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Rocket League - Items for Sale


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Items are the core aspect of the Rocket League. Most likely, if it wasn't for the Items the game wouldn't be so popular. Not only you get random rewards for playing online Matches and Seasonal rewards for reaching higher Ranks, but we also have the Crate system, whereas opening Crates is a true gamble. It is among the most captivating and thrilling things to do in Rocket League. Items that are obtained from Crate make up for majority Items that are circulating between players on various marketplaces. There are several types of Items that can be found in the Rocket League, and they can come in different Rarities, Colors, and Certifications. Depending on those you can Buy and Sell them at higher prices. Below you will find all types of Items and Rarities described:


Types of tradeable Items in Rocket League
Bodies "Body" is the main-frame of your Car that you drive while you participate in Rocket League matches. It's the base and most important layer when it comes to player customization in Rocket League. Bodies are usually called "Battle-cars". While Items play a mainly cosmetic role in Rocket League, each Car has a different hit-box which can slightly change your gameplay experience, and the Top players will tend to use similar cars for that reason. Battle-cars can be Common, Import (the most popular type of Battle-cars in Rocket League), Limited, and Premium (from paid DLCs)
Decals Decals are one of the most popular customization options in the Rocket League. There are two types of Decals in Rocket League, animated and non-animated. Depending on the type, Decal will add an extra graphic or animated elements to your Car's body. There are Common, Rare, Very Rare, Import, Black Market, and Limited (RLCS, Esports, and Special Events) Decals available.
Wheels Another extremely popular customization element in the Rocket League. Painted and Certifed Exotic wheels are among the most expensive Rocket League Items. They are located below your Battle-car's Frame (well, exactly where you would expect the Wheels to be) and each set of Wheels has unique rim and tire. Wheels record the distance you have driven on them, but this is rarely ever considered by anyone trading them. Available rarities are Common, Rare, Very Rare, Import, Limited, and Exotic. 
Rocket Boosts Another customization option in the Rocket League. Boosts determine the visual effect when you use Boost in the game. Rocket Boosts are shoot out of the back of your Battle-car in either single or double-trail. Just like Wheels, Rocket Boost items record the distance traveled when the specific Rocket Boost was active. There are Common, Very Rare, Import, and Limited Rocket Boosts.
Trails Also referred to as Supersonic Trails - they are a minor customization option available in the game. They are rarely considered expensive Items except for just a few no longer available Painted Trails. Trails are activated when you reach Supersonic Speed. Similar to Rocket Boosts, they also record the distance covered why you had a Boost active. You can trade Common, Very Rare, and Limited Trails.  
Toppers Topper stands for a different type of Hats you can equip and put on top of your Battle-car. They record the number of Goals scored while you have it equipped. There are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, and Limited Toppers available in Rocket League.
Paint finish Paint finish allows you to change the base color of your Body, and the pain texture or finish on it. Some Decals will work with Paint finishes, while others will completely nullify its' effects. You can find and trade Common, Rare, Very Rare, Import, and Limited Pain Finishes.
Player banners Even Player banner can be customized in Rocket League. Some of them have static, while others will have animated backgrounds. Player banners can be obtained in Common, Rare, Very Rare, and Limited rarities.

As mentioned before, a lot of Items in the Rocket League can come in different colors. Usually, you will find the regular version of Items, but every time you get an Item, you have an approximately 25% chance of obtaining a Painted variant. Painted versions of Items will almost always multiply your Item's value, with Titanium White being the most expensive and the most demanded color. Below you can find our small Rocket League's color Tier List - though the prices may vary Item from Item, and not all items have all of their Painted variants available.

Available Rocket League Painted Items variants
Tier S Titanium White is the single-best Paint variant in Rocket League. It's the most expensive and the rarest color in Rocket League
Tier A This Tier consists of colors that are around on the same level, and only Titanium White is more expensive. We can put Black, Crimson, and Grey here.
Tier B We can call this the "medium" Tier which includes Pink, Saffron, Lime, Sky Blue, Orange, and Purple colors here.
Tier C The most common and least expensive colors are in this Tier. We put here Cobalt, Green, and Burnt Sienna, with Items colored in the last of them being only slightly more expensive than their base versions
Tier D Only the regular color comes in the lowest Tier, which is basically no extra color and no Tier worth mentioning

Except for the 25% to get a Painted Item, whenever you find an Item you also have 25% Chance for it be Certified and 25% for a Special Effect (only if applicable). Certified Items will record certain Actions you take while playing with those Items equipped like Goals Scored, Matches won, Distance covered, etc. If you find a Certified Item, it can have one of the following Certifications: Acrobat (tracks Bicycle Goals), Aviator (tracks Aerial Goals), Goalkeeper (tracks Saves), Guardian (tracks Epic Saves), Juggler (tracks how many Juggles you make), Paragon (tracks how many times you were the MVP), Playmaker (tracks Assists), Scorer (tracks Goals scored), Show-off (tracks Backward Goals), Sniper (tracks Goals from a long distance), Striker (tracks Shots on Goal), Sweeper (tracks Clear Balls), Tactician (records how many Center Balls you have played), Turtle (tracks Turle Goals - where the ball was barely moving when it crossed the line), and Victor which counts the number of matches won. Out of all the available Certifications, Scorer, Victor, and Striker appear to be the most sought-after and expensive. When it comes to Special Edition Items, that are supposedly three Special Edition values that can roll on only selected few Items which are: Holographic - which allows you to see through the Wheels, Infinite - which causes the rim effect to look like it goes indefinitely deep inside the Wheel, Inverted - which Inverts the colors on the wheels. We also have Remixed Edition Wheels which are hard to explain, they look like someone would have mixed the entire Wheels Texture into irregular squaring forms.

Trading Rocket League Items is a big part of the game and one of the most interesting activities for many players. Most of the Items offered on Rocket League Marketplaces come from Crates, which have randomly chosen rewards. Unless you open up thousands of them, you will never get all the Items that you want. And even then, no one will give you guarantees. If you are a collector, trading for different Painted and Certified Items is a must in Rocket League. The rarest Painted and/or Certified Exotic, Black Market, and Import Items are extremely rare and valuable. Such Rocket League Items are can reach prices of hundreds of real-life US Dollars, which makes catching occasions and trading extremely interesting and time-consuming. Some Items that are no longer obtainable like Alpha and Beta rewards, have nearly Legendary status and are even more expensive and sought-after. Even if Items in Rocket League have basically only cosmetic use...

When you get Painted/Certified/Special Edition Items, you should always make sure you know what they are worth before trading them with other players. Some Items can be worth a small fortune in Rocket League, and we wouldn't want you to lose it. On the other hand, you shouldn't overpay for such Items, so it's best to trade with verified and reliable sellers. Hence, via Odealo's Feedback system you can determine who you are dealing with.

Rocket League Items can be traded in the game directly with other players, however, there is no actual form of a marketplace where players can post their Rocket League Items for sale, and advertise their Goods. In order to fill this gap, Odealo has opened this Rocket League Item market, where trading is possible with the use of real money. On Odealo you can Buy, Sell, and Trade Rocket League Items with real money. It's the most secure site for RL Trades, which offers free registration, intuitive site interface, transaction management tools, and more. Odealo's transactions are based on the Escrow system, making Odealo the most secure websites with full Buyer and Seller protection. If you were looking for a secure website to Buy Rocket League Items, you are in the right place. Go to Odealo and join one of the fastest rapidly growing RL Item Markets.

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