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The Best Magic Find Builds for Diablo 2 Resurrected

The Best Magic Find Builds for Diablo 2 Resurrected

A complete list of the best MF Builds for D2R

Diablo 2 Resurrected

The Best Magic Finding Builds



Down below, you will find a collection of the best and the most popular Magic Finding builds for Diablo 2 Resurrected. They offer a plethora of different approaches - some are extremely specialized and focus on a single area (and sometimes even on a single enemy like PitZerker that can be used exclusively for farming Pindle and produce astonishing results that way), while some others are very universal and capable of Magic Finding pretty much anywhere in the game. Some of the featured builds are very expensive and well-suited for veteran players who have already accumulated some wealth, while some others can be equipped on a budget and successfully used right from the very start of the ladder. In other words - the twelve featured Magic Finding Builds offer a lot of variety, so every Diablo 2 Resurrected player should find one that suits their needs among them. 


The Best MF Builds

Pit Zerker

BUILD GUIDE: PitZerker Magic Find Barbarian Build for D2R

By combining Berserk with Find Item, this Barbarian build achieves unmatched Magic Finding efficiency in The Pit. Berserk allows this build to deal high Magic Damage at the cost of lowering defense to 0, while Find Item gives it a chance for an extra drop from defeated monsters (at Skill Level 20 and up, the chance is higher than 50%, which is massive). The Build has close to no AoE; it's built this way - you want to skip everything except Boss and Champion packs, obliterate Bosses and/or Champions with Berserk, use Find Item on their corpses, and take off to find the next Boss or Champion pack. To make the described tactic possible, Pit Zerker really needs the Enigma as, without it, it isn't able to achieve the clear speeds it's famous for. When we add some other much-needed (and quite expensive) items Pit Zerker needs we'll arrive at the build's main downside - it's quite pricy to equip properly. This, however, does not mean that it can't be made on a budget. It can. You can even manage without Enigma by using Leap and Leap Attack for mobility, but your farming speed is going to suffer from it. All in all, with Pit Zerker, you will be able to take your MF to a whole new level, and Magic Find in Diablo 2 Resurrected on par with the most efficient farmers out there. 

Note: Because of this build's focus, which is farming Boss and Champion packs, you want to play it on "Players1" difficulty (when playing solo, that is). This is because Bosses and Champions always drop a single item, even when you raise the difficulty level. 

 Pros  Cons
  • Very high Single Target Damage 
  • The most efficient MF Build available thanks to Barbarian's Find Item skill 
  • Great Utility and good Mobility 
  • Severely lacks AoE which limits it to do the thing it was designed for - Pit Runs 
  • Its mobility greatly suffers without Enigma 
  • Expensive to make

Lightning Sorceress

BUILD GUIDE: Lightning Sorceress Magic Find Build for D2R

This build is going to be an excellent choice for those of you who value clear speed over the raw Magic Find stat, even if that means losing a bit of farming efficiency. Lightning Sorceress is definitely one of the quickest Magic Finding builds available - she is the fastest chaos killer in Diablo 2 Resurrected, but she sacrifices some Magic Find to achieve that; Because of the build's clear speed focus, stacking MF on a Lightning Sorc can be very hard without spending a lot of money. This is because you need powerful DPS-oriented items in multiple slots to afford to equip Magic Find gear in some others. While you can build a Lightning Sorc in a couple of different ways, depending on where you want to farm with her, the optimal equipment for the build is going to cost you a lot either way. For a character that focuses on a single damage type, Lightning Sorc is surprisingly strong at breaking immunities, but she relies on her Merc's Infinity to do that (which makes the build even more expensive). As you've already guessed, the main downside of the Lightning Sorceress is her price - an End-Game capable MF Lightning Sorc is one of the most expensive builds one can make in Diablo 2 Resurrected, however, it's also one of the most powerful ones overall. 

Note: For those of you who are looking for a budget MF Sorceress build: Skip this one for now as running it on a tight budget is almost impossible. Instead, build a Blizzard Sorceress (which is also on this list). 

