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Escape from Tarkov Interchange Map Beginner's Guide

Escape from Tarkov Interchange Map Beginner's Guide

Beginner's Guide to Interchange Map in Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov
Beginner's Guide to Interchange


Located on the intersection of Tarkov's main transport routes, the Interchange connects the city's port with its industrialized outskirts (featured in-game as the Customs). In the middle of the area, there is the "ULTRA" shopping center filled with dozens of small stores (one can find pretty much anything in them, from provisions and medicaments to jewelry, weapons, and electronics) and three hypermarket-sized ones (Goshan, OLI, and IDEA). The 1st floor of the shopping center is also the territory of the Scav Boss named Killa. He is a heavily armed and armored opponent that poses a serious threat to any, even well-equipped, player. When defeated, he is a source of some of the best and most expensive armors and helmets in the game: Maska 1Sch helmet (Killa) with a face shield and a specially modified version of the 6B13 M assault armor (Killa's version is lighter and does not limit mobility as much, but offers less protection). The abundance of loot and the presence of Killa makes the Interchange very popular among squads of players, which makes the map very dangerous for solo Raiders. Each Raid on the Interchange lasts for 55 minutes and features 9 to 14 players and multiple NPC Scav spawns scattered around the area. 

Here is, more or less, what you should expect from a Raid on the Interchange: 

  • Intense mid-to-close range PvP fights with occasional long-range exchanges along the corridors, often against well-organized opposition (it is ill-advised to go in alone, squads of at least two or three have much higher chances of successfully completing the Raid). 
  • Above-average looting possibilities when going in unprepared, and exceptional looting possibilities when you have both KIBA keys and know where the best loot areas are located. 
  • A great opportunity to level up the Attention skill via opening cash registers available on the map (there are dozens of them, including 18 in OLI, 20 in IDEA, and 27 in Goshan). 


Points of Interest

There is a lot to explore on the Interchange, from a Power Station, through a giant shopping mall filled with dozens of small stores to the "big three" of the Interchange's shops: Idea, OLI, and Goshan; here are some of the most interesting locations (possible loot included). 

Note1: Left-clicking on the map will open the full-sized version in a new window.

Note2: We plan on expanding this section of the guide and making it much more detailed in the future (some points of interest that are bulked together might be separated, others will be added, etc.). 

Points of Interest on the Interchange map

1. Power Station

The Power Station that used to supply the mall with much-needed electricity. There are multiple small buildings (guard buildings, maintenance rooms, and shacks) and a big power station building in this area. This is also one of the extraction points (through the black SUV parked in the back; it will cost you 3000 Roubles - you can either take money with you or easily loot it from one of the mall's cash registers. Be aware that it is one-time use and might not be there is someone has used it already). 

Location - North-eastern part of the map, north-east of the IDEA store. The Power Station is marked as number "3" on our Map. 

Possible Loot: 

  • Inside Station's main building: multiple Toolboxes, two Fuel Conditioner spawns, multiple lootable Jackets. 
  • Inside the Station's office (accessible through the main building or from the outside): four PC Blocks, Jackets, a File Cabinet, some loose electronics. 
  • Inside Shacks: some Toolboxes. 


Cheap, assemble-it-yourself, furniture store inspired by a certain Swedish company (guess which...)*. As one might expect from this type of store, there is a lot of industrial/hardware loot to be grabbed inside. 

*Tarkov's developers don't have appropriate licensing, so they can't use real-life store names and use counterfactual ones that can be easily associate with real ones instead. 

Location - Northern part of the mall, on the 1st (ground) floor, just south-west of the Power Station. IDEA is marked as number "3" on our Map. 

Possible Loot: 

  • Multiple rare spawns (including Lion and Cat Statues) scattered on the shelves in the general area. 
  • Multiple lootable Toolboxes and industrial items. 
  • 20 Cash Registers (Key for the registers spawns inside the bus that is parked just north of the IDEA; look for it on one of the front seats). 
  • Inside the storage area: electronics, and industrial items. 
  • In the office (cubicle) area: PC Blocks, technological items, and a Duffle Bag. 

3. OLI

The OLI home improvement supplies store, modeled after two real-life home improvement retailing companies (logo is inspired by one of them and color scheme by another, guess which; a hint: one is german and the second one is french)This place is a great source of all sorts of building materials needed for your Hideout, so it is worth checking out. 

Location - Southern part of the mall, on the 1st (ground) floor, north-west of the Emercom Checkpoint. OLI is marked as number "3" on our Map. 

Possible Loot: 

  • All sorts of building/industrial/technical materials and equipment (hoses, propane tanks, car batteries, Gas Analyzers, etc.). 
  • 18 Cash Registers (Key for the Registers is hidden inside OLI's logistics office in the store's western section). 
  • PC Blocks in OLI's offices (Keys needed for access to some of them: Key to OLI Administrator Office [OLI Office] and Key to OLI Logistics Department Office [Log. Office]). 

4. Goshan

Inspired by a real-life chain of hypermarkets that belongs to a certain French multinational retail group, Goshan is the biggest store in the "Ultra" shopping mall (and as such it is the best place to level up Attention Skill if you have Goshan Registers Key). If you are after groceries, this is the place to go; and if you look more carefully, you might also find some rare and valuable items. 

Location - Western part of the "Ultra" Shopping mall, on the 1st (ground) floor (head straight from the main mall entrance). Goshan is marked as number "4" on our Map. 

