves only. And yes, there is a Tremor Totem, but it's quite nice to have a backup). You might think - Why no Tauren, he gets a Stamina Racial after all? This is because Tauren's stamina racial is rear-loaded. What we mean by that is: it comes into effect only if you get beaten down to less than 5% HP, and if that happens, the Stamina bonus will likely be not enough to save you.
  • The best Horde Race for PvP Warriors is Orc, and the Tauren is second best. Reasoning - All three of the Orc's Racials, Axe Specialization, Blood Fury, and most of all, the Hardiness make him a perfect Race for PvP. Just think about it, Orc's Racials give him sustained Damage boost, Burst Damage Cooldown, and the Stun-Resist passive which makes him hard to control on the battlefield. Taurens, on the other Hand, are tougher than Orcs, thanks to their increased Stamina, and their Warstomp is a very strong AoE CC ability, which comes in handy in both 1v1 and large PvP encounters.
Class-specific tips & tricks
  • For the best leveling efficiency, you should start as Fury (and use slow 2H Weapons), and then respec to Arms at level 40 to get Mortal Strike and then continue going up the Fury Tree. Your leveling Stat Priority looks like this: Agility ⇒ Strenght ⇒ Stamina ⇒ Spirit (Spirit has a lot higher value at low levels, and should be stacked up to level 30) ⇒ Intellect.
  • Keep your Weapon as up to date as possible, as most of your Damage output depends on it.
  • Learn how to kite mobs with Harmstring to mitigate incoming Damage (Swing Timer Addon might be necessary for this, and it will not be available at launch, most likely).
  • Stack Spirit to maximize your Uptime on low levels. This is not a joke, Spirit has very high value for leveling Warriors under level 30.
  • Focus on Mobs that are 1-2 levels below you. This will increase your Grind efficiency, and minimize the risk of dying.
  • Level up First Aid. Bandages are great, and they heal you faster than food, which minimizes the downtime.
  • Spend your Rage efficiently (Executing a Mob that has 5% HP lest is a terrible waste of valuable Resources). You can use your Bloodrage to maintain your Rage in-between Mob pulls (this method might also be used to preserve your Rage while bandaging, as Bloodrage puts you in Combat which stops Rage from decaying).
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General and Leveling Tips

  • Build up a good reputation - Remember that there is no Cross-Realm technology in WoW Classic, which means that People will start to recognize each other after a while. If you steal loot from a Dungeon, people will remember it, and if a situation repeats itself, you will be stigmatized as a Ninja Looter, and find it very problematic to find a Group for high-level Dungeons. This goes the other way around as well. If you are nice to people, offer services for a good price (like enchants, portals, Mage food, etc.) People will start to recognize you, and even point people searching for those services to you. As an old WoW Loading Screen Tip says "When interacting with other players a little kindness goes a long way!".
  • Optimize your playtime if you want to level up quickly - This is a rather basic one at a first glance, but is more complex than you might think. You should always have a plan and follow it after you log into the game (more hardcore Players will have their whole progression path thought out and researched beforehand). Running around a Capital City, searching through the Auction House without a certain Goal, or asking other people where to level is a waste of precious time. Of course, we are not encouraging you to act like a robot. If you are exhausted or bored, chill out with your friends or guildies, but if you want to progress quickly, you should take as much advantage from your playtime as possible.
  • Create a Bank Alt and level it up to level 5 - The leveling part is very important because you can pick up Enchanting after you reach it. In Classic, you can disenchant EVERY uncommon item of every level, if you have the enchanting profession. Disenchanting weak BoE Uncommon Items and selling Enchanting Materials on AH will help you make some extra money out of otherwise Vendor-destined gear. You should also send all AH-worthy items to your Bank Alt, and post them up all at once from time to time (time efficiency again).
  • Pick up Skinning and Mining professions at the start - These will ensure that you have enough money for your new and upgraded Skills and will patch up that big hole in your wallet. If you plan to progress quickly, remember that nobody will have any money, which means that selling Leather and Ore on the Auction House will be a waste of time - you should Vendor it instead (yes, this is counterintuitive, but treat it as a quick investment in your faster progress).
    Note: If you plan to take your time, you can Store gathered materials on a Bank character and sell them at a later Date, or you can pick a Crafting Profession and Gathering Profession that corresponds with it. This way you'll be able to Craft Gear for yourself, which will make Casual Leveling much easier (good gear is scarce in Classic).
    You can also check our in-depth guide and comparison of all the professions in World of Warcraft here. This should help you decide which professions to choose if you don't want to rely solely on gathering.
  • Loot everything and upgrade your bags as quickly as possible - Every single item in the game has some value and you should take advantage of this fact. Grey items can be vendored for that little bit of extra pocket money and white stackable items are needed for crafting, which means that people will generally buy them if you post them on AH for low enough price (if you can't be bothered to post Auctions, you can just vendor all of them and be done with it). Upgrading your bags quickly will ensure that you spend more time grinding and less time managing your inventory, which will increase your leveling speed and allow you to make some more money in the process.
  • Don't buy the Skills that you don't need - If you don't feel confident that you will regularly use a skill during leveling, you should skip it and save the money. This will ensure that you have Gold for other important Skills and get you closer to that must-have Mount at level 40.
  • Find a Mage-Friend - Food and Drinks get expensive really quickly. At levels 1-40 you will most likely spend more than 15 Gold on them, in total and that is 15% of a level 40 Mount! To save at least a portion of this money, you should ask a Mages if they can Conjure Food and Drink for you in exchange for a Small tip or favor.
  • Level up First aid if you play a Non-Healing Class - Bandaging up between mob pulls as a Rogue, Warrior, or to a lesser extent Hunter, will increase your uptime considerably (and Rogues can Bandage mid Combat with a Gouge+Bandage combo if they are fighting a single mob).
  • Don't be afraid to Grind your gold and experience - There are not enough Quests to take you from level 1 to level 60, so Mob-Grinding cannot be avoided. If you know how to Grind efficiently and where to do it, it will supplement your leveling very well, and become a great source of extra Gold. Just to name a few spots: there are Hyena Packs in Desolace that will net you a nice profit, and Rotted Ones in Duskwood are a great source of the Grave Moss, which is sought after Crafting Ingredient (these two farm spots are more Gold-making oriented, but you will earn some experience there as well if you decide to farm them at the appropriate level -  35-39 for Hyenas and 24-28 for Rotted Ones. For higher levels, Plaguebats in Eastern Plaguelands might be the way to go. You can also check out our article on the best Gold Farming spots in WoW Classic.
  • There is no Resurrection Sickness penalty for ressing at a Graveyard below level 10 - You can take advantage of this at low levels to in order save some time that would otherwise be needed for running back to a Town (you will still get a 25% Gear Damage penalty, but it is negligible at low levels).
  • Log out only in Capital Cities and Inns - This will ensure that you get as much Rested Experience as possible, and the Rested Experience is the free level progress. Every 8 hours you will get 5% Rested Exp if you log out in an Inn or a City, and 4 times less if you log out anywhere else.
    Note: There is a 150% Rested Experience Cap, and reaching it will take 10 days.

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Leveling process in the Classic World of Warcraft is different from leveling in the current game versions. We hope that this Guide will help you to prepare yourself for that legendary Vanilla Experience, and allow you to make good decisions when it comes to picking a Class and the Race.

Note: Professions will be covered in our WoW Classic Gold Making guide.

We hope that you have found this Guide useful and informative.  If we have missed a piece of information that is important to you, please let us know! 

Please do note that this is an early version of our guide, and we will be happy to receive constructive criticism, that will help us improve it, so leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Blizzard Entertainment