 Pros  Cons
  • Extremely high Clear Speeds 
  • Insane Mobility 
  • Very high DPS against Bosses 
  • Efficiently breaks Lightning immunities when fully geared 
  • Top Tier end-game build for the Sorceress class 
  • Rather fragile 
  • Not viable for early ladder/leveling - the build relies on high-end gear that is very expensive 
  • Somewhat high RNG when it comes to DPS (Damage spread on lightning spells is very high) 
  • Quite hard to stack a lot of Magic Find without sacrificing some of the build's offensive power 


BUILD GUIDE: Blessed Hammer "Hammerdin" Magic Find Build for D2R

Hammerdin presents a completely different approach to the one Pit Zerker is known for. While the latter focuses solely on Bosses, the former is like a shotgun - it wipes everything it comes across and uses difficulty settings and high MF gear to sway loot tables in its favor. This powerful build uses Blessed Hammer's incredible damage output (well-equipped Hammerdin can quite easily deal over 15k Damage with its Blessed Hammer) to easily farm in level 85 areas, even on "Players7" difficulty. Also, it's worth noting that Blessed Hammer deals Magic Damage and magic immunities are quite rare which makes the build very reliable anywhere you take it (with an exception of Ancient Tunnels where Magic immunes are rather common). With high-end gear, the build can easily achieve max block, extremely high Blessed Hammer damage, and a very high bonus to Magic Find. The main downside of Hammerdin is its high cost - items like Enigma, Heart of the Oak, and Herald of Zakarum, which are needed for it, are among the most expensive in the game. However, this does not mean that Hammerdin can't be made on a budget - you can easily put the budget gear on it and still achieve solid results (after adjusting the difficulty if needed). Because of this, the build is also a good starter choice. As for the locations Hammerdin is good for; it can farm pretty much anywhere, but we advise you to steer clear of the more cramped areas as Blessed Hammer works much better in more open spaces. 

 Pros  Cons
  • Great mobility and very solid clear speed 
  • Extremely high Damage output 
  • Can farm pretty much anywhere, including level 85 areas on "Players7" difficulty 
  • Very Tanky and Resilient thanks to high vitality, great defense, and max block  
  • Its mobility mainly comes from Enigma 
  • Some might find Hammerdin gameplay boring 
  • Rather expensive to gear up 
  • Mana-hungry - without appropriate gear and a well-equipped merc (insight), you will have to use potions 

Blizzard Sorceress

BUILD GUIDE: Magic Find Blizzard Sorceress Build for D2R

When it comes to Magic Finding, Blizzard Sorceress is a true jack of all trades. Her Damage output is very high, but it's lower than some of the other builds' on this list. With high-end gear and a well-equipped mercenary, she can easily break cold immunities which means that she can farm pretty much anywhere (this isn't true for her budget versions, however, as cold immune monsters can cause a lot of problems to budget Blizzard Sorcs). Her defense and overall survivability are very solid, but she's nowhere near as tanky as a Hammerdin, for example. Her Magic Finding capabilities are great, but she falls behind the more specialized builds in some MF locations (also, her clear speeds are slower than her sister's - Lightning Sorceress). She can be built on a budget and is an excellent starting choice if you want to gear up relatively quickly (a Blizzard Sorc can farm Hell Mephisto like no other build). But, most importantly, she excels in the mobility department as, being a Sorceress, she has access to Teleport without the need for Enigma - this is also why a Blizzard Sorc is a solid starter/budget Magic Finding build choice. 

Note: If you decide to run a Blizzard Sorc on a budget, you should stick to the Mausoleum or the Ancient Tunnels where Cold Immunities are extremely rare. Alternatively, you could focus on farming Hell Mephisto by using the "moat tactic" - lure him to the southern part of the chamber and teleport across the moat. Mephisto won't be able to reach you and he'll become a sitting duck for your Blizzard. 

 Pros  Cons
  • High AoE Damage 
  • At higher levels and with good gear, can deal with Cold immunities without too much of a problem 
  • Great Mobility 
  • Good Crowd Control 
  • You need quite expensive gear to unlock the build's true potential - You will be limited to Hell Mephisto, Mausoleum, and Ancient Tunnels if you decide to play Blizzard Sorc on a tight budget 
  • Can run out of Mana rather quickly without good gear 

