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Poison Marksman Rogue Build for Diablo 4

Poison Marksman Rogue Build for Diablo 4

One of the fastest leveling setups in the game for the Rogue Class

Poison Marksman
Rogue Build for Diablo 4

Last Update: June 6, 2023

Build notes:
June 06, 2023
-Build created 


Build Overview

Poison Marksman is among the fastest characters in Diablo 4 currently with numerous ways to increase your mobility. Combining it with a wide arsenal of ranged and AoE abilities you are looking at one of the best characters to level up with. This build uses two damage-dealing abilities - Piercing Shot which is the best ability to take down multiple enemies with each attack, and Rapid Fire which offers the highest single-target DPS out of all skills available to you. With solid DPS from those two skills, both AoE and versus Bosses, you are getting a well-rounded character with an easy transition to the end game, allowing you to farm most of the content in the game. You are also going to use Dash and Stutter Steps, the main reasons why this build is so exceptionally fast. You can also use Concealment and/or Dark Shroud for extra defensive utility, and Poison Imbuement for extra Poison Damage (rather a self-explanatory pick for a Poison-based build). 

Please keep in mind, that the following Guide explains the basic variant of the build, without diving into all alternative variants that may utilize different utility skills for various benefits. This will be obviously updated as we have a chance to test out this build properly in the actual game. 

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 Pros  Cons
 Insane mobility and flexibility, making it one of the fastest leveling setups but also allowing you to easily dodge incoming damage   Crowd-control effects are deadly if they disable your movement
 Solid DPS, both in terms of taking down packs of monsters, but also when dealing with tougher enemies and Bosses   has a (yet to be determined) cap on what your maximum DPS can be
 Amazing Starter/Leveling build, but also a very solid end-game build with good all-around attributes  
 Action-packed and captivating playstyle which requires you to use several different abilities in the correct order to reach the build's full potential  





Puncture is the recommended basic attack used to generate Energy. It's the fastest generator allowing you to quickly attack several times in quick succession, and apply Vulnerability at the same time, for a very powerful debuff. Hardcore players may consider using Forceful Arrow which generates less Energy, but also applies Vulnerable debuff, but has a higher range, allowing you to keep after distance. 


  1. Enhanced Puncture [1/1] - grants you 2 Energy when you kill a crowd-controlled enemy
  2. Fundamental Puncture [1/1] - makes you throw 3 blades instead, applying Vulnerable to enemies hit by two of them at once



Penetrating Shot is one of the two main DPS abilities that you are going to use in this build. It pierces all targets in a straight line, making it best for clearing multiple enemies with each hit, boosting your clear speed and AoE damage. 


  1. Enhanced Penetrating Shot [1/1] - increases the damage of Penetrating Shot by 10% for each enemy it pierced
  2. Improved Penetrating Shot [1/1] - if you hit three enemies with Penetrating Shot, its next cast will have 20% increased chance to Critically Strike

 Rapid Fire


Rapid Fire is mainly used versus Bosses and tougher enemies. It deals the highest single-target DPS out of all available skills in this particular setup, by firing multiple arrows in a quick succession. 


  1. Enhanced Rapid Fire [1/1] - increases the Critical Strike Chance with each consecutive arrow fired, up to 40%
  2. Advanced Rapid Fire [1/1] - increases the Critical Strike Chance of Rapid Fire by 30%  for a short duration after you Evade. During the leveling/early game, you might prefer using Improved Rapid Fire for extra Energy generation, allowing you to spam it versus Bosses, but that's entirely optional


DASH [1/5]

Dash will be your core movement Skill, allowing you to nearly instantly travel long distances or avoid big incoming damage spikes. It's one of  the reasons this build is so extremely fast and offers a smooth leveling experience


  1. Enhanced Rapid Fire [1/1] - enemies damaged by Dash will be more likely to be Critically Struck for  5 seconds



A very good defense/utility skill that grants you improved Stealth for a short duration. It doesn't end when you take damage, grants increased movement speed, and allow you to move freely through enemies. It's great when you want to quickly move to a safer spot during combat. 


  1. Enhanced Concealment [1/1] - grants you 40 Energy when used
  2. Countering Concealment [1/1] - makes Skills that break your Concealment to be guaranteed Critical Strikes

 Dark Shroud


Another extremely important defensive buff that should be basically used whenever off-cooldown if you don't have all 5 shadows protecting you. Each Shadow grants damage reduction and is removed when you take damage from a hit. 


