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Best Starter Builds for Necropolis League and Patch 3.24

Best Starter Builds for Necropolis League and Patch 3.24

Our top recommendations for Necropolis League Starter builds

The Best Starter Builds
for the Necropolis League
[Patch 3.24]

Patch 3.24 alters the endgame in a major way, but the bar has not been pushed higher - Deep Delve, Uber Bosses, and Valdo Maps are still at the most challenging encounters, although the new Tier-17 maps will fill the gap between regular and aspirational content. The fundamentals of the Mapping system received a significant change - the Sextants no longer exist, and a wide variety of new Scarabs took their place. The Atlas Tree has also significantly changed, most iconic and strategy-defining Keystones were replaced by new ones. What is most important is that you will now be able to freely swap between 3 Atlas Tree setups, allowing you to engage with all kinds of content without worrying about respec cost. 

The more specific Skill adjustments aim to exalt the underperforming and uncommon Skills while bringing down the overpowered Skills to a more reasonable level - the best example of which is the Penance Brand of Dissipation. Almost all of the nerfed Skills are still perfectly good, but some got hit too hard, so playing non-exploding Raging Spirits or Arc of Surging is heavily discouraged. Ball Lightning of Static Totems won't work at all. Make sure to check Patch notes regarding the Skill you want to start with.

The Necropolis league itself is a crafting one, so creating your own items will be encouraged. It should flood the market with good gear pieces, especially for the flavor-of-the-month builds. The full list of league-specific modifiers you can dig up is yet to be unearthed so it's hard to say which will outperform other. The removal of Charms and Tinctures will be definitely noticeable to everyone. Combined with the inability to opt out of the league content, we firmly suggest picking a strong build you're familiar with, as this may be a struggle for many.

With that being said, let's explore our recommended Builds for the upcoming Necropolis League! 

Note: not all the builds are updated for Patch 3.24, but they all are in a state which will allow you to get started while we work on updating them



Elementalist Wave of Conviction Elementalist

Our first recommendation is the cheap Ignite build for an Elementalist. With Shaper of Flames and its Ignite Conflux, any Damage type will contribute toward the final damage of your Ignite, although the Fire portion should be the highest. It just so happens that Wave of Conviction has plenty of its Physical Damage Converted to Fire, and you will gain Extra Fire Damage from other sources such as Support Gems. Since it is a Physical-based Spell, you can easily fit in the Obliteration Wand to get amazing chain explosions without losing too much Single-target Damage. Elementalists' proficiency in applying powerful Elemental Ailments and reducing the Elemental Resistance of your enemies will aid you immensely during the early stages of the game even on a shoestring budget. It's one of the best picks for a conventional Ignite build.

For the full Guide, you can check: Wave of Conviction Elementalist

Assassin Whispering Ice Icestorm Trickster 

The Whispering Ice is a 1-c unique Staff grating you the Icestorm Skill which is very similar to the Firestorm of Pelting. The damage of this Spell is based on your Intelligence, requiring you to stack this Attribute, and while it is true that Attribute-stacking builds are end-game oriented and very expensive, you can achieve reasonable damage even on a budget with the Intelligence sourced from the Passive Skill Tree and cheap unique items like Astramentis. There is also no need to link up sockets in the Staff saving you a lot of trouble. The Intelligence Attribute also improves Energy Shield, so we recommend choosing Trickster with a Soul Drinker for a constant ES Leech. With this superb Leech and vast ES Pool, the character is very sturdy and has the potential to scale up into the endgame. The downside of this build is poor clear speed due to the delayed Damage profile of the Ice Storm.