Poison Necromancer

BUILD GUIDE: Poison Necro Magic Find Build for D2R

This Necromancer build revolves around Poison Nova and Corpse Explosion; two skills that offer amazing AoE damage and excel in high monster-density locations. To support the build's AoE Damage even further, Necro's Curses, Amplify Damage, and Conviction Aura from Merc's Infinity Rune are also utilized by the build. As a result, Poison Necro can Magic Find in end-game high-density locations, like The Pit, with unmatched efficiency. Immunities are of no concern to it, as with the Poison Nova + Corpse Explosion combo, Poison Necro deals Physical, Poison, and Fire Damage (also, Infinity helps immensely with breaking immunities). When it comes to downsides, Poison Necro has two. One of them is shared with multiple other builds from this list... yes, it's the price tag - To equip the Poison Necro properly, you will need a lot of money; Firstly, the Enigma is a must-have as this build shows what it's capable of only after it gains access to the Teleport. Secondly, the BiS weapon for the build, Death's Web, is one of the most expensive items in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Thirdly, high-end MF items are not the cheapest either. The build's second downside is, surprisingly, its biggest strength - it focuses on AoE Damage and thus is not ideal for defeating high health enemies like Bosses, however, it can deal with them just fine when properly equipped. Also, stacking Magic Find can be relatively difficult on the Poison Necro if you want to speed-clear The Pit on /Players8 with it. 

 Pros  Cons
  • Amazing AoE Clear speed 
  • Completely ignores immunities 
  • Enjoyable, fast-paced playstyle 
  • Amazing at clearing high-density locations; it snowballs its damage thanks to Corpse Explosion 
  • Requires expensive gear 
  • Difficult to stack Magic Find without sacrificing some of the build's offensive power 
  • The build slows down noticeably in low-density areas, where there are not enough corpses to fully utilize Corpse Explosion 

Wind Druid

BUILD GUIDE: Wind Druid Magic Find Build for D2R

This amazing build will appeal to players who are looking for a single build that can do pretty much anything. Its main strong points are the amazing survivability, the ability to deal multiple types of damage very reliably, overall versatility, and a fun playstyle. Let's break down these strong points one by one; Wind Druid's survivability comes from the fact that it offers a massive vitality pool, has a nice elemental absorb, and is protected by it's tanky bear summon at all times. When it comes to damage it deals, the build can simply ignore enemy immunities as Tornado deals Physical Damage and Cyclone provides Cold Damage. As a result, the Wind Druid can Magic Find everywhere in the game - it's tanky enough to deal with powerful enemies found in the Pit and deals enough damage to deal with annoying enemies, found in many high-level zones, in a timely manner. As for the fun playstyle - this is quite subjective, but being in the center of a hailstorm and throwing Tornadoes at monsters, while your massive bear pet munches them sounds fun. Sadly, the versatility offered by the Wind Druid comes at a hefty price. The first half of that price is material, as you need an Enigma to boost the build's otherwise very poor mobility and solid equipment to ensure that you deal enough damage to clear end-game areas on increased /PlayersX difficulty levels. The second part of the price comes in the form of time - Wind Druid has relatively slow clear speeds in most of the end-game Magic Finding locations which results in quite poor overall farming efficiency when compared to the very top Magic Finding builds. 

 Pros  Cons
  • Great Survivability 
  • Very Versatile 
  • Able to deal multiple types of damage 
  • Fun to play 
  • Rather slow clear speeds 
  • Expensive to build 
  • Poor mobility without Enigma 

Lightning Fury Javazon

BUILD GUIDE: Lightning Fury Magic Find Amazon setup for D2R

If we were to point out a build that may be just a bit too ridiculous with its damage output, this would be it. Lightning Fury Javazon is capable of dealing the most damage out of all Diablo 2 Resurrected Builds we know of... with high-end gear, she is capable of 2-shotting Baal on Hell difficulty, even on high "PlayersX" difficulty setting, thanks to her Charged Strike. When we combine this with a high Magic Find, we get one of the most powerful MF builds Diablo 2 Resurrected has to offer. A well-geared Lightning Fury Javazon offers extremely high AoE and Single-Target Damage, very solid defenses (you can achieve max block on her quite easily if you want), and decently high MF. However, to reach her full capabilities, she needs very expensive gear. Infinity on the Merc is a must as without it the build is a mere shadow of itself. Gear pieces that greatly boost the build's DPS (Griffon's Eye, for example) can be quite hard to get and will cost a small fortune. Also, balancing Increased Attack Speed and Magic Find stats can be surprisingly tricky to do, especially when on a budget. Moreover, Lightning Fury Javazon suffers from very poor Faster Cast Rate breakpoints which forces you to stack more FCR than other builds to fully utilize Enigma's Teleport - this is one of the build's main pitfalls and one of the reasons why it's hard to balance the build's stats properly. Despite these downsides, she is still one of the best Magic Finding builds for Baal Runs and the Chaos Sanctuary on highest /PlayersX difficulty settings. 