  1. Enhanced Dark Shroud [1/1] - each shadow gets 10% chance not to be consumed when you take damage
  2. Subverting Dark Shroud [1/1] - shadows will also increase your Movement Speed

Poison Imbuement


Poison Imbuement is a build-defining ability that causes your Penetrating Shot and Rapid Fire to deal tons of additional Poison damage to enemies hit. It's mandatory to have 5 Points allocated here


  1. Enhanced Poison Imbuement [1/1] - increases the duration of this buff by 1 second
  2. Blended Poison Imbuement [1/1] - Critical Strikes deal while the buff is active, will deal 75% increased Poison damage


Passive Skills

 Stutter Step


One of the main reasons Rogues are presumably the fastest class currently. The buff will be applied constantly, giving you up to 15% increased Movement Speed



Grants you up to 18% increased damage against Injured and Healthy enemies


MALICE [3/3]

Makes you deal up to 3% increased damage to Vulnerable enemies per point allocated

Precision Imbuement


This build heavily relies on Imbued damage, so this Passive that grants up to 9% increased Critical Strike Chance is quite valuable here (not to mention all the additional bonuses to Poison damage applied via Critical Strikes)

Deadly Venom


Increases your Poison damage by up to 9%

Debilitating Toxins


Reduces the damage Poisoned enemies deal by up to 15% making it a very important defensive-oriented Passive for this build



Grants up to 30% Lucky Hit Chance to gain 8 Energy offering quite a valuable additional recovery mechanic for this build

Adrenaline Rush


Grants you an increased recovery rate while Moving. This bonus isn't that relevant here, but you need this single point to unlock the much more desirable Passive - Haste


HASTE [3/3]

Increases your Movement Speed by up to 15% when above 50% Energy (basically constantly when out of combat) or up to 15% increased Attack Speed when below that threshold. An extremely important part of  basically all Rogue builds



Critical Strikes grant you a stacking buff that increases your Critical Strike Chance. Reaching the maximum number of stacks will cause the next attack to be a guaranteed Crit with greatly increased damage. The attack also consumes all the stacks


Optional Skills

 Shadow Imbuement


This can be optionally used in some variants of this build, but most notably it can be a great addition when leveling up your characters. You should be able to use both Imbuement skills alternately whenever they go off cooldown


  1. Enhanced Shadow Imbuement [1/1] - increases your Critical Strike chance against injured enemies
  2. Mixed Shadow Imbuement [1/1] - enemies affected by your Shadow Imbuement will take 12% increased non-physical damage from your abilities



 Combo Points

Combo Points

Combo Points allows your Basic Skills to generate Combo Points which can be consumed by Core Skill for additional bonuses



In such an early stage of the game, we are not going to rely on Unique Items so it will be all about increasing the core/desired stats on your Rare gear. This build uses a Ranged weapon to deal damage, so you are looking to get one with the highest DPS stats, and the One-handers are used solely as "stat sticks" offering various bonuses to your global damage, and possibly additional Sockets. On the gear you should look for the following stats:

  1. Ranged Weapons - high base DPS, Bonus Damage with Core Skills, Vulnerable Damage, Socket
  2. One-handers - Cooldown Reduction, Vulnerable Damage, Critical Strike Damage
  3. Helm - Cooldown Reduction, Max Resource, All Stats, Attack Speed/Basic Skill Attack Speed
  4. Armor - Damage Reduction from Distant enemies, Damage with Ranged Weapons, Marksman Skill Damage
  5. Gloves - Level of Penetrating Shot/Rapid Fire, Critical Strike Chance and Damage, All Stats
  6. Pants - Imbuement Skill Cooldown Reduction, Dodge, Damage Reduction, Maximum Life, Level of Dark Shroud
  7. Boots - Movement Speed, Dodge, Energy Cost Reduction, Resistances, All Stats
  8. Amulet - Marksman Skill Damage, Energy Cost Reduction, Damage with Ranged Weapons, Resistances 
  9. Rings - Critical Strike Chance and Damage, Vulnerable Damage, Resistances

In the Sockets, it's best to use Emeralds in the Weapon, Rubies in Armor, and Skul in your Jewelry. Try avoiding upgrading your Armor pieces and Jewelry at the Blacksmith during the leveling. Only upgrade the Ranged Weapon early on, and one when really needed


Harlequin Crest (Helm) - one of the most popular helmets in the entire Diablo series. It offers extremely valuable stats for basically all of the builds in the game and tons of damage reduction. While we didn't have a chance to test the impact of amplifiers to the level of all Skills in Diablo 4 yet compared to your regular DPS/Attack stats this build normally offers, the Cooldown Reduction is among the most important stats for this build, and you can't be wrong using this helmet for your build

Harlequin Crest

+Maximum Life

+Cooldown Reduction

+Crafting Material Find

+All Stats

+Gain [10.0 - 20.0%] Damage Reduction. In addition, gain +4 Ranks to all Skills.

Penitent Greaves (Boots) - an amazing pair of boots with tons of crowd control-related bonuses. These pair will allow you to chill enemies constantly, and increase your damage against such enemies.   It also increases the duration of your CC effects on enemies and reduces the slow duration on you (and getting CC'ed is one of the biggest threats for this Rogue build)

Penitent Greaves

+Dodge Chance while Evading

+Movement Speed

+Crowd Control Duration

+Reduced Duration of Enemy Slow

+Cold Resistance

+You leave behind a trail of frost that Chills enemies. You deal [7 - 10%] more damage to Chilled enemies.

Legendary Aspects

Mandatory/Heavily recommended Aspects

  1. Eluding Aspect that grants you the Unstoppable buff for 4 seconds when you get Injured while CC'ed for 4 seconds. This effect has a 20-40 sec cooldown and can be unlocked by completing the Calder Gate in Fractured Peaks
  2. Trickshot Aspect - causing additional arrows to fire when your Penetrating Shot hits an enemy, massively boosting your clear speed and this skill's AoE potential. This Aspect gets unlocked by completing the Bastion of Faith in Hawezar
  3. Aspect of Corruption - increases the potency of your Imbuement Skills against Vulnerable enemies by 20-40%. Unlocked by completing Renegade's Retreat in Kehjistan
  4. Aspect of Might - grants 20% damage reduction for 2-6 seconds after using Basic Skills. You are going to constantly generate Energy and apply the Vulnerable effect with those, so the buff is nearly permanent. Unlock it by completing Dark Ravine in Dry Steppes

Optional Aspects

  1. Offensive Aspect of Arrow Storms - grants a high Lucky Hit Chance for your Marksman Skills to trigger Arrow Storms at the enemy's location, dealing extra Physical damage over time. Can be obtained by completing the Dungeon Howling Warren in Scosglen
  2. Defensive Aspect of the Protector - when you damage an Elite enemy, you will receive a protective barrier that will absorb a small portion of incoming damage. A great defensive utility bonus that can be obtained from Fractured Peaks in the early game. Pairs up well with Conceited Offensive Aspect that can increase your damage by up to 25% when you are protected by a barrier
  3. Vengeful Aspect - applying a Vulnerable to enemies has up to 50% chance to increase your Critical Strike Chance by 3% (stacking up to 9%). Can be unlocked in Inferno in Kehjistan
  4. Rapid Aspect - increase the Attack Speed of your Basic attacks by up to 30%. Unlocked in Buried Halls in the Dark Steppes
  5. Energizing Resource Aspect - Basic attacks against Elite enemies will generate additional Energy. A great way to generate extra Energy against Bosses and single-targets. Can be obtained from the Dungeon Sanguine Chapel in Fractured Peaks
  6. Edgemaster's Aspect - increases the damage of your Skills by 10-20% depending on the level of your primary resource, giving you the highest bonus when you are on full Energy. Unlocked in Oldstones in Scosglen
  7. Windstriker Mobility Aspect -  has a similar effect to your Stutter Step Passive, further boosting your Movement Speed for a short duration after a Critical Strike. Can be obtained from Shivta Ruins in Kehjistan



1st Board - Starting Board

Nodes - Pick up Dexterity nodes around the Glyph with some additional Life, Damage, Armor, and Intelligence nodes

Glyphs - Ranger Glyph is excellent, it increases your damage for each 5 Dexterity in radius, and reduces damage taken by 10% when you are wielding a Ranged weapon

2nd Board - Exploit Weakness

Nodes - Allocate the Legendary node - Exploit Weakness which increases your damage against Vulnerable enemies by up to 15%. Also depending on the Glyph used, you might want to allocate corresponding attributes there

Glyphs - Combat Glyph increases your Critical Strike Damage with Core Skills for each 5 Intelligence in radius

3rd Board - No Witnesses

Nodes - just take the quickest route through the bottom/right side to next Tree, and allocate all available Intelligence Points in the radius of your Glyph

Glyphs - Tracker Glyph grants you increased damage against Poison enemies for each 5 Points of Intelligece your purchased in the radius

4th Board - Cunning Strategem

Nodes - Get the Legendary node which increases non-damage Combo Point bonuses when you spend 3 Combo Points. We have selected the Exploit Glyph here, so we had to prioritize Strenght bonuses in the radius

Glyphs - Exploit Glyph increases the damage you deal to Vulnerable targets per each 5 Strength in radius. It also helps to apply Vulnerable debuff on enemies as an extra effect

5th Board - Tricks of the Trade

Nodes - Get the Legendary node which will make your Marksman deal 25% increased damage after you Dash. It is also recommended to allocate Havoc, Lawless, and Focused Rare nodes

Glyphs - Chip Glyph increases your Physical damage for each 5 Dexterity in radius. Additionally, physical damage increases damage taken by affected enemies by up to 10%



This is the beta version of our Poison Marksman Rogue Build for Diablo 4. The game has just launched so we expect all of the Guides will require constant updates when we get to test all the builds properly. Make sure to check out the Guides regularly to keep track of all the changes!

If you have any Build requests, please post them in the Comments section below. We will be happy to cover your most requested builds in the future! Also, we hope that you have found this guide useful and informative. Also, we will be happy to receive constructive criticism that will help us improve our future work, so don't hesitate to give us your feedback. 

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Blizzard Entertainment