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Death Trap Rogue Build for Diablo 4

Death Trap Rogue Build for Diablo 4

One of the most powerful Rogue setups based on the Ultimate Death Trap skill

Death Trap
Rogue Build for Diablo 4

Last Update: June 19, 2023

Build notes:
June 19, 2023
-Build created 


Build Overview

Rogue's Traps have great potential even if there are only three of them by default, each with a moderate Cooldown. Here we've selected Death Trap, the Ultimate Skill, as the main damage source. Its Cooldown can be easily reduced with CDR, Supreme modifier, Advanced Twisting Blades, and Exposure Key Passive. It allows us to use this trap on every pack of monsters encountered. Poison Trap is used to activate other Poison or Trap-related bonuses like Blast-Trapper Aspect or Trap Mastery. It deals significant damage on its own too. Twisting Blades is a rapidly hitting Skill which, besides dealing damage, reduces the Cooldowns of other Skills and has a high chance to activate buffs on Lucky Hits or Critical Strikes such as one granted by Innervation, or again - Exposure Key Passive. It's a build that's quite durable due to the excellent Crowd Control combined with DPS - enemies simply have no good opportunity to hit you.

Please keep in mind, that the following Guide explains the basic variant of the build, without diving into all alternative variants that may utilize different utility skills for various benefits. This will be obviously updated as we have a chance to test out this build properly in the actual game. 

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 Pros  Cons
 has extremely high damage with great CDR  it relies on Crowd Control, which may be bad against Unstoppable enemies
 enemies are nearly constantly Vulnerable, Slowed, Stunned, Dazed, or Knocked Down  





A short-range Skill used not for its damage but for utility. Throw blades that will Slow enemies every third strike, or on Critical Strikes.


  1. Enhanced Puncture [1/1] - When Puncture hits a CC'd target, gain 2 Energy.
  2. Fundamental Puncture [1/1] - You're throwing 3 blades, each dealing approximately a third of the original damage. Hitting an enemy with at least 2 blades will make it Vulnerable, so it's excellent against larges enemies, or enemies close to you.



A Core ability that will be often used, it has decent damage. These blades impale an enemy making it take increased damage from you, and after 1.5 seconds while they'll return, piercing all enemies on their way back.


  1. Enhanced Twisting Blades [1/1] - Blades deal x30% increased damage when returning.
  2. Advanced Twisting Blades [1/1] - Blades reduce Cooldowns by 0.1 seconds per each enemy they've pierced while returning, by up to 2 seconds.


DASH [5/5]

A movement Skill with Cooldown and 2 Charges. Use it to simply Dash forward while dealing damage in a straight line.


  1. Enhanced Dash [1/1] - Enemies you dashed through will take x15% increased Critical Damage for 5 seconds, so use it offensively too.



Allows you to move with +50% increased Movement Speed while being Unstoppable to stab an enemy. It's not used to deal any significant damage but has other purposes.


  1. Enhanced Shadow Step [1/1] - All damage against the enemy you've stabbed has increased Crit Chance by 8% for 3 seconds.
  2. Methodical Shadow Step [1/1] - Enemies damaged by this Skill are stunned for 2 seconds.



A Trap that deals high Poison Damage for 9 seconds after being activated. It has a 10-second Cooldown and you can only have 4 of these at one time.


  1. Enhanced Poison Trap [1/1] - Trap Kocks Down enemies upon activating.
  2. Subverting Poison Trap [1/1] - All your Skills deal 10% increased Poison Damage to enemies while you're standing in the Trap.



The Ultimate Skill. It simply deals 250% damage once to the enemies in range upon activating.


  1. Prime Death Trap [1/1] - Pulls enemies after activating making them easier to hit with other Skills.
  2. Supreme Death Trap [1/1] - Trap's Cooldown is reduced by 10% if it kills at least one enemy.


Passive Skills

STURDY [1/3]

Grants 4% Close Damage Reduction.


After Critically Striking a Close enemy, heal for 2% of Maximum Life.


If you Knock Down or Knock Back an enemy, gain a 12% increased Critical Strike Chance against these opponents for 3 seconds.


Striking Dazed opponents Critically will Knock them Down for 1.5 seconds.


Increases your damage by x18% against Healthy and Injured enemies.

MALICE [3/3]

You deal x9% increased damage to Vulnerable targets.


Increases your Poisoning damage by x3%.


Poisoned Enemies deal 15% less damage.


Lucky Hits have a 30% Chance to Generate 8 Energy.


When one of your Traps activates, gain a 12% increased Crit Chance against Vulnerable or CC'd enemies for 4 seconds.


Using Death Trap restores 75 Energy.


Increases Energy Regeneration by 5% if you're moving.

HASTE [3/3]

Increases Movement Speed if you have more than half of your Maximum Energy, and if not - increases Attack Speed.


Key Passive



It affects only your Lucky Hits. Dealing direct damage to an enemy affected by Traps has a 25% chance to reduce the active Cooldown of your Traps by 20% and to drop a grenade that deals low Physical Damage and Stuns for half a second.



Here's the stat priority list. Focus on Resource Generation, Crit Chance and Damage, CDR, Lucky Hits, and Vulnerability-adjacent modifiers. Enemies should also be Slowed or Knocked Down most of the time. Dodge Chance and Maximum Life should be sufficient for defenses.

