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Top D3 Necromancer Build - July 2017

Top D3 Necromancer Build - July 2017

GR100+ Inarius Corpse Lancer Build - Learn about the top Necromancer build as of July 2017

Inarius Corpse Lancer
Necromancer Build
GR100+ viable

A lot has changed since our article on PTR Necromancer Builds This time we would like to present one of the best Diablo 3 Necromancer builds as of July 9, 2017. This build has made numerous appearances on the leaderboards. It gives you enormous damage output, proper damage mitigation (by Necromancer standards) while being both easy to play, and to gear up. Let's get down to the basics.

This article is based on Patch's 2.6.0 content (Season 11). You can find the best builds in Season 12 in the table below.

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Best builds for all the Classes

Barbarian Hammer of the Ancients IK Barbarian
Akkhan Condemn Crusader
Demon Hunter Shadow Impale DH
Monk Sunwuko Wave of Light Monk [God-Tier]
Necromancer Pestilence Corpse Lance Necromancer [God-Tier]
Witch Doctor Arachyr's Firebats Witch Doctor
Wizard Firebird's Finery Meteor Wizard

Inarius Set

Inarius Set

Inarius Set gives you the following bonuses:

  1. (2/6) Increases your Bone Armor damage by 1000%
  2. (4/6) Bone Armor grants an additional 2% damage reduction for each enemy hit
  3. (6/6) Bone Armor will also activate a "swirling tornado of bones"  which causes 750% weapon damage per second, and while it is active, you deal 2750% more damage.

This build is based on Bone Armor and its' incredible bonuses. While wearing Inarius Set it will provide you with an extra 50% damage reduction (75% while wearing the Wisdom of Kalan amulet, which increases Bone Armor's maximum stack number by 5) and 2750% increased damage. Witch the set's six pieces bonus; it is even advised to recast the Bone Armor for extra damage, as it will help you clear the trash and generate some extra corpses. 

This build is also the most versatile one, allowing you to use a wide variety of skills and items, making it one of the most interesting sets in the entire game.

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Here comes the most interesting part of the build. Unlike any other build, Inarius set's core DPS is based not on the Necromancer Spells and abilities, but the Legendary gems you will be using. You have to keep the Bone Armor up all the time, and while it's active, the Tornado will proc both the Pain Enhancer and Miranae's Legendary gem effects. This damage is increased by 2750% thanks to the Inarius set bonus. It then increased even further by Krysbin's Sentence, Trag'Ouls Corroded Fang, and Reilena's Shadowhook. 

The Corpse Lance role in the build is to give you an incredible damage burst when you are in the Land of the Dead. You should cast it always when facing hard elites, rares and boss monsters. If you are playing lower greater rifts, farming keystones, or just fooling around with friends Corpse, Lance is definitely a dispensable skill.


Not much has changed regarding Necromancer's sustainability. This is exactly why we will be using Aquila Cuirass in Cube (after all, there are no skills that will cost Essence so that you will have the damage reduction bonus at all times). It is also not a bad option to pick either the Wisdom of Kalan amulet or Unity ring(when playing Solo) for the extra damage reduction.

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Core Items

Inarius Set
Stat priority: Crit%, Int, Vit
Stat priority: Int, Vit, CDR, AOE%
Stat priority: Int, Vit, Elite%, Life%
Stat priority: Int, CHC, CHD, CDR/Vit
Stat priority: Int, Vit, Armor+
Stat priority: Int, Vit, AR, Armor+
Main-hand/ off-hand
Stat priority: High DMG, Dmg%, Int, IAS, Increased max. Essence
For this build, we will be using the two-hander. It has a higher base dmg than one-handed weapons and will make your damage even higher. 
Stat priority: Int, Vit, Life%, Armor+
Dayntee's Belt will increase your damage reduction by an additional 40-50 %. 
Stat priority: CHC, CHD, CDR, Int
Stat priority: Cold%, CHC, CHD
There are many choices for jewelry slots in Inarius build. As the Endless Walk bonuses are the highest, we suggest picking this option.
Stat priority: CHC, CHD, IAS
You will deal increased damage against slowed/stunned enemies. A good thing about this ring is that it will work for both Pain Enhancer and Miranae gems.
Stat priority: Cold%, Int, Vit, CHC
This is our suggested pick for the bracers slot. You can also choose Nemesis Bracers or the Lacuni Prowlers, but in higher tier greater rifts the extra damage reduction is a must-have
Kanai Cube
Although some other items might seem to have higher damage bonuses at first (for example Scythe of the Cycle), the Trag'Oul's Fang will also apply to the Legendary gems you will be wearing. 
This is a must-have in higher greater rifts. There are no resource spending abilities equipped while using this build, so the extra damage reduction from Aquila Cuirass will be up all the time
Gives incredible damage burst. You should try to coordinate your Land of the Dead casts to maximize your damage output on hard elites and bosses
Legendary Gems
Pain Enhancer - we are using it mainly for the DoT damage. The extra attack speed is also nice
Miranae - it's used for the chance-on-hit smite damage.  
Bane of the Trapped - the best DPS gem in Diablo 3. Its' aura will also help you a lot vs. non-cursed enemies. Remember Krysbin's Ring?
Possible gear replacements
In this build, the Kanai Cube jewelry slot is pretty much a free choice. You can either use the suggest Convention of Elements ring for extra damage, or other suggested items:
Wisdom of Kalan - pick it for additional damage reduction. Unlike Unity, you can also use it when playing in a team
Unity - damage reduction for Solo play
Brigg's Wrath - I like the way it's used together with Aura of Frailty. These two will automatically pull all enemies toward your Bone Armor's Tornado and melt everything around you in lower-tier areas. If you decide to go for that option, I suggest replacing Corpse Lance with Aura of Frailty and stick to Torment XII or GRs under 70
Used mainly to apply cursed to enemies. The damage itself isn't that bad either on lower tiers
Mobility and extra healing. You can choose any rune for that depending on your needs. For high greater rifts, it's advised to choose the Potency rune for an additional 100% armor
Mandatory skill for this build. Poison rune will also give you the stun for extra damage mitigation. You also deal increased damage to stunned enemies (Krysbin's Sentence ring)
You need the curse on your skill bar for Grim Scythe to be able to apply it. Once again we pick a rune with a stun for the same reasons as previously mentioned.
Used for incredibly damage burst when in the Land of the Dead. Will melt elites and bosses within seconds. 
Used to gain the damage burst from Corpse Lances. The stun will also save your life numerous times
We are not summoning any pets when using these builds. This makes this passive one of the best defensive option.
Amazing cooldown reduction for Land of the Dead. Also helps refresh Blood Rush for better mobility
A must-have for any build using Reilena's Shadowhook. Gives incredible damage boost
Another great DPS oriented passive skill. 

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Good luck and have fun while grinding all the items required for the presented build. 

If you have any ideas on how we could improve this build, or have any requests for other guides,  please leave a comment below.

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Blizzard Entertainment.