For the Guide please check: Whispering Ice Icestorm Trickster 

Saboteur Poisonous Concoction Pathfinder

The Pathfinder is the most popular Ascendency for any Poison Builds out there, rightfully so. It offers you a lot of Damage, superb Life Recovery, and permanent Flasks that can boost your Defense and Movement Speed. You simply can't go wrong when you pick this Ascendency. The Poisonous Concotion is an exceptionally good Skill to League-start with, it is an Attack Skill but scales with Gem Levels as most Spells do, and it is the default recommendation for easy leveling with most Ranger Builds, even those that do not specialize in Poison in the end. It is very powerful, but if you find yourself not enjoying this playstyle, you can very easily transition into any other Pathfinder Poison setup, as they often share most of the Passive Tree choices. It is also possible that the new Transfigured variant of this Skill turns out to be great, but that's yet to be discovered.

Full Guide: Poisonous Concoction Pathfinder

Champion  Blade Blast of Unloading Assassin

The regular Blade Blast is a fairly strong archetype, but the Transfigured variant pushes it to the extremes. The original vision of this Skill is to slowly accumulate 10 Blade Vortexes and detonate them via Blade Blast for an insane amount of Damage, but if you use Arcanist Brands and Brand Recall you will generate your Blades at a much faster rate than intended. The new Automation Gem will greatly help with the Brand Recall usage, but you will still have to constantly resummon your Brands. If you don't mind that playstyle, you will end up with a great Damage and Clear Speed. The final variant aims for the usual Power-stacking setup, but you can achieve great success with just simple Rare Items with lots of Spell Damage, Critical Strikes, and Gem Levels. 

Full Guide can be found here: Blade Blast of Unloading Assassin 

Slayer Boneshatter Juggernaut

The Boneshatter continues to be one of the best Melee Skills. It's a type of build that has to be tanky to deal any significant damage, its Physical Damage mitigation and Life Recovery are especially relevant. Being able to improve your DPS simply by investing in survivability elevates it when compared to similar builds. Thanks to the built-in explosions you don't need to worry about Clear Speed either. If you have this opportunity, you could go for the Boneshatter of Complex Trauma first and then switch to the regular Boneshatter. The way this setup is built makes it also a great pick to farm Labirynth, which might be very profitable during those early days, as the Transfigured Gems will be highly sought after. 

Full Guide can be found here: Boneshatter Juggernaut

Deadeye Summon Holy Relic

The Holy Relic is not your typical Minion Skill. The Relic releases a Holy Nova only when you strike any Enemy with a Melee Attack, leading to a much more interactive gameplay style. With a very cheap Unique Helmet, you can Summon an additional Relic, which is basically the only Gear requirement this Build has. Most of the time you will spin around with the Cyclone, followed closely by your Relics. The new Necromancer Notable that grants you Life Leech from your Minion's Damage paired with capped Block Chance will render you very durable. The new Transfigured variant looks very promising for this Build, it removes the Life Regeneration Buff, but you can Summon one more Relic, for a total of 3. The change to the Unholy Might buff is probably not that useful for this Setup, the usual physical damage variant seems like the best option at this moment. if anything changes in that regard, we will keep you updated! 

Full Guide: Summon Holy Relic Necromancer

Assassin Shockwave Totem Hierophant

Spell Totem Hierophant is a great way to quickly reach Tier-16 maps. It's a simple way of casting Spells by proxy that's very safe and efficient. Totems automatically aim at the enemy, taking the aggro, and leaving your character to do all the other important errands, like dodging attacks or applying Curses. It's a safe playstyle favored by a big portion of the player base. Our pick is the Shockwave Totem. It can be troublesome to clear maps with this skill if you don't have the Astral Projector Ring, but it more than makes up for it during boss fights - its damage is very high. Hierophant is the natural pick for this archetype. It has the Pursuit of Faith and Ritual of Awakening passives which are tailored to suit this Build like a glove, providing you with tons of Damage and resource regeneration. The Totem playstyle is quite specific, so make sure you are fine with it before you sink hours into your character. 