  1. Main Hand - % Vuln DMG → % Crit DMG → Lucky Hit Chance → Int
  2. Off-Hand - % CDR → % DMG Reduction
  3. 2-Hand - % Vuln DMG → DMG to Vulnerable → % Crit DMG
  4. Helm - % CDR → Lucky Hit Chance → % Max Life → Int
  5. Chest Armor - % Max Life → % DMG Reduction
  6. Gloves - % Crit Chance → % Crit DMG → Lucky Hit Chance
  7. Pants - % DMG Reduction → % Max Life
  8. Boots -% Move Speed → % Resource Cost → % Move Speed
  9. Amulet - % CDR → % DMG → % Max Life → % Resource Cost Reduction
  10. Rings - % Vuln DMG → % Lucky Hit Chance → Int

In the Sockets use Emerald Gem in a Weapon slot for Critical Strike Damage against Vulnerable enemies. Use Skull in your Armor to Regenerate more Life with Siphoning Strikes. For the Jewelry, choose a Diamond too for extra Resistance of all kinds, or a Skull once again for Armor.


Harlequin Crest (Helm) - It's very versatile. Use it for more Maximum Life, CDR, Damage Reduction, Skill Rank, All Stats, and more Crafting Material.

Harlequin Crest

+Maximum Life

+Cooldown Reduction

+Crafting Material Find

+All Stats

+Gain [10.0 - 20.0%] Damage Reduction. In addition, gain +4 Ranks to all Skills.

Eyes in the Dark (Pants) - Thee pants have good synergy with Traps. It increases Trap Damage, Dodge Chance, Movement Speed, and modifies Death Trap fundamentally, it will continuously re-arm on kill.

Iceheart Brais

+Your Potion also briefly grants Movement Speed

+Dodge Chance

+Shadow Damage

+Damage to Elites

+Damage to Trapped Enemies

+Unless it hits a Boss or Player, Death Trap will continue to re-arm itself until it kills an enemy. However, Death Trap's Cooldown is increased by [30 - 15%].

Cowl of the Nameless (Helm) - You can alternatively use this Helmet as it significantly improves your CDR, Maximum Energy, Dexterity, Lucky Hit Chance, and CC Duration.

Iceheart Brais


+Cooldown Reduction

+Crowd Control Duration Bonus

+Maximum Energy

+You gain [15 - 25%] increased Lucky Hit Chance against Crowd Controlled enemies.

Legendary Aspects

Mandatory/Heavily recommended Aspects

  1. Bladedancer's Aspect upgrades your Twisting Blades. These Blades start orbiting around you after returning dealing low damage, but that adds up with multiple casts.
  2. Blast-Trapper Aspect works only on Lucky Hits. Dealing Damage to enemies affected by Traps has a chance to make them Vulnerable for 3 seconds.

Optional Aspects

  1. Aspect of Disobedience massively increases Armor if you're dealing many instances of damage, which you do via Poison.
  2. Mangler's Aspect grants you a high chance to Daze Vulnerable enemies on Lucky Hits.
  3. Aspect of Uncanny Resilience has a chance to increase your Damage Reduction on Lucky Hits.
  4. Cheat's Aspect is great as it makes you take less damage from CC'd enemies. If such an enemy would damage you, you gain Movement Speed.
  5. Aspect of Suprise upgrades your Shadow Step Skill - it now leaves a cluster of Grenades that deals damage and Stuns for 2 seconds.
  6. Aspect of Quickening Fog can be used to improve Dash - it now drops a Grenade at the terminal location. The Cooldown of Dash is also reduced for each enemy you've Dazed with this Grenade.
  7. Exploiter Aspect increases your CCs Duration by 20%. If the enemy cannot be CC'd, they'll take increased damage instead.
  8. Wind Striker Aspect increases your Movement Speed for 1 second on Critical Strike, which stacks up to 6 seconds.


1st Board - Starting Board

Nodes - Purchase Intelligence around the Glyph Socket.

Glyphs - Combat helps with Energy Generation. Critical Strikes will restore 12% of Skill's Energy.

2nd Board - Cheap Shot Board

Nodes - Allocate all Rare nodes around the Glyph Socket. Legendary node increases your damage per nearby CC'd enemy by up to 25% if there are 5 of them.

Glyphs - Diminish makes you take 10% reduced Physical Damage from Vulnerable opponents, and improves Rare nodes in its radius.

3rd Board - No Witnesses Board

Nodes - Purchase Intelligence around the Glyph Socket. The Legendary node increases your Ultimate Skills' damage by 30% and increases your character's damage by 10% for 20 seconds after using it.

Glyphs - Tracker makes Poison Damage Effects last longer, and increases Damage to Poisoned Targets.

4th Board - Exploit Weakness Board

Nodes - Purchase Intelligence around the Glyph Socket. Pick the Legendary node to receive less damage from Vulnerable enemies you've hit.

Glyphs - With Control, you deal increased damage to CC'd enemies, especially Stunned ones.

5th Board - Deadly Ambush Board

Nodes - Purchase Intelligence around the Glyph Socket. There's yet another superb Legendary node there. It massively increases your Crit Damage to enemies affected by Trap Skills.

Glyphs - Snare increases Trap Damage and non-Ultimate Traps' Radius.



This is the beta version of our Death Trap Rogue Build for Diablo 4. The game has just launched so we expect all of the Guides will require constant updates when we get to test all the builds properly. Make sure to check out the Guides regularly to keep track of all the changes!

If you have any Build requests, please post them in the Comments section below. We will be happy to cover your most requested builds in the future! Also, we hope that you have found this guide useful and informative. Also, we will be happy to receive constructive criticism that will help us improve our future work, so don't hesitate to give us your feedback. 

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Blizzard Entertainment