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Diablo 2 Items

When we think of Diablo 2, the first thing that comes to mind is loot - vast quantities of loot and the thrill of obtaining it, specifically (followed closely by the debates about RNG and ways of tipping it in our favor somehow). The game is quite generous when it comes to low-rarity drops, but can be extremely fickle when it comes to Uniques. Sometimes you get one from the very first chest you open, and sometimes you don’t see any for the whole game – unless you decide to Buy Diablo 2 Items from other players, but that’s a different matter entirely. If we were to describe Diablo 2’s loot system in one sentence, we would say that it’s “RNG done right”. The game gives you enough decent stuff to keep you engaged, and, when you are close to giving up, it presents you with something extremely rare that reinvigorates you and makes you keep playing – it achieves the perfect time spend/rewards balance and some players even find its loot system addicting (and for a good reason – it’s like a lottery, but you are almost guaranteed to win something valuable eventually). Because of the extreme rarity and incredible power of some of Diablo’s in-game assets, you can Sell Diablo 2 Items (of the unique and Set qualities mostly) for very good prices even today, over two decades after the game’s launch (June 29, 2000). Now, let us take a closer look at Diablo 2’s itemization system and its apparent genius that comes from the simplicity and the perfect RNG balance. 

Diablo 2 Item Types and Qualities

One of the game’s biggest strengths is the diversity that it offers. The number of different Diablo 2 Items players can choose from is vast, even by today’s standards. This makes the game feel engaging for hours upon hours of gameplay, despite the apparent repetitiveness (you leave the base, slay some monsters, collect some loot, get back to base, identify your loot, Sell Diablo 2 Items you don’t need to a vendor, re-stock on consumables, and repeat... and you complete a quest or two somewhere in the middle of all this). Things you loot/purchase in the game can be divided into 10 main types; you can Buy Diablo 2 Items of some of these types, but some others are loot-exclusive: 
•    Ammunition – Ranged weapons, like Bows and Crossbows, need projectiles – Arrows and Bolts respectively. These can be just bought from vendors and do not possess any unique properties. 
•    Potions – Consumables that range from “standard” ones that replenish Health, Mana, or Stamina to more interesting ones, like Exploding Potions, Choking Gas Potions, or Fulminating Potions that can be thrown at enemies to deal AoE damage. You can Buy Diablo 2 Items of this type from vendors (usually); the further you progress through acts, the stronger potion variants will be available to you. You can also use the Horadric Cube to create more potent potions, like Full Rejuvenation (made out of three Rejuvenation Potions or by mixing 3 health Potions with 3 Mana Potions and 1 Normal Gem). 
•    Gems – These precious stones can be socketed into gear (Weapons, Armor, Helmets, and Shields) to give it various bonuses. There are multiple levels of gems, and three gems of a given level and type can be turned into 1 gem of a higher level with the Horadric Cube. Gem levels from highest to lowest are Perfect Gem, Flawless Gem, (normal) Gem, Flawed Gem, and Chipped Gem. Finding lower-quality gems is quite easy, but getting them in large enough quantities to create a high-level one is rather time-consuming. 
•    Runes – These work similarly to Gems but can also form Rune Words when they are socketed in the correct order, to a specific item type, and if the given item has the exact amount of sockets needed for the desired rune word. Like Gems, 3 Runes of the same type and level can be combined into one of the higher levels with the Horadric Cube. You can’t Buy Diablo 2 Items of this type from vendors; you have to drop them yourself or use our services – a great place to farm runes is The Forgotten Tower in the 1st Act – The Countess that resides on top has a very high chance to drop multiple runes at a time. 
•    Jewels – Diablo 2 Items similar to Gems and Runes. These can be inserted into sockets and appear in Magical, Rare, and Unique qualities. Jewels are also used to create crafted items. 
•    Charms – These talismans give you various bonuses when held in your inventory. With them, you can trade carry space for more stats. Depending on the type, Charms can take from 1 through 2 to 3 inventory spaces. 
•    Scrolls – Consumables used to identify items (if you didn’t rescue Deckard Cain yet, these are your only option), and open Town portals. They can be bought from vendors and held in special Books to save some space. 
•    Keys – used to open locked chests; locked chests usually have better loot than the unlocked ones so carrying a couple of keys is a good idea. 
•    Quest Items – Stuff that you create, find or receive during your adventures, that is needed to complete missions. 
•    Gear – A general term given to equipable Diablo 2 Items, like Armor, Weapons, and Jewellery. Unlike other item types (with the notable exception of Jewels), Gear comes in 7 main qualities: 
o    Low Quality – This category includes the following tags; Low Quality, Crude, Cracked and Damaged. Low-Quality Items have very bad stats (~75% of the stats their Normal Quality equivalents have) and are used only at the very start of the game only to be upgraded as soon as possible. You can safely Sell Diablo 2 Items of this quality to NPCs as they are basically vendor trash tier. 
o    Normal Quality – The base quality of items. Normal gear has better stats than low-quality one, moreover, it sometimes has sockets which potentially makes it very strong (if you carve a powerful Rune Word into it). Items of this quality are sold by NPCs and are a viable option early in the game, but quickly get replaced by Magic gear; pieces sold by vendors will sometimes have sockets, so it’s a good idea to check on NPCs stocks from time to time. 
o    Superior Quality – Improved versions of Normal Items. Superior Quality gear has improved Durability, Defence, Attack Rating, or Damage. It sometimes comes with sockets, which can make it quite good if you drop the correct runes.  
o    Magic Quality – The most common of the “higher quality” of Diablo 2 Items. Magic items, unlike the previous qualities, have extra properties determined by Suffixes and Prefixes (these include bonus elemental damage, attack rating, bonus stats, life/mana leech, enhanced physical damage, enhanced defense, bonus resistances, and more). Magic Quality gear drops quite commonly and its drop chance can be further increased with items that affect the magic find. Also, if you decide to Buy Diablo 2 Items that are unidentified (from Gheed, for example), you will most likely end up with Magic Quality items as they have an 89.85% chance to appear. 
o    Rare Quality – These items are very similar to Magic Quality ones, except they have more properties (more Suffixes and Affixes) which makes them considerably stronger. Most players will obtain their first Rare Item via the Tools of the Trade quest in act 1 (it allows you to turn one piece of normal equipment into a rare item with randomly-selected properties); because this can be done just once per difficulty level, we recommend you to hold off and imbue an item from a further act. The chance you get a Rare Quality item from Gheed equals 10%. 
o    Set Quality – Powerful items that provide two kinds of bonuses – regular Prefixes and Suffixes, and bonuses that take effect as more items from the same set are equipped. The most powerful bonus is always unlocked last and requires the full set, which makes it hard to obtain... unless you decide to Buy Diablo 2 Items from the set you’re trying to collect. The chance of getting a Set piece from Gheed equals 0.1%. 
o    Unique Quality – The rarest and the most powerful of items. Each Unique drop is worthy of your celebration as there will not be too many of them. All Unique items have fixed properties (but the exact values can differ slightly) and name specific to them. The chance of finding two “identical” Uniques in one game is extremely low (close to 0%), but you can have more than one piece ( if you buy them, for example). Only 0.05% of items bought from Gheed will be of Unique Quality. 
If RNG is not on your side, no matter how much time you spend farming, you can simply Buy Diablo 2 Items on Odealo. Our stock is always full of unique gear, jewels, and other useful stuff! Taking advantage of our diverse offer is the best way to save yourself a lot of time – you spend a few moments browsing and purchasing everything you need in one place, instead of farming and searching for days if not weeks! Diablo 2 Items purchased with our help will enable you to experience the game at its fullest without the need for lengthy grinds (and these can quickly drain all enjoyment of the game out of a player). Your character will become visibly stronger and you will shine in both PvP and PvE. There is no safer place to Buy Diablo 2 Items than Odealo; All our sellers were thoroughly checked, so you can be sure that your transactions made with the help of our website will go smoothly and you will get what you have ordered in a timely manner. Check our wide offer and you will definitely find something that suits your needs. With our help, you will take your in-game experience to a totally new level and start to enjoy your favorite game like never before. If you are a seller who struggles to find clients, we have an offer for you as well; register on our site and create your own auctions – that way you will easily Sell Diablo 2 Items. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services, just like thousands of our current associates are. Also, don’t be scared of the verification process – it is there to guarantee everybody’s satisfaction with the services we provide; It ensures that buyers always get what they have ordered and that sellers can Sell Diablo 2 Items quickly as we attract a lot of customers because of the high quality of our offers. After you verify, you will be free to create your own auctions and take full advantage of our rapidly-growing real-money-trading platform. 

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