 Pros  Cons
  • Very Resilient 
  • Extremely high AoE and Single-Target Damage output 
  • Great mobility with Enigma 
  • One of the best builds for clearing Baal Waves 
  • Very expensive 
  • Hard to balance MF and IAS stats 
  • Poor FCR breakpoints will force you to make some hard gear-related choices 

Frozen Orb Sorceress

You can think of this build as the Blizzard Sorc's younger sister - smaller and a bit less powerful, but still fun to play, reliable, and able to produce solid results. Frozen Orb Sorceress offers powerful Area of Effect damage with very wide coverage, insanely high mobility with Teleport combined with high Faster Cast Rate, and a surprisingly high amount of build variations it actually offers - there are multiple versions of the build, every one powerful in its own right - Energy Shield, Life, Fire+Cold, and Magic Find. For purposes of this list, we focus on the latter. Magic Find-focused Frozen Orb Sorceress plays out very similarly to the Blizzard Sorc. The build is able to farm Hell Mephisto quite easily and accumulate gear that way, however, its single-target damage is rather lacking and you might struggle to achieve acceptable kill speeds even against a "defenseless" (cheesed with the moat tactic) Mephisto if you don't have solid gear already. Where the build truly shines is end-game Magic Finding, as Frozen Orb can quickly annihilate groups of enemies as well as isolated targets (including Uniques). Cold-immune enemies can cause some problems, which is why some of the build's variations utilize Chain Lightning as an alternative source of damage (using Static Field and relying on your Mercenary to deal with cold-immune monsters is an alternative to this). In general. the build works better in locations that don't usually spawn cold-immunes - Mausoleum and Ancient Tunnels. As for mobility, Frozen Orb Sorceress is on par with all other Sorc builds and can travel through maps at an amazing pace. One of the build's biggest downsides is the fact that it is more gear-reliant than the Blizzard Sorceress which makes it less appealing as a budget Magic Finding choice. 

 Pros  Cons
  • Good Clear Speeds 
  • Very potent AoE 
  • Great Mobility 
  • Smooth and enjoyable playstyle 
  • Cold damage-focused - enemies immune to cold damage tend to cause problems 
  • Single-Target Damage is a nit lacking 

Whirlwind Barbarian

Seeing a Whirlwind Barb on a list of the best Magic Finding Builds might be surprising, but we have a good reason to include it. Mainly, a fully geared Whirlwind Barbarian is able to move very quickly and shred everything on its path. If you combine that with Find Item and some Magic Find stat from gear, you end up with a very capable Magic Finder. With that out of the way, let's look into the build a bit more closely. Whirlwind Barbarian is an iconic build that revolves around using a single attack - the Whirlwind - that makes your character spin around, dealing weapon damage to everything around. It offers a very smooth, enjoyable playstyle, and a feeling of being powerful enough to steamroll through even the biggest waves of enemies. It also features formidable defenses and can withstand a lot of punishment which makes it appealing for veterans and beginners alike. As for the Magic-Finding part - it requires some careful gear balancing (Blade of Ali Baba is a popular but expensive weapon swap choice) and some minor alterations to the skills (mainly investing more points into the Find Item ability). Despite offering a playstyle that's suited for beginners, it is a very expensive build to make as it requires multiple expensive items, especially in the MF variant. All in all, MF Whirlwind Barbarian is a very solid and extremely versatile build that is easy to play but does not excel in any particular field and strongly relies on its gear. 

 Pros  Cons
  • Smooth playstyle 
  • Good Survivability 
  • Beginner-friendly 
  • Great Damage with Whirlwind 
  • Enemies immune to physical attacks can cause a lot of problems 
  • highly gear-dependant 
  • Can get boring after a while 
  • Relies on clear speed and raw DPS when Magic Finding (stacking MF on a Whirlwind Barb is quite tricky to do) 

Fire Sorceress

This devastating build uses some of the deadliest spells from Sorc's arsenal: Meteor, which is an extremely powerful AoE ability that deals its damage in two phases - an initial burst and a fire-based DoT that can scorch anything that has survived the initial blast, and the Fire Ball, which is one of the deadliest Fire Spells in the game (especially when you stack enough Faster Cast Rate) and offers a fast way of dealing massive AoE Fire damage. For mobility, just like all other Sorceress builds in existence, Fire Sorceress relies on the Teleport. The main thing that holds this particular build back and makes the three other MF Sorc builds featured on this list more appealing is the fact that Fire-immune monsters are quite common on Hell difficulty. Because of this, a Fire Sorc is much less versatile than the Blizzard or Lightning variant. However, there are some places when She excels. For instance, Mephisto and Andariel have very low fire resistance on Hell difficulty which makes them great targets for Fire Sorc's Meteors and Fire Balls. The other upside of this Sorc variant is the fact that it is well-suited for leveling, as Fire Spells scale extremely well and offer good AoE DPS. Because of this, a Fire Sorc is a decent starter choice that also can be used for Magic Finding in some specific areas. 

 Pros  Cons
  • Great Mobility (well, it's a Sorc after all) 
  • Great AoE damage 
  • Great starter choice, amazing for power leveling and some light Magic Finding 
  • Limited to one damage type (fire) 
  • It May feel slow and clunky without proper gear because of the Meteor's delay 
  • Less reliable than other MF Sorc builds 

Fire Druid

Fire Druid utilizes Fissure and Firestorm to deal massive amounts of Fire Damage to everything that stumbles on its path. You can think of this build as an interesting hybrid of the Wind Druid and the Fire Sorceress. The similarities it shares with its wind-based counterpart are high survivability, great elemental absorb, and a powerful bear summon (in fact, Fire Druid is often much tankier and has even more health than the Wind Druid, as maxing out Oak Sage is recommended for it). What makes it similar to the Fire Sorc is the kind of damage it deals (fire) together with all benefits and drawbacks that come with it. The build's main limitation is the fact that Fire-immunes are quite common on Hell difficulty, which makes it hard to Magic Find with it in some areas. On the other hand, high AoE damage offered by Druid's fire spells allows this build to clear monsters that are not immune to its damage with amazing efficiency. To minimize the problem caused by monsters immune to fire (to some extent), Fire Druid often uses an Act 2 Mercenary with Infinity Runeword. When it comes to Magic Finding with Fire Druid, you can do it anywhere a Fire Sorceress can, but you will have a harder time defeating Hell Mephisto unless you bring Enigma. 

 Pros  Cons
  • Extremely tanky and resilient 
  • High Damage output 
  • Great Starter choice with an easy-to-learn playstyle 
  • Fire-immune monsters are very common and Fire Druid can't deal with them properly 
  • Relies on Enigma for Mobility 
  • Rather expensive to build 

Death Sentry Trapsin

BUILD GUIDE: Death Sentry Trapsin Magic Find Build for D2R

We end the list with a very interesting build that is a bit buggy right now (placing traps in an area interferes with Unique monster spawns in that area, for some reason; this will be hot-fixed quickly, we hope). Death Sentry Trapsin is a well-rounded build that mixes solid offensive power with high defense and the ability to farm in high-level areas like the Pit, without stacking resistances which leaves more room for offensive affixes or Magic Find. Its main sources of Damage are Lightning-based Traps, Fire Blast, and an Infinity-wielding Act 2 Merc. Thanks to this, immunities are of no concern for the build. As for Defenses, Trapsin can easily substitute one ho Her weapons for a shield and achieve maximum block value without too much of a hassle. Moreover, Her high vitality results in a large health pool which helps with survivability even further. Thanks to the fact that all of Trapsin's abilities are long-range in nature, She can get away without stacking elemental resistances. Because of this, you can stack Magic Find or other stats more easily, just keep in mind that resistances might still be needed in some end-game areas like Chaos Sanctuary. For mobility, the build mostly relies on Enigma but also offers high movement speed with the Burst of Speed skill. Its main downsides are the aforementioned bug, high equipment costs* (you really need an Enigma, Infinity for your Merc, and a bunch of other expensive Items to make this build work as intended in The Pit), and the fact that you can't directly control Traps (they choose their targets based on proximity). 

*Interestingly, you can still make the build work on a budget or even without gear, however, your clear speeds are going to suffer greatly. 

 Pros  Cons
  • Can deal multiple types of Damage  
  • Good Mobility 
  • High Defenses 
  • Great Pit Farmer 
  • Quite Unique Playstyle 
  • Expensive Gear 
  • Clear speeds are not the fastest 
  • A bit buggy 
  • Balancing Increased Attack Speed for Traps and Faster Cast Rate for Enigma's Teleport might be quite tricky 




If you have any questions about Magic Finding in Diablo 2 Resurrected, please refer to our D2R Magic Finding Guide. If we've missed a piece of information that is important to you, feel free to ask in the comments section! We will be happy to answer. 

We hope that you have found this guide useful and informative. If you liked it and want us to add more guides such as this one, please let us know! Also, we will be happy to receive constructive criticism that will help us improve our future work so leave your suggestions in the comments section below.