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Character Skills in Escape from Tarkov

Character progression is one of the strongest aspects of the Escape from Tarkov because it adds well-thought RPG elements to already a very solid game. Every PMC gets better at what he does over time, which means that the more you play, the better your character gets (at its core, EfT skill system is similar to the one featured in Elder Scrolls titles). Thanks to this, the game is more immersive, because this is how it would look like in real life; the more you run, the better you become at running; the more you trade, the better prices you can bargain, etc.. Currently, there are 5 skill categories: Special, Practical, Combat, Mental, and Physical, and every skill in each of the categories can be leveled up to level 51, which will provide an extra ability associated with the skill (this is why EfT Power Leveling is a great way of making your PMC stronger). To show you how some of the skills improve your character, we will shortly describe the most interesting of them:

  • Stress Resistance (Physical) - Makes you more resistant to shock associated with injuries suffered in combat. Thanks to this skill, you will be able to maintain better control over your PMC after you get wounded (less shaky aim, better weapon control, and so on). On the elite level, Stress Resistance unlocks the Berserker Mode. Your Stress Resistance increases when you are in Pain (Pain debuff) or you are on low health. 
  • Strength (Physical) - As the name suggests, increasing your Strength makes you stronger. This means that with more Strength, you can carry more weight, deal more damage in melee combat, jump further and higher, throw grenades further, and sprint faster. On the elite level, Strength skill allows you to carry more equipment without suffering encumbrance penalties (only backpack weight is counted). Your Strength increases when you throw grenades, use melee weapons and carry over 90% of your PMC's maximum carry weight. Tarkov Power Leveling techniques are very effective at improving this skill, thanks to the way its experience is gained. 
  • Endurance (Physical) - Increases your character's constitution and, by that, allows you to sprint for longer, jump more without exhausting your PMC, and hold your breath for longer. It also increases the amount of stamina you have at your disposal, which is one of the most important things as far as Tarkov Skills go. On the elite level, Endurance provides you with +150% Stamina and decreases your breath recovery time by 500%. Your Endurance increases while you are sprinting while not over-encumbered, and also while you are just walking, but at a slower rate. EfT Power Leveling techniques are very effective at improving this skill, thanks to the way its experience is gained. 
  • Metabolism (Physical) - Allows you to sustain your character with food and dring for longer (food and dring positive effects last for more time) and reduces the dehydration rate of your PMC. It also reduces your energy consumption, which makes you better at performing all energy-related tasks (aiming, holding breath, sprinting, jumping, etc.). On the elite level, Metabolism skill turns off the possibility of suffering exhaustion or dehydration effects during a Raid and makes your Physical skills unforgettable. Regenerating Energy and replenishing Hydratation will improve your Metabolism skill. 
  • Vitality (Physical) - Makes your PMC more resistant to physical trauma and incoming damage. Thanks to this skill, you will be able to survive more direct weapon hits. Also, your character will become less susceptible to bleeding, and the chance of dying as a result of losing a limb will be decreased. On top of that, Vitality will increase your Health regeneration rate. On the elite level, Vitality decreases the chance of bleeding by 60%, makes you 20% more likely to survive a limb loss and sometimes makes bleeding stop spontaneously (without the need for a bandage, which is great in back-to-the-wall combat situations when there is no time for patching up your wounds). Vitality will increase after you take Damage and/or suffer a bloodloss. 
  • Perception (Mental) - It makes you more aware of your surroundings, by allowing you to hear enemies from further distances (which makes sneaking up on you more difficult). It also improves your aiming concentration and allows you to detect loot more easily. On the elite level, Perception skill notifies you whenever there is a lootable object in close proximity of your PMC, which makes finding hidden objects (like keys, for example) much easier. Your Perception increases when you loot stuff. 
  • Attention (Mental) - Makes you better at searching for loot by increasing the speed at which your character is able to loot containers. It also improves your chances of finding rare items. On the elite level, Attention skill gives you a chance to find a piece of loot instantly after opening a container and doubles the experience you receive for looting stuff. Your Attention increases when you search through lootable containers. 
  • Charisma (Mental) - Allows you to persuade merchants to lower their prices and offer better rates for your loot. It also increases your reputation gains for completing quests. On the elite level, Charisma makes you very good at gossip, which enables you to find out about the latest trading news earlier than the competition. Also, it boosts the profitability of every transaction you make. Charisma is leveled by increasing Intellect, Perception, and Attention skills (whenever you get experience for one of these three skills, you also get Charisma experience). 
  • Throwables (Combat) - Allows you to handle your grenades better. It decreases the energy cost of throwing and increases your throw strength. On the elite level, Throwables skill makes your grenades energy-free to use and turns off the fatigue penalty to accuracy (fatigued status no longer affects your throws). To gain Throwables experience, use grenades, and other thrown weapons frequently. 
  • Recoil Control (Combat) - Improves your ability to handle weapons while firing them in the fully-automatic mode. This Combat Skill reduces the horizontal spread of your bullets, which makes your shots more predictable, and your weapon sprays much more accurate. Sadly, Recoil Control currently does not provide any elite abilities, but it decreases your weapon's recoil by 45% instead. Fiering any firearm will gradually improve your PMC's Recoil Control skill. To rise this skill efficiently, we recommend the following EfT Power Leveling method: Buy a cheap SMG and as much of the worst (cheapest) ammo as you can fit in your inventory, and just start firing. Constantly. 
  • Combat Movement (Practical) - Improves your ability to move around the battlefield more silently, which allows you to sneak up on enemies more effectively. This Skill increases the speed of your covert movement, decreases the distance at which your steps can be heard, and makes noises made by your gear harder to hear. On the elite level, Combat Movement skill allows you to move quietly on all surfaces. Sneaking (moving at less than 25% of your maximum speed) will improve this skill. 
  • Searching (Practical) - Allows you to search bodies more quickly and more effectively, but only after reaching the elite level (if you want your searches to be faster, level up your Attention). On the elite level, Searching skill allows you to search through multiple containers at once (through Backpack, Pockets, and Vest simultaneously, for example), which greatly increases your body looting speed (but has no effect on searching weapon containers, etc.). To improve your Searching skill, loot bodies and containers. 

As you can see from the above-mentioned examples, rising PMC Skills makes your character much stronger and reliable in extreme combat conditions, which greatly improves your survivability on the battlefield. The skill system is set up in a way that allows you to increase the skills through gameplay, but to max some of them out quickly, specific Tarkov Power Leveling methods may be required and many of them are kept secret by the best players. This is why it might be a good idea to take advantage of one of the EfT Power Leveling Services available on Odealo. Such services will allow you to quickly improve your PMC's combat efficiency and make you better at, pretty much, every aspect of the game. Because of the fact that Power Leveling service in Tarkov is associated with the need for account information sharing, we have tripled our security measures to ensure the absolute safety of all such transactions conducted under our agency. Every single Seller, who advertises his services on our site, has undergone a very thorough verification process. By choosing to buy EfT Power Leveling Services on Odealo, you choose the safest possible way of improving your EfT character. Don't risk on other, less reliable sites; Choose the safest option - choose Odealo, walk out satisfied, and you'll certainly come back for more! 

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