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Diablo 4 Gold

It is safe to say that Diablo 4 is one of the most anticipated games of all time. Every gamer knows what Diablo is and almost every gamer played at least one of the previous titles in the series. While the games in the series have a lot in common, they also have some very important differences; multiple changes were made as the subsequent entries in the franchise were developed (most of them were excellent and are a big part of the Diablo series' success - just compare the 1st and the 2nd game in the series to see what we mean). Today we will take a closer look at one of the core mechanics of the franchise, the currency, and the in-game economy. We'll discuss how it developed and changed as the franchise progressed. We will also speculate a bit on how it'll look in the upcoming iteration of the game, so if you want to know more about Diablo 4 Gold, keep reading. 

History of Gold in Diablo Series

In the first game of the series, Gold was implemented in a less-than-ideal form... While it was needed to take care of all of your character's basic needs (buying potions, scrolls, equipment, etc.) you couldn't have too much of it at a time as it took up inventory space (this is not the case in later games of the series and won't ever come back, so you'll be able to store your Diablo 4 Gold very conveniently as a number on the UI). Back in the olden days, you could stack up to 5000 coins in an inventory space, which made collecting in-game currency very limiting. You had to choose between having a large wallet or having storage space for your spare equipment. As a result, you were forced to collect gold and neglect drops in the early game as purchasing gear upgrades from Griswold was the best option. As you progressed, however, Griswold's wares became less and less valuable, so you shifted towards skipping Gold and focusing on collecting equipment upgrades while getting just enough currency to afford the essentials. As you can imagine, this system was rather frustrating and limited the players' ability to progress. Even the game's expansion, Hellfire, didn't make things much better as it only added a way to double your maximum Gold per inventory slot (at the cost of your Amulet, which was less than ideal). Paradoxically, this limiting design was a good thing as it made everyone (including game devs) realize that inventory management is very important and that making players decide between currency and other essentials is a bad idea. Every cRPG since the original Diablo either used a UI indicator or had a special currency tab. In other words, thanks to the mistakes of its predecessors, you can have as much Diablo 4 Gold as you want. 

The second iteration of the series introduced a ton of quality of life changes and ultimately became the template for all action RPGs to come. Gold mechanics were also substantially improved and overhauled for the players' convenience. From now on, Player Characters could carry 10k Gold per level. This meant that a level 99 character could carry almost 1 million gold coins; a substantial improvement over the D1's system. Items that increased the amount of Gold dropped by monsters were also introduced in this iteration of the game. To balance things out a bit, however, players would lose a percentage of their total Gold on death. Not only from their inventory but also from the Stash (so, if someone tells you to keep Gold in your Stash to not lose it on death, don't listen: if you're not carrying enough gold to pay the penalty, it will get deducted from your Stash). This penalty was equal to the character's level but was capped at 20%. The rest of the deceased player's Gold didn't remain in his inventory - instead, it dropped on the ground right next to him and had to be recovered manually. To ensure that a Player doesn't lose everything he's got, 500g per level was exempt from the death penalty. As for the uses of Gold, they remained largely the same; it was the game's main "grocery shopping" currency used for purchasing potions and repairing gear, but its value was too low to warrant any trades in the multiplayer, so other items, jewels, and runes were used instead to Sell and Buy. Diablo 4 Gold will follow this pattern, we assume. Overall, D2's Gold system was well-considered and added a lot to the franchise as a whole. 

In D3, gold made a return and served almost exactly the same purpose as in the earlier Diablo games. It was still mainly used for trading with NPCs and securing their services. Items that increased the acquisition of gold from monsters were also available, which makes us think that in  Diablo 4 Gold drops will be affected by similar modifiers. The biggest change was the introduction of the Auction House which let the players spend their coins on weapons, equipment, and various materials. This was, however, removed on March 18th, 2014, and didn't allow players to trade items that were bound to account on acquisition when it remained active. Unlike in the previous games, in D3, Gold was shared between all characters on the same account (previously, it was just the stash so you had to move gold via the limited stash capacity which could get annoying after a while). However, Seasonal and Hardcore characters had their own gold reserve, separate from the regular characters. The Gold cap was also removed, so you could have as much gold as you wanted (or managed to farm, rather). NPCs offered extortionate prices back in D3, as the difference between Buy and Sell values of an item was 25x (for example, an item that costs 50 gold at a store can be sold to the same store for just 2 gold). The biggest quality of life change was the introduction of auto-looting for gold. From now on, all you had to do to pick up Gold, was to simply walk your character over it. This feature was also affected by some items that would increase the radius from which Gold is picked up, which made it even more convenient. Just like in D2, in D3, gold was not valuable enough to be used for player-to-player trading, and other currencies were used instead. The main uses of gold instead included repairing gear, Enchanting services, transmogrification, gem upgrades, and of course, crafting new equipment. Devs had recognized that gold basically has no value in player-to-player interactions and made its acquisition even easier by introducing the Treasure Realm which offered increased gold yields in the game (this was a solid quality of life change, as it meant that you no longer had to go out of your way to "check a box" when you were up to something that required in-game currency). In a later patch, non-combat Pets, that were able to pick up gold for the player, were introduced. This change ensured that players no longer even had to think about picking up gold. 

In Diablo 4, Gold will remain largely the same as in the earlier installments of the franchise, or at least that's what we think will happen. It won't have enough inherent value to be traded for end-game equipment, with other players, unless the devs introduce a system similar to some RPGs where there are different kinds of coins interchangeable with each other (like copper, silver, and gold in WoW). Introducing that kind of system would allow to "increase" the value of Diablo 4 Gold by simply making it much more scarce (the cost of potions and other essentials would be counted in "copper" coins that would essentially have the value of Gold from previous installments - and 1 Gold is 10k Copper). A system like this is very unlikely, however, and we'll almost certainly get rare upgrade materials/keys/valuables instead to Buy and Sell. Diablo 4 Gold will still remain a backbone of the game's economy, however, as you'll need it for maintaining your character - having some pocket money will still be essential but you won't have to go out of your way to farm Diablo 4 Gold unless you need tons of it to Buy unidentified stuff from D4's equivalent of Gheed. All in all, gold coins will remain an artificial number that will make you feel that you're actually paying for repairs, potions, and such, but they (most likely) won't be more important than they were in D3 or Resurrected (Diablo 4 Gold will be there just for the immersion reasons, we feel like). This is the way the franchise went and nothing indicates that they plan on changing it since it worked well in the past, especially in multiplayer/ladder games. This is, however, just our loose speculation, maybe Blizz will surprise us again. 

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