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Best Diablo 4 Builds for Season of Blood

Best Diablo 4 Builds for Season of Blood

List of our top build recommendations for Season 2 of Diablo IV - the Season of Blood

Diablo 4
The Best Builds for Season of Blood



The new Season of Blood has been released on 17 October. With each new season, Diablo 4 introduces unique challenges, rewards, and most excitingly, a fresh canvas for players to experiment with innovative character builds. The new and refreshed world of Sanctuary welcomes you with an abundance of fresh content, balance tweaks, and exciting surprises. Ever since the premiere of this Season, our team has thoughtfully tested the new environment in order to deliver verified information for you. Whenever you are an experienced veteran or want to explore a new class you haven't played yet, our guides will help you make the right decisions to achieve the best results. 

The most impactful aspect of the new Season is obviously the exciting Vampiric Powers. While every Class has access to the same Powers, their synergies and usage scenario varies from Build to Build. You also have to keep in mind changes to the fundamental mechanics of the game - Damage bonuses and Resistances work vastly differently than before! The biggest winner here is the Overpower mechanic which finally may see a rise in popularity, and allow new ways of Building your character to emerge. Check out our list of Best Builds to find one that suits you the most! 


The Best Builds

Druid Builds

Storm Strike Druid
In light of recent changes, Storm Strike Druid has the potential to be the best Druid build period. It has received various major buffs in terms of new Vampiric Powers and Glyphs. It maintains high damage while being durable enough for most content in the game, especially with Damage Reduction and Healing. It requires the Greatstaff of the Crone. The Tempest Roar would be a nice addition.
Tornado Druid
The Tornado Druid still remains supreme in terms of raw power and Clear Speed. With this Build you can kill hordes of monsters lightning-fast. You can easily cover great areas with your powerful Tornados and quickly move from pack to pack making it one of the best farming Build in the game. Unfortunately, it also requires a certain Unique Item - the Tempest Roar.
Pulverize Werebear Druid
The Pulverize Druid also deserves an honorable mention. It is a great all-around Build with great area coverage and decent Damage against Bosses, but its potential may fade as you progress deeper into the end-game. What stands out the most in this Build is that it doesn't require any Unique Item, which makes it the best Build to use when you are just starting your seasonal journey with the Druid class. 

Rogue Builds

 Death Trap Rogue
Death Trap Rogue is a very easy-to-assemble build with high area damage and powerful crowd-control effects. It's also very fast which is important to level up the character quickly. It's capable of staying alive due to Shadowstep and high mobility, but it generally leans toward the glass canon territory where the best defensive layer is the offense. There are no Unique item requirements for it.
 Rapid Fire Rogue
If you prefer Bow combat over close-quarters, look no further. This Build offers immense Single-target Damage as well as great AoE thanks to the mix of Rapid Fire and Penetrating Shot. It is not a particularly tanky Build, but great range and mobility make up for that. It is also an ideal pick for a new Season, as it doesn't require any Unique Items to function at all. 

Barbarian Builds

Rend Barbarian
This version of Rend Barbarian focuses on Bleed Damage which not only fits the theme of the Season of the Blood but is generally one of the best Barbarian archetypes in the game. Its only weakness is its short-range and non-instant damage, but the DPS is extremely high, especially at low levels. It can benefit greatly from the new Accursed Touch and Flowing Veins Vampiric Powers.
Death Blow Barbarian
One of the best Builds to kill new Bosses with. It deals tremendous amounts of single-target damage, while still maintaining somehow decent clear speed capabilities. The Overkill Unique Mace is very useful to have in this Build, as it provides a lot of useful bonuses, but it is not required for the functionality of this setup. If you plan on conquering the Uber Duriel, this might be the Build for you! 

Sorcerers Builds

Ball Lightning Sorcerer
Ball Lightning is one of the Skills that saw a major rise in popularity. This Build has it all - great Damage against Bosses, very fast Clear Speed, and impressive survivability. The only requirement for this Build to work is the Gravitational Aspect, which may be a bit daunting if the RNG is not on your side, but after getting it you are ready to crush the end-game! 
Ice Shards Cold Sorcerer
Ice Shards Cold Sorcerer is one of the strongest contestants for the best Sorcerer build for the new Season. It's a ranged build that is capable of dealing high damage against bosses as well as packs of enemies, sourced mostly from Intelligence, Vulnerable Debuff, and Critical Strikes. It heavily relies on high Resistances, CCs, and Barrier for survival, but with the addition of Undying Vampiric Power, it should be much more durable.

Necromancer Builds

Bone Spear Necromancer
Bone Spear Necromancer is one of the most iconic builds for a Necromancer and it surely has not been forgotten about. It can make use of the new Vampiric Powers such as Prey on the Weak, the enemies are permanently Vulnerable after all. The character relies on Potions to survive and it's rather damage-oriented with its high Critical Strike Chance and ranged nature of all its Skills.
Blight Corpse Explosion Necromancer
The Necromancer is known for its mastery in Damage over Time effects. In this Build your damage comes from a few sources, such as Corpse Explosion, Blight, and Shadowblight, making it stand out compared to other Builds that specialize in one damaging skill supported by other utility abilities. The Vampiric Powers such as Flowing Veins make it even stronger, so don't hesitate to check it out! 



This is the first version of our List of all the best builds for the Season of Blood in Diablo 4. Based on potential upcoming changes, we will try to update it accordingly. However, the game did not implement substantial changes until now, so it's unlikely that any shifting in meta will occur.

If you have any Build requests, please post them in the Comments section below. We will be happy to cover your most requested builds in the future! Also, we hope that you have found this guide useful and informative. Also, we will be happy to receive constructive criticism that will help us improve our future work, so don't hesitate to give us your feedback. 

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