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Best Builds for Borderlands 3 for all Character Classes

Best Builds for Borderlands 3 for all Character Classes

Whether you want to play solo, dish out insane damage, or support your teammates - these are the best builds for Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3
The Best Builds for all the Character Classes


There are four playable Character Classes in Borderlands 3. They are all called the Vault Hunters, but each Class has its' own set of Abilities, Passives, and offer a different progression. As a player, you can choose between Amara (The Siren), Moze (The Gunner), Zane (The Operative), and a complete newcomer: FL4K, the Beastmaster. Your choice of the Character Class and how you decide to build determines your entire playstyle. We have decided to make a list of all the best Borderlands 3 Builds for each character. This should help you progress through the campaign faster, and not get badly punished on Mayhem 3 difficulty level. We will be describing the best Passive choices and optimal synergies between each Skill Tree, allowing you to understand each build's basic mechanics, and what makes them so special. Check out our list of the Best Borderland 3 Builds below!

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Amara Borderlands 3 Amara Builds
  1. Amara Max Elemental DPS build - this build offers the highest burst damage in Borderlands 3 allowing you to melt Bosses within seconds into the fight with all the recommended Legendary gear
  2. Amara "The Burning Ember" - build which utilizes powerful Status Effects and spreading Incendiary Damage making it one of the best, and the most enjoyable Amara builds in Borderlands 3
FL4K Class Borderlands 3 FL4K Builds
  1. FL4K Max Crit build - one of the best DPS builds in Borderlands 3 overall. It offers insane burst damage and pretty much the highest sustained DPS on Boss fights
  2. FL4K Gamma Burst/Pet build - very potent FL4K build based on the Master Passive Tree which utilizes Gamma Burst Skill and insane Pet-related bonuses thanks to the Barbaric Yawp Passive
Moze Borderlands 3 Moze Builds
  1. Moze Grenadier build - among the best Boss Melting builds in Borderlands 3. Grenadier Moze allows us to throw Grenades indefinitely with greatly increased Damage. Oh, and they can Crit as well...
  2. Moze Max DPS Gunner Build - amazing Moze build based on infinite ammo capacity and terrific Gun and Splash Damage bonuses
Zane Borderlands 3 Zane Builds
  1. The Fastest Zane Build - this build offers the highest Movement Speed in the game, and at the same time, a very high DPS and self-sustain. This build is optimized for playing Solo
  2. Under Cover/Barrier Zane - the best Support Build in Borderlands 3 which offers the highest team utility by creating a powerful Barrier and sharing Shield's Bonuses thanks to the Distributed Denial Passive

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