Full Guide can be found here: Shockwave Totem Hierophant

Inquisitor Flame Wall Elementalist

The Flame Wall is a great League-starting Skill that applies a Debuff that deals Fire Damage, but it is not an Ignite, so it can't be Avoided or reduced by Ignite-resistant Enemies. It scales with Spell Damage, so you can use the Pain Attunement Keystone or Controlled Destruction Support Gem to greatly improve your Damage. You can cast the Flame Wall directly on top of your Enemies, or spread its debuff via any Projectile that passes through it. The best choice for that is the Ball Lightning, as it has infinite Pierce, and can also apply the powerful Shock thanks to the Shaper of Storms. The Hit Damage is not relevant for your Damage, meaning it will ignore the Proximity Shields, and you can use a level 1 Ball Lightning to complete Maps with Elemental Reflect. It is hard to push the Damage into multiple millions, but it is good enough to effortlessly clear the Atlas and obtain Voidstones. 

Full Guide: Flame Wall Elementalist

Elementalist Explosive Trap Saboteur

If you are interested mostly in killing bosses, then the Saboteur Traper is the right choice for you. The Explosive Trap is a very strong Trap Skill that can be built around in various ways. The Transfigured Explosive Trap of Shrapnel is a direct upgrade over its regular version, but the original variant can be used for the majority of content just as well. The Trapper playstyle has many benefits that make it particularly attractive for a League start - it can easily deal with every Map modifier, has great Damage output even on a lower budget, and excels at boss fights that are required to unlock Voidstones. It is also a surprisingly durable setup - permanent Blind, high chance to Suppress Spell Damage and solid Life Regeneration are very useful to have. 

Full Guide: Explosive Trap Saboteur

Hierophant Absolution of Inspiring Inquisitor

The Absolution is simply the better version of Storm Call. Starting with a Transfigured Gem may be troublesome, but the Absolution of Inspiring should be cheap and is not even that important during the campaign. This version of Absolution improves the self-cast portion of this Skill allowing you to benefit from increases to Minion Damage at 250% - this number received a buff in this patch. We plan to combine it with The Black Cane and Phantasms for increased Minion Damage and additional Minions, each adding more Physical Damage, later Converted to Lightning, to Absolution. It may seem complex but the gameplay is anything but, it's a simple spellcaster that makes use of a niche gimmick and Inquisitor's powerful passives. The Black Cane is a 1-c Unique, and the guide we've prepared contains similarly-priced items.   

Full Guide: Absolution of Inspiring Inquisitor

Gladiator Corrupting Cry Ascendant

The Corrupting Cry support gem is a very powerful way to apply stacks of bleeding debuff on your enemies. The change to Call to Arms Keystone is rather unfortunate, but Casting it manually grants you more control over your positioning, which can be very important in non-favorable map layouts. In return, you will gain a considerably lower Cooldown on your General's Cry, and you can lower it further with the return of Tattoos. At later stages you might consider using the new Support Gem to automate your Warcry during clearing, bringing back the original playstyle, but it probably won't be possible during early stages of progression. Corrupting Blood is a very powerful type of Debuff, as it is very rarely resisted by Enemies. You will fear no map modifiers, making your atlas progression very smooth. The single target is not that great - you will have to use Reap to supplement it against bosses. 

The full Guide can be found here: Corrupting Cry Ascendant


The Necropolis League brings many great changes to Endgame systems, but not that many in the balance department. With a few exceptions such as the Penance Brand of Dissipation, all Starters from the previous League should be just as good as they were months ago. The biggest change involves Archmage Support - it will most probably be a very strong archetype, but the early economy might be highly unfavorable due to the high expectations of the player base. 

As always, basically, all the builds mentioned here are described in full detail on our website and in their video counterparts. Our build guides will help you understand the purpose and inner workings of each element implemented, explain the leveling process step by step, and suggest minor changes if the build allows for any adjustments. If you enjoy this type of content, subscribe to our Youtube channel as we often cover the hot new popular builds as well as some niche and interesting ones you might find of interest. And don't hesitate to suggest the topics you'd like us to cover, leave feedback to let us know how's the work, or help us improve our presentation formula.


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