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Diablo IV Items

If there's one thing we love cRPGs for, it is the feeling of being rewarded with large quantities of loot for our endeavors. So large quantities in fact, that the newer titles in the genre began to offer built-in loot filters to reduce the screen cluttering and make spotting the valuables much easier. We are positive that the newest Diablo will give us the exact same feeling. After all, it all started in its grandfather, the D1. As for the quality of loot, we expect the game to be quite generous when it comes to low-rarity drops, but rather fickle when it comes to Legendaries and Set pieces. Sometimes you will get a rare drop from the very first chest you open, and sometimes you won’t see any for the whole game – unless you decide to Buy Diablo 4 Items from other players, but that’s a different matter entirely. We hope that D4 does the loot balance right and that rare drops will be rare enough to make them worth a lot and ensure that each time you find one you'll get the feeling of excitement, but also abundant enough that you won't get discouraged by not getting anything for a week. If we get enough decent Diablo 4 Items to keep us engaged and motivated, and an occasional rare that reinvigorates us, we'll be perfectly happy with the loot system. Knowing the devs, D4's loot system will be like a lottery, but you'll be almost guaranteed to win something valuable eventually... which will be rather addicting. Of course, there will also be a good opportunity for profit as rare assets found with ladder characters will be worth a lot of cash - don't miss your opportunity to Sell Diablo 4 Items if you get a chance. With the initial discussion out of the way, let us take a closer look at Diablo 4’s itemization system. 

Diablo 4 Item Quality Explained

One of the biggest strengths of Diablo IV is the loot diversity that it offers. The sheer number of different Diablo 4 Items you can acquire and the gear you can choose from is vast, even by the usual cRPG standard. This makes D4 feel very engaging, even after you've already spent hundreds of hours playing. It also makes the gameplay loop of slaying monsters, collecting loot, identifying it, Selling Diablo 4 Items, re-stocking on supplies, and repeating not nearly as repetitive as it might seem. During your adventures, you'll get equipment of varying qualities. While you can Buy Diablo 4 Items of the more common types, the rarer (so better) gear is only obtainable as loot from monsters or as from crafting. Equipable D4 items come in seven different Qualities: 

  • Normal (white) - This is the "base" quality of Diablo 4 Items. Normal Gear has a bit better stats than the damaged gear you can get from time to time. You can Buy Diablo 4 Items of this quality from NPC vendors. While they are a viable option early in the game, you will quickly replace them with higher-quality gear. Normal items come with just one modifier. We should also mention that Diablo 4 features Runes and Sockets so a normal item with a bunch of open sockets might be worth quite a bit of gold - don't vendor such an item before double checking its value. 
  • Magic (blue) - These are the most common of the items that offer special modifiers (affixes). Magic Items, unlike Normal ones, have extra properties determined by Suffixes and Prefixes (these include bonus elemental damage, attack modifiers, bonus stats, life/mana leech, enhanced physical damage, enhanced defense, bonus resistances, and more). Magic Quality Gear is rather common, you can even find it in vendors' inventory from time to time, but most of it is not worth your time. However, some magic gear pieces may turn out to be worth a fortune - remember to check what affixes are in price before you Sell Diablo 4 Items of magic quality to a vendor. 
  • Rare (yellow) - These items are very similar to Magic ones, except they have more properties (more Suffixes and Affixes) which makes them considerably stronger. They are also considerably rarer than the regular and magical gear pieces. Sadly, getting a worthwhile rare item is rather difficult because of their random nature (more often than not you'll just get a bunch of affixes that don't come together too well). The only ways of getting rare quality gear are by dropping it or getting it randomly by purchasing unidentified assets from a vendor. You can also Buy Diablo 4 Items of this quality from other players. 
  • Unique (golden) - These are rare and powerful class-specific items that will sometimes alter the way you play your character. They might offer amazing modifiers to some of your skills or even change the way some of your skills work completely. Unique Diablo 4 Items come exclusively with fixed Affixes, so the only RNG involved in getting them is the drop chance. Some of these items might be build-defining, so always double-check their price before buying or selling them. 
  • Legendary (orange) - If Unique Diablo 4 Items might potentially be build-defining, Legendaries are almost guaranteed to be just that. They come with 2 random modifiers and a Legendary Modifier that's bound to be extremely powerful. If you manage to loot one of these, consider yourself very lucky, as these powerful items are the rarest in the entire game, and even seeing one is not a common occurrence. If you want to Buy Diablo 4 Items of legendary quality, make sure that your pockets are deep enough as these things are not cheap. 
  • Set (light green) - Powerful items that provide two kinds of bonuses – regular Prefixes and Suffixes, and bonuses that take effect as more items from the same set are equipped. The most powerful bonus is always unlocked last and requires the full set, which makes it hard to obtain... unless you decide to Buy Diablo 4 Items from the set you’re trying to collect. The other great thing about sets is that they match, making your character look great! 
  • Ancient Set (dark green) - These are similar to the regular sets, but they are much more powerful and even harder to get. Assembling a full ancient set is going to take a substantial amount of time and money, so be prepared for literal months of hard work if you plan on doing that. Some of these sets are going to be class-specific and they even might offer unique modifiers, similar to the Uniques and Legendaries. A character in a full ancient set is going to be immediately recognizable in the multi-player hub zones, mark our words. 
  • Other Diablo 4 Items - These include various types of consumables, materials, runes, ammunition, and gems. Depending on type, these can be extremely common and easily purchasable from a vendor (like potions), or unbelievably rare and only obtainable from the hardest boss encounters (like high-end runes). Some of these items will also be used as the "real" in-game currency, just like Runes were in Resurrected. Speaking of Runes, they will work a bit differently in Diablo 4. They will be separated into two categories: Condition Runes and Effect Runes. Condition Runes will provide a condition for activating another socked rune. Effect Runes provide powerful effects while active, but require the conditions on a Condition Rune to be met. This means that you will have to use specific Rune combinations - think of this as a variation of the runeword system. 

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