Possible Loot: 

  • In the front part of the store: multiple provision spawns on shelves, including Tushonka. 
  • 27 lootable Cash Registers (locked; they require Key to Goshan Cash Register [Goshan] that can be found on Customs - inside the white bus that was used as a roadblock, close to the "new" Gas Station). 
  • Multiple Weapon Boxes scattered around the store and its warehouse. 
  • Inside the lockers: rare item spawns, including Bitcoins, Gold chains,  and Rolexes. 
  • Technological item spawns on shelves in the back of the store (Car Batteries, Gun Powder, Screwdrivers, Spark Plugs, etc.). 


The KIBA Weapons store... a wet dream of any PMC and any Scav. It is filled to the brim with weapons, weapon attachments/mods, and other military equipment. As one might expect from such a holy grail of a store, it is the almost always heavily contested and squad vs squad firefights brake out in its general area during pretty much every Raid (if you are looking for a fight, this is where you will find it the quickest). 

Two keys are needed to access the store:

  • Key to KIBA Outlet grate door [KIBA 2] - opens KIBA's grate door; The only way to obtain this key is by completing the Gunsmith - Part 11 quest given by the Mechanic (or alternatively, it can be bought at the Flea Market). 
  • Key to KIBA store outlet [KIBA] - The Key spawns in the Goshan store at one of the campsites (on a book, behind a tent). 

Note: Be aware that Killa Scav Boss often patrols this general area (along the escalators).

Location -  Central part of the mall, on the 1st (ground) floor. Head straight from the main entrance, past the "Brutal" store - KIBA is the first store on the left in the right-side corridor. KIBA is marked as number "5" on our Map. 

Possible Loot: 

  • Possible Fully-kitted Weapon spawns (AK-74N, M4A1, Shotguns, Handguns). 
  • Multiple Weapon Mod and Weapon Attachment spawn locations on shelves and inside the cabinets. 
  • Grenades in a box that lays close to the counter. 
  • Weapon Cabinet, two Cash Registers, loose money, and two Weapon Crates. 
  • Possible Armors and Helmets spawns (Sphere-S helmet, IOTV Gen4 Armor, and more). 

6. Generic

This abandoned store was fortified during the EMERCOM evacuation of Tarkov and now, despite previously being plundered when the riots broke out, it is a surprisingly good source of loot, because the peacekeeping forces have left some of their equipment behind when they were leaving the place. Because of Generic's close proximity to KIBA, it is advised to be extremely careful when looting the place. 

Note: Be aware that Killa Scav Boss often patrols this general area (along the escalators). 

Location - On the mall's 1st (ground) floor, next to the KIBA outlet, close to the main southern staircase. Generic is marked as number "5" on our Map. 

Possible Loot: A Grenade spawn in a wooden crate just outside of Generic's entrance, 3 lootable Weapon Crates, and a Weapon Cabinet inside the store, Jewelry and rare item spawn on the bad in the back of the store. 


The EMERCOM Medical Unit is a great place if you need medical supplies, but it requires a key for access (Mantis is your second-best bet, as it does not require a key to enter). The Key to EMERCOM Medical Unit [MES] can be found on Customs - In the back of an ambulance parked outside the "new" Gas station. 

Location - On the mall's 1st (ground) floor, by the open plaza in the mall's northern part. If you go in through the main entrance, turn left behind the Mantis, the EMERCOM is on the left. EMERCOM is marked as number "7" on our Map. 

Possible Loot: A lot of loose medical supplies, 3 Medbags, a Jacket, and a Weapon Crate. 

8. Mantis

This store was fortified and turned into a field hospital/infirmary during the EMERCOM evacuation. When peacekeeping forces were leaving the area, they left some of their medical supplies behind; some of them weren't scavenged yet, which means that Mantis is still a good source of medicaments.

Note: Be aware that Killa Scav Boss often patrols this general area (along the escalators). 

Location - On the mall's 1st (ground) floor, in its central part, on the left side of the main corridor, north-west of KIBA. Mantis is marked as number "8" on our Map. 

Possible Loot: Three Medbags, some loose loot (including a possible Gold Chain on a shelf in the back of the store, and some medical supplies), two Jackets, and a Duffle Bag. 


A Retail Store that belongs to a certain multinational shoe, clothes, and accessories designing and manufacturing corporation that is very popular in Slavic countries (oh, those stereotypes). A word says that this is where Scavs and PMCs like to "purchase" their "uniforms", including the legendary Adik Tracksuit*.

*The Ragman's "Stylish One" Quest that requires you to eliminate Killa Scav boss 100 times is loosely connected with ADIK as it awards you with the above-mentioned Adik Tracksuit. 

Note: Be aware that Killa Scav Boss often patrols this general area (along the escalators). 

Location -  The mall's 1st (ground floor), just north-west of the southern escalator, in the same corridor as Generic and KINA Outlet, but on its other side. ADIK is marked as number "9" on our Map. 

Possible Loot: A Weapon Box, three Jackets, a Duffle Bag, and some loose loot, including possible hat, backpack, and armor (rarely) spawns. 


Spawns and Extractions

Detailed Extraction/Spawn map of the Interchange coming soon!


Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!


Raid Strategy

Coming soon!



Escape of Tarkov is a tough game with a steep learning curve. This is why we have decided to aim this guide at new players who tend to struggle with their first Raids and help them learn about different maps that the game has to offer.

We hope that you have found this guide useful and informative. If we have missed an important piece of information, please let us know! Also, we will be happy to receive constructive criticism that will help us improve our future work so leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of the Battlestate Games.