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The Best Escape From Tarkov Maps - in-depth Eft Guide

The Best Escape From Tarkov Maps - in-depth Eft Guide

Find out what are the best maps for beginners, PvP enthusiasts or looters that seek to make easy money in Escape from Tarkov

The Best Maps in Escape From Tarkov
in-depth Guide for EfT


Every single Escape from Tarkov map has its unique features. All of them offer plenty of challenges, loot, and areas waiting to be explored. Difficulty varies greatly from map to map and is determined mainly by popularity among experienced players, potential loot, and the landscape; open maps are generally more difficult to navigate through safely without the map layout knowledge. In this Guide, we will feature all of the currently available Escape from Tarkov maps, completed with general strategy overview, risk-reward analysis, and some tips and tricks. We have decided to determine which Escape from Tarkov Map is the best for various purposes including the best PvP map, the best map for scavengers, looters, and the best EfT map for beginners.

Table of Contents​​​​​​

1. Customs map
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2. Factory map
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3. Interchange map
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4. Shoreline map
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5. The Lab map
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6. Woods map
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7. Reserve map
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8. Streets of Tarkov map
Streets of Tarkov is an upcoming location in Escape of Tarkov which final form is still unknown, but you can check our Streets of Tarkov Map Preview for all the currently available information about it



1. Customs map
Map Size Medium, 6-12 Bear/USEC Players
Main Extraction Points Crossroads, RUAF Roadblock, Dorms V-EX
Map Description - Customs is an Industrial area located close to the Factory. It houses various Industrial Buildings, Storages, Offices, Dorms, and a Customs Terminal
Best Features - Dorms and Gas Station offer the best looting opportunities, they also feature a "Dealmaker" Boss spawn; this Boss's Guards are very well equipped and are a source of the best Customs loot. The construction area offers some vantage points for long-range engagements with other players. Great Map for earning Roubles and farming Money
General Strategy -  Most of the firefights at Customs happen at medium ranges, so usage of an assault rifle or carbine with a scope attached is advised. Taking a Close Quarters Combat weapon to more enclosed areas, like Dorms, is also very advised. If you prefer longer-range engagements or plan to gain control over most of the map with your teammates, go to the top of the Construction area, this will result in a PvP fight almost 100% of the time.


2. Factory map
Map Size Small, 4-6 Bear/USEC Players
Main Extraction Points Gate 3
Map Description - As a small, indoors map, the Factory offers a lot of Close Quarters Combat action right from the start.
Best Features - Great opportunities for PvP combat, including melee engagements against Hatchet users, Factory gives players the best ambush spots available in the game. End Game Scav waves often carry very valuable equipment.
General Strategy -  A poor man's strategy is to use a Hatchet and no other equipment, grab anything you can find, maybe kill an unaware player and extract as soon as possible. A second option is to go in kitted out for CQC and trying to outlast other Players with a goal of grabbing some valuable loot from late Scav weave spawns.


3. Interchange map
Map Size Very Large, 11-15 Bear/USEC Players
Main Extraction Points North-West, South-East
Map Description - Interchange hosts the main Transportation Hub of Tarkov, as it connects the Industrial outskirts with Port and the Harbour. The main Interchange's point of interest is a large Shopping Complex located in the middle of the area. 
Best Features - Shopping Complex offers the best loot opportunities in this area and is densely populated by Players because of that. This is also a reason why Interchange hosts one of the most intensive PvP fights of all EfT maps. Interchange also features a "Killa" Boss spawn with very valuable loot.
General Strategy -   Go in fully kitted and preferably with teammates, prepare for the worst, and have eyes around your head. The interchange will verify your skills in the most brutal way, but the potential rewards are more than worth it.


4. Shoreline map
Map Size Large, 8-13 Bear/USEC Players
Main Extraction Points Road to Customs, 
Map Description - Located next to The Port, Shoreline covers a large part of Tarkov's outskirts. There are many points of interest along the shore, main of them being the "Azure Coast" Health Resort.
Best Features - Health Resort is one of the most dangerous places on this map, but it offers great loot. The other noteworthy looting spot is located north of the town; so called Scav Island is littered with weapon containers and other valuables. As the biggest map in the whole of Tarkov, Shoreline gives a lot of room for exploration and long-range firefights. At the same time, Shoreline tends to be the favorite map for beginners where you can easily learn the basics
General Strategy -  Be prepared for a long and exhausting expedition, or chose one or two looting spots and then go straight for the closest extraction point. Gearing up for medium and long-range combat is very advised on this map because of its sheer size.


5. The Lab map
Map Size Medium, 6-10 Bear/USEC Players
Main Extraction Points Hangar Gate, Parking Gate
Map Description - The Lab is a secret research and development complex located under the center of Tarkov, where experiments from the fields of chemistry, physics, biology, and high-tech areas took place.
Best Features - A pure hardcore map. ALL items carried by Players will be lost on death, and will not be recovered via insurance. All extraction points have a prerequisite that has to be met in order to carry out extraction. Scav Raiders that spawn in The Lab are formidable opponents, and shouldn't be treated lightly. The Announcer will trigger whenever Scavs infiltrate the facility, or when a Player extracts using the Parking lot or the Hangar; this can be disabled using the "Alarm Control Panel Key".
General Strategy -  Lab is the most punishing area in the game, we recommend that you study extraction point requirements thoroughly before going in. Scav Riders don't often wear head protection, so aiming for headshots is advised during encounters. The best equipment available to you will be necessary to have a reasonable chance of success in this area.


6. Woods map
Map Size Medium, 6-12 Bear/USEC Players
Main Extraction Points UN Road, Outskirts, South V-EX
Map Description - Woods of the Priozersk Natural Reserve present a great opportunity for long-range firefights, as they feature some open grounds, hills, woodlands, and bunkers. 
Best Features - The best map for long-range PvP combat. A lot of Scav spawns that can be dispatched quickly for some easy loot. 
General Strategy -  Bring a long range weapon, set of armor, and some medical equipment, and stay close to cover whenever possible (you don't want to be caught in the open). This is the worst map for going in unequipped, as it offers less than average loot.



Please note that there are six more Escape from Tarkov maps still in development stage. We will add them to this guide as soon as they come out. Areas unacceptable from the main map page will also be added to the future versions of the EfT (we will cover those